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5 Reasons Why An Aquarius Man Pulls Away – And How To Pull Him Back

Aquarius is known for being a more difficult sign that pulls away emotionally. He’s easily suffocated and needs a special kind of woman to handle him! He has a few reasons why he goes cold, but there are ways to pull him back. Here are some of the reasons he pulls away, and how to get him to return to you.

How do you pull an Aquarius man back without seeming needy? It is tough – you have to walk a fine line here, as he will find any whiff of desperation to be “uncool.” Yet at the same time, you do need to let him know how you feel, as he’s unlikely to take charge. 

Also, it really helps to know, in my experience as a Relationship Astrologer, why he’s pulling away. Is it him? Or is it you? It’s hard to find perspective sometimes, and easy to take things personally. 

The truth is, Aquarius men are not the easiest to understand. They are often rather aloof, and may seem uncaring and uninterested. He might even act more like a friend towards you than a lover. Kind of confusing, right? Right. 

So, once you know why he has been pulling away, it becomes so much easier to have a strategy to win him back! Here’s the top five reasons he pulls away and what you can do about it.

5 Reasons Why An Aquarius Man Pulls Away – And How To Pull Him Back

1. He Feels Suffocated

Aquarius Man Pulls Away Feeling Suffocated

One of the top reasons why the Aquarius man pulls away is because he feels totally suffocated. Maybe you’re not even suffocating him – he just is the type who needs a crazy amount of freedom and independence. 

Perhaps he has other demands being made on him, demands you’re not aware of. Maybe he has people pressuring him at work, or family pressure. All of this on top of each other could make him feel claustrophobic.  

However, if you have been asking him for a lot of his time and energy, then it’s possible that it’s you – and that’s never easy to admit. Maybe you’re also just someone who needs that. There’s nothing wrong with being a very affectionate person! It’s just maybe a bit much for this detached sign. 

So, what can you do about it? 

How To Pull Him Back: Give Him Freedom And Space

The answer is obvious: give him loads of space and freedom. Because if you don’t, you really will be pushing him further away. The more suffocated he feels, the more he’s going to pull away. The more you ask of him, the father he will run. 

Focus on yourself. He loves a girl who’s independent! It will make him come running right back to you, trust me. 

2. He Sees You More As A Friend

Aquarius Man Sees You More As A Friend 

Friendship is more important to an Aquarius than romance. That is a golden rule to remember about any Aquarius guy. He’s more interested in whether you can hang out as buddies than if you have crazy physical chemistry. 

Perhaps he has friend-zoned you, which looks like pulling back, romantically. Maybe he’s not even really aware that you feel a certain way for him. Truthfully, maybe he thinks you’re better as friends or doesn’t want to ruin the friendship you do have. 

This is definitely not an impossible hurdle to get thorough – here’s how to pull him back: 

How To Pull Him Back: Seduce Him And Show Him You’re More Than Just A Friend

Sometimes, he just needs to see the woman in you and wake up! Maybe he’s just blissfully unaware of the potential that lies between the two of you. 

So, go ahead and wake him up! Arrange a coffee date, a catch-up, or better yet, a party. Dress to the nines, though not in heels or anything like that. That’s not his thing. Instead, wear a rebellious leather jacket, brush on some smokey eyes and be cool. 

Flirt. Flirt with him, flirt with others. He won’t mind – he’ll see you in a whole new light! 

3. He Doesn’t Know How To Cope With Strong Feelings

Aquarius Man Pulls Away Because Of Strong Feelings

Being an air sign, Aquarius men just don’t always know how to do big feelings. They may get extremely uncomfortable with emotions, and that could be a reason they pull away. They need some time to figure their feelings out. 

He may even be unaware that he’s falling for you, unconsciously pulling back. This is the most frustrating, because you have to have excellent intuition! And lots and lots of patience, too. Here’s what to do to get him back:

How To Pull Him Back: Give Him Time And Keep Things Conversational

First of all, never make him talk about his feelings right away. Instead, give him some time and space, and keep all conversational light and breezy. Don’t forget to flirt (lightly), because the last thing you want is for him to friendzone you. 

When he feels comfortable, he’ll find his way back to you – there is no force on earth that will keep him from you once he knows how he feels about you! 

4. He’s Bored

Bored Aquarius Man Pulling Away

Yup, maybe he’s bored. This is a sign that needs quite a massive amount of excitement in their lives, and plenty of stimulation. He also tends to go for partners that are somewhat unusual and a bit weird. He loves the unconventional! 

Maybe you’ve gotten stuck in a dating rut, or perhaps you’ve allowed things to become slightly “vanilla.” Too many Friday nights in will do that to him, and have him withdrawing to figure out what he wants. 

The fix of this is obvious, then: 

How To Pull Him Back: Make Things Exciting Again

You’ve got to make things exciting again! This means inviting adventure into your relationship, trying new things and being experimental. 

Don’t go to the same restaurant – go and watch a band! Take a roundtrip, dye your hair pink, go travelling. Hit that refresh button and he’ll come running right back! 

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5. He’s Unsure Of You

It may hurt to hear this, but maybe he’s just unsure of you and whether he wants this relationship. It’s a common thing – we’ve all been here before. We’ve all doubted someone and needed some time on our own to figure out what we want. 

Maybe something happened, such an ex appearing back in your life, or his. Maybe he’s got an opportunity to travel. There are other things that can be going on that make him feel uncertain. This is a tough one to control, but here’s what you could do to pull him back: 

How To Pull Him Back: Show Him You’re Amazing – Because You Are!

Be yourself. Be independent, enjoy your life and enjoy your friends. Be sure of how wonderful you are, remind yourself daily! Tell yourself you are a catch, that you deserve the best. 

Because, once you believe this, you’ll find it’s effortless to attract a guy. Even him. And if he doesn’t come back, that really is his loss. You go, girl! 

Leave me a comment telling me how these tips worked for pulling back your Aquarius man. I love to hear from you!

And find out if you and your guy are a perfect match, using my free compatibility quiz. You can find it right here!

Sending you love and light.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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