How To Draw In The Aquarius Man: 6 Tips To Help You

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How To Draw In The Aquarius Man: 6 Tips To Help You

Would you like to lure in an Aquarius man that you find irresistible? Is he just so tantalizing that you cannot resist him? Here are some key suggestions on how to draw in the Aquarius man into your life.

1. A classy and Independent Look

When you’re trying to draw an Aquarius man into your world, you’re going to want to show him how very independent you are. Dress classy and different from the norm.

He prefers a woman who is confident in wearing something sort of daring and unlike all the models on the runway. He doesn’t care about a woman wearing what every other woman is wearing. Fashion isn’t his thing.

The zanier or more exotic you can look, the better. Show him your own style! Naturally, if you do tend to wear today’s fashion, he won’t expect you to change it but he may not notice you as easily.

Looking classy is the other portion of attracting him. He can look at half-naked women anywhere. Leaving something to the imagination is far more exciting to him. He is also more interested in your brain than he is your body.

I’m not saying he doesn’t appreciate the female form, but I am saying he will want to get to know you for who you truly are because that is what matters to him when finding a mate.

Wearing blue will get his attention, especially bright, electric, or sapphire blue. These are his colors and so he’ll naturally be drawn to them.

2. Foods… feed him

Couple feeding each other

He is still a man which means that to get to his heart, you can start with his stomach. He loves exotic cuisines and things that are different. That being said, it’s important to bring him delicious treats.

He will likely enjoy healthy types of foods with flair. It wouldn’t be at all surprising if he wants to indulge in something with spicy peppers. Indian food or Thai may be a good choice.

It’s preferable if you cook for him but it’s still acceptable if you take him to a nice restaurant with a really amazing atmosphere. The food has to be top notch as he always wants the best.

Cheeseburgers and Fries are alright but he’d rather have Vietnamese cuisine. He can eat regular stuff anytime. Dazzle him with some sushi that you’ve hand rolled. Perhaps serve him some Saki while you’re cooking.

The man loves food and the more exciting you can make it, the more you’ll get his attention and perhaps more of his time in the future. If you’re able to secure a date with him, this will impress him on a very deep level.

3. Alluring Herbs

Believe it or not, each sign has herbs that can be used, consumed, or burned to create an ideal environment of comfort. For Aquarius, catnip is ironically one of those herbs.

Perhaps you could have some catnip grass growing in your place. He also may be partial to Chamomile. Maybe when you have him over, you could make him a nice cup of tea with either.

If you can find incense that is made with either, you could try burning it in the background and see how he responds to it. Of course, you’ll need to find out if he’s allergic to smoke or not.

You could also impress him with some nice floral arrangements made with Orchids or Skull Cups. These are the flowers that are native to the Aquarius. He’ll likely enjoy them.

4. Wearing Stones

Amethyst stone

You could possibly try appealing to him by wearing his birthstones. One of them is Amethyst. This is a healing stone that many Reiki practitioners like to use. They’re also very beautiful with their purple color.

His other stones are Aquamarine and, of course, Opal. You might try to find out which stone he prefers out of them all. Perhaps you can find a piece of jewelry that has his favorite in it and gift it to him.

All stones have metaphysical qualities and as such, they may help you to coax an Aquarius man to you. Find out which of the three may be the best in attracting love. You may be able to charge them with energy to help you in the process as well.

5. Heavenly Scent

Just like any man, this guy loves certain scents above all others. If you’re trying to impress him, you may try something like Vanilla. It’s soft and warm which is something he can appreciate.

He also digs fruity types of smells. This could include apple, lemon, lime, orange, or strawberry. There are many types of fruit smells you can purchase. You can also either wear them or burn them in an oil diffuser for the air.

Wear it or use it as a room freshener that will set the mood. Also, another option is a warm cedar. It’s an earthy scent that is very inviting. It says “yes please make yourself comfortable darling”.

6. Naughty girl with a brain

Beautiful business woman

The Aquarius guy really digs women with brains. What good is a sexy body if she isn’t smart and witty? To him, he wants the whole package. If he had to pick, he prefers intelligence.

If you’re going for it, you’re going to need to show him just how smart you are. Find out what he likes and learn everything you can about it. That way you have content to contribute to a conversation he may start.

Better yet is when you know he likes something and YOU start the conversation about it. Letting him know you went through the effort to get to know him better will turn him on and excite his mind.

Smarts will win this guy over every single time. Wearing some glasses may help the cause. Be the naughty teacher type that looks smart but is very sexy. He’ll get into it and want more.

I truly hope all these tips will help you to finally snag that Aquarius guy you find irresistible.


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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

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Anna Kovach

One thought on “How To Draw In The Aquarius Man: 6 Tips To Help You

  1. I’m an Aquarius man.Yeah the article is 90% similar to me.I liked the color blue when I was a kid,but now I’m more fond of red.So,I like red birth stones.Anything would be okay.But should be deep and dark.Lighter colors don’t catch my eyes that great.I like when someone with red dress.
    I love women with glasses,but I hate someone with cat eye glasses.It makes me remember the boring class of that grudgy teacher in my childhood.I love the scent of vanilla and strawberry.I love if my partner feed me(I don’t have till now).I prefer food baked by her.BTW,I’m from India.
    Thanks for the article.Stay Safe✌.

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