What Turns An Aquarius Man Off? 10 Biggest Aquarius Man Turn Offs

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What turns an Aquarius man off? Here are Aquarius man turn offs; ten things he won't tolerate in a woman or in a relationship...

There are certain things and qualities that are just Aquarius man turn-offs. You definitely need to know what turns an Aquarius man off as these tips will save you from heartbreak…

Aquarius is one of the most complex signs out there. It’s not a happy subject, but there are some things that will make an Aquarius man leave a great woman. You may give him all he could ever want, but if you do things that turn your Aquarius man off severely, he won’t be able to tolerate you.

In essence, an Aquarius man will let a woman go when she goes beyond his boundaries. He is a picky guy for sure, so if he’s chosen you, he’s truly fallen. But even a wonderful woman isn’t perfect—no one is!

So are you interested in finding out more about what turns an Aquarius man off? I have many years of experience as a relationship Astrologer, and I am willing to let you in on some of the exclusive knowledge about Aquarius man turn offs!

What Turns Off An Aquarius Man?

Aquarius men are very particular, especially in the love department. They are caring, generous, and fun-loving people, but there’s only so much they can handle in a relationship.

Aquarius men are amazing and if you have a chance to be close with one, don’t take it for granted; it might be one of the best relationships you’ll ever have- romantic or otherwise. But, you need to know what some of the biggest turn offs for an Aquarius man are. 

Having zero personal space is a romance killer for this air zodiac sign. Following the rules and being trapped in a conventional relationship is something that turns an Aquarius man off. Last but not least, having no intellectual connection will not keep him near you for a long time.

6 Biggest Aquarius Man Turn Offs

1. Predictability

Being spontaneous and outgoing needs to be present in someone for an Aquarius man to be attracted to them. If you’re set in your ways about having a schedule, things might not work out with an Aquarius.

Aquarius men love to have order in their lives, but they love their freedom even more. So tying him down won’t be the way to go. People who share little details of their life with everyone can be nice, but in an Aquarius’ eyes, they’re just pushy and clingy.

To really get an Aquarius man excited, surprise him with something he’d never expect from you. You may even wind up surprising yourself.

2. Emotional Instability

Everyone has their slips in their emotional stability; even the rock hearted Aquarius. Aquarius men won’t be the men to be with you and try to fix you like in all the drab romantic comedies out there. They need someone who wants what they want.

They don’t want (you) to be clingy or share intimate details on the first date. Aquarius men are attracted to women who have a cool and calm nature about them.

Aquarians are the most emotionally detached sign, so don’t go looking for something that’s not there. They will open up to you eventually, but not if you keep prying. Take things slow and have fun. That’s all you can really ask from an Aquarius man.

Here’s more on what an Aquarius man likes and dislikes in a woman.

3. High Maintenance

If you’re high maintenance, chances are you’re not going to get a second date. Aquarius men are the best people to be with if you’re just looking to have a good time and hang out.

They are the kind of people who make better friends than lovers, but there’s always that chance with Aquarians that they’re thinking of you when you’re not around. Aquarius men are not the type of men that will give you everything material you desire.

They seem to be more into mental stimulation than going shopping or becoming accustomed to your every wish. Being high maintenance in a relationship with an Aquarius man won’t last long.

4. Pushing Your Relationship

Going too fast is one of the biggest Aquarius man turn offs. They are free-spirited, and they have young souls. They love to have fun and do what they want and not be held down or controlled. The time will come when an Aquarius man is ready to settle down in a serious relationship.

The future is a scary thing for Aquarians, they’re unaware of what is to come, it excites them to no end, but the fear of not knowing can shatter them. If you’re in a relationship with an Aquarius man, take things slow and enjoy the moment you’re in. This will keep the relationship between you flowing freely and follow its course.

5. Wallflower

Not to say that an Aquarius man will pay no attention to a wallflower, but they are naturally attracted to those who are social and outgoing. Don’t be afraid to open your mouth and say what you want; Aquarians will love you for that.

They are not wallflowers, and they probably won’t have any interest in being with one. Aquarius men are some of the most social beings out there, and they want someone who will go to all these neat places they’ve thought about and go out and do exciting things. Having someone who is shy and quiet around will just dull his excitement.

6. Being Selfish

Aquarius men love to be around people who are constantly helping other people. They will feel loved and appreciated, which they don’t often feel due to their standoffish mindset.

A date idea for an Aquarius and a people person is for them to go to a volunteer site or a marathon. Anything that they wouldn’t usually do that benefits the community and themselves will be a winner in their book.

Aquarius men are easy to love and hard to keep; they’re the forbidden fruit we all want to taste. Being with an Aquarius man will have its ups and downs, but the endgame is worth it.

What Turns An Aquarius Man Off In Bed? 4 Sexual Turn Offs For An Aquarius Man

7. Aggressive Behavior

If you are wondering what scares an Aquarius man away, there are a few things to have in mind. It’s a HUGE turn-off to an Aquarius man when a woman tries to belittle him, calls him names, or is critical of him. He doesn’t like hearing her be critical of anyone else, either, especially in the bedroom.

Telling him his sexual ideas are dumb will turn him off as well. Even if you say these things when you are upset with him, you have to be very careful. Constant criticism in bed and overly aggressive behavior will drive an Aquarius man away.

He won’t be impressed with you being critical of other people in conversation either. He’s not one for gossip, so it’s important you keep that to yourself or between you and your girlfriends…

If you want some hot and playful moves to excite your Aquarius man and drive him crazy in bed, make sure you get my 27 Dirty Phrases for Aquarius Man. You’ll thank me later, girl!

8. Narcissism & Pompousness

Aquarius men love successful, independent women. He doesn’t like braggarts, however. It’s perfectly okay to brag a little bit—but if you get cocky or arrogant, it will turn an Aquarius man off big time.

He loves women who are successful but humble about it. His ideal partner carries herself with grace and knows that she can do anything but doesn’t need everyone to know it.

An Aquarius man would rather witness your success than hear you boasting about it, or bragging in bed. Just don’t tell him “I knew I’d win. I’m better than everyone else.” This is especially true if you try to one-up him. I’ll get into that next. 

He also doesn’t like women who are rude or tend to be pushy in the sexual sense. He’s a laid-back guy who wants a peaceful partner and a life filled with fun.

9. No Physical Chemistry

When it comes to what turns an Aquarius off sexually, you should be aware that an Aquarius man, apart from cerebral chemistry, needs physical chemistry as well! He doesn’t do well in a life of celibacy, and they thrive best when in a relationship with a woman who keeps up with their libido! 

In fact, many Aquarius men express their true feelings through getting physical with you. Their lovemaking is amazing and totally unforgettable! If there’s no chemistry, unfortunately, an Aquarius man may run the other way—even if you’re a wonderful woman. 

In bed, an Aquarius man prefers to be “the man” and will want to be the one busting the moves. However, he makes exceptions for the right woman. If the chemistry is missing, you will be sadly dismissed.

Worried about a lack of chemistry? Try to enhance your intimacy by opening up to new things and being brave enough to dive deep with your Aquarius man. You won’t be disappointed!

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10. Dishonesty

This one is a huge turn-off for an Aquarius man! Aquarius can’t stand women who do not tell the truth and do not act with integrity. He will cut you loose if you cannot be honest. He will not have you in his sheets if he senses you are not honest.

An Aquarius won’t tolerate being lied to, and this also leads to physical resentment as well. He’s a pretty good lie detector, too, so it’s wisest not to try. He will call you out on it every time.

Your words have to line up with your actions, and when they don’t, he knows something isn’t right and won’t allow you to try to fool him. He wants to be with a woman that will tell him the absolute truth.

How To Turn On An Aquarius Man Again

Aquarius man values loyalty and honesty. A woman who is not honest and who is playing mind games will not win the heart of an Aquarius man. He man absolutely loves a woman who adores him. Start with his mind. Be experimental, be powerful.

Change your bad habits and life will be better all around, while also avoiding turn offs for an Aquarius man you like. By doing so, you would be well on your way to making a great impression on him.

So, here’s what to do and not to do with an Aquarius man:

  • Compliment him a lot
  • Hit the right buttons and give him lots of personal space
  • Be unconventional, don’t sound needy or clingy
  • Do not be submissive
  • Be receptive and sensual
  • Don’t lack empathy
  • Blend spirituality with sexuality

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6 thoughts on “What Turns An Aquarius Man Off? 10 Biggest Aquarius Man Turn Offs

  1. I’ve been dating an aquarius man for 4 months. He’s going almost painfully slow and I find myself googling aquarius men constantly to try to talk myself out of worse thoughts. When I’m with him, I see him once a week, twice if I’m lucky, but his actions speak VOLUMES of things he doesn’t say. We’re definitely meant for each other and I’m always cautious not to push him away….I just wish I knew how he felt and I know asking him won’t be good…does any of this make sense?

    1. Hi Nooe!

      Sounds about right for an Aquarius man with his lack of speed. Actions tell you everything you need to know and if they’re good then they’re good. If you feel you’re meant for each other then hang in there and have lots of patience. If you don’t know how he feels, you DO need to ask him. Tell him you’d like to verbally know what his feelings are. That’s a very intellectual way of asking him. He should tell you. Aquarius won’t tell without someone asking. When they are asked, they tell.

  2. Keep doing what you’re doing he will come around.
    I got to see mine once a week too. I’ve been denying him spending the night sometimes. I can tell it upsets him…but I think a woman finally saying no to him keeps bringing him back. I don’t think he’s told no often. I don’t text him sometimes cuz I think you know what why do I always have to text….and he will text lol. Giving him a chance to invite me over and I never ask to stay over I think it’s working cuz now I’m invited 2-3 times a week…. but only stay the one night. Keep him wanting more. He is hot and alllllll my friends think so. I know one of his stalkers that is infatuated with him. He calls me, he texts me and no one else to do things with. So I know I am the one. I am a Virgo, I will never chase anyone no matter how hot or amazing they are. I show so much love and affection to the one I am with. I am sure he’s had nothing like it. They love new experiences and love when you are different from all others.

    1. Hi Cassidy!

      That’s great that you sometimes deny him spending the night. Making yourself less available is a good strategy as long as you don’t do it too often. I am glad you found a formula that is working for you. Bravo! Keep up the great work sweetheart.

  3. i’ve been dating aquarius man for 5 years. I am trying to have my personal space lately because our romantic things are done. I wanna spend time ON MYSELF, not him. I said it to him many times. But he keeps chasing me day by day. Now he is on my FB account. I am sagittatius woman. What should I do? I want break up.

    1. Hi iggy!

      He sounds controlling if he’s on your FB account and constantly trying to have you be with him. Either he now sees you as a conquest because you are putting your foot down or he’s trying to control you and keep you on a short leash. Neither of these reasons are good sweetheart. You need to put your foot down more and do what you need to do whether he likes it or not. If you want to break it off then do it. There is no technique to do it. Just tell him that you’re not on the same page with him anymore and you want to move on. Be bold and do what needs to be done!

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