Are Aquarius Men Forgiving?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you a woman who’s had a tangle with an Aquarius man and are now wondering if he’ll forgive you? Do you wonder are Aquarius men forgiving? Read this...

Are you a woman who’s had a tangle with an Aquarius man and are now wondering if he’ll forgive you? There are some things that you may need to understand about him. Here is some information that could help you.

What Ticked Him Off?

The first thing you always need to consider is what you may have done that either pissed him off or hurt his feelings. Typically you find out that you did something as he’ll start giving you the silent treatment.

Giving you the cold shoulder and barely talking to you is a signature move for Aquarius as a whole. Not just the men but the women also. The ice you out because how dare you to talk to them after what you did.

That’s literally what rolls through their mind if you’ve offended them in some way. However; if you aren’t sure what it is, try to retrace your steps and see if you can’t recognize something that stands out.

Aquarius isn’t quick fused but they aren’t as easily pushed over as Taurus. With Taurus; it takes a long time to tick them off unless the right button is pushed. With Aquarius, it tends to be things like offensive measures against their integrity.

This would mean you said something that was hurtful, demeaning to their character or perhaps indicated that you don’t trust their motives. Perhaps he’s talking to an ex-girlfriend as a friend but you’ve decided to ask him if it’s more.

He will quickly assume you don’t trust him and that in itself is damaging. When an Aquarius man commits to you; he is loyal. He assumes you should know this and so when you question him; he gets angry.

So again, his degree of being upset or angry is going to depend on what it was that occurred. If it was something that wasn’t that big of a deal, he’ll likely get over it and move on quickly.

Not a Big Deal

Portrait of serious liar guy hugging woman - Are Aquarius men forgiving

If you two didn’t see eye to eye for a moment or you said something didn’t mean in the throes of a passionate argument, he may decide that it wasn’t meant as malice.

In the case of something slipping in the heat of the moment, he will likely forgive and forget. However; if it was something he perceives as a big deal or deal-breaker, then you have something harder to deal with.

You’ll typically be able to tell how angry or upset he is by his actions. How long does he stay silent? Has he completely left you over this issue? Is he still around but just not talking?

The only thing that you can really do is apologize and give him some time. He needs to calm himself down and sort things out in his own mind. Once he does, he’ll come back around.

Unless something really unforgivable occurred, he should come around reasonably quickly. Aquarius typically only stays mad or holds grudges if you’ve done something really horrible to them or someone they love.

They love their family so you may want to watch out what you say about them in your times of anger. They can forgive sleights you make against them but not against their family.

Only in Extremes

Most Aquarius men do not hold big grudges. That is more of a trait for Taurus and Aries. Aquarius is willing to forgive but forgetting is another matter. He may hold onto some things and use them in a later fight.

In fact; they store it in their files in their mind. If you tick them off again enough at another time; they’ll dust that out and throw it at you. You’ll think that the problem was already solved yet here it is again.

Aquarius has a tendency to harp on things too which is caused by the “un-forgetting” portion of the equation. That part is what you may have troubles getting him to let go of.

Doing small things and giving you the silent treatment is not going to be things he holds against you forever. He is good at getting over it and moving forward.

If it’s something that caused a ripple for some time, he’ll take inventory and put it in storage for another time. As in the next time, you mess up; that dirt comes back out into the bowl in front of you.

There is also the case of perhaps you did something that betrayed his trust. If that’s the case then it may be a deal-breaker. If you lied to him or cheated on him; that’s game over for him. He likely will not forgive you for this.

Looking Back

Couple hugging. Woman is sad and being consoled by his partner - Are Aquarius men forgiving

If you look back and are able to narrow down what may have happened, you may want to apologize quickly and then let him have time alone to sort things out. If it’s no biggie, he’ll get over it.

If it was a doozy and he’s in a tailspin, he may require more time alone and the best option for you is to understand enough to let him have it. Don’t keep texting him and calling him. He needs silence from your end to sort his head out.

There is also that possibility that he’s being icy because something else happened that had absolutely nothing to do with you but he isn’t ready to disclose information yet. He needs to cool his jets.

If he comes home and is in a foul mood; try not to assume the worst. Be loving but also let him have space. He’ll appreciate you giving him time to cool off and figure out if it’s something he wants to discuss or not.

Especially if you’re in a committed relationship with him; let him come to you when he feels ready and calm enough to do so. Otherwise, you’ll seem as though you’re trying to push him and that will not go well.

So before you fly off the handle and assume the worst; take inventory and make sure it’s not you. Let him calm down. If it is you, look at what happened and you should be able to asses if it’s something small or something big enough to thwart any forgiveness.


Are Aquarius men forgiving? Let me know!

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18 thoughts on “Are Aquarius Men Forgiving?

  1. OMG?This sooo “my Aquarius Man”! The love of my life & I are just coming out of a 40+ day separation due to a misunderstanding in the heat if the moment ??? ok Yes I admit I said something to hurt him & although I meant what I said perhaps I cld have (& obviously shld have) choosen my words more carefully! Anyway although we noth admit that the “love” is still there & that we both want to work it out & be together…he is still feeding me at a distance so to speak! I just want US back & better bc I’m so in love with this man! HELP ME PLS ???

    1. My aquarious man is convinced that I am sexually involved with a friend of mine that is a guy. I do not have a car and I have a male friend that is often available to give me rides where I need to go. I have always been honest with him about that so he would trust me and know there was nothing but friendship between us. As time went by he started questioning me and wanting to know if I was being totally honest. I admitted to him that we had gone to eat during one of the times he had given me a ride. From that point on he assumed I had never been truthful and that I had always been dishonest. As time went by I felt him emotionally withdrawalling from me. A week later he stopped talking to me all together. No matter what I did there was no way of talking to him. After 4 months of no communication I called to see if he had the same number. He answered and 2 days later we started seeing each other again. But being with him now just hurts more. He is so distant and although he does talk to me I feel like I’m with a stranger. At this point I don’t know that he’s able to make any emotional connection with me again.

      1. Hi Cynthia!

        This honestly sounds like his own issue honey. If he cannot trust you then that is on him. There is no reason for him not to unless he’s been badly hurt by someone in the past. He needs to work on his own inner healing so he can learn to trust again otherwise he’s not going to change. Not all Aquarius men are like this sweetheart. If you would like to know more about Aquarius man, check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

    2. Hi Ava!

      It seems some trust needs to be built. He wants to know that you’re not going to get to that level again and say something that he feels is harsh. He doesn’t want a lifetime partner that will always talk to him like that. He is being cautious. Give it a bit of time and patience and you may find that you get back together in a loving fashion. If you would like to know more about Aquarius man, check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  2. Ok so this isn’t good but I need advice. I’ve know this 29 year old mate for 12 years cause I worked with him.
    I’ve been with my current partner for 7 years and have two kids with him. 4 years ago we have a row and he refused to leave so I had him removed by the police because I felt intimidated. He went out that night and called me and said he loved me and we both said sorry and he said he was coming home, instead he chose to go bk to a girls house and sleep with her. Cut a long story short, for 3 years of hurt & pain he stil wasn’t trying to make it up instead he was nasty, rude and secretive. He split with me and we didn’t speak for 2 weeks but we was living in the same house. I got attention from the man who I worked with (Aquarius man). We met for weeks just for coffee then we decided to go easy for a night. My ex was at work and my friend had my kids. When I got bk my ex was still being nasty so I told him I slept with someone else the night before. Before all this came out he admitted to me that more had gone on with the fork
    He slept with. He didn’t use anything and he slept with me for a week before he told me. I told him the day after but in a nasty way then a year later told him who it was.
    I got the cold shoulder off the Aquarius man and he got back with his gf. He owns a local shop and my partner was going there daily and I felt guilty so I told him who he was and then he went to see him and I had to tell his gf before my ex did. I really really like the Aquarius man and can’t get him out of my head. I’m back with my ex and he’s back with his. He won’t speak to me he won’t respond to me at all.
    I assume this is unfixable and I’ve really screwed up?

    1. Hi Charlie!

      There is more to whether or not you screwed up honey. They have made their own decisions… both men. The Aquarius guy has seemingly moved on and with someone else and so unless they break up, there isn’t much you can do. Try to stay friends with him maybe and if they break it off you can suggest giving it another shot. That’s about all you can really do. If you would like to know more about Aquarius man, check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

    1. Hi Sharon!

      I’m sorry you find my story complex and hard to understand. Perhaps you should try reading my books as they have far more information and may help you with whatever you have going on with your Aquarius man situation. I would love to help you! If you would like to know more about Aquarius man, check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  3. I’ve recently started talking to this incredibly sexy dark and mysterious type Aquarius and hr started out our knowing eachother and flirting by saying it might not work our because he lives in Sweden and I’m in the us, plus he’s in a traditional catholic family and I’m not catholic, plus I’m not native to their culture. As his family is incredibly important to him, he knows that they won’t like me because I don’t speak the language or know the culture of Sweden. This became an issue when he brought it up today and, being a Pisces, I threw an emotional tantrum. We communicate largely on Snapchat, (which I do not like but he insisted on it) so I’m not really sure if that affects our relationship at all, but he’s wonderfully sexy and has the exact same life goals and servant’s heart that i do . . . He is utterly perfect in every way that I’ve experienced so far. I messaged him about 40 minutes ago and I’m not going to message again until he gets back to me, but I’m really anxious to talk to him again and I just needed to get all if this out there because my best friend (grandmother) passed away this past Sunday and I’m an emotional wreck. Anyone have any tips ?

    1. Hi Aly!

      Talk to him like he’s your best friend honey. Tell him what has happened. He should be understanding and consoling for you. If he isn’t then he’s possibly not into it as much as you are. Yes you two have some big differences but they are things that can be compromised on with time and patience. You two must have it. Be honest with him! If you would like to know more about Aquarius man, check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  4. I have been in a relationship with an Aquarius man we are in love with each other like hell . In last approx. 6-7 months are getting apart from each other its like we just friends for each other . when i had been in this situation after getting into some distractions i had sex with another boy for 3 times . That was my biggest and the worst mistake of my life . I don’t know how could I’ve even done this but it now I can’t change my past . I love my man very very very badly I know i have done the worst thing to him but now i want to make an apology that he could forgive me for what i did . Now he don’t even want to talk to me and he asked me to leave him forever please i need your help i want him back i want to win his trust again i want his love again please for god sake help me to get out of this trouble and tell me what should i do now to get back my boyfriend’s trust and love . How can i get back to him in my life ?

    1. Hey Rahat, I am in a similar situation. Before me and my aquarium man we’re officially dating, I slept with someone else. We dated for a few months but he couldn’t get over what I did. I feel exactly how you do too. I cut off contact with him, he texted me a week later asking me to get my stuff but then invited me to hang out with his best friend. We haven’t gotten back together or anything but at least he does reach out to me here and there. My best advice is let him come to you, if he doesn’t, moving in might be the best option. He may come back when you least expect it. Don’t contact him first, I did that before I decided to let’s e him alone and it only stirred up more drama. He needs time to calm down.

      1. Hi Dee!

        I agree with your solution. I think you know exactly the right thing to do here. That’s pretty much what I advice. It takes time to calm down and settle his mind. Giving him space and being patient then being friends again is the best method. If you would like to know more about Aquarius man, check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

    2. Hi Rahat!

      Betrayal is a very difficult thing for anyone to recover from which is exactly what he feels. He feels you betrayed him and he’s very hurt. He may not ever be able to forgive or forget. He’s one that can cut someone totally out of his life. I’m afraid other than apologizing to him and giving him time to calm down, there isn’t a whole lot more you can do. If you would like to know more about Aquarius man, check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  5. I have been seeing this Aquarius man for 3 years. I have been seeing signs of another woman which he constantly denied. I eventually saw female underwear in his bedroom which I destroyed. We have not talked for days. Do you think he will forgive me for destroying the garment?

    1. Hi Marco!

      If you are seeing signs of another women, your intuition is probably screaming at you to let him go. I don’t think you should be asking for forgiveness finding another woman’s garment in his bedroom. He should be the one apologizing to you. If you feel you are in the wrong then that’s part of the problem. Hold him accountable for his actions sweetheart! If you would like to know more about Aquarius man, check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  6. Hey Aquarius man lovers!
    I have many of your wonderful writings Anna and love them all.

    My question is ‘Should I stay for the long game or (finally) move on now?

    I am a Taurean with Moon sign Aquarius so I’ve never had to work hard on gaining his interest. Quite the opposite in fact. I seem to just be able to think ‘what would I want now’ and instinctively it works. Long story short we’ve broken up 4 times – yes I heard there was an ex on the scene-complicated and messy and neither of us handled it well (4 times ?) but Anna’s advice was always spot on to recreate our togetherness.

    The last time I left I was just ‘done’ with his lack of openness and honesty. That was 7 months ago but 3 months in again he was texting; we’d meet for coffee; went out for dinner and omg he even sent me a naughty video of himself! We’ve been dancing around the ‘go with the flow’ for months now with no physical apart from long hugs and so I sent him an email the other day being open about how I feel after all my inner work. I didn’t ask for anything-just wanted to say that I didn’t want another man to get what I felt he deserved after instigating me making me a better person. I feel he deserves the love I only want to give him and that I’d like to repair the relationship rather than just friends.

    He said ‘I don’t love you anymore-not like I did, although I love you dearly and want so much to be friends’.

    I said ‘I’m happy you don’t love me as you did as it was unhealthy and draining’ I said I am unlikely to want to stay friends but would like to still give you your present. We are having dinner tomorrow.

    He still messages during the day.

    Is there hope of reparation and should I stay friends in the hope we come back to each other? I’ve heard that if they are done they are very blunt. However I’ve also heard they test!!

    My gut says he’s lying as he’s hurt I left 4 times and that I want to also test him by saying ‘tough I’m standing by you like it or not’ so he can see I now know how to show up for him.

    What do you think? Thank you for any advice ?

    1. Hi Sharon!

      Thank you for the beautiful feedback. I appreciate it and very happy to know you’re working hard on your inner self. That’s wonderful! Now with the Aquarius man… If you test him by saying you’re going to stand by him whether he likes it or not may actually scare him in the wrong direction. That sounds kind of like a stalker… try it on one of your friends and see what they say. I think what you need to do is pull back and not contact him for awhile. Maybe what he needs is to miss you and in doing so, he’ll learn that he really wants to be with you. It may not work if he really doesn’t want more but it’s a risk worth taking. If he doesn’t reach out or come back around then it solidifies he meant what he said. If or when he does message you, don’t answer him right away. Let him wait. If he does love you and wants you back he will do anything! I hope this helps darling. I wish you all the very best!

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