How to Deal with an Aquarius Man That Is Distancing Himself - Useful Tips

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Distant Aquarius Man: Useful Tips on How To Deal with Him

Have you started dating or seeing an Aquarius man who seems to be distancing himself suddenly? Perhaps things were going hot and heavy, but now he’s cold and withdrawn when it comes to you.  Whatever the case may be, keep reading for some important tips that can help you deal with a distant Aquarius man:

Has Personal Issues 

Sometimes when an Aquarius man seems to pull back or disappear, it’s due to him having to cope with something going on in his life that has nothing to do with his partner.

He’s a private type of guy, and if it’s something personal that he’s not yet ready to discuss, he will pull back, he will withhold information and will seem as though he’s keeping secrets.

It’s not that he wants to hurt you or make you feel excluded, but if he’s not yet close enough to you to open up about whatever this is, he’ll tend to pull back for a while so he can handle his issues.

Typically when this happens, he’ll come back around and apologize for his lack of attention, and he may explain it. I’ve had clients write into me about this type of thing, and they report back to me saying that he told them and all is well.

So there is always that chance that he has to deal with something outside of what he has with you and doesn’t want to talk about it, bother you with it, or feels it’s best to take care of it on his own.

Aquarius man is very independent and is why he will want to take care of his problems. It’s nothing personal, and unless you two are in a committed relationship or engaged, then you shouldn’t worry if this is the case.

Feels Suffocated or Tied Down

Deal With an Aquarius Man That Is Distancing Himself

This is a big problem which can make for a distant Aquarius man. Often, women will want him to commit himself to them quite quickly, and he’s not that type of guy. He wants to take his time and make sure of who is getting involved with.

That being said, he will respond badly to a woman who is pressuring him for more, is making him feel guilty for not spending more time with her, and makes him feel he has no more personal freedom.

The thing is, he is one that is an advocate for personal freedom. He has to have it; otherwise, he feels chained down, and he will eventually break free and force freedom.

Sometimes when the Aquarius man ghosts you after being so close to you for a while, he may need a breather so that he can reclaim his freedom. I’m not saying that he’s breaking it off.

I’m saying that he has to allow himself to have time without you or anyone else breathing down his neck. He wants to do his own thing, in his timing, and in his way.

When he doesn’t feel he’s getting that, he will pull a disappearing act. When he does, he won’t call, don’t text, and will seem as though he isn’t coming back. If he cares, he WILL be back.

Just watch how things go between you. If you’re spending lots and lots of time together, I’d advise that you sort of try insist on time apart here and there for the benefit of your healthy building relationship.

He’ll appreciate it, and he’ll use that time productively thus not feeling as though he needs to disappear and drop contact with you.

Something Happened From Your End

There is always the case of you hurting or pissing the Aquarius man off. It makes him re-think everything and wonder if you’re even someone he can see a future with or not.

You may have said something or done something that you’re not even aware of. This will make him pull back and try to think things over. He may not want any contact with you while he does this, thus you’ll deal with a distant Aquarius man.

Then again, he may, at this point, decide that he’s done and pull out all the way. Eventually, he’ll tell you why and give you closure but sadly, he’s not going to volunteer that information right away.

He will want to give himself some time to make sure of his decision and figure out what he wants to do from there. During this time, you’ll probably try to message him or call him, and you find him to be unresponsive.

He knows that he cannot talk to you while his mind isn’t right. He ultimately doesn’t want to hurt you, but he doesn’t want to lead you on either if he feels that maybe this relationship has reached its end.

In the event he decides you’re not right for him, he will evaluate the relationship. In doing so, you’ll either hear from him thus telling you what’s going on or he’ll disappear for good with no word.

If you’ve tried for months to get a hold of him, it’s probably time to hang it up and let him go because if he goes that long, he’s not willing to go back or work on it. He’s also taking the coward way out by not telling you.


Don’t blow his phone up though ladies. Try texting him two or three times a week and leave it alone. If you still get no response after a few months, you may go ahead and move on.

If he does respond but is short in what he says, he probably still cares but is still trying to figure things out. Give him a bit more time. If he goes several months without seeing any resolve, you’ll need to confront him and ask him.

All in all, these are the most common reasons that an Aquarius man disappears and distances himself in a relationship. Now you have the knowledge and some tools. Patience ladies! Click here for more details on him!

How do you deal with a distant Aquarius man?

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

  • Hi
    I am 42 libran female. I have an aquarian Male friend.We share a good bond.He has often said I am a special friend in his life and we share a great physical intimacy. We are together for 8 months now.Two days back he got to know that I had shared his chats with my friends and that made him angry on me and I was also insecure about his growing connection with a friend of mine so asked him to give me a commitment…all this made him furious and he said …leave me for sometime or it will break….
    Help me out how to deal with it…
    He is precious for me and I want him to be there in my life for lifetime.

  • I just started dating an Aquarius man and its been a rollercoaster already and it’s only been 2 wks! He came on hot and heavy with the compliments, texts, calls, video chats like I couldn’t even breathe but I loved it. He was attentive said he was dating with purpose. He planned a romantic first date and things started to kind of turn very intimate fast. I was hoping that was not all he was about but I also loved feeling desired. We ended up having sex and now he is pretty distant. No more pet names, compliments and constant communication just a few basic texts daily. I miss the person I met and don’t know what to do. I asked him how he thought things were going and he said good, great pace and that no one was rushing the other person into anything. Help!

    • Hi Kristy!

      Yes, Aquarius can be roller coaster like indeed. They aren’t consistent. It’s because they always have a lot on their mind. They do too much and get tired. They get bored or they find that they need to pay attention to other facets of their life. They are excited in the beginning then they start to calm down to be more normalized but for women, it seems they’re being cold. Tell him how you feel about this and he should actually be able to tell you why he’s pulled back a bit. He’s right, Aquarius doesn’t rush. I think you’ll be fine sweetheart. Just be patient with him.

  • Aquarius men can be so frustrating. I been with an aquarius man for almost eight long years and he is just now committed to me. I’ve learned one thing that always works. It’s to imitate them, if he acts distant, you be distant. They need to feel that you don’t rely on them too much emotionally. Always have them communicate first. Do not try to do it first, there will be just crickets and the more you push the longer the disappearing will be. He’ll come back faster if you imitate. Then just to make sure he doesn’t do it again, just go off the grid for a while. When my man starts to slow down on the texts. I stop all communication for a couple days, until he starts to worry and contacts me, then I wait awhile to respond.

    • Hi Amanda!

      Yes they certainly be frustrating. I totally agree with you! Thank you for chiming in as I appreciate feedback. Yes with Aquarius when you go silent, they wonder what is going on and then will reach out IF they care. I would like to say though that if he slows down on texts you should probably tell him how you feel about that instead of right away going quiet. Perhaps if he knows you don’t like it and it makes you worry, he’ll actually make changes or do better. Slowing down on texting shouldn’t be an end all be all though. Think about when we didn’t have cell phones. I wish you all the best with your Aquarius man Amanda!

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