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Mr. Kinky of The Zodiac: What An Aquarius Man Likes In Bed

If you’ve made it to the bedroom with this eccentric Aquarius lover, then make sure you’re ready for exciting sexual rendezvous. This guy has a very unconventional and kinky yearning when it comes down to sex and choosing a sex partner. Find out what an Aquarius man likes in bed and how amazing he can be.

The bedroom can be like a scientific laboratory

His sexual appetite leans more towards the curious side of experimenting rather than ordinary sex that you may be accustomed to with other sun sign boyfriends. Keep reading for more about the Aquarius man sexuality traits. Aquarius men love the element of surprise, and they think about all the different places they would like to have sex with you.

Hopefully, you are in the mood to make love under any conditions, in any location, and at any time. Sometimes the bedroom is just too boring and traditional. Aquarius men can be difficult to be in love with. You will need to share the same kind of desires.

To Be in Love or Not To Be in Love

What An Aquarius Man Likes In Bed

If you are in the process of falling in love with this Aquarius man, he will only be interested in all these experiments with the right kind of compatible woman. If you are both falling in love, then good for you! But, not every girl can play these kinds of sex games and enjoy the same kind of excitements in bed.

Sometimes you might feel like you are doing a more of a porn scene on camera with a handsome porn star rather than making love with your boyfriend. If you have very traditional ideas of lovemaking and you’re not able to go with all the lustful games, then this Aquarian guy may be too much for you to handle. Aquarius man sexuality traits are quite erotic and high powered!

If he has fallen in love with you, then you can be sure that he will be a loyal friend and lover, but if he is not in love with you, you will be just another partner to have sexual encounters with.

Fifty Shades of the Aquarius Man

What An Aquarius Man Likes In Bed

The Aquarius man sexuality traits are vast and expansive. There are many things that you learn about him when he starts pulling out his moves. You’ll be quite surprised and elated to know just how naughty he can be.

Aquarius men are very curious and love to go beyond the normal ideas of traditional sex in the bedroom. If you read the book Fifty Shades of Grey, the leading character would certainly have a very strong influence of Aquarius in his birth chart.

He is the guy that will give you thrills like little bolts of lightning going through your body. Your Aquarius boyfriend will never be boring in the bedroom, and as mentioned previously, he thrives on surprise and sudden change of direction.

He will be filled with erotic adventures and will want to talk about these topics with you. In fact, he will want to talk a lot about everything.

Aquarius sun sign is not the emotional watery guy that will cry with you at the end of a sad movie. He is far too detached and would rather analyze why the story just didn’t change to have a sweeter ending.

Aquarius men will need a love-making partner that can keep up with all his erotic ideas of satisfying his enormous sexual desires. If you have the same interests and can keep up with his ever-changing ways, this will be a good lover for you.

So what does Aquarius man like in bed? Remember, he loves sex toys and erotic games. They are thinkers and big communicators, not emotional lovers like Cancer men. In fact, romance is not a topic way up on his list. He likes to have fun and explore.

Brace yourself for a fun-filled erotic fantasy come to life. For him, the kinkier you are, the better your relationship will be.

If he is not in a committed relationship, be sure to know that this man will have sex with several sex partners (with both men and women and perhaps even at the same time).

He can have issues with intimacy and be very sensitive to with ever you may say. He will be like a Pirate exploring your body as if it were a treasure map.

What he is actually looking for is beyond anything we can even imagine. He can be very aloof and detached and make you feel that you are not that important in his life.

Ruling Planet Affects His Life

When you’re diving deep into the psyche of the Aquarius man regarding sex, you need to know what his ruling planet is. It happens to give him various interesting qualities. Aquarius man Sextrology is crucial to know and it helps answer “what does Aquarius man like in bed”!

The Aquarius man’s ruling planet is Uranus. I’m sure you’re giggling while reading that as most people do. Even us astrologers get in a good chuckle when we say it or write it. You should also know that when Uranus interacts with Mars or Venus, things heat up.

Mars is a planet of action, and Venus is love and passion. Now when they are squared, conjunct, or the opposite with Uranus, you’re going to find an aggressive Aquarius man in bed.

Figuring out where Mars or Venus is in your Aquarius man’s chart may be worthwhile. Otherwise, you should be aware that even when these planets are transiting, they can cause him to be hornier than at any other time.

It’s a good thing to pay attention to what the planetary weather is doing at any point in time as it may play a role in how aggressive or passive your Aquarius man in bed will be.

The moon will often play a role as well. Look for the moon to be in Aquarius, Sagittarius, or Scorpio for really sexy times with your Aquarius in bed. He may feel even more adventurous during those phases.

If his natal Mars interacts with Uranus in some way, he will be a sexually charged guy. If his natal planet tangles with Venus in his birth chart, you can expect a loving guy with much passion with Aquarius in bed.

Going back to his ruling planet, Uranus is that it’s the planet that creates randomness. It’s unpredictable and hard to pin down. Sure sounds like Aquarius to me. He is known for being a humanitarian who means Aquarius man in bed is quite generous.

However, when you’d think he should be giving and being a great partner, he pulls back and is a bit reserved. Not to say he doesn’t have flings. He surely does when it arises, and he knows he doesn’t have to worry about strings attached.

How to Sexually Please an Aquarius Man

With the Aquarius man, you’ll need to be spontaneous, erotic, adventurous, and open to what he has to offer you. As long as you’re ready to open up to his world then he’ll show you ecstasy.

Be prepared to be treated like you never have before sexually. Be optimistic and open-minded because you just never know what he’s going to be in the mood for and what he’s going to want to do. Aquarius man in bed is quite thrilling.

Share your deepest fantasies and desires with him. Let him know what you like and what you’d like to try that you haven’t already. He will take great pleasure in helping you accomplish that goal. Such passion is quite common for Aquarius in bed.


What I can tell you is that it’s a good time to tackle your Aquarius man when Uranus is in Scorpio. Keep your eye on the prize. If you’re really hot for him and want to get him into bed and find unbridled passion, that’s the right time!

With Sextrology, you should now have a good idea of what the Aquarius man is like regarding sex, passion, and love. Hopefully it has helped answer your question “what does Aquarius man like in bed?”

What do you think an Aquarius man likes in bed? Let me know! Click here for more information.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

29 thoughts on “Mr. Kinky of The Zodiac: What An Aquarius Man Likes In Bed

  1. Me and my Aquarius haven’t had sex in two weeks and it has been dwindling for the past month and a half due to what he says is stress and low testosterone.

  2. My man is mostly playing games in his free time. he loves me. He cares about me. Made me food. Hugs me kisses me. In these things he is same as before. But nowadys we dont have sex for too long like 3 weeks or a month maybe. Before we used to have sex daily. he also changed his password of his phone since i’ve found him serching porn models in instagram. I dont know what should i do? Is he loosing interest in me?

  3. My Aquarius I met in college and was a very sexually afraid born again Christian. We actually broke up because I felt we’d never be sexually matched. We married other people and lost track of each other. He found me again 36 years later, and, oh boy, he’s a highly sexually driven person EXACTLY as you describe: adventurous, insistent on pleasing me (multiple times), pretty kinky! I was so shocked (compared to his college persona)! I had no idea he is now living to his true Aquarian self. I’m loving the amazing sex. The only downside is that I have no desire to be a fling or one of a stable. I’m unique and not playing around; I want disease-free fun and adventure only with him.

  4. I have had amazing sex with my Aquarius friend a few times over the years. Lately three times in the autumn and after the last time I felt it is getting a bit boring. Same old “routine”. Since we are not a couple I don’t feel like suggesting anything else. He truly turns me on but I don’t like sex If I know the moves by heart.
    I find it a bit contradictory that in general descriptions Aquas are not that interested in sex or it is not what they primarily want but in their sexual descriptions they are descriped quite the sexual animals.

  5. In the beginning of us dating, my aquarius man was high intensely wild in bed. First time was like hours and needed a 3 day break to heal up.lol now (3 months later) it’s like hes bored. Does get off and I ask him if I’m doing something wrong and he says no it’s fine. DONT EVER USE THE WORD FINE WHEN TALKING ABOUT SEX! I am leo and having hard time with understanding and communicating with him…so I dont say anything and I’m starting to think hes losing interest even though he has waited for me for 11 years to be single. I was with a narcissist for 6 yrs and I’m trying to be level headed but he makes it hard. Wth do I do???

    1. Hi Yvonne!

      Well if you think he’s getting bored then it’s time to try new things with him. Look into toys, movies, or anything else that brings out his fantasies. Ask him what his fantasies are if you haven’t already. Just try to find newness and you may be able to bring your sex life with him back to the hot burner. You might want to check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more information.

  6. My aquarius guy has his mars in pisces but his venus is in aquarius. I know he is into dominating and being dominated. He is also very much into fantasies.

    1. My aquarius man. Is very quiet calm and I never know if he is angry with me so I tell him if I have not been bad enough to get punished tell what I need to do for you to bend me over and it’s like looking the bull in the eyes I love him and his freaky side I’m bad quiet often

      1. Hi Jennifer!

        A quiet Aquarius? He must have another song that is rather quiet and reserved in his chart. Maybe his rising sign or moon sign is Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn? Those are the quiet guys that sit back and observe. Very interesting. You might want to check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more information.

    2. Hi Heidi!

      If his Venus is in Aquarius then that means the right woman for him is Aquarius or another air sign (Libra, Gemini). His Mars is just who he is as a lover. Try to see what your Mars is and that will tell you the type of guy you should be with. So yes, it’s not surprising what his sexual proclivities are according to that information alone. You might want to check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more information.

  7. I have been with my Aquarius man for 26 years. At first he was very exciting in bed. Now not so much. For us sex might happen once a week. His mind is on other things and he gets easily distracted. I want the man you described. He is 44 and says it just doesn’t work like it did when we were younger.

    1. Hi Linda!

      Sex can easily fade if both parties don’t keep up the excitement and freshness. He can still probably pull it off but you’ll have to offer up new and exciting or experimental things. Give him new ideas of adventure for the two of you. Get the Kama Sutra book and try some poses out of there. You can do this. You simply have to become exciting yourself and get him motivated. There are plenty of ways to get him to rise to the occasion darling. Wishing you lots of luck!

  8. The aquarius man I’m dating has crazy good sex and has been for six months now. He loves nice underwear and I often send him small teasers, showing just a tiny bit of lace from work or small texts telling him what I want later and he tells me What he want. Today I surprised him when he was working late alone in the Office, by showing up in just sexy underwear and knee high boots under my coat. We had the best sex we’ve ever had on the conferance table. I love doing this things for him since it makes me feel sooo sexy, and the thought of turning him on this way really turns me on too! I sooo hope we can keep this up! My two last relationships ended because of lack of interest in sex from my exes…

    1. Hi M!

      Oooo La La! Sound like you two have some chemistry that makes you both happy. I’m so glad you’ve found this and I’m glad if any of my words have helped you in some way. I love hearing stories that are successful. He sounds like he may surpass your exes by leaps and bounds. I wish you all the very best!

  9. Me and my Aquarius are just friends but the sex is out of the world, it’s the best sex I’ve ever had in this 40yrs of living…all I can say is wow, we are both very busy but one thing I noticed about Aquarius is they love when you play cat and mouse games with them in other words playing hard to get, so I challenge him all the time, he text me almost everyday, when we do do see each other it’s amazing sexaual chemistry, and he can’t get enough of me lol, he a Aquarius with Sagittarius moon iam a pisces with a Gemini moon…if you give Aquarius there space, be fun, unpredictable, spontaneous and let them do the chasing, you will have his nose wide open, also these men love and crave romance and affection they live for it, with the right person this will open him right up if you no what your doing, no this won’t apply to every Aquarius and you must take things slowly, you pretty much gotta be there homie lover friend to gain his attention, I attract nothing but Aquarius ppl, all my BFF are Aquarius my cool ass co- Workers are Aquarius, my son is Aquarius, I attract this sign more than any other, I also have my mercury in Aquarius, my South node in Aquarius my eq in Aquarius my second house in Aquarius soooo..I can relate to them in several ways, I think we are alot a like they are very sensitive, and kind under that cool exterior it takes patience to get to the core

    1. Hi J!

      Thank you for chiming in and sharing your experience with me. I am so glad you like Aquarius so much. They can be really dependable people and are excellent when you want to know the truth about something. I think they’re fantastic myself. Again, thanks for sharing!

  10. After 12 years with my Aquarius he is no longer interested in any type of intimacy. His latest claim is that it’s not going to happen if I keep bringing it up. I’m pretty sure I’ve been more than patient considering he’s been holding out for nearly two years. It’s destroyed us.

    1. Hi Pathetic!

      What in the world. He must be having some emotional turmoil going on or a physiological problem he doesn’t want to discuss. Tell him that if he wants to make this relationship work like you do then he needs to figure out what’s wrong and why he isn’t interested in being intimate anymore. That’s about the softest way you can present it to him. Some men have a hard time admitting defeat with their inability to feel desire. They don’t want to go to a doctor to tell them he can’t get it up. That’s the bottom line. It ruins their pride. Tell him intimacy is important to you and for your love. I do wish you all the luck in the world honey.

  11. I’m interested in an Aquarius and confused how I am supposed to know what phase he is in and what does it mean? (His Mars, Scorpio etc??)

    1. Hi Interested!

      The shortest and easiest answer to your question is “Ask him!”. Mars in Scorpio makes him a very sex or physically oriented man. Just ask him where his head is at regarding you. He’ll tell you. Aquarius isn’t forthcoming but they will answer you truthfully if you ask them questions. Go for it or you’ll never know! If you need more Aquarius tips, check out my guides on Aquarius man secrets.

  12. Without a doubt this article says it all. My Aquarius man loves to explore new things all the time. When we first started dated he even told me any sexual fantasy you have I can explore with you. We have a new experience every time. He by far is the best ever, the only one that can give me multiple orgasums. I’m a Leo and I too like to try new things I’m totally up for it. He even has told me he feels really comfortable with me and loves that we can explore our bodies together ❤️

    1. Hi Monica!

      Wow! Thank you for sharing your affirmation about your sexual relationship with your Aquarius. It sounds like you two know exactly what each other likes and your sex life should be quite amazing. I wish you nothing but happiness in the years ahead sweetheart!

  13. I have been seeing an Aquarius for some months now, he’s currently in a relationship
    The sex is extraordinary and out of this world, he makes it his business to please me everytime we have sex, we have ideas of trying different things
    At the beginning he was very talkative, now it’s limited he rarely express his feelings or wat is going on with him or in his life
    Wat should I do for him to be more open

    1. Hi Krystal!

      I think if you really want to know what is going on with him, you should ask him directly. Ask him if everything is alright between you. Ask if everything is alright with him. Tell him that his not talking much has you worried. He should be able to sit down and tell you what is happening or how he’s feeling at that point with great honesty. I hope this helps you tackle your problem. I wish you all the best!

  14. I meet my Aquarius in March 2020 it was amazing the first time we was together.. it became better as the time went on. Than the end of 2021 he became cold and distant we broke up in January of 2022 he blocked me on social media and everything.. he finally reached back out to me at the end February beginning of March.. we been messing around for the last 5 weeks and the sex is way better than the I can imagine.. can u give me insight on what caused that to happen

    1. Hi Denise!

      I am so sorry you’ve gone through some heartache with an Aquarius man. It sounds like he doubted the relationship longevity. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the messing around but make sure he’s not trying to be a friend with benefits now. You deserve more than that unless you’re alright with it. I’ll leave that decision up to you. I wish you all the very best in love!

  15. We have been dating for a year and a half and my Aquarius man is still hot in bed. He loves to try new things all the time and always asks me if I would like to try new and exiting things too. We keep the bed room spicy and it’s never a dull moment for us. He knows how to please me in every way possible.

    1. Hi Monica!

      Very nice! Thank you for sharing your positive affirmation on how saucy those Aquarius men can be. I’m thrilled for you that everything is working so well and that you’re so happy. I wish you nothing but the very best!

  16. Hi Anna,
    I just wanted to say how spot on you are about Aquarius Man. I am Sagittarius and did your compatibility quiz 87%. He’s a little different than most tho he has actually opened up to me and told me so many of his deepest secrets. And tells me that he trust me so much that with exception of his kids he is more comfortable talking to me than anyone. I know we both have feelings for each other. And our sex life is absolutely out of this world. He actually respects my boundaries that even though I am open to trying just about anything with him he understands why I won’t do threesomes . Which he is fine with that. And we are committed to each other even without the labels of being a couple. Anyways thank you so much.

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