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How To Make An Aquarius Man Chase You Instead of You Chasing Him


Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius men are unconventional, innovative, unusual and analytical. The mythological symbol for Aquarius is the visionary.

This means that they tend to be surrounded by many friends and followers and they need to have a wide variety of relationships and experiences. If you try to keep him all to yourself or if you easily get jealous, then you will never be happy with the Aquarius man.

The most independent sign of the zodiac, Aquarius is something of a loner who doesn’t have an ideal woman or relationship in mind. He will always choose his freedom over a relationship based on traditional notions.

He also dislikes pretense and dishonesty, so trying to make yourself into the woman of his dreams, by pretending to be someone you are never going to be, will never work.

1. Don’t try too hard

Trying to win an Aquarius man can be a perplexing experience, because he may display affection or feelings for many people in the same way. He lives in his head and likes to think he is above ordinary encounters and traditional relationships.



Be yourself and show him sides of yourself that you normally hide, he is attracted to the truth and to unusual people but he cannot stand manipulation and pretense.

Make it clear that you want him, as subtle hints are not his thing, and then give him plenty of space and time to get to know you.

2. Present him with a challenge


To first get the attention of an Aquarius man, you will need to find some way to stand out from the crowd and get him curious to know more about you.

He is turned on by unusual people and unconventional ideas, and he wants a lover to be an intellectual equal, whose quirks and ideas stand up to endless analysis.

If you present him with a mystery to solve and he can’t quite understand what makes you appear to be so different from anyone else he knows, he will want to know more and will pursue you until he is bored or feels that his independence is threatened.

3. Be his buddy

An Aquarius man will never pursue a woman he doesn’t have a firm friendship with. Being his friend doesn’t mean revealing every small fact about yourself and behaving like a man. It simply means that without a natural, easy connection between you, there is no chance of romance.

Being his friend means giving him space and time alone and accepting that he can be unpredictable, stubborn and cold at times. If you can deal with his strangeness he will feel comfortable to take things further. Then, you can expect a complete transformation in the way he deals with you and expects you to be.

4. Be cool


Aquarius man needs a woman who is as independent as he is, and is still someone he can trust. You need to be detached and patient as demanding and needy women are the last thing he wants.

Being independent does not mean making him jealous of other men. It means showing him that you have your own life and interests and that you are happy spending time alone. Being different to impress him will only work at first. Try to stay true to yourself whatever you do.

5. Surprise him

Aquarius men are easily bored and difficult to keep interested or at your side. To get him pursuing you and keep him interested, you will need to keep him guessing.

Learn about new scientific breakthroughs or debates in science. Stay informed on the latest humanitarian issues around the world, as your knowledge will intrigue him.

Find ways to surprise him with original and whimsical gestures that will charm him and keep him wondering what will happen next.

6. Be clever and original


Aquarians are clever and witty conversationalists who love debate and intellectual exchange. He will love your most inventive and unusual ideas.

If you think no one will else will ever “get” you, the Aquarius man may not just understand you but love the way you think. He wants to know you have principles, and that you are prepared to defend them, even when you are opposed.

What turns him off

  • Being chased and forced to discuss commitment
  • Being denied freedom in any shape or form
  • Egotistical, rude or pushy behavior
  • Routine, expectation and rules
  • Emotional conflict and insults
  • Luxury, waste, and extravagance

Aquarius men are difficult to understand and predict. But, understanding their hidden astrological nature will help you master and manage their quirks.

What To Do Next?


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  • Apurva April 3, 2017, 5:13 am

    My boyfriend is an aquarius. In two years relationship we brokeup for nearly 4 times.My little childish behaviour always pissed him off.There are no any serious reasons for breakup in our relationship.During the breakup he always says I am not perfect for him and he leaves me blocking on all sites and afte some 1-2 months I called and then we start talking we bcome friends n then again we go in relationship during this he says that I am perfect for him in all sense. Then some thing happened between us because of this behaviour turning off and on. I told him remove me from your life forever or either come in relation with me he preferred 1st option this has happened many times between us .I just dont know now even this time he will come back or not. I love him alot I know he is difficult but still i do accept in all ways I want to be with him forever. Now latest situation is that he has removed me from his life he ignores my all calls messages everything. Now i dont know whether he will ever talk to me or not. I want him back but this time i want him to come back to me .For that what should i have to do? Any solution or any suggestion for this situation. Please help me.

    • Gautam April 29, 2017, 4:01 pm

      Being a Aquarius man i can suggest you that he’ll be missing you at some moments and trying to contact but will not reach at you due to his egocentric nature. However if you want to start with him again you’ve to take initiate and talk about the philosophy and some social and other problems but also try to push him for work to eradicate those problems and also shows indirectly that you’re also ‘ve some of these situations eg can say dowery or other social stigma, but not press him hard and made him friend and say again and again to him that you don’t wanna in any kind of marriage relation, this may work as due to his rebellious nature he do exactly opposite what you’ll say and might be it get worked for you… have faith in thou 🙂

  • Indrakshi Roy June 9, 2017, 3:56 am

    Yeah, so, when I met my Aqua for the first time , I irritated the living crap outta him. I guess that’s also some sorta mental stimulation lol. He apparently hated me bcos he poked me and pulled my hair and probed me and prank-called me and punched me all the time. Back then, I wasn’t into astrology, so I didn’t know he was crushing on me in his own, eccentric way. I just thought he was being mean and annoying. He even mustered up the courage to actually SAY “I love you.” After which he was like, blushing and saying “No. No. You’re just interesting.” I guess I was a little different from the others back then – a very sweet and innocent person. But now, when he’s like, kinda ignoring my texts, and his attitude is like, “Yeah, whatEVER”, I have this REALLY HUGE crush on him. Maybe I’m too boring? Too clingy? Too needy? I’m Libra Sun with a Cancer Moon, Taurus Ascendant and Aries Descendant. I guess the Taurus and Cancer influence makes me a little possessive XD. I’ve seen him few times looking at me when HE KNOWS I can see him in my peripheral vision, with this sort of crude hunger and lust, and when I look back at him, BAM. There’s the guy who couldn’t care less about me. Any ideas?

  • Leo girl December 11, 2017, 10:48 pm

    Soo the aquarius and i had a tiff in which he was wrong and was mad becasmuse he put my health in jeopardy. Now that everything is cool… im wondering if we could be friends because he was fun and im moving so he cant do me any more harm anyway but idk for some reason im jist wondering.. i guess does he look at me as a friend or cool person too

  • Heidi December 28, 2017, 5:09 pm

    I dated an Aquarius man for 2 1/2 years and lived with him for 4 years. Total 6 1/2 years. During that time I was diagnosed with cancer and he took really good care of me. I lost my Dad and my step mom and in January 2014 my wheels fell off emotionally and I was admitted to hospital. In July 2014 he asked me to move out of his house. I still love him and see him from time to time but my idea of friendship and his are totally different. I still hope we can maybe have a life together

  • Virgo. January 27, 2018, 2:29 pm

    As Virgo, it was at first difficult dating an Aquarius man. These men don’t tolerate emotions, drama and dependency. They are intrigued with intelligence, independence and turstworthy. As soon as you give them an option to stay or leave after being in a dramatict-emotional roller coaster, I can guarantee you he is forever gone. To be with these men you need to be able analyze yourself, check your negative thoughts and emotions at the door. They don’t condon heated arguments just steamy conversations. They don’t like being given an ultimatum, they rather be given space of independence (which I love because I get to do me). They don’t like rules and regulation of society or conventional romance, they prefer a girl who can put wit him and spontaneous in nature (to which I am. I am a total opposite of the normal Virgo, don’t know why). They prefer bluntness over subtle hints, but be careful in phrasing your sentences they are sensitive too (I do hurt when he criticized me for a moment and a day or two I kick it off, because there’s no point) These men are humanaritians, so treat others/him the way you would like to be treated. Their minds function at speed faster than a jet plane, thinking of 16 billion things all at once. They will open up to you things they that are truly bothering them, don’t pry into anything their life, just let it be kinda thing. Treat them as best friend more than a lover, it’s better off this way than forcing to open his fist to hold (you will be mentally drained).

    If they left you, they are gone forever (do not hope for what was to be what will). You got to move on with your path, if opportunites arises again learn from your mistake and understand him more deeply. If your an emotional an emotional rollercoaster don’t even bother hoping he will be intrigued with you. These men are postive intellectual human, global citizens you can say they rather talk about world changes and ways to engineer a better world. Most importantly you got love yourself, be yourself and do you. These men loves an independent woman who has a strong morale, intellectual brain, and a foundation of their own. Freedom, balance and friendship is what make a good relationship with them.
    Oh don’t talk to them about committing it will just another argument, let life flow with the waters and wind.

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