Aquarius Man In Love Behavior — What Is His Love Language?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you wondering how does the Aquarius man act when he is in love? Here are some helpful hints that could help you narrow it down.

We all have our own ways of expressing love—and they aren’t always obvious to our partners. Aquarius man in love behavior can be tough to read, especially when your love language isn’t the same as his. Aquarius man love language is unique, just like him!

Independent, progressive, inventive, charming, witty—these are all characteristics that showcase how the delightful Aquarius man expresses his love! But he can also be very aloof and dismissive, unfortunately!

As the third and final air sign in astrology (Libra and Gemini are the other two), Aquarius men are typically very wise and very well spoken. They naturally have an easy-going, humorous personality.

However, because they are ruled by the element of air, which means they like to think, read, and communicate, it can be hard to interpret all the secret ways he likes to express love. 

But it’s possible if you know his heart—and astrology has that information.

To help you attract, build, and maintain a relationship with an Aquarius man, here are seven secret ways how Aquarius men express love.

Aquarius Man In Love Behavior — What Is An Aquarius Man Love Language?

You probably know all about the 5 love languages that exist among people. There is Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Gifts, and Physical Touch. 

Knowing Aquarius men I would have to say that their love language is either Acts of Service or Quality Time. These men are the humanitarians of the Zodiac, so they love doing things for others. 

This Air sign is also very social, but somehow also really needs their space so the time they spent with their partner is very important to them. When an Aquarius puts time aside for you and prioritizes you, then you must know how special you are to him.

Do Aquarius Men Love Physical Touch?

Aquarius men are an interesting breed as they are most attracted to smarts and intelligence. When they find a woman attractive it is because of the way she thinks.

Sure, he is a sexual being, but for him, sex happens in the brain. He needs that mental connection than he needs that physical connection. This is why I would say that Physical Touch isn’t that important to him.

He would be much more satisfied if he can have a really stimulating conversation with a woman. This is more important to him than physical touch. This is why you might find your Aquarius man a little aloof and detached.

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How Does An Aquarius Man Act When In Love?

The Aquarius man is a slow mover because he’s afraid that the wrong mate may sweep away his freedom. He is methodical and wants to be sure that the person he chooses is the right one.

Once he finds himself “in love” with his partner or soon to be a partner, he’ll become a whole lot more interested in who this person is at the most profound inner core.

He will call more, he will text more, and he will just in general; want to be around you a whole lot more. It may be a gradual increase, or he may suddenly go from barely being around to being around a whole lot. A great sign an Aquarius man is in love.

He will care about what you think and what you want. He’s seeing you now more as an equal.He will also begin to become like best friends with you. He’ll share with you his inner self if you share your inner self with him. He revels in being that close to someone so special.

He will now wine you and dine you. Not because he wants to get you into bed but because he wants to keep you. Of course, if you do go to bed with him; it’s a perk and will be much more fulfilling.

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Making love is something that Aquarius will want to do when he is in love with you. It’s no longer just sex that has no emotions tied to it. He’s invested, and it means a whole lot more at this point. If you start getting flowers, gifts, or tokens of affection, he’s probably in love with you.

Aquarius men can and are very blunt, with many things in their lives. If he is falling in love with you or does love you, he’ll go ahead and tell you. He sees no benefit to keeping it from you.

More often than not; an Aquarius man will just come clean and tell you how he’s feeling. If he doesn’t, he will answer truthfully if you ask him. He’s the type that will show you the truth in whatever you ask.

How Do Aquarius Men Express Their Love — 7 Secret Ways An Aquarius Man Shows Love And Affection

Aquarius men can be very elusive and this is the reason why it can be difficult to really know if he likes you or not. Here are some of the secret signs an Aquarius man loves you:

1. He Calls You His Best Friend

I know hearing the words “best friend” comes out of the mouth of the man you’re pursuing is nerve-wracking, but when the Aquarius man calls you his best friend, I promise it is coming from a place of truth and unconditional love.

To this friendship-oriented air sign, a strong foundation and genuine affection for each other is necessary if you expect the relationship to last longer than a week or a month.

So the next time he expresses how much he admires and appreciates your friendship, take it as the compliment it is. He is showing you love

2. He Gives You Space

The last thing you want in a relationship is someone to give you too much space, but when it comes to the Aquarius man, independence and freedom are huge elements of love. 

Often distant but always close by, his frequent escapes typically have nothing to do with him wandering to see other people, but they do have everything to do with him finding space for his individuality and self-expression.

When an Aquarius man loves you, he will give you the same space and freedom he so deeply desires. Because in his head, this is another way of expressing his affection for you while also building trust.

3. He Challenges Your Ideas

As you may already know, Aquarius men can sometimes be men of very few—but wise—words. Being a fixed air sign, he is naturally opinionated and isn’t keen on the petty conversation or trivializing thoughts.

Therefore, if this assertive and kind soul challenges your ideas or playfully provokes you during the conversation, do not be easily offended. 

Sarcastic wordplay and inquisitive nature are among the secret ways he expresses his love.

4. He Surprises You

One of the best perks of dating an Aquarius man is experiencing his kind heart and imagination. Very much like his sister sign, Leo, he enjoys performing romantic gestures for his partner on special occasions. 

However, as a Uranus-ruled man, the Aquarius guy has a quietly spontaneous nature. He finds pleasure in planning a little surprise that keeps a smile on his partner’s face. 

Whether it is whisking you away to a private island retreat for a weekend or buying you tickets to your favorite event or movie—or even leaving a note in your lunch bag—the Aquarius man will shower you with his secret surprises.

5. He Brings the Passion in the Bedroom

As obvious as this one may be, it is important that it makes the list. Because in my career as a relationship astrologer, I have seen that Aquarius men often do not get enough credit for their skills in the bedroom!

Observant, skillful, generous, and creative, the dutiful Aquarius man is attentive in the bedroom. It is one of the only places he will let his vulnerable love for nature show.

Therefore, if he shares his sensual side with you, be mindful that you are getting secret access to a part of him that most women will ever know. Enjoy it!

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6. He Makes Time for You

Community and service are important values to the purpose-driven Aquarius man, and he does not allow anything to get in the way of that.

So if the Aquarius man is taking you on dates consistently, communicating with you consistently, doing what you ask him to do consistently, etc., consider yourself a lucky woman because this silent loner can be hard to pin down — let alone on a frequent basis.

Even if he downplays his commitment to you, I’ve found that his effort always showcases how he truly feels. Being present will always be one of his secret love expressions.

7. When An Aquarius Man Introduces You to His Family and Friends

No matter how friendly and outgoing the Aquarius man may come across, he is still a very private person. 

When it comes to relationships, he likes to take his time and make sure the connection is genuine and honest. Because as a sign associated with truth, he needs to know you are legit before he commits.

Naturally, meeting the people he loves the most is reserved for those he is serious about. 

So, if you get to meet mom, dad, grandma, and favorite childhood cousin, he’s sharing with you the secret chambers of his loyal heart. 

FAQ On Aquarius Man Expressing Love

Are you still feeling a little uncertain about your Aquarius man and what he might be feeling toward you? Here are some frequently asked questions that will probably give you the answers you need:

Are Aquarius Men Romantic?

Aquarius men are definitely not the most romantic bunch in the Zodiac. These men are very cerebral and relate to their partners on an intellectual level. Feelings and emotions are a little odd for them and can sometimes freak them out.

This is why you shouldn’t expect your Aquarius man to be super romantic and affectionate because he shows his love in different ways. 

Will An Aquarius Man Say I Love You?

An Aquarius man will definitely say I love you when he feels like the time is right for him. He is very honest, but he does often struggle to understand or access his emotions.

So it may take a really long time for him to be able to express to you what he is feeling because it is very possible that he doesn’t quite understand it himself. Give him time and be patient. You don’t want to force him to say it when he isn’t quite ready.

3 Unique Ways To Love An Aquarius Man

You’re dating an Aquarius man so you know better than most how truly weird this guy can be. He doesn’t do anything by the book and he may act in surprising ways.

This is why you should really make the effort to show him how much you love him in ways that he might not expect, but he will definitely appreciate it. Here are some ideas:

Make Him Laugh

Aquarius men seek partners with quick wits that can make them laugh. They are wacky and love to laugh. A partner they are looking for will also see humor and absurdity in almost every situation.

You’ll delight him if you constantly quip about social issues and drop hilarious one-liners! He needs to know that he is with someone who has a brain. 

Be Open Minded

Men born under the sign of Aquarius are spontaneous and non-judgmental. It is important that your man has a partner who is as unconventional and open-minded as he is.

Go with the flow when you’re together, and don’t be closed-minded or judgmental. Show him that you are open to trying new things and that something different doesn’t scare you off.

Don’t Be Overly Emotional

There is a reputation among Aquarius men for being emotionally reserved. Aquarius may appear cool and aloof at times, but he has a core personality trait of being emotionally reserved. This is just who he is by nature. 

You want to be a partner who can show the same restraint around your guy, so try to avoid emotional drama and angry outbursts. Talk calmly and rationally if you need to discuss something emotional.

A logical and drama-free vibe will make an Aquarius open-minded and willing to figure things out with you.

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xoxo, Anna

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