How To Persuade An Aquarius Man To Make The First Move

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you trying to get your Aquarius man to make a move but he isn’t getting your vibe? Here's how to persuade an Aquarius man to make the first move.

Are you trying to get your Aquarius man to make a move but he isn’t getting your vibe? Here are some things that you may want to know to help you know how to persuade an Aquarius man to make the first move.

Make versus Coax

Here’s the thing: you can’t persuade an Aquarius man to do anything. They are very strong-willed and will not respond well to anyone trying to pressure them or force their hand in what they are doing.

If an Aquarius man is into you or at least interested, he’s going to more than likely be a slow mover. The only clause in this is if he’s only interested in being friends or friends with benefits.

In that way, it may be a good idea to let him know up front that you’re not into that sort of thing so that there is no misunderstanding. If he isn’t being physical though, this may be a moot point.

Coaxing him to come to you or make a move is a more relaxed way of doing things. This is you tempting him like candy and a baby. You want him to want to make a move.

How do you do this though? How can you get him to take the next step without him misunderstanding in thinking you only want a casual relationship?

If you want more than a romp in the bedroom, you’re going to have to use your intellect to lure him in. Find out what truly turns his brain on because rest assured, it’s tied to his penis.

What turns him on mentally; turns him on sexually as well. That being said; you will want to appeal to his brain to get him to open up in other ways. You’ll need to be prepared when you do this. To persuade an Aquarius man is no easy job.

The Next Step

Woman flirting with her coworker

Aside from being patient and waiting for your Aquarius guy to make his move; try being his very best friend. Do things he likes to do, spend time with him, get to know him, and have fun.

The best thing you can do is hold off on the physical portion for a while. I say this because, relationship-wise, he isn’t going to just rush into it. If he falls into bed with you without having given it time; he’s probably not interested in more than a good time.

Just giving you a fair warning because many Aquarius men are up for “fun”. To them, this is a physical situation with no strings attached type of deal. It means being able to sleep together without having any sort of commitment.

If you’re alright with this then you’ll be fine. If you are not and you want an actual relationship; there is no other way than to wait him out.

Aquarius men love and treasure their free time. They don’t want to just throw it to the wind for someone that may or may not work out. They don’t like wasting time and energy on someone that won’t last.

So for them to know if they’re ready to take the next step, they have to know you enough to be sure that you’re someone they want to start forming a bond with that lasts awhile.

Patience Perseveres

There is no fun way around this. You’re going to have to give this man time, space, understanding, and show him that you’re going to be a stable force for him. He has to have proof.

He’s much like a Taurus in this respect. Aqua guy will take his time because he has to be sure in who he invests his time and energy into. He wants to make sure he’s not going to be “taken for a ride” or led to a path of pain.

He won’t respond well to anyone trying to force his hand or make him hurry up. So as much as it appeals to you to think about making him make the first move, this may be disastrous for you.

Try to slow your pace down. Show him that you are a woman who loves spending time with him but that you also enjoy spending time alone or with friends when he isn’t around.

Show him you don’t NEED him to do anything for you. He’ll eat that up! Independence turns this man on and you could very well smooth the road ahead just by doing your own thing.

The less you pine for him; the more he’ll come toward you. It’s ok to send subtle texts or hints but whatever you do; don’t crowd him. He will get turned off fairly quickly if he suspects you’re clingy at all.

By allowing him to set the pace; you will get rewarded for it later. I know it’s easier said than done because you want those sexy lips on yours NOW. The truth is though, if he does it before he’s really ready, it will backfire.

Accepting His Slowness


Aside from being patient, you’ll need to show him that you appreciate and understand his reasons for wanting to take it slow. If he thinks you don’t get it; he won’t waste any more of his time with you.

Somehow show him that you understand his reasons for taking time to cultivate things. You can even tell him something like “I adore the fact that you respect me enough to take this slowly”.

No lies, this may give him an instant hard-on right then and there! He may not tell you but hearing things like this gets him going. It hits that trigger in his brain that tells him that you may be a keeper.

So if you can learn to say things to him that indicate that you’re not only Ok with him taking his time but you’re happy he cares enough to do this, he’ll be thrown and in a good way.

All in All, Aquarius men cannot be pushed at all. They are strong-willed and not easily swayed. If you can take your time, you’ll win his affections when he deems it is time.


How did you persuade an Aquarius man to make the first move? Let me know!

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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7 thoughts on “How To Persuade An Aquarius Man To Make The First Move

      1. Hi iiyahna!

        I will tell you the same thing I told TS. Don’t let him take anymore time sweetheart. Reach out to him and be forthright. Tell him you like him and you’d like to get to know him better. If he doesn’t take the bait then he is likely not interested. There is a chance that he will and you won’t know unless you take matters into your own hands. Be bold! Read my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more help.

    1. Hi TS!

      My goodness! I’m sorry this is dragging out for you. I think you need to be a straight shot with your guy and tell him you like him and then tell him you’d like to see what could be between you. Either he’ll get his butt in gear and do something or he’ll tell you he’s not ready. If he isn’t into it then you’ll need to just find someone else. If you need more help, please check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

      1. Definitely check out the book mentioned above. It’s one of the few I’d say is spot on.
        As for me…yes…I’ll take it slow…observing….much like this post says. However, if you are waiting too long…throw some direct/indirect hints his way. If he is into you….he wants to jump right into the deep end…but is waiting for whatever reasons he has.
        Stun his thinking…put him on his toes….then you’ll know.

  1. Cancer woman here & I’m trying to gain clarity as to wether I should continue to pursue an old crush from decades ago or let this Aquarius man lead the pace instead. I met him 23 years ago. We had a wonderful physical and highly spiritual connection with a young Aquarius man after 4 years of knowing each other – but only as teammates in sports thru high school. I always had a strong attraction to him secretly & noticed him a lot but never spoke to him. During my senior year, I was finally single and found myself at a party with him and his friends. We talked and flirted a lot and ended up staying up all night cuddling and making out. It was hot and really intense. It felt magical! Unfortunately we never connected after that any further and I moved away to another state never to see him again. This encounter was one of my fondest memories as a young lady yet I was too young to understand it fully until now. Fast forward 20 years and Here I am
    single, mature, and independently successful. I’ve been happily single am back in my home state . Almost two months ago, this same Aquarius man reconnected with me out of the blue on social media. I am thrown off guard and shocked to hear from him & see he’s single as well. I briefly said hi over chat to catch up and we really had a great- but short conversation. He suggested we meet up for happy hour next time I’m in town. I agreed and we exchanged numbers . A month later I recently reached out to wish him happy holidays via text and he was responsive and positive! Since reconnecting I have started to notice synchronized events happening around me and feel I’m in transformation… I have chalked this up to finally finding myself and on my divine path, but this reconnection with him feels like it’s BIG and important and somehow part of this shift. I honestly surprised I’m being called to connect to him and that he’s on my radar all of a sudden. I am starting to feel this rekindled connection growing stronger even without speaking to him…. it’s honestly weirding me out a bit. Last week he randomly texted me reminiscing about our time together 20 years ago and how he wants to continue and see me again- but no plans were made despite us both very honest in requesting it does. He had a way to take me back and relive it which blew me away! I was hopping to move foreword with plans and thinking he’d reach out but he’s disappeared with no contact for 4 days now. He’s viewing my posts on the socials but I’m nervous he got cold feet and bailed on the idea, his idea actually to meet in person. I’m confused if he was just melancholy for a moment and needed to say hi or if he’s actually interested in discovering If there’s something more to our connection. I felt he was being sincere but am doubting after googling his sign. I am Highly intuitive as a Cancer and know I can be intense and boldly blunt – I am secure in knowing what I want in life ( a quality he complimented me for ). It’s quite possible I came on to strong too fast but not sure as I was following his lead. Hes got me a bit mythed, excited, but super nervous at a soul level all of a sudden. I can’t shake him from my thoughts daily now. Not sure if I continue to push for a solid meet up, surprise him randomly day of to meet, let him come to me or move on.I get along great with other Aqua men and women – just never romantically dated one before! Thank you for this article- it seems to be the only positive feedback to understand a more mature Aquarius man…gives me a sliver of hope that he’ll come back and want to explore this further. I know I do! Best of luck everyone !!

    1. Hi Jess!

      I think that you won’t really know for sure unless you do ask him to meet up and then see each other face to face. When you do, you’ll be able to talk and get clarity on what is going on. You can tell him how you feel and ask him how he feels. Get it all out on in the open and then you two can decide from there to see what will happen going forward. If you need more Aquarius help, check out my e-book series “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

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