8 Things That Physically Attract An Aquarius Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to physically attract an Aquarius man? Learn the eight things that physically attract an Aquarius man right now, so you don’t miss out!

What is it that an Aquarius man finds irresistible about a woman? What does he look for and what does he desire? Find out what he wants so you can score your own Aqua man!

Learn the eight things that physically attract an Aquarius man right now, so you don’t miss out! Keep reading if you really want your Aquarius guy to notice you and desire you. 

8 Things That Physically Attract An Aquarius Man

1. Intelligence & Confidence

How To Attract An Aquarius Man

I know you’re wondering how in the world intelligence and confidence would physically attract an Aquarius man. Well, he’s a cerebral sign, which means he’s turned on through his brain. 

Now that you understand how Aquarius operates, you need to know that when you are flexing your confidence in how you’re dressed and how you carry yourself is a huge turn on for an Aquarius.

He loves a woman who is unique as well. If you’re different and not afraid to show it, then you will physically attract an Aquarius man. It’s really that simple!

How can you show off your intelligence? Nerdy or science-themed graphic t-shirts are often a hit with this brainy guy (Einstein is always a solid choice).

Wearing your hair up in a bun with a pencil or pen is very sexy. Picture the school teacher look. Will he be hot for teacher? Yes, he will! 

2. The Smell Of Success

Aquarius man loves a woman who is actually going somewhere with her life. Whether it’s with your career or your desires in life, he will appreciate this about you.

How do you let him see this so that he’s physically drawn to you? Well, carrying around self-help books or educational books in areas that you are interested in will grab his attention.

You’re likely to meet an Aquarius in a book store, at a coffee shop with book in hand, or reading while working out. It shows him that you’re studying and are not afraid to learn.

This turns him on in a physical sense. Seeing a beautiful woman in a location that brings insight makes him very attracted to you. 

Strike up a conversation with him and tell him what your interests in life are. Your goals will make you look even sexier than you would ever imagine. 

You can also wear scents that attract wealth, success, and well… a successful Aquarius man! What are those scents? 

Scents like sandalwood, patchouli, clove, cinnamon, jasmine, vanilla, or even pine. Aquarius loves these scents and at the same time, they’re literally known to attract wealth and success. 

3. Flirtation & A Bit Of Mystery

Aquarius Man Attraction

Aquarius men love a good mystery for them to unravel. You need to be one of those mysteries! You can flirt with him a little bit, but don’t reveal too much about you.

This goes for the same in your clothing choices. He prefers sexy but modest. He wants to leave your body to the imagination. That turns him on even more. 

It’s more intoxicating for him for a woman to wear something snug and fitting but not revealing. It excites him thinking about you later and what you might have under those clothes.

Its little breadcrumbs you give that physically attract an Aquarius man. Remember, only give tidbits. He needs to figure you out overtime. He really wants and loves this. 

4. An Adventurous Spirit

I am not exaggerating when I say that if he can tell that you’re adventurous, he will be so turned on that he won’t be able to contain himself. This can be literal adventure via travel or in ways that are a little more intimate…

It can be adventure in sexual ways, trying new things, eating new foods, or meeting new people. These are all forms of excitement and intrigue for Aquarius man.

You want to attract an Aquarius man physically? Embody adventure! 

Alright, so how do you do that? Wear something that brings up the topic of conversation. Bicycling, hiking, or something that shows you travel.

Be quirky! The more “out there” you are with the way you dress the better. He loves how different you are. He cannot stand it when a woman is just like most other women. He’s not into the Barbie Doll type. 

Women who are different are more adventurous in life. They aren’t limited in life. That’s what Aquarius man wants. 

5. Being Altruistic

Tips To Physically Attract An Aquarius Man

I’ve mentioned a few different ways you can draw him in via what you’re wearing. One more thing is showing him that you are a person who does things for a good cause.

Whether you’re an advocate and supporter of breast cancer research or you’re into helping feed children, wear those t-shirts that show it. 

He will be drawn to you because he knows you have an amazing heart which is a total turn on to him. He sees this as dedication in what you believe in. 

Talking to him about it will allow him to see you for who you are and hey, if you’re dedicated to higher causes, then surely you’ll be dedicated to him in a relationship.

When you sign up to do a walk or run for a cause, invite him. Even if he turns the invitation, he’ll definitely be intrigued by the fact that you’re doing it and helping recruit people. 

6. Casual Appearance, Casual Attitude

The Aquarius men are really attracted to women who have a more care-free attitude. Not that they don’t care about anything at all, but they are not easily upset. 

Being laid back and free of drama will be a turn on for your Aquarius guy. This is how you attract an Aquarius man physically as well. 

I mentioned t-shirts a few times because Aquarius man wants you to be comfortable and ready to go on an adventure with him. 

Always be ready to do anything. Have a go with the flow mentality as it will help you connect with Aquarius man. He loves to be open. 

When you’re talking to him, tell him of your excitement, what you want to do but also how at ease you feel being around him. Don’t be afraid to wear your jeans and casual top.

He will love this and he will find you VERY attractive. He isn’t one that is too partial to a woman’s features. He looks for what makes her unique instead. 

Whatever you find attractive about yourself is what he’ll also notice. It’s kind of in your court with this. What do you want to accentuate? He’ll be turned on by your self-confidence.

7. Surprising Creativity

Do something your Aquarius guy isn’t expecting. He’ll find it exhilarating! What I mean by this is by writing him a poem, a cute thank you note for something he’s done for you, a miniature painting, or a mixed music compilation.

Deliver it to his work or bring it to him personally out of the blue. He’ll love it! He will see you as such a beautiful woman. Being thoughtful is something he’ll adore.

You can definitely attract an Aquarius man physically by sharing yourself and your talents with him. He looks at you and thinks you are gorgeous! 

Yes, I’m totally serious about this. Aquarius is more about women’s brains than what they look like. Their inner beauty makes them shine. You need to find ways to creatively express yourself to him. 

8. Blue Tones

One of the most obvious colors for Aquarius man to be attracted to is Turquoise. It’s a beautiful and vibrant stone. It’s different than all the others.  This is also true of wardrobe.

Try wearing this color around him. He will take notice and it will make him want to look at you more. It’s a beautiful color to him which makes you very attractive as well.

This will work with lingerie as well ladies! Turn your Aquarius man on by wearing sexy lingerie with this color and you’ll see what I mean. He will be so turned on; he will want to ravage you. 

He also loves vibrant blue colors like Sapphire, royal blue, or electric blue. Try adding this into your wardrobe when you plan to see him or go on a date with Aquarius. 

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