Are Aquarius Men Unfaithful Or Not? The Truth Unveiled

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Are Aquarius Men Unfaithful Or Not? The Truth Unveiled

Are you considering dating an Aquarius but not sure if you should because you’ve heard that they have a tendency to cheat? Perhaps you are dating one and concerned he could be flirting with others behind your back? So, are Aquarius men unfaithful?

Aquarius Men are Adventurers

Aquarius man is typically the type that is seeking the next big thing. He wants excitement and lots of fun. He can get bored quickly and this could cause him to keep looking around.

Does that mean he’s going to cheat? Not necessarily. There is no actual one sign that is more likely to cheat more than another. Every man has the capability to be unfaithful if he finds a reason to or just wants to.

Do not judge a book by his cover or rather by his sign. There are many things at play about a man that could cause him to cheat or to be faithful. So throw out those books and articles that tell you Aquarius is the biggest cheater.

If you go into a dating situation or something more serious with an Aquarius with a lack of trust, you may find yourself reaping your karma. Accusing someone of cheating can and will drive a man to possibly do so to spite you.

Be careful how you treat your Aquarius man. Unless he shows signs of infidelity, there is no real reason for you to believe he is cheating or will cheat. Only time and trust building will help you cultivate a tight bond.

Aquarius men do like to get out and have lots of fun. If he’s with a woman who is a stick in the mud, he may want to go out without her or could find another woman more interesting.

He is also a big flirt. It makes him feel alive to flirt back and forth with attractive women. However, it doesn’t mean he’s going to go out and cheat. It just means he’s lacking something and feels he can get it elsewhere.

What He Wants

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Aquarius men typically know exactly what they are looking for in the right mate. He will also tend to know what he doesn’t want or will not accept. In that, he tends to judge fairly quickly.

It’s not a surprise when he can tell a woman right off the bat that he’s not into having a relationship or that he just wants to have fun. While he’ll sleep with a woman who isn’t the one for fun, he only wants to settle down with “the one”.

Sometimes he will date a woman for a short time and while he’s dating her, he thinks she could be a good thing. Then one day he sees something in her that just doesn’t go with what he wants for his life.

He appears to go from being very hot and heavy to be cold and callous. Aqua man isn’t the best at handling breakups and so he’ll drag it out where perhaps it would be better if he ended it quickly.

He doesn’t really like to hurt a woman with whom he cares for even if she isn’t the one for him. He’d rather become cold and cut her out than, to be honest, and tell her the truth why he cannot be with her.

Sadly the woman gets hurt by his being so cold and she’s confused by him being hot and then not telling her why he suddenly doesn’t feel the same anymore. This is most definitely a character flaw.

This isn’t a sign of him cheating even though it would seem if he’s not happy he might. There probably are cases where an Aquarius figures out the woman he’s in a relationship isn’t the one and ends up cheating with someone.

The truth is, not all Aquarius men are cheaters. They know what they want and they know what they don’t want. There are exceptions but this goes for every single sign there is. It also is true for both men and women.

Support System

When an Aquarius man feels that the woman he cares for isn’t supporting his goals or life decisions, he may seek that attention elsewhere. This could lead to cheating or could just lead to him having a female friend.

Whether or not he cheats is greatly going to depend on his overall character and whether he feels it’s worth it to try to be with someone else while he is already in a relationship.

The Aquarius man will always keep his eye open for the right woman. Until he feels he’s with the right one, he’ll keep his feelers out. With some, they may actually indulge their cravings and try other women out for size.

Most, however, will keep going with their current relationship. Or they’ll break it off and then remain open for the next possible option. The main thing is, Aquarius men want to feel appreciated and understood.

Whatever goals he has for himself, he wants to feel his partner is going to support his decisions. When he doesn’t feel that, he feels somewhat incomplete and will seek outside his relationship to find what he wants.

If you’re involved with an Aquarius man, make sure you don’t take him for granted. Be his rock, be his support, and show him that you really appreciate who he is to you.

Showing him that you are his rock will make him feel secure in his relationship with you and is less likely to be looking outside his bond with you.

Don’t Forget…

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Aquarius men are independent and want an independent partner to live with equally. Neediness will scare him off into the arms of another woman or at least out of the relationship.

Show him you can and will take care of yourself instead of relying on him to take care of you. He doesn’t like needy behavior and is turned on by women of strength. Stay strong!

Aquarius Man Cheating Signs

First of all the question you may be asking is “Do Aquarius Cheat?”  Typically if the Aquarius man is fully committed to someone, he will not cheat as he feels he doesn’t have a real reason to mess up what he has.

What does it mean when Aquarius man cheats on you?  It means he’s not 100% committed to you or has decided you’re not the one so he’s exploring his other options to see what else is out there.

He won’t typically be looking like this if he’s happy and feels totally connected to you. An Aquarius man cheating on his girlfriend would only occur if he decides she’s not really his cup of tea or doesn’t have what he’s looking for as far as long term.

It’s true that he should just let her know and call it quits then find someone else but sometimes Aquarius wants to look outside to see if there is someone else who may be better for what he’s looking for. It’s harsh but sometimes this is how they roll.

What do you do with Aquarius man cheaters? You would do like with any other sign, if you don’t like it, you move on and let him go as hard as it may be. If he’s cheated on you once, he’ll probably do it again.

Aquarius man cheating is something that doesn’t happen often and if the two of you have verbally decided that you are loyal to each other and that you have a future together, there is no reason he should step outside the relationship.

Trust him until he gives you reasons not to cheat. Things you should look for though if you suspect that something may be going on are things like this:

  •       Keeps watching his Phone more than normal
  •       Is texting someone but won’t let you see who
  •       Is active on a dating site and claims it means nothing
  •       Doesn’t make plans with you as often
  •       Is ignoring you or not showing you as much affection
  •       He’s just acting reserved or Odd
  •       Wants to shower quickly upon entering the house (if you live together or partially live together). It only counts if it’s out of the norm for him.

If he displays any of these signs then this is means for concern. Ask him flat out what is going on and expect him to tell you the truth. If he has cheated or is contemplating it, he needs to decide who is more important.

You also need to decide if you can forgive and move on. If not then it’s time to cut him loose. If you can forgive him then make him prove to you that he will always be loyal moving forward. Don’t sell yourself out.


So, are Aquarius men unfaithful? Let me know what you think!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

11 thoughts on “Are Aquarius Men Unfaithful Or Not? The Truth Unveiled

  1. My Aquarius boyfriend went out (spend time together) with his ex wife without the kids, without being honest with me (not telling me). is this consider he is cheating?

    1. Hi Julia,

      I’d like to share my thoughts on your situation if you don’t mind, even though you probably already came to a conclusion. In short, No, I do not believe this should be considered cheating.

      My Aquarius man and I (an Aries) have been dating/best friends for quite a while now. He also was married and has kids with his ex. They have met up (without the kids) on multiple occasions. I have never felt the need to ask him for details nor felt the desire to ask him why they met. I believe, Aquarius men (generally speaking) are very loyal and compassionate to the ones they are closest to. Being his ex is the mother of their children, this very well might be someone he is still close with, but the truth is, he will always be close with her. This will be a difficult concept to accept if the mind is emotinally driven. Reality can often become distorted & twisted causing negative feelings such as insecurity surface. Aquarius rarely, if not ever, make decisions soley based on emotions. With that being said, she is an “ex” for a very strong & objective reason. Aquarius men more often than not, know what they want and know what they don’t want. Have the confidence and trust, it’s you he wants. If confidence is low, look within yourself to identify and learn why. One the other hand, if you feel there is low or broken trust, then why not invite your aquarius man to join you at a fun communcation party for two.

      Now, I can’t say for sure why he didn’t tell you ahead of time. Based on my personal experience, that seems strange but not to the point of alarming. In contrast, I have to question whether self- unareness and playing the victim role are potential reasons for this occurrence. Also, making assumptions that he wasn’t being honest with you, strictly because he did not tell you does not necessarily prove the act of dishonesty.

      Undoubtedly, every realtionship is unique and has many “moving parts” that are controlled by two very individual “vehicles.” There may be a disconnect of awareness and lack of understanding from one or both vehicles. This will occur when there is weak and/or dishonest communication.

      My hope is that communcation was prioritized in this case, so that both vehicles were able to idenitfy and fix the broken parts together.

      Hopefully you and your Aquarius man are still learning and growing together.

      1. Hi HB!

        Thank you for chiming in and offering some words for Julia. I see you rather agree with the advice I just gave her. Communication is crucial to relationships no matter what the signs are. Honestly is also required. As long as he wasn’t bedding down his ex then it’s not cheating. Not telling her is not right either. She needs to be sure that he’s not keeping things from her. He needs to tell her what he’s doing so she’s not caught off guard. There are much more things to know about Aquarius man. If you yourself would like to know more, check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

    2. Hi Julia!

      I don’t think that would necessarily be considered cheating but it is being dishonest. He should always tell you when he does things. You should explain to him that it’s common courtesy as you do have a right to know if he wants to meet up with his ex for whatever reason. It’s not that you’re his boss or keeper but it’s courteous behavior on his part that keeps the respect between you in tact. If you’d like to know more about the Aquarius man behavior, please check out “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  2. My aquarius ex keeps coming back to me although he is in a relationship with someone else. We did have sexual relations but this was before i found out about his current girlfriend. I ended things as soon as I found out and we went 6 months without barely communicating. However, ever since March of this year he has expressed how unhappy he is and is sexually not satisfied by her. He claims he’s only with her because they have a kid together. Why do you think he keeps reaching back out to me?

    1. Hi Chanel!

      Yikes honey. If he’s in a relationship, you need to put your foot down. Even if he keeps reaching out to you and telling you how miserable he is with her. That’s his problem and he needs to deal with it himself and not try to lure you in to solve his issues. He needs to get himself together and leave you alone. If you’d like to understand Aquarius better, check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  3. My man is flirting with other girls on a social account just to see if I stalk him or not I trust him or not
    He never own me at that site but own me in front of his family
    But ignor me whenever he get a notification from that site
    Gives priority to those notifications instead of my messages and when I ask he just say he was busy
    But call me often text me if i dnt text for 2 hours
    I dnt understand what he is doing or how long he will do this

    1. Hi Bisma!

      That’s not good if he is flirting that much with other girls. It means he isn’t ready to settle down. You say he’s doing it to test you but that doesn’t sound right. Aquarius men don’t typically test a woman in quite that way. I think he really is flirting. Especially since he ignores your notifications. I hate to say it but it sounds like he’s not as into you as you had hoped he would be. He’s actually trying to show you that via his actions sweetheart. If you need more information, check out my book. It might be time for you to confront him and as him for the truth.

    2. I’m dating Aquariusman, we are 6 months dating past 4 weeks he was odd, distanced, no plans and recently I found out he signed for dating app he said it was mistake and he wasn’t interested in exploring options, he said he loves me and he wants to build my trust again, is that right? I feel he is playing me up because he may not have anyone else line up. I do want to believe he was bored and wanted build his ego but if you love someone you don’t need to go online dating.

      1. Hi Veronica!

        I have to believe he did have a fleeting thought of “what else is out there”. If he didn’t then he wouldn’t have signed up. Maybe it was a mistake but it still happened. I’d be asking him “what made you think even for a second that you should look?”. Trust now has to be rebuilt because honestly he screwed up doing that. He will have to earn your trust again over time. Don’t let him get away with it. I wish you all the best!

        1. How not get him away with it? He said it was his lowest point and he never cheated on anyone, he told me he signed for a dating app because it felt good matching but as hard to understand he wasn’t exploring options nor wanted to end things between us…I don’t know what to believe as actions speak louder. I thought he was trustworthy and loyal .

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