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The Aquarius Man’s Favorite Body Part That Turns Him On

Have you ever thought about what body part is the sexiest to an Aquarius? Perhaps you’re crushing on one and you’re hoping to play up that one body part that really gets his engine revving. Or maybe you’re just curious in general about what it is that drives Aquarius’ crazy. 

It’s interesting that Astrology can tell us things that are so weirdly specific! Who would have thought, huh? In my experience, every sign has a specific body part (or parts) that they really focus on. Hey, everyone has their kink, right? 

So what part is it that really speaks to the Aquarius? And what determines the body part that they’d be most attracted to? 

As a long-time Relationship Astrologer, I’ve had plenty of time to figure out that special body part that turns on every sign. 

I’m sure that you’re excited to dive into Aquarius’ favorite body part, so let’s find out what exactly it is that gets the Aquarius hot and heavy, shall we?

How Do You Know Which Body Part Is Aquarius’ Favorite?

How Do You Know Which Body Part Is Aquarius’ Favorite

It can seem strange to know something like “what body part turns every sign on.” Let me assure you, there is a method to my madness! 

You see, every sign has a ‘sister sign’ that tells them what they should be looking for in a partnership. The qualities of their sister sign are the qualities that the sign in question is missing. 

For Aquarius, their sister sign is Leo. Leo is a fire sign while Aquarius is an air sign. Leo is bold, passionate, and full of feeling while Aquarius is usually objective, mentally stimulated, and aloof. The two signs seem to have nothing in common! 

It’s true, they have incredible differences… but this is exactly why they’re the perfect match. Leo brings Aquarius into the moment and encourages Aquarius to really live instead of just thinking about everything too much. 

Aquarius teaches Leo to focus on people other than themselves. They teach Leo that while personal sovereignty is great, there is a lot to learn from other people. 

When these two come together, you get the sort of kind, loving, and charitable duo that you might not expect from just one of them individually. 

As it turns out, not only can Aquarius learn a bit about passion from Leo, they also are very attracted to them. 

What Body Part Is The Most Attractive To Aquarius?

What Body Part Is The Most Attractive To Aquarius

Since we know that Leo represents Aquarius’ perfect pairing, that means that the body parts the Leo represents would be the ones that appeal most to Aquarius. 

Leo rules the heart, chest cavity, and back. They are so full of heart on a normal day that this is not surprising. The back comes from Leo’s unyielding personality… they will never bend over backwards for anyone. 

From this, we can see that Aquarius’ are most attracted to chests and backs, which makes a lot of sense to me personally. 

Aquarius is going to gravitate most strongly to those who keep their head high and their chest puffed out in pride. They will also appreciate someone who draws attention to their back. 

A well-defined back and chest will certainly catch the eye of the Aquarius man. There is no question that Aquarius will always notice these body parts first. 

How Can You Play Up These Areas?

So, how can you incorporate more chest and back into the equation? 

My obvious advice is to show them off! In any way possible. Aquarius is nonjudgmental and doesn’t usually believe in social norms, so showing some chest is going to go over extremely well with Aquarius. 

And while cleavage is almost always a good idea (outside of work anyways), you can feel free to let it out around Aquarius! 

Low-backed blouses and deep Vs (in front or back) will be your best friend when attracting an Aquarius! These are those zones that he has a lot of interest in, as long as he can see them!

If you have a unique tattoo that helps you stand out from the crowd on your chest or back, then make sure you’re wearing clothes that highlight it.

In addition, it’s a good idea to think of accessories that would draw the Aquarius’ eyes to those areas. For example, if you wear necklaces, avoid chokers that will bring his attention upwards. Try a long chain necklace or one where the pendant falls around your chest. 

Statement necklaces that sit on your chest bone are going to be great ideas. Aquarians love individuality, so when you show yours while also showing off the goods, you’re bound to grab his attention.

On top of this, asking your Aquarius love interest to give you a back massage is an amazing way to force him to lay eyes on your back as well. 

When working out, don’t ignore the chest and back exercises. A well-defined back is going to be a huge turn on to the Aquarius man. We all have our thing, right? 

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Wrapping Up

It may seem odd, but Aquarians are most attracted to chests and backs in my experience. Since these areas are ruled by their sister sign, Leo, it makes total sense to me. 

Ensure that you’re drawing all the attention to these spots that you can. Use it as an opportunity to show off your individuality. There is no statement too big for an Aquarius! 

Try clothes with deep Vs, cutouts, and patterns that accentuate the areas that you’re attempting to bring his full attention to. And don’t forget to work these areas in your workout routine! Aquarians are ruled by Saturn, a planet of heaviness and weight. To help attract him, try lifting some physical weights to really tone and define the back and chest. 

If there are tattoos in these areas then all the better! Show them off and be totally unafraid to put them on full display. 

It’s pretty wild the things that you can tell from Astrology, isn’t it? What have you taken away from this article and how are you going to show off your chest and back more often, darling? Tell me your ideas in the comments! 

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach