How To Show Your Love To An Aquarius Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Learn how to show your love to an Aquarius man in ways he'll truly appreciate it. Do something he loves without him having to beg you.

Aquarius men don’t fall in love very often, but when they do, they know that it’s something special. Once they find their soul mate, they don’t know how to keep them, so it may be your job to confirm the love you two share with him and let him know that he is loved. Love can be a difficult course for an Aquarius man, but with the help of someone he loves, things should go smoothly. Here’s how to show your love to an Aquarius man:

Give Him Space

how to show your love to an Aquarius man

It’s pretty rare to be there to witness an Aquarius man falling in love, but this is only because when they’re just starting to look over the edge, they start falling hard. This sudden closeness you’ll have at the beginning of the relationship will seem great, but that feeling won’t last very long.

Aquarius men are notorious loners, and they need their space. If it’s the real deal, they might ask you to stay near them and just to do your own thing. If your Aquarius man is spending more and more time away from you, it can be for a plethora of reasons.

It could be that he just wants to sit and think alone for a while, or that he’s feeling a little neglected. The thing with Aquarius men is that they are such deep thinkers that they think everyone else around them is too.

They want you to know what they’re thinking without them having to tell you. In time you’ll learn to pick up on what he wants but is maybe too afraid to say. Phrases like “I need you,” or “please stay,” are hard to say for an Aquarius because they spent so much of their life being carefree and emotionally detached, and now they feel like they want you and need you, and they don’t know how to express that just yet. To show him you love him, check up on him a little more often than you normally would with someone else.

Be Honest

Aquarius men aren’t big fans of subtle cues or underlying comments. If you have something to say to them, they would probably prefer you just to come out and say it. Unless it’s telling them, you’re madly in love with them, and it is just weeks into the relationship. That may have them running away or isolating themselves from you.

Get to know each other in ways that you wouldn’t have otherwise and be completely honest with each other. Play a game where you tell each other your secrets when you’re comfortable enough with sharing them.

This will make any Aquarius man feel like they’re in a safe environment, and this will make them feel protected and secure around you in the future.

Being honest in your relationship with an Aquarius man is the best thing you could do for yourself and any parties involved.

Aquarius men are not fond of lies or liars for the fact being that they’ll think about what you said for possibly days on end and trying to come up with a reaction for you, but when that all turns out to be false, he’ll feel like he’s wasted his time.

To show him to care about him truly, let him know that you won’t lie to him and that you’ll keep your relationship honest. Doing this will make him feel loved by you, and he will be able to love you more and show you a greater affection.

Give Him His Freedom

how to show your love to an Aquarius man

While you’re in the honeymoon stage of your relationship with an Aquarius man, things will be non-stop fun, and you’ll both love it. His outgoing and carefree nature will have you smiling and getting out of your comfort zone, and it’ll be great.

But after that, you’ll be together, falling in love and possibly getting into something serious. You have to be extremely cautious while you’re at this stage of your relationship. Your Aquarius man may feel tied down and restricted if he can’t do what he would normally do if he wasn’t in a relationship.

This isn’t to say that an Aquarius man wants to go out and be with someone else, it’s just that he wants his freedom to do what he wants, to go out on a whim, but you can let him know that you want to do those things too. Doing things he loves together will bring you two closer, and your relationship will grow off of your experiences you share.

It’s easy to fall for an Aquarius man, but it can be tough to keep them and show them your affection without scaring them off. These commitment-phobes can love you forever if you just know how to act around them and let him be himself.


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2 thoughts on “How To Show Your Love To An Aquarius Man

  1. You’ve just described my other half to a tee! Its taken me a long long time to understand him and somehow accept his ways…..we’re still getting there…..☺️

  2. Hi there,

    After reading your article here, made me realize that I have made the most gravest mistake. I am in love with an Aquarius man but I confessed to him too soon in an early stage of friendship, which was all due to times not speaking to each other as we were both busy plus there was a bit of alcohol involved..and now he has isolated me altogether and I am hurt. But I took the courage to explain my true intention and he has agreed to be friends and get to know each other better, but I can see it’s a very tough and long process as he has not completely open up to me. I am even scared to share my feelings as I feel I will keep blowing him off. I guess this is the price I have to pay for being honest with my feelings to him. I just don’t know now how to make him see that he means the world to me.

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