15 Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Not Into You

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you into an Aquarius man but unsure if he likes you back? Discover the 15 tetttale signs that an Aquarius man is not into you.

Aquarius men can be really hard to grasp, being that they are so aloof and detached, it can be hard to gauge if they truly have feelings for you or not. But how can you see the signs that an Aquarius man is not into you anymore?

Are there some clear indications for you to look for to know when an Aquarius man doesn’t like you anymore? Of course, there are! And I am here to describe to you when an Aquarius man is not into you.

If you’re looking for more information then please continue reading, I am sure you will find this extremely helpful and perhaps it will help you to stop wasting your time!

7 Telltale Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Not Into You

1. He Never Initiates Anything

The Aquarius man is a bit of a go-getter. He is unique in the fact that he knows what he wants in life and isn’t shy about going after it. When he likes a woman, he has no problem initiating a date or a get-together with her.

If your Aquarius man never initiates seeing you, then there is a big problem and he is likely losing interest in you. When he loves someone, he wants to spend time with them and get to know them.

And if he doesn’t, an Aquarius man can be quite aloof, detached, and really rather hurtful. He doesn’t think twice about sparing you his feelings because he believes that honesty is the best policy, even if that means hurting someone.

So, why an Aquarius man never initiates? He simply doesn’t care to see you and would rather spend his time doing something else…

2. When An Aquarius Man Gives You Silent Treatment

If an Aquarius man doesn’t like you, he will cut back on texts, if not stop altogether. He will not call you, he will not write to you, he will not visit you, etc. He’ll ice you out.

If you still receive a text every now and then, phone calls, or any other interaction, he may just be upset with you or is busy. Aquarius men keep busy, as they want to make sure their career succeeds and that everything that they are working hard for is leading them to their dreams. When he’s busy, he sometimes slacks on the communication front.

The thing about Aquarius men is that if you ask them for the truth, they will typically tell you. It’s up to you whether or not you’re ready to hear that truth. They’re good at saying things like, “Ask me the truth, I tell you no lies.”

2. He’s Unavailable… For You

If he starts making himself so busy that he no longer has time for you, then he may have decided that you’re not the right one. Either that, or he’s mad. Even though he may be very busy, he will typically take some time somewhere to say hi.

When he keeps making excuses about why he cannot hang out, why he can’t call, or why he doesn’t talk much, then he’s probably not into you. If you have been dating and this happens, then he’s figured out that you aren’t the right one for him.

So, when an Aquarius man starts blowing you off, you’ll absolutely feel it and know that he’s either trying to get rid of you or he’s really ticked off. Either way, if you ask him, he will tell you.

If you’re struggling with an Aquarius man being too passive, I strongly suggest you take my 30-day Aquarius Man Love Challenge… It will get you from cold and distant treatment to a loving, exciting relationship.

3. He Will No Longer Chase You

An Aquarius man is typically the aggressor when he’s into someone. If you find that he has backed off and completely cold-shouldered you, it’s a clear sign that an Aquarius man is not into you.

Whatever you do, don’t try to go after him or grill him. He’ll take this as you’re chasing him, and things will not go well for you. He will, at that point, ice you out or he’ll chew you out and you’ll never hear from him again.

Aquarius men are not nice people when they’re angry. They use their words in a way that it pierces through you like a spear. The best thing to do is not approach them with any sort of attitude.

The best way forward is to calmly ask him how he feels about where things are with you two and allow him to tell you. He will likely be honest with you. At that point, you’ll know if he likes you or if he’s done.

4. Non-Stop Analysis

Aquarius is the champion of over-analyzing. With that said, if you did something that really ticked him off, he’ll pull back to think everything over at several angles.

While he’s doing that, he’s likely not to talk to you much (if at all). If this is the case, then you’re going to just have to wait until he calms down then try to have a rational conversation with him so he can tell you what he’s feeling.

If he’s analyzed you as a person and how you may or may not fit in his life, he will respond accordingly. That means if he thinks you could work out well for him, he’ll come back to you with open arms.

In the case that an Aquarius man has decided you’re not appropriate for his lifestyle or future, he’ll either cut you off by telling the truth or he will just disappear. It depends on what his integrity level is at the time.

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5. His Brutal Honesty

The Aquarius man isn’t good at being cryptic. If he doesn’t like you, either your Aquarius man will avoid you like the plague or he’ll be a verbal mess and tell you he doesn’t like you.

If he does tell you he doesn’t like you, he’ll tell you the exact reasons. That’s the thing about these men. They can be brutally truthful at times and there are occasions where you wish they were less “open.”

There shouldn’t be any time that you don’t know whether or not he likes you. He’ll be really obvious one way or the other. It’s just a matter of whether you’ll accept or not.

So, what should you do when an Aquarius man doesn’t like you? If you’re fighting to get an Aquarius man’s attention who has let you know in more than one way that he doesn’t like you at all, you probably should just leave him be.

Find yourself someone who is actually into what you want and will give you the world on a silver platter. You should never sell yourself short! There are also other Aquarius men for the taking if you insist on having one.

Paying attention to his normal behavior will help you understand him better. Always look for when an Aquarius man loses interest. It’s best to get out early than drag it out and hurt yourself.

6. He’s Unreliable

aquarius man not interested

The Aquarius man is ruled by father Saturn—the planet that governs everything with strict rules and regulations. Typically, this should make an Aquarius man quite reliable and dependable in his nature.

He has a good understanding of karma and doing the right thing, but when he goes against his nature, then it is a pretty good sign that he just isn’t that into you. When an Aquarius man doesn’t do what he says he will, he is giving you a clear message.

And that message is that he doesn’t really respect you and he also doesn’t want you getting the wrong ideas about him. If an Aquarius man doesn’t go out of his way for you, then he likely never intends to do so. Cut your losses and try to move on!

7. An Aquarius Man Doesn’t Want A Relationship

When an Aquarius man says he doesn’t want a relationship, he is definitely speaking the truth. He doesn’t care to waste your time and there is a side to him that can be brutally honest. When he says he doesn’t want to be with you, he means it.

There is very little you can do to try and convince an Aquarius man otherwise. He has such a strong mind of his own and cherishes his independence like no other. And sometimes being independent means forgoing any romantic notions.

The point of why he doesn’t want to be in a relationship: an Aquarius man values his independence and freedom above everything else, and if he feels like you are putting this in danger, he is likely to run away!

How To Tell If An Aquarius Man Is Losing Interest? 8 More Signs An Aquarius Man Is Not Interested Anymore

8. He’s Inflexible And Stubborn

One of the worst qualities of an Aquarius man is his stubborn streak – it can be so annoying to deal with! However, he is usually quite well behaved, unless he doesn’t really have feelings for you.

An Aquarius man doesn’t actually care if you don’t like him or not. He’ll just refuse to agree with you about anything and try to be as contrary as possible. It really isn’t very pleasant to be around and I am sure you know it is quite a turn-off.

If he continues to be stubborn and inflexible with you, then you might as well cut your losses with this guy. Besides, relationships are supposed to be based on compromise and making each other feel good, within reason. His stubbornness is a clear sign that an Aquarius man is losing interest.

9. He Looks Bored When You See Him

When an Aquarius man doesn’t like you anymore, he won’t even try to pretend that he enjoys spending time with you. He will simply look bored and disinterested, and these qualities aren’t something you ever want to evoke in an Aquarius man.

The Aquarius man thrives in interesting situations where he feels stimulated and excited by the person he is with. A mental connection is everything to an Aquarius man, and without it, there isn’t really a point for him to get closer to someone.

The two of you may have been spending quite some time together, but when an Aquarius man loses interest, it is usually for good.

11. He’s Evasive And Non-Committal

The Aquarius man is an interesting character; on the one hand, he is incredibly open and lays it all on the table, and then at other times he is so closed off and cold. It just depends on how much he cares about you and if he likes you or not.

When an Aquarius man isn’t interested in you, he can be rather evasive and non-committal. He’ll be super vague and refuse to answer your questions directly. And no, he isn’t playing hard to get, because he simply doesn’t operate that way.

When he cares about someone, he tends to be a straight shooter. And when he doesn’t, he couldn’t care less about what you think about him. You won’t know what his whereabouts are and you will quickly get the idea that he is trying to avoid you.

12. When An Aquarius Man Goes Cold

As a rule, the Aquarius man isn’t the warmest person in the world. He is just far too cerebral and in his own head to exude that warmth and affection you might expect from someone you are in a relationship with. However, when he is in love, he does try.

But when an Aquarius man has lost interest in a woman, then he can become cold-hearted and cruel. He really doesn’t care if he is hurting you, he just wants to get you off his case and the easiest way to do this is to make it very clear that this thing between you two is going nowhere.

This may hurt your feelings but don’t play into this. Keep your head held high and simply move on because life is too short to waste your time on someone who clearly doesn’t care about hurting your feelings.

13. He Becomes Stingy

One of the loveliest things about an Aquarius man is his extremely generous nature. He just loves to give back to humanity. This is likely one of the reasons why you fell in love with him in the first place.

However, when he becomes really disinterested in a lover, he tends to hold back and becomes quite cheap. He’ll start to refuse to pay for things or make a fuss about stuff becoming too expensive.

It may almost feel like he is counting every penny as a sign of his annoyance with you. This is honestly just a way of trying to push you away from him because he doesn’t have enough guts to tell you that he is no longer interested in you.

14. He Doesn’t Speak About The Future With You

An Aquarius man is extremely future-minded. He is probably the sign in the Zodiac that is most forward-thinking. He is always making plans and thinking one step ahead of everyone else, so it isn’t uncommon for him to talk about the future.

However, if he isn’t interested in you then he may not calculate you into his future. You should notice that he doesn’t talk about plans the two of you can share or he excludes you from his big ideas.

If an Aquarius man isn’t speaking about the future with you, there is a very good chance that he isn’t into you. This would be a good time to cut your losses and realize that the two of you are simply not on the same page when it comes to what you want in this relationship.

15. He Keeps Picking Fights With You

As a standard, an Aquarius man is usually cool as a cucumber. He isn’t one to really share what is feeling with the world, and this is why he gets the reputation of being detached, cold, and aloof.

This is also why it is so easy for him to detach his feelings from someone and transform into a completely different person. You think you know an Aquarius man, but the next thing you find him to be cruel and mean-spirited.

When an Aquarius man starts to pick fights with you, then you know you are in trouble and he is likely losing interest in you. This makes it easy to tell when an Aquarius man doesn’t like you anymore.

He is fighting with you because he is trying to push you away and wants you to call it quits. This is really immature behavior and I hope you don’t allow him to treat you like this for much longer! You don’t deserve this!

An Aquarius Man Says He Misses You But Still Shows Signs That He Doesn’t Like You — What Does This Mean?

After all my years of experience with Relationship Astrology, I still sometimes scratch my head trying to figure out why Aquarius men run so hot and cold. I’ve often heard clients say to me that their Aquarius man says they miss them, but then disappear into nowhere.

It is extremely frustrating and can drive the sanest woman totally crazy, of that, I am 100% sure.

The thing you need to understand about Aquarius men is that they have a really hard time relating to romantic relationships, all the emotions and feelings overwhelm their highly intellectual brain a bit too much.

This is when the Aquarius man will peace out and pretend that he never felt those feelings in the first place.

I would suggest being very careful when dealing with an Aquarius man, it is good to guard your heart at first, or else their dismissiveness and aloofness can really end up hurting your feelings in a bad way.

He might say he misses you, and genuinely feels that way, but the emotions are too much for him to handle. That is his own journey and you can’t really do anything about it except to be patient. Show him that you are a woman who isn’t going to pressure him into anything that will make him feel uncomfortable.

My best advice whenever an Aquarius man gives mixed signals is just to focus on yourself and don’t get too worked up by his actions. All you can really do is make yourself happy.

I know it can be difficult because Aquarius men tend to have a hold on women. You might say that “My Aquarius man won’t let me go” or “My Aquarius man says he misses me.” But remember these are just words – it is better for you to take notice of his actions and if those two things don’t align, then you are just wasting your time.

What Can You Do When An Aquarius Man Is Not Into You?

When you feel that the Aquarius man you like isn’t that into you, what exactly can you do about it? Here are some pointers that might help him change his feelings about you.

  1. Be independent and have an interesting life to share
  2. Show him that you can be unconventional and that you have an open mind
  3. Don’t put pressure on him to connect with you emotionally – you need to be patient
  4. Try to be more mysterious and always keep him guessing
  5. Always be yourself!

What To Do When An Aquarius Man Doesn’t Text Back

Has your Aquarius man gone silent and stopped answering your texts? You might think that the Aquarius man lost interest in you because of this new behavior of his. This might very well be the case, but what can you do about it?

There is truly only one thing you can do when an Aquarius man stops texting you back, and that is to mirror his behavior. The last thing you want to do is bombard him with texts and make him feel overwhelmed by your neediness.

Just don’t text him again, don’t chase him, and don’t give him the satisfaction of knowing that he controls you. The best thing you can do is remove your energy and focus on yourself for a while. Why would you want to waste your time on someone who doesn’t even respect you enough to reply to you?

If you give him space, then he might come back and pretend as if nothing happened, but then it is up to you to decide if you are willing to put up with this terrible behavior or not.

Here’s the number one reason an Aquarius man avoids your texts <<

It can be pretty heartbreaking when you’re in love with an Aquarius man and you can feel him slowly slipping through your fingers. You might feel like your back is up against the wall and there is nothing you can do but let go…

What if I told you there is still hope for you and your Aquarius man?

That not everything is lost and there is still something you can do to save the relationship?

You would probably think I’m crazy because, to you, it certainly feels like your Aquarius man has given up on you and that the love you once shared is no longer there…

Trust me, if an Aquarius man ever liked you, then there is certainly hope to salvage the relationship.

There is still a lot you can do to fix the relationship with your Aquarius man…

Is Your Aquarius Man (Still) Avoiding Commitment?

Does your Aquarius man seem hesitant or reluctant when it comes to committing to a relationship? Does he avoid talking about the future or making plans with you? Have you felt frustrated and unsure about where you stand with him?

If so, then he might have commitment issues that stem from his past experiences.

He could be afraid of losing his independence or getting hurt if he’s avoidant… Or he could be seeking perfection and wanting to make sure you’re the perfect match if he’s anxious…

But in either case, it can leave you feeling confused and uncertain about the future of your relationship.

Understanding his thought process and emotional triggers is key to getting him to commit to you.

Thankfully, there is a simple system to truly understand how he ticks based on his astrology <<

With this system, you’ll learn how to communicate with him effectively, get him to open up about his fears, and ultimately create a deeper connection that will lead to a committed relationship. And it can be accomplished in only 30 days.

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With this program, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to create the loving and committed relationship you’ve been longing for.

Don’t let commitment issues continue to hold your relationship back.

Take action now and start building the future you deserve.

Wishing you so much love and happiness.

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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Hi, this is Anna Kovach. I am a professional Relationship Astrologer and author of dozens of bestselling books and programs. For over a decade I’ve been advising commitment-seeking women like you and helping them understand, attract and keep the man of their dreams using the astonishing power of astrology. Join over 250K subscribers on my newsletter or follow me on social media! Learn more about me and how I can help you here.

50 thoughts on “15 Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Not Into You

  1. My Aquarius boyfriend is always too busy for me but always tell me to keep my self from other men that I should not mess up,but each time I try to let him understand how I am been treated he always tells me that he love and misses me ,but it’s a long distance relationship though atimes i give him space but he always come back telling me I don’t check up on him and that I don’t love him I am really confused . He is busy at the same time he love me pls I need some advice I have been patients for almost 2yrs now.

    1. Hi Blessing!

      It sounds like he wants you to reach out to him even when he’s busy. He wants text messages or messages from you often to remind him that he’s loved and that you’re waiting on him patiently. Make sense? Even if he’s busy he wants to know you’re thinking of him and that you are his. You can’t change his being busy so you have to be patient with him unless you don’t want to be with someone who is this busy then you can certainly change your mind and leave. I don’t think you want to though. You might want to check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more information.

    2. I and my Aquarius man has been having issues since the beginning of this year after our one year anniversary . I caught him cheating and flirting which he really apologized for and promise he won’t do it again. Yesterday I confronted him about of his flings calling him and he said there is nothing between them that I nag too much and he prefer when we were in a long distance relation now the fight is getting to him and he isn’t excited like before whenecer I say I am coming over.I should go out and have fun. I am clingy… I really loves this guy and I want this relationship to work

  2. My Aquarius man and I have been fighting none stop because of his lack of communication and I’m clingy. We broke up but have now begun to take things slow again, but for some reason although he says he misses me and can have 3 hour long intellectual conversations with me he always makes excuses about seeing me/hanging out when I ask. Either he ignores it or he’ll say he’s busy with XYZ. I try not to nag him with a million questions but he’s so hot and cold and sucks when it comes to communication. I love him and I tend to over communicate, how can we meet at a common ground and allow our relationship to blossom?

    1. Hi Libra Sun!

      It’s going to take time for him to be at the stage you want him to be at. Aquarius is a slow mover and even when it’s time to making up, he wants to still have his personal freedom. As a Libra, you probably get having time to yourself but Aquarius wants more than most of the other signs in the Zodiac. There is much to be learned about him but I can tell you that patience is what is required to make it work with him. You might want to check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more information.

  3. I have just started to date an Aquarius man. He is younger than me but says he loves me and looks at me like his wife. There is a language barrier but it didn’t seem to bother him at first if at all. I saw him last night and we were intimate then when he left, I haven’t heard from him since which makes me feel bad and wonder what his true intentions are with me because he says he loves me and only wants me but rarely make an effort to continuously communicate. When ignoring me he is talking to others.

    1. Hi Victoria!

      It does actually sound as though he may have gotten what he wanted and is now doing his own thing. Aquarius is guilty sometimes of speaking too soon or saying what he feels at the time but it doesn’t mean he will always feel that way. In other words he could say “I love you” the minute he feels it but he may not feel the same 5 minutes from now and may pull away. You need to learn more about him before you go forward honey. You might want to check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more information.

  4. I’ve been seeing this aquarius guy on and off for about 2 months. Due to covid not at all. I have been too needy as per text messages. When I dont here from him I do say alot of mean things to him. Daus go by and he will tell me I’ve said mean things to him. He always eventually messages me, but very short things , like good afternoon. Or just answeres my questions. I sometimes think I’ve lost him, and then he comes back. He deffinetly keeps me hanging on but very small amounts. It’s like hes making me chase him.
    How can I get him to chase me more. I dont know what to do.

    1. I’m coming up to 4 years with my Aquarius. He hadn’t changed but I just got used to his ways. We love each other but he never says it, he shows it by giving me space, respect, asking about the things that interest me, asking me how I am and by not being mean. They are are fixed sign so you have to be flexible and love him the way he is and show that you can do that consistently and patiently. Then he will love you because no other woman understands him like you do X

      1. Hi Liz!

        I’m glad you found a formula that works well for you but not all Aquarius men are the same. Don’t short change yourself too much. While it’s good to be accepting, it’s also good to make sure your needs are met too. There should always be some compromise to make it work. Communication is very important for the future. You might want to check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more information.

      2. Hello, I have been with acqurious for 3 months now. When we meet he mapped his clear future plans with me. He would video call me on daily basis. Wanted to no more about me, carrer aspirations, further plans etc.

        One night he called me early hours of the morning. I was sleeping I couldn’t take the call.
        I tried to explain the following morning. He said there was no problem.

        After such an insident he stopped video calling, started to be busy at work, he would take hours to respond on my text, only answer some questions or ignore others. He would send me short text.

        I was afraid of losing him and very angry at the same time. I realised I pushed him a bit to talk about us. He couldn’t make time. I proposed we should take a brake. He aggressively opened up telling me I am scaring him, I am nean. Sadly he was even more worried how toxic would be our relationship once we are intimate.

        I was heart broken. I apologised, withdrawn proposed brake up. I explained myself and decided to give him space.

        Fom that day he seems to be distant. He would send me short text time and again. I am so attracted to him such that can’t imagine losing him for good.

        I really wish we could work things out but not sure how.

        1. Hi Scorpio Woman!

          Well it probably scared him that you could give up on him. Him being quiet is because he’s not unsure and in a state of confusion on whether or not he can rely on you after having had this happen. I think you can work on it but you two have to communicate. Tell him you really didn’t mean to come off as flaky and you definitely didn’t want to break it off. Tell him you suggested a break because you thought it might be what he wanted. I think if you get it all out in a sweet way proving your loyalty to him, you could still have something special. If you need more tips, check out “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

    2. Hi Sue Collins!

      Stop messaging him so much. Back off and make him miss you. When you’re not giving him attention, he may actually miss you and seek you out. If he doesn’t then he was never that attached in the first place or changed his mind then you will have to consider letting him go. Test him and see if he responds to you not reaching out so much. You might want to check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more information.

  5. I’ve been having some communication trouble with an Aquarius. We’re in a relationship and he asked me to spend some time with his family. But now that I’m here it’s like he’s no longer interested. He honestly seems bored. Most of the time he wants to be alone or even around his family more than he wants me around. I’ve tried finding out what the problem was but he isn’t really telling me anything.

    1. Hi D P!

      The way he’s acting does sound like he’s bored but I think it’s because of the situation you are in. I think you should ask him if he is bored and what you can do to help him feel more alive again. Perhaps there is something you two can do together that will make him feel more excited again. You might want to check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more information.


    1. Hi Batabile!

      I think he does care for you otherwise he’d let you go honey. Aquarius men need LOTS of personal space and time. That’s just who they are. Don’t take that personally. Spend quality time with him when you can then understand when he needs to be alone, he needs to be alone. It takes some getting used to but when you do, you’ll go with the flow of your relationship better. You might want to check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more information.

  7. I am a Gemini/Cancer (cusp) and my Aquarius “friend” have been seeing each other for about 5 months. He has me so confused I don’t even know how to explain the situation there are so many mix signles. He has told me conversation is a big thing. I know this and when we first started talk we had no problem. As time has gone one I try to talk and bring things up and I get met with that doesn’t interest him to discuss. Yet it’s about things he enjoys doing and going. He says he only discuss places with people that have been there also. He will tell me his plans and trips in advance, which he didn’t use to. We have been intimate and without going into details, he has put more effort to making sure I’m pleased and what not. We don’t spend much time together, but it has became more recently. He hasn’t ever disappeared on me or anything. I have taken an unannounced break twice for a few days to a week each time. Both times we basically picked up our “friendship” right we we left off. Lately he has been more difficult. Of course this comes after I told him I wanted to get to know him better and spend more time with him yesterday. I’m sure that has some to do with our current situation, but he still responds to my texts and tells me some personal things. Now today I said I thought about stopping by to say hi and a hug. So I stop by we hang out for a little bit, had some what weird silents between us. He walks me out to my car gives me a big hug we have a conversation. I come home thought all was fine and then here he is pushing back but still here. I don’t know if he is testing or what.

    1. Hi Falling for Aquarius!

      Well it sounds like you need to call him out on it honestly. You two need to talk things through or you’re not going to get anywhere. You both say things but then you don’t really get everything out. Time to sit down and talk about how you feel and what you want… both of you! If you don’t then you’re not going to understand each other and things will fail. You might want to check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more information.

  8. Me and my Aquarius man has been having a lot of argument which is always initiated by mean cos I mostly don’t understand me,we aren’t in a relationship but we have a very special friendship… normally if we have argument we talk about it, acknowledge our faults and things go back to normal… but dis time is different we talked about it, but now he doesn’t talk that much to me again, always there for me when I have a problem, calls me but not like b4

    1. Hi Kimora!

      It sounds like he’s going through something in his own life that maybe he doesn’t want to discuss. He may be going through a transformation of some sort or something else that has nothing to do with you or the relationship. You should be asking him if he’s alright and what he needs from you. When you figure that out, you’ll be able to plan around make sure your needs are being met as well. You might want to check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more information.

  9. Me and my Aquarius man barley talk anymore. He says he still feels the same way about me but we only talk like twice a day. He says he feels like that’s okay if we only talk sometimes. We are also long distance now when before we were not.

    1. Hi Khany!

      Aquarius men are in love with their freedom. So even when they commit, they still want their freedom. To most that makes no sense but that’s how they live. Twice a day is actually a lot for an Aquarius. If that is not enough for you then you will have to ask him to find a compromise with you otherwise, you have to figure out a way to be alright with how he is. There is a lot you probably should know about this sign as they are confusing. You might want to check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more information.

  10. Me and my Aquarius man had an argument due to communication breakdown and he wants to breakup. He told me many times to not give up on him and don’t let him go before the breakup, but when I tried to hold him back, he was being very cold hearted and did not want me to see him or touch him. At the same time, he somehow still show me that he cares, because he went to get a drink for me and even drove me back home. When we were on the road, I tried to talk things out, he just kept quiet and did not want to say anything. Im confused, I do not know if I should hold him tight or should J just leave him and let him be..

    1. Hi Capricorn!

      His care has not gone away overnight as is why he’s still showing you. I think there is still hope there as long as he’s still talking to you and spending any time with you. You need to talk to him again and tell him how you feel, what you want, and what your concerns are so that you can possibly make another go with it. You might want to check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more information.

  11. so me and him had a little disagreement threw text and i wasn’t really understanding where is was coming from and then he just wanted to drop the argument and and said lets just forget we had this chat then i said why then he said cause i’m tired of arguing with you so then i said ok i’ll try and forget then me trying to cool l down the situation and change the subject then he puts in all caps GOODNIGHT and then i said i wanted to show you something then later on i realized what he was trying to say then i acknowledge what he was trying to say and i apologized and now he doesn’t talk to me and i really miss him…

    1. Hi Cherole!

      Try again to reach out to him with an apology and tell him you’d like to learn how to communicate better with him so that things like this don’t happen again. I think that if he hears that then he will possibly give it another chance. You might want to check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more information.

  12. Hello! I have been friends with an Aquarius for about 10 months. Since we’ve met he’s made sure to communicate with me everyday, even until this day he texts me good morning/afternoon how I slept how’s my day, etc. The thing is he’s said he’s not ready for a relationship which is fine, but why does he feel the need to communicate with me everyday if he doesn’t want a girlfriend? He would sometimes get upset if I didn’t reply for days saying he’s worried. I’m confused

    1. Hi Unique!

      It would appear that your Aquarius guy is someone who sees you as someone he cares for quite a bit which he can do without being in a relationship with you. You are likely a trusted and valuable friend to him. Friends enjoy keeping up with friends right? If you need more information about Aquarius man, try reading my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  13. Hey I’ve been tlking to this Aquarius man for about a month. We got into an disagreement and ig wen he came to fix it he saw me texting someone else. I was so scared to loose him I keep calling and texting him prolly a 1,000 times some days he would reply but not anymore honestly I think he blocked me it’s been about 5 days since I last seen him and maybe 2 days since I last spoke to him we use to sleep together every night and he always called or texted me first ? I do miss him I jus wonder is it too late to get him back?

    1. Hi Sagittarius!

      Never say never but you’ll need to apologize to him for what happened before and tell him how you’re working on changing this behavior so you don’t do it again. Explanations work really well and as long as you two can talk openly with each other, there may still be a chance. If you need more information about Aquarius man, try reading my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  14. Capricorn Woman

    I been dating an Aquarius Man for 1 year and 2 months. He is 3 yrs younger than me but quite mature for his age,yet he seems to change his point of views in life gave me hopes and promises to have me and my daughter in his life forever and that he will never leave me.
    We’ve been very happy until he suddenly decided to break it off ( 2 weeks ago) and that he doesnt know why he feels the way of wanting to be single all of a sudden. Giving me different reasons on why it wouldnt work out bcs my ex will always be on our way (bcs of our daughter)
    Yet he told me my ex will never be a reason to leave us(yet he did).
    He made jokes that made me confused if they are half meant or serious,but promised me everything is ok.
    I dont get why he broke it off out of the blue without telling me months before. We always told each other everything,but he just ate his promises and left without even trying to work it out and decided to just wanting to be single because something was missing in our relationship (not like it was when we 1st met) . I was his best so far but he kept comparing me with all of his past relationships. His 13 year past relationship endet bcs of him not wanting to get married and have kids. But i feel like he is not quite over her cz he asked himself what would’ve happened if he made it work.
    All this signs i ignored bcs i truly believed he is the one. Now im heart broken and wont be able to trust anybody anymore…
    I agreed to be friends bcs after all we were happy and i loved him. Besides i cannot force someone to stay..
    He told me i will always be his best woman he had.
    How can he disappoint me like this? I thought it was all good and yet he had doubts without talking to me…
    I cant believe anything he says to me now after all this.
    I had 3 Aquarians that were my best relationships and yet it never worked out well.(they all regret and wanted to try again,i never agreed bcs i dont believe in 2nd chances) But i keep meeting Aquarians they are drawn to me…
    Is this a sign i should stop dating Aquarians?
    I never met a fellow Capricorn yet i wish i can meet someone who is on my same views in life… i am 36 years old and im already loosing hope. Im tired of starting new all over again so i just decided to not risking anything anymore im done meeting Men and done wanting a realtionship specially all my relationships starts when i accept being alone,Men keep ruining it for me and even if i dont want to try they manage to pursuit me. I dont want this routine of my life,i feel like pushing Men away from me and not give them a chance to meet me i been a good person but now i feel like i been taking for granted again and again…
    Is it ok to just stop risking it with Aquarians?

    1. Hi Princess!

      Darling, you have got to go with what feels best for you. Your intuition is screaming at you but you aren’t listening. Either you should stop with Aquarius OR maybe there is a reason you are attracted to Aquarius so much. There IS a reason and you should probably have your chart looked out to find out why. Otherwise, it might help you to learn more about them. Maybe it will help you understand them better. If you need more information about Aquarius man, try reading my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  15. I am dating an aquarius Man, he’s 27 years old, our relationship is just 3months old, at the beginning of the relationship,he communicates with me morning and evening, but immediately he got a job, the communication dropped, he at times calls me once in a while and says I’ve forgotten him and I couldn’t call him, as time went on I begun to always I call, and I complained to him about him not always calling but only me calling, he told me the job he’s into is really stressful and hard on him, that he most times forget the important things. The communication grows worse every day, which make me feel he doesn’t care about me.
    Before he got the job, he was broke, I did helped him with some amount of money, he thanked me for the money, but after he got the job,I expected him to buy me gifts and things to appreciate,cos I love gifts alot. He’s always fond of asking what I have for him, he also loves gifts as well, last I bought him a gift, he thanked me, I too want gifts from him as well.
    What should I do about the communication and gift aspect.

    1. Hi Sagittarius!

      Ahh you held out an expectation of what he was going to do when he got a job and now because he didn’t do that, you feel jilted. That’s the problem though, you held expectation and that my dear is something that you have to stop doing with anyone because you will end up disappointed or hurt. He doesn’t know what you’re thinking or what your expectations are therefore he cannot and has not met them. You need to talk to him and let him know you like to be spoiled with gifts sometimes too. If you need more information about Aquarius man, try reading my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  16. I have been seeing my Aquarius for almost a month now. He is so very sweet and caring. He invites me over all the time and cooks for me. Always checks to make sure I made it home alright and asks me to stay the night sometimes because he doesn’t want me driving home that late. My issue is that he doesn’t ask many personal questions about me. I’m the opposite. I want to know everything about him and his past. He’s very open and tells me anything I want to know, but never acts interested in finding out more about me. Should I be concerned?

    1. Hi Cancer!

      If he isn’t asking you questions then you need to go ahead and bring up topics yourself and tell him all you can about you. I wouldn’t tell him everything but tell him enough that he finds interesting. Maybe then he’ll ask you more. Aquarius men tend to think they know everything by simply observing someone. If you need more information about Aquarius man, try reading my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  17. My aquarius man is acting distant now that I had to spend unessary money and he said he was pissed and been talking to me and texting me less or picking wich message he should respond to after he text me first

    1. Hi T!

      Tell him you’d like to meet up and discuss things so that everything can get worked out. It IS necessary for you two to do this so that you can get on the same page as far as whatever it is that is going on. You can’t fix what you aren’t discussing. If you need more information about Aquarius man, try reading my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  18. I’ve been seeing an aquarius man for about five months, we’ve been hanging out every weekend since August… everything had been fine…he does very sweet and thoughtful things for and with me…and we get along very well and I felt very accepted and understood by him….I saw him this past weekend and everything seemed fine! He hadn’t said or done anything differently than he usually did….then on Tuesday, he asked me if we could have a serious talk and he told me he doesn’t have romantic feelings for me but he still wants to hang out and be friends….basically everything we’ve already been doing for the past five months. He let me amazon my preferred coffee to his house and we were taking our time and really building towards something. Is there a chance he could be afraid of his feelings and needs to sort them out before anything really gets serious? This came out of absolutely nowhere and I’m so lost and confused. I didn’t plan on hearing from him yesterday but he texted me a few times about some basic things…I’m so lost here.

    1. Hi Zero!

      Gee… sorry to hear that. If I were you I wouldn’t have sex with him. That means he would want friends with benefits so that he can have the benefits without the strings. Don’t do it. You shouldn’t sell yourself out. I don’t know if you two were sexual or not but I’m assuming so. If you’re going to be friends starting over then leave sex out of it. It complicates things too much. Let him work for your love at this point honey. If he figures out he loves you, he’ll work for it.

  19. I’m a cancer. We had a relationship for 7 months and due to COVID we didn’t see each other for a little while then I moved a bit further away. We used to talk and be obsessed with each other. Planned to move in, babies and then it just gradually went off for no reason. He was going through depression and since that has become even more withdrawn. He said he wants to see me but he can’t physically do it? We had an argument recently because I was frustrated with not knowing where I stood and he’s blocked me on all social media and my number. Me being a cancer so as you can imagine my emotions are taking over me 🙁 I don’t know how to fix it? Is it fixable or has he lost interest and I should leave him and maybe he will come back?

    1. Hi Roddy!

      Covid has been making it very difficult for many relationships and businesses. Depression is definitely hard on an Aquarius. They are very analytical so when they are feeling really down, they cannot seem to find the optimism they once had which makes everything else spiral. I think he’s overreacting due to his issues mentally right now with the depression. He has to fix it himself. I don’t think he’s lost interest but you may need to give him some time and space to sort himself out. Need more help? Check out “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  20. In the past I have been hurt my ex he cheated on me , lied all the time, block me etc then I met my Aquarius .. I have known him for a year and 8 months now. when we first met he was like a breath of fresh air. He is so sweet , kind, protective of me, and very honest which hurts sometimes but helps me in the end. We use to talk everyday. Ofc when we first started talking he suggested that we should be friends because I need to love myself again which was true I was full of insecurities from my past.. plus he said (he wasn’t ready for a relationship…..he did just get out of a 3 year relationship where the girl left him and he also said that he don’t think he deserve me ) but I ignored it .. Ik he has his own insecurities himself and don’t love himself fully … anyway.. there was definitely still a lot more drama with my ex but he helped through it all. We did break up and I did suggested that we shouldn’t talk at all anymore but he was like he wants to be close friends because he respects me and thinks I’m different from the others. Again with my insecurities I don’t love myself what so ever and its been very hard for me because it’s like I’ll accuse him of blocking me or lying to me or any little thing. I would create problems that don’t exist. He can tell me I’m perfect the way I am and that he loves me and I find it so hard to believe him. I overthink a lot and I have been doing it for a whole year, he has seen me at my very worst and surprisingly he is still by my side.. ( now this is long distance , only had sex once, and no money is involved like he don’t ask for anything) I only mention about money because of my past.. he has never once argued with me. True everyone knows how an Aquarius is and being insecure will make it difficult …anyway from we broke up we still communicated but he did get busy with work so less talking but I swear when we first met he told me that he would start getting busy and when we did hang out he gave me all his time and attention… fast forward I asked him to be my best-friend and he agreed .. he says I’m still his fav person which I was surprised because of all the stress I put onto him I ask myself how is that possible. And he agreed to meeting my parents when I go back to visit him which will be in a couple months ….. Sometimes I feel like he don’t care about me or even love me cause he so distance and but I know it’s from my overthinking and he always tells me don’t overthink lol ….I really do love him and I have made it very clear we are not friends with benefits but idk if it’s just friends he wants to be or maybe wanting to be friends first and then a relationship?????

    1. Hi Lucy!

      For any woman that gets involved with an Aquarius man, she has to have lots of patience. Ask him questions when you need to to find out the answers. It does seem he just wants to be friends but you should ask him directly about it. He should tell you what he thinks and how he feels about it when it comes to you. Then you’ll know where you stand and if there is anything else moving ahead. If you need more, check out my book. It could give you more insight to the heart of the Aquarius man.

  21. With my Aquarius guy we have 4 children together he cheated on me i cheated back and had a baby for another guy after leaving him he came back to me helps with all the kids including the one that isnt his we are sexually compatible and we can talk to each other about anything but he is the type of person i cant figure out its his way or no way i just want to know if he wants to be woth me or not so i can move on

    1. Hi Kayla!

      Yes Aquarius man wants what he wants and no one can tell him differently. It’s good he came back to help with the kids and you get along with the other things as well. I’d say that IS a sign he wants to be there. I don’t think he would be there if he did not want to be whether kids are involved or not. He wants to be happy. Learning communication may help you salvage what you feel you have lost. You can also check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more revelations.

  22. I made several mistakes before figuring out how to keep the relationship going with my Aquarius man and he broke up with me.

    We have been having problems for awhile. We spent the night together and had the most amazing sex, but I was tired of the constant up and down with him so I asked him if he was still happy with me. I think I probably shouldn’t have asked, but I needed to know. First he said he didn’t know and that he didn’t want to think about that at the moment. But then he said since you want to know I don’t think so. He said that I’m not patient enough and I don’t make enough time for him. I have a young child and he said that he understands that I might not be available all the time, but now this is an issue. I have tried numerous time to schedule to see him, he sometimes cancel and doesn’t make any effort to reschedule which was one of the issues we were having. When I asked about it he says it’s not me he is just in his head sorting his business out.

    He was very cruel with the break up. He said he doesn’t see a future with me and he doesn’t see me as his partner. He said that he doesn’t hate me and he would still like to be friends. He also said that if I didn’t asked if he was still happy with me he would have just continued having sex with me and go on dates with me once in a while until it phased out.

    I’m so crushed by his comments, I can’t believe that’s how he felt about me. I’m so hurt, but a part of me wonder if we could ever get back together after this. Did he just say this because he felt pressured or he meant it. Please help me to figure this out.

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