Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility: Weathering the Storm

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Though Aquarius man and Cancer woman are not the most compatible signs, they have potential to enrich the other’s life. Keep reading for more information.

The Aquarius man in his adventurous life, is an air sign that can tend to have gale force winds when he’s on the move. The Cancer woman is tender, family oriented, and a flowing water sign. What brings these two together?

Would the Aquarius man and Cancer woman attraction bring them to something deeper that can last a lifetime? Is there an Aquarius man and Cancer woman Soulmate connection? Keep reading to find out what this relationship is like and what it takes.

Chemistry between an Aquarius Man and a Cancer Woman

Aquarius Man With Taurus Rising

The Aquarius man and Cancer woman attraction is one that is mysterious. No one really knows why they’d be drawn to each other outside of outer appearances.

Why would two nearly opposite signs be drawn together at all? Aquarius man will find the Cancer woman to be soft, beautiful, and someone he could possibly have a family with.

He can see that she’s someone that would make a great mother and nurturing partner. The Cancer woman sees the Aquarius man as very handsome and she can sense that he’s a strong provider.

While the physical attraction is there, what else could possibly bring these two different souls together? Are the Cancer woman and Aquarius man Soulmates? I hate to say it but it’s unlikely. Not impossible though.

There is a lot that is going against this couple that will be hard for them to overcome. However, when the love is really strong, there is always a way to work through any obstacle that may come their way.

Their initial attraction is a simple case of physical adoration. They find each other quite breathtaking and decide they want to know. Once they do start to get to know each other, the dynamic starts to change almost immediately.

Cancer Woman, Who She Is

The Cancer woman is delicate, emotionally driven, loving, kind, warm, and very much into family life. She’s the natural mother and care giver. She loves deeply and is prone to becoming very hurt if she’s not careful.

The soft natured Cancer woman is ruled by the Moon which is why she’s so emotionally reactive to life. She’s tied into the Moon’s depth and feeling the way life works. This is also why she’s empathetic and sometimes psychic.

The Cancer woman is very much on this planet to make life more inhabitable and lovely. Her job is to love and spread it around like peanut butter. I know that sounds silly but it’s a great metaphor I think. Cancer woman loves hard.

When she cannot have her own family, she takes great care of those she cares so deeply for. This can be anyone from co-workers, friends, or family. Cancer is woman willing to share her heart with those who are in need.

When the Cancer woman meets the Aquarius man, she thinks that he’s someone that could very well be a pillar of strength and grounding. She believes he may help her feel secure.

She talks to him and realizes that he could make incredible father material because he’s somewhat of a caretaking person himself. This is something they share in common. Their intellectual conversations are vast and pleasurable.

Once they start getting to know each other, Cancer woman starts to feel as though maybe things aren’t what they seemed when they first met. Aquarius man is different than what she had hoped he’d be which is disappointing.

Aquarius Man, Who He Is

The Aquarius man blows everyone away with his air like power. He is ruled by Uranus that makes him very unpredictable and somewhat wild at times. Aquarius man is focused on his own endeavors with great vigor.

He marches to the beat of his own drum and won’t like being told what to do by anyone. Aquarius man is an individual and feels he’s a one of a kind. He’s right in some ways.

Aquarius man prefers to have jobs where he can travel, meet new people, do his work his way and in his own time. He loves being his own boss as well if he can make his own business.

The Aquarius man is an adventurer who seeks out excitement no matter what he’s doing. Whether he’s on the clock or taking some time off, he can be found doing something thrilling.

When the Aquarius man meets the Cancer, he’s breath taken by her beauty and sexual energy pouring from her. He’s not sure how to approach her as he does feel nervous. Her beauty envelops his soul.

The Aquarius male and Cancer female get together for the first time, it’s as though the newness in life has been unfolded and the universe aligned. Then they start to talk and get to know each other.

Things change and Aquarius man feels that the Cancer woman may be too emotional for him and tends to pressure him when he wants time alone. He thinks she doesn’t understand him.

This makes him very leery of what the future can possibly hold for them. This is something he has to really mull over before he dives in. Her beauty is one thing but life together may be something different.

What Works Between Aries Man and Cancer Woman

Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman

There are some things that make Aquarius man and Cancer woman see eye to eye thus feeling connected. Their deep conversations filled with intellectual topics are definitely a key doorway for them.

Talking to each other about practical matters, world events, or simple daily things are easy for them. They have no trouble expressing their opinions on things that have no real consequence.

Emotionally they connect to a certain extent. The Aquarius man and Cancer woman marriage is possible as is having a family. However, they have to really work at their troubles first.

Aquarius man and Cancer female have things that they enjoy doing together even if it’s only a vast few. They truly enjoy that time they spend doing something fun.

Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman Mental Compatibility

Cancer is intuitive and dynamic. They may come across as stubborn, but if they are given a little time to consider issues, they are generally willing to compromise. Particularly, Cancer is considerate of the needs of their loved ones.

Aquarius, on the other hand, is always seeking intellectually stimulating banter and debate. In fact, unlike Cancer who generally likes to keep their thoughts to just their intimate circle of loved ones, Aquarius is looking to share ideas with everyone, oftentimes even more gleefully with strangers than with loved ones.

Aquarius’ need to constantly reach outside of the home influence could possibly fluster Cancer. Cancer is more private and homebound, which may stifle Aquarius. Aquarius man and Cancer woman will have to compromise in order to keep each other content.

The Aquarius man and Cancer woman attraction is something that brought them together in the first place. They find things that they discuss to be quite stimulating and thus something they can use to make things last.

Cancer woman will want to do things that are substantially safe and secure while Aquarius man loves to push it to the limit. They can find middle ground in things they want to do if they truly love each other.

The Aquarius man and Cancer woman Soulmates are possible if they really look deep and try not to let their differences get the better of them. The problem will be not letting their egos get in the way.

Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman Emotional Compatibility

Aquarius is one of the least emotional signs in the Zodiac. Aquarius is bound to reason and objectivity. This is not the case with Cancer. Cancer’s life is guided by their loyalty and consideration for the needs of those closest to them. Cancer follows their ‘gut feeling’ about a lot of things in life, which doesn’t sit well with Aquarius. Aquarius applies strict reason to most of their life and may become upset by Cancer’s less logical approach.

Aquarius is not without compassion. Aquarius just applies their compassion to causes and oftentimes to people (or animals) outside of their intimate circle. This can work for both Cancer and Aquarius, especially if they are both moved by the same cause. Cancer will work from a more personal and intimate level, and Aquarius will work on the big picture.

Cancer is the Homemaker, so it is important to Cancer to have a stable home life. Cancers are nesters, and they like to keep in constant contact with the people who are close to them. Cancer will call and check up with their loved ones sometimes multiple times a day. This habit will definitely turn Aquarius off who needs their independence. It is important that these two signs meet in the middle on this one.

If Aquarius had it all their way and was allowed just to carry on then Cancer may begin to feel neglected, jealous, and unstable. However, if Cancer were to have it their way, they would make Aquarius feel on edge and trapped. Cancer must learn that Aquarius craves a life outside of the home in order to be content, and Aquarius must learn that the little romantic reminders and the gestures to make Cancer feel secure go a long way.

What Aquarius Man Thinks of Cancer Woman, Especially In Bed

Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman

The Aquarius man thinks that the Cancer woman is very sexy, warm, and someone who can bring lots of love into his life. He sees her as being a possible excellent mother to his children and a terrific wife.

His initial attraction to her is due to her being drop dead gorgeous and he definitely couldn’t resist her charm. She’s very sweet, giving, and makes him feel good about himself.

When the Aquarius man in bed with Cancer woman arises, he feels as though she’s giving but isn’t as adventurous as he’d like her to be. She is more set in her own ways and desires.

The Aquarius man finds Cancer woman to be too emotional when it comes to getting intimate. She’s feeling and wants to feel a soul connection whereas the Aquarius man wants to enjoy the physical.

The Aquarius man wants to be a bit more rough and tumble in the bedroom whereas the Cancer woman wants it soft and tender. This creates a bit of a rift between the two. It makes him feel as though she’s too delicate for him.

Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman Physical Compatibility

Initially, physical compatibility will be great between these two. Aquarius is always seeking fun and excitement, especially in the bedroom. This will intrigue Cancer, who likes worldly pleasures.

The problem will arise when Cancer becomes disappointed in Aquarius’ lack of emotional depth. Aquarius rarely takes emotions into consideration, ever, but certainly not in matters of sex or intimacy. Cancer is a fiercely loyal lover and connects to people through instinctive heart-related ways. Cancer expects a certain level of romance and soul connection in the relationship.

Aquarius may begin to find Cancer needy and smothering. Cancer is not an overly demanding sign, and in fact, is very nurturing and loving, but their need for intimacy and nesting will be foreign to Aquarius.

So, as long as Cancer does not get overly dependent or requires too much nesting, allowing Aquarius the freedom Aquarius requires, and Aquarius gives in to some of the romantic needs of Cancer they, may be able to balance their love life.

Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman Problems

This is the part where things get a bit dicey. The Aquarius male and Cancer female may find it very hard to patch up the problems they have. It’s not that they can’t but it’s more that they may not want to.  

The hardest thing to resolve is the Aquarius man in bed with Cancer woman.  They really like different things and don’t see eye to eye. She’s soft and he’s a bit more aggressive.

They really aren’t very compatible when it comes to intimacy and sex. They are very different on the scale of romance. They can meet in the middle but it would take a lot of effort and they’d have to decide if it’s worth it.

Another problem that the Aquarius man and Cancer woman have is the lack of trust in each other. Aquarius man likes lots of freedom to be alone or do things without his partner.

Cancer woman wants to spend lots of time with her partner and won’t understand why he keeps disappearing or doesn’t want to be around her all the time. It will be heartbreaking for her.

Their life values are typically very different from each other as well. They see raising children very differently. They see marriage differently, they see sex differently and they see life together being very much at odds.

Shared activities may not be something they have together either. They like very different activities. The Aquarius man loves adventure, excitement, and taking risks. The Cancer woman likes it safe, laid back, and low key.

They have a lot of problems that keep them from being the ideal Cancer woman Aquarius man Soulmates. I’m not saying it’s impossible but they have to REALLY love each other and want to make it work.

For the most part, the Aquarius man will want to just remain on his own or find a partner who is his equal and Cancer woman will want a man who will provide her with a stable, loving, and caring environment.

Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman Breakup

It’s a big possibility that the Aquarius man and Cancer woman will figure out that it’s too hard and too much work to make it last. In this situation, they decide it’s best to call it quits.

Cancer woman will close herself off and become less affectionate to a point where Aquarius man will just decide it’s time to end it. Cancer woman is too delicate and soft hearted to end it herself.

The two will just ghost each other and stop talking. It’s unlikely they will remain friends as they really don’t have enough in common to do so. They will move on and away from each other.

This also means that the Cancer woman Aquarius Soulmates aren’t likely going to happen. They know they aren’t right for each other and will try to find someone better suited for them individually.

It’s pretty low possibility that they will ever return to each other either. Once they move on, they will keep looking forward to a different life and different relationship that is more fulfilling.

Final Score

With the Aquarius man and Cancer woman, I find it hard for these two to make it. It’s not entirely impossible but quite difficult. It really is up to the individuals to decide what they will or will not do.

Based on what I’ve told you in this article, on a scale of 1 to 10, I give this couple a 3. They’re not totally impossible but they’re not going to like the work it will take.

The amount of work and compromise will be great. They will have to really dedicate themselves to each other as well as to themselves. They have to find their inner self to be willing to find the middle ground.

Aquarius male and Cancer female match up isn’t the best. They really have to love each other deeply to consider having a whole life together.


Though these two are not the most compatible signs, they have the potential to enrich the other’s life. Cancer can bring stability and depth to Aquarius, and Aquarius can bring objectivity and excitement to Cancer. Cancer can sometimes use a little shakeup to come out of their generally housebound shell.

Aquarius can use safety and the tenderness that Cancer provides. The biggest hurdle for these two would be to identify and communicate about their differences and embrace the unique strengths that they can add to each other’s lives.

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