How Does The Aquarius Man Act When He Is In Love

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How Does The Aquarius Man Act When He Is In Love?

Are you into an Aquarius and would like to what to look for when he’s in love? Maybe you think he’s already there and needs to confirm. Here are some helpful hints that could help you narrow it down.

He’s More attentive

The Aquarius man is a slow mover because he’s afraid that the wrong mate may sweep away his freedom. He is methodical and wants to be sure that the person he chooses is the right one.

Once he finds himself “in love” with his partner or soon to be a partner, he’ll become a whole lot more interested in who this person is at the most profound inner core.

If he starts to talk to you more and more like he’s trying to get to know you; he’s probably in the process of falling in love with you or is already there. After all, he wants to know all the important stuff about you.

He will call more, he will text more, and he will just in general; want to be around you a whole lot more. It may be a gradual increase, or he may suddenly go from barely being around to being around a whole lot.

Likely, he will still retain some bit of personal freedom as Aquarius will never give that up. So if he’s sharing his time with you, he’s in love that you can bank on.

Aquarius will never want to waste his time with someone he doesn’t feel is worth it. Being worth it will mean that you’re someone who understands, is loving, and caring about his well being as a whole.

What You Think Matters to Him

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When an Aquarius man is becoming more dangerous; he will listen to you when you talk. He will care about what you think and what you want. He’s seeing you now more as an equal.

He will also begin to become like best friends with you. He’ll share with you his inner self if you share your inner self with him. He revels in being that close to someone so special.

There may not be as much bantering going on as there was before he fell for you. He somehow seems less cocky and is more on the same level as you. You’re important to him now.

Finding interests in your passions will be something he also takes on. He wants to make sure you’re getting everything you deserve since he cares for you so much more deeply now.

He’s More Affectionate

Before the Aquarius man had a way of teasing you to let you know he was interested. If he’s in love with you though, his level of intensity increases. He will be much more romantic.

He will now wine you and dine you. Not because he wants to get you into bed but because he wants to keep you. Of course, if you do go to bed with him; it’s a perk and will be much more fulfilling.

Making love is something that Aquarius will want to do when he is in love with you. It’s no longer just sex that has no emotions tied to it. He’s invested, and it means a whole lot more at this point

If you start getting flowers, gifts, or tokens of affection, he’s probably in love with you. He will not waste his time or yours if he isn’t in love. The Aquarius man likes to play, but when he’s sober; he’s serious!

The Thrill of the Chase

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If the Aquarius man is falling in love or IS in love with someone, he will chase them if he has to. He wants to make sure his target of affection is going to come running back to him.

He will lay it on thick like butter and verbally do whatever he has to to make sure his love interest knows he means serious business.  He has a way with words that will make you pour your soul out.

The Aquarius man is the one everyone wants to get advice from. However, when he’s chasing the partner of his dreams, he’s all about that person, and no one else matters at that moment.

If you try to leave him thinking that he’s not the one; he may very well come after you and try to prove why he IS the one. Romance will be kicked into high gear, and he will do his best not to let you leave.

He Tells You

Aquarius men can and are very blunt, with many things in their lives. If he is falling in love with you or does love you, he’ll go ahead and tell you. He sees no benefit to keeping it from you.

More often than not; an Aquarius man will just come clean and tell you how he’s feeling. If he doesn’t, he will answer truthfully if you ask him. He’s the type that will show you the truth in whatever you ask.

Be careful what you ask for though because sometimes the truth isn’t what you want. However, he could surprise you and admit how deeply he cares for you and that you’re his only one.

Such dedication is admirable and wonderful. Keep in mind that if he feels this way about you; you had better be ready to settle down. He plays for keeps, and he took so long in cultivating this relationship that it would crush him if you left.

So unless you’re 100% invested and in love with your Aquarius man; you may want to get out before he falls too much for you. He isn’t into playing games once he’s ready to be with who he believes is the right one.

If you are involved with an Aquarius man, you’ll have the romance and best friend you’ve always looked for in your life. He will love you and protect you as best as he can for survival.


How does the Aquarius man act when he is in love? What do you think?

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