Why Is My Aquarius Man Ignoring Me? What Can I Do?

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Why Is My Aquarius Man Ignoring Me? What Can I Do?

Why is my Aquarius man ignoring me all of a sudden? If you’re wondering this, then your Aquarius guy has probably suddenly gone very quiet, not returning your phone calls or texts, maybe even not returning your emails? If an aquarius man ignores you does that mean he is testing you? There may be a reason he’s gone quiet and it’s important not to panic.

Why an Aquarius Man Ignores You…

The hardest thing about dating an Aquarius man is trying to figure out why he occasionally goes silent. I’ve touched on this topic before but I still keep getting emails from women wondering what it is they did wrong.

Yet still you wonder “why is my Aquarius man ignoring me all the sudden?”… There are things you should think over and see if it’s the case with him or not.

Sometimes the simplest answer is that he’s very busy and when he gets time, he’ll respond to you. If you’re bugging him calling or texting frequently, he may back off to let you know he needs some space.

Rather than tell you he needs it, he’ll just take it. This can leave a woman confused for sure if he’s been hot to trot then suddenly not. As far as being done with you, that may take a bit more time and effort to find out.

Aquarius isn’t forthcoming sometimes, especially if he doesn’t know for sure. He may have thought it over and figured out he needs to think about the two of you a bit more before he invests any more energy into it.

Yes, he can go cold if he’s having second thoughts or cold feet. It doesn’t always mean he is done, however. Try not to assume anything and don’t overreact until you are able to get information from him directly.

Coldness can be from moodiness, boredom with you, feels overwhelmed, isn’t sure if you’re the one, or knows you’re not the one but isn’t yet ready to completely give in yet.

Reasons An Aquarius Man Is Ignoring You

1. He is Unaware

You may ask yourself sometimes, Aquarius man ignoring me? If the Aquarius man you’re interested in doesn’t know you like him; he’ll simply just blow you off in ignorance. He isn’t the most astute men even if he is highly intellectual.

He’s the type of guy that is literal. Unless he knows you like him or finds him interesting; he’ll simply ignore you because he doesn’t know any better. This is that typical “duh” thing that many men experience.

This isn’t just the Aquarius man either! Many men of various signs just “don’t see it” when a woman is into them. So he’s not the only one that may be ignorant of what is going on around him.

That being said, this is one reason why he may not be paying attention to you. Just the lack of knowledge that you may be into him isn’t there for him so he simply doesn’t pay attention.

To get him to notice you or pay attention; you’ll need to do something to get his attention as if to say “hello! I’m here”. Once he does notice you, you can then use some other tactics to let him know you’re interested.

2. He’s Really Mad

If you are already dating an Aquarius man and he’s ignoring you, there is that possibility that you did something that crossed a line for him and so in retribution he’s giving you the silent treatment.

Often times an Aquarius man has to get his thoughts together before he’ll sit and discuss it with you. If you’ve just had a big blow-up, argument, or he’s found out something you’ve done and is now pissed off; that’s why Aquarius man ignores you.

While the Aquarius man can sometimes spew things that are angry and mean; he doesn’t always mean it at the time. So if he can possibly help it, he’d rather go spend time alone and figure it out for himself then come back to it.

If he doesn’t come back then he’s resolved that you were definitely in the wrong and he is correct in his assessment that he should move on. In that case,  you may not ever hear from him again.

It truly will depend on what happened between the two of you prior to him not paying attention to you anymore. Only you could possibly know what you may have done to make him that angry.

3. He’s Just Not That Into You

Another reason you may ask why Aquarius man is ignoring me? Most Aquarius men will just come out and tell you if they’re not interested in you and for what reason. However, there are some that will not have the gumption to approach you and tell you.

Feeling that you are too fragile or emotional, could cause him to avoid trying to talk to you about his feelings or that he wants out. This would cause him to shut down and walk away completely without telling you anything.

It really depends on the individual in how he handles this situation. Some handle it with ease and some just get squeamish. Their moon sign or ascendant sign may play a role in how they feel about letting someone down easy.

Some will just cut you off completely and you’ll never see or hear them ever again. If they live across town; then it’s easy for them to disappear.

4. He’s Legitimately Busy

Aquarius men are all about achieving their success in their career. If not a career, they’re working hard at trying to build their future empire. Some will have one job that they work overtime at and some have multiple jobs.

Depending on their circumstances; they want to be sure that they will have plenty of money to live their dreams and retire on. This is a big priority for them. They may sadly sometimes not keep in touch as they should.

Sometimes they blow off phone calls and texts. They mean to call you back or text you back but they just totally forget in their busy lives. In other words, he may not be blowing you off on purpose.

If he’s busy working on a project or on doing a bunch of overtime; you may want to cut him some slack. It could be a temporary thing. However, When an Aquarius man ignores you, you may want to sit down and talk to him.

Working as hard as doing constantly over time, he may be trying to pay off a debt, build up a nest egg, or a variety of other things. It may be a good idea for you to know why he’s doing it.

Doing it for a positive purpose may benefit you later on as well if you stick it out with him. Besides; if you’re with him, he’s likely expecting you to be the same way with your time.

Most Aquarius men want a woman who can match them and be just as driven as they are. They don’t like to settle for women who have no drive and are totally ok with a boring life without money.

He’s always striving for more and wants a partner who will also feel this way. It gives him security and makes him feel as though they’re both working toward something instead of just existing.

Just existing isn’t acceptable to an Aquarius man. If you’ve been doing lots of laying around watching TV; he may be starting to change his mind about you. If you want to know why he’s acting the way he is, look at your own behavior.

Are you lining up with his goals? Does he know you like him? Did you make him angry? Is he really super busy and just forgetful? These are the questions you need to ask.

If you can answer yourself honestly, you’ll get the answer you truly need.

Patience is Required

Deal with an Aquarius Man That Is Distancing Himself

As hard as it may be, you’re going to have to relax and let go. You cannot control an Aquarius or his thoughts. You also cannot control his actions. He is a strong individual who doesn’t want to be dictated to.

I often get emails from women asking me what they can do to get him to do something or to get him to feel a certain way. The answer is, there isn’t anything you can do. He has to want you and that has to be his choice.

I know it’s hard to hear that but you need to know the truth. Manipulation will not work with Aquarius men. Like Virgo, they’re very keen and know when you’re being sincere or not.

If he feels you’re manipulating him, he will drop you like a hot cake for sure. He wants a partner who will have patience enough to let things grow in a natural way and in natural time rather than trying to rush him.

Trying to rush him will absolutely get him to ignore you or back off for a while. It doesn’t mean he’ll be gone forever. When you panic after a few unanswered texts; you’re making yourself upset.

If an Aquarius man ignores you does that mean he is testing you? It could be that he is and he wants to see if you actually do have the patience it requires being with him. If he is testing you then you should show him you can handle it.

He Hates When Someone Pushes Him

Trust me when I tell you that he detaches enough that it’s not going to faze him to leave you alone for a while. He knows what he wants and there is no changing that.

To truly get the Aquarius man’s attention, you’re going to have to calm down and have patience. Stop obsessing over your phone and whether or not he’s contacted you. The expectation on him will backfire.

When he wants to talk to you or spend time with you, he’ll certainly let you know. If he wants time to himself or some space, let him have it. It will do you no good to try to jerk that out from beneath him.

Be that independent woman he was attracted to in the first place. Be busy and don’t worry so much whether or not he’s going to return your phone call, email, or texts.

Believe that all will be well no matter what happens. Remember it’s only YOU that can make you happy. It’s not his responsibility and no one should have that sort of pressure put on them.

Make Time for Yourself

When an Aquarius man ignores you, go ahead and look into your own life. Spend time with your friends or family. Have fun. Put your phone away if you need to or leave it at home.

Stressing over whether or not he’s going to reach out will not help you achieve the desired results. Pining for him will give off energy that he will receive and decide you’re too needy.

Remember that he wants a woman who is strong and does her own thing. It will turn him on to know you’re busy and not worried about where he is, why he hasn’t reached out, or what he’s doing.

The less you pine over him, the more intrigued he’ll be. You can shoot him a quick text saying “I’m busy doing stuff but wanted to say hi and hope you’re doing well”. He’ll lift an eyebrow and wonder what you’re up to.

He may respond at that moment but even if he doesn’t, when he wants you, he’ll reach out. What’s the worst that happens? He decides not to contact you again? If you learn how to truly make yourself happy, it won’t matter.

I’m not saying that you should give up on your Aquarius guy so don’t get me wrong. I want you to live a long happy life filled with love. However, remember that we teach people how to treat us.

When an Aquarius man ignores you, shrug your shoulders and go about your business. If it’s a test to see how loyal you are or how patient you are, you’ll win the prize. If not, he may back out.

What to do when Aquarius man ignores your texts?

The best way to handle it when the Aquarius man isn’t returning your texts or giving any sort of response is to act as though it doesn’t bother you. Don’t text him again for awhile.

Bombarding him will only make him feel pressured and annoyed. Also it makes him feel you are clingy which will just make him lose interest in you entirely.

When an Aquarius man ignores you, sometimes it’s best to just leave him be and let him gather his thoughts. Perhaps your missing presence via text or social media will cool him off and actually miss you.

What to do When Aquarius Man Ignores You

Make yourself unavailable. It’s really not nice when he’s ignoring you so why buy into it and make yourself upset? It’s not worth it. Besides, he’s winning and has the upper hand when you’re trying so hard and he’s blowing you off.

It’s easier to make a statement by not saying another word. If he’s not answering your calls, not returning your texts, not interacting with you, and not asking you out then it’s time to put the brakes on!

You are important and if he cannot see that then it’s time to make sure that YOU yourself know that. Be good to yourself. In fact if you keep reading, I have more tips on what you can do to treat your soul with love.

What You Should Do Now

If you are serious about getting this Aquarius man to fall deeply in love with you (and stop ignoring), you should do two things:

  1. First, leave a comment on this post with the biggest challenge you are currently facing with your Aquarius man.
  2. Take my Aquarius man relationship compatibility quiz here.

For every person who first leaves a comment and completes the quiz, I will receive an email notification. Then, I will send you my “30 dirty little secrets about the Aquarius man” special report (a kind of roadmap to gain clarity and guidance about your relationship), Plus – I will personally respond to your comment (so make sure to enter your correct email when posting a comment about your challenge).

63 thoughts on “Why Is My Aquarius Man Ignoring Me? What Can I Do?

  1. My Aquarius man ignores me most times and don’t even reply back, I give him his space and he usually text me and I get happy but I’m tired of the on and off stuff like it’s very annoying I don’t know what to do I mean I told him about but it does not change he just tells me he hate texting or he is busy ?

    1. Brandy Holmes, I was dealing with the same thing with my Aquarius.Sometime you have to back up and let them be.Do your own thing. Make yourself happy. Don’t allow him to drive you crazy. Just back up and ignore his text and calls

      1. Hi Stepl,

        I also agree with your thoughts on Brandy’s issue. She can try the aggressive and honest approach or she can act like it’s no biggie and do her own thing. She has to ultimately decide what she will or will not tolerate and either take action or change her mind and do something absolutely different. It’s up to her to figure out what boat she wants to be in. Sometimes ignoring HIM will make him wake up and take action.

    2. I’m Aquarius man I just had complex mind it hard not show it so easy doing work it hard sometime .we different type Aquarius so idk maybe he’s busy try something else sorry if I end your relationship but I’m not good at relationship I alway make mistakes so hard for me to do something perfect I just like being single talk to same one Aquarius different Per each person it hard

      1. Im a sag women I really need advice if u can help, I was 16 when I met my Aquarius man he was 18 I’m 21 he 23 we have 2 little kids together, live together, I basically did everything with him. I know he loves me, he shows emotion when he want to never when I want him too, all we do is fight, we used to be so happy with eachother now it just feel like the love dying but we holding on to eachother because I do love him with Everything in me, but I’m tired he’s disrespectful he can not communicate blames everything on me when I’m confronting him. He ignores me so much! I call his phone too many times and he sends me to voicemail. Like I keep trying to work it out but I feel like the more I keep letting him back around me in my home he just treat me like I’m a joke, like she’s not gone leave me. He tells me I’m stuck when him and everything I wanna hear when he feeling like I’m serious and about to leave him when I really am serious. Like I love him with all my heart but im 21 I’m young I’m tired of fighting. But he has my heart and I really do wanna be happy. I wanna ignore him treat him how he do me because I’m a good women to him but I just feel like he got to comfortable. Please respond

        1. Hi Amilya!

          Ok… what you’ve got to do is sit down with him one night where you two don’t have any disruption. Tell him exactly what you feel and what you want out of this relationship. Ask him what he’s feeling ad what he wants. You two have to get on the same page of understanding so you can find your way back to each other. Once you do have the talk, you start planning. If he wants to work it out then you two need to plan an weekend outing or trip just the two of you so you can find some excitement and freshness. Rent a hotel room, and let adventure take hold of you two. Do something you both really like or try something new. If you need more help with Aquarius, check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

    3. Hi Brandy Holmes,

      If you’re totally fed up with him because you told him how you feel yet he keeps doing what he does, you should probably put your foot down and threaten to break it off. Tell him this is very serious for you and if he cannot work at changing things then you two should probably take a different direction. Perhaps that will give him some perspective. If he is truly busy though then there isn’t much that can be changed there other than waiting for him to be less busy. Trust what your gut tells you about it!

    4. I’ve been together with my aquarius man for 14 months and for the last 2,5 months he’s having family and financial probles. This made him really pushing me away and sensitive and get mad at me often while i really didn’t do anything wrong:( he’s been ignoring me now and then and came back for a few days then gone again, the cycle’s really getting annoying and hurting me. In some days he apologize and asks questions about why i’d still stuck around with him while he’s being a jerk. It has been 2,5 months and i really need help about what should i do to him. I really loved him and.

      1. I’m an aquarius woman and dating an aquarius man. We have have known each other since 2017 but we have never spoke to each other up until last year. And we started reacted on each other’s posts of facebook and then in beginning of May he texted me on facebook telling me that he wants me and because I wanted him to i saw no point of playing hard to get and then we exchanged numbers and then we agreed that ill be visiting him for the weekend and i did. And we enjoyed each other and when i was going back home he called and i called him as well telling him I safely arrived. Then on Monday he kept quiet and i decided to text him because I left him complaining with pains he had on his back. And we spoke like any couple and calling each with these sweet names. Then on Wednesday when i tried calling him in the morning he did not pick up and i thought maybe he was busy. And I kept quiet and he never got back to me and then I called him again on Thursday and he did not pick up. And then I went to facebook and only to find out he is online and then I sent him a text telling him I dont understand why he is doing this to me and that if I’m not the last for him he can just let me know so that i can let go of him instead of playing with my emotions and the i unfriended him on facebook. That was yesterday and he is still quiet even now and now i dont know what to do anymore. And I will not text him or call him again and I’m just hopping he calls me and explains to me what went wrong.
        Are there any chances for us to fix things?

  2. Why my Aquarius man still ignoring me almost a week ago he did not respond to my call and messages and a couple days ago he block me in what’s app maybe he annoying me maybe it’s my fault what can I do I’m Scorpio

    1. Hi Mary Jane binamira!

      It sounds like your Aquarius has basically cut ties with you. He figured out the relationship wasn’t working for him and rather than tell you that, he just ghosted you. I’m sorry that he did this to you. You don’t deserve that. It’s probably best you try to move on from him and find someone else that is committed as you are so that you don’t end up in this type of situation again.

  3. Why is my Aquarius man keeps cancelling our appointment in the last minute.. he will ignore me for some months and comes back with one flimsy excuse.. he will start checking on me to know if I’m now with another person.. please why wouldn’t he be serious with our relationship or stop checking if I have given my heart to another person… stagitarius

    1. Hi Amanda!

      That is definitely something as a Sagittarius woman, you should ask him. Tell him how it makes you feel when he spies on you after he’s been gone for so long. Tell him if he wants to be with you then he needs to make it happen and if he doesn’t then he needs to move on and not worry about what you’re doing as it becomes none of his business. If you’d like to know more about Aquarius man, you may want to read my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

  4. Currently dating an Aquarius man (I’m a Taurus). He has shown me so much interest..talking to him multiple times a day, sweet text messages, making sure he comes to see me which has been so refreshing because I haven’t dated in a while. All of a sudden nothing…I am soooo confused because we both have been very vocal about out interest in each other. I haven’t reached but I want to.

    1. TaurusGirl – I’m in the exact same boat. I was getting so excited because we are so alike, at least I thought so. Texts and talking and making plans. And then zippity. He’ll respond when I text, but I have to initiate it every time. I’m not chasing. I’m a Taurus girl too, so I’d love to hear the outcome. Mostly love to stop playing games at this stage of life

      1. Hi Hhheeelllppp!

        Same thing for you darling. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your guy and make sure he knows that you’re thinking of him. Sometimes Aquarius men test their women to see if they will stay loyal and plugged in to them. If you want him to stop playing games, you need to tell him that you need more from him. Tell him it sure would be nice if he would initiate more and follow through. Speak up! If you’d like to know more about Aquarius man, you may want to read my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

    2. Hi TaurusGirl!

      If you want to reach out to him then you absolutely should. Don’t expect your Aquarius to always be the one to initiate otherwise you’re going to be disappointed. I wouldn’t reach out too often but there is nothing wrong with it being more equal with you two. If you’d like to know more about Aquarius man, you may want to read my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

  5. So there is this guy he is an aquarius and we started our conversation from 15 feb and it was all going good for the next 2 weeks ..but recently he didn’t even texted me back and it has been 10 days
    Like i now he is busy because of an event and all but he watches my stories and like back my posts and all ! And whenever we see each other like in a cafe but with different groups then sometimes i have seen him looking at me ! I just want to know whether he is interested in me or not ! Ps i am a libra in sun and moon in aquarius ?

    1. Hi Sukirti Verma!

      Oh my dear. You need to speak up and ask him honey. He’s not going to volunteer any information so it’s typically best if you’re up front and asking him for the truth of what he feels and what he wants so that you can either work with him or let him go. If you’d like to know more about Aquarius man, you may want to read my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

  6. I’m a libra woman

    We currently went to our ‘first date’ without us having some expectations. We went to a museum and hit it off quickly. It seemed that we do have a lot of common interests and talked non-stop for 5 hours and even forgot to eat afterwards since it was getting late and we have things to do. I thanked him for the wonderful time and said that I learned a lot since he’s a cerebral man. He then replied that he enjoyed as well and even said we should hang out if I’ll do free diving or hike a mountain. I replied and invited him to a camping experience that would last for 2 days haha but then, I have to back-out since I recently remembered I had prior commitments. He didn’t reply and it has been a while since we last talked, about a month or so–that was our last conversation. What do you think I should do? Do you think we have a chance to spark it all up? Thank you.

    1. Hi Jeane!

      I see no reason in the world for you to not reach out to him. Call him up and ask him how he’s doing and when he would like to get together again. He’ll be refreshed that you actually did this and most likely will make plans with you from there. Give it a shot! If you’d like to know more about Aquarius man, you may want to read my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

  7. Currently being ignored by my aquarian boyf of 15 months because I left his early on Sunday. No he is ignoring me, although he says he isn’t, on whatsapp frequently, just not to me. Reading messages and not responding.

    So for now, I’m leaving him to it.

    1. Hi Maz!

      Call him out on it. Tell him you notice him reading things and not responding. Tell him you feel he should talk to you a bit more as it makes you think that maybe he’s not into you anymore. He needs to absolutely be open and tell you what he feels or start making it up to you. If he doesn’t after that then by all means, walk away. If you’d like to know more about Aquarius man, you may want to read my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

    1. Hi frederique!

      Why is he ignoring you? Did you do something or is he just randomly really shut off? If you reach out to him and he doesn’t respond then you need to just leave him be. Either he needs a dose of the silent treatment OR he needs to wake up and start talking to you. You deserve better! If you’d like to know more about Aquarius man, you may want to read my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

  8. I’m a Gemini so Aquarius should be the perfect match normally but not with this one I met though.

    Everything started well when I met him (it was with a friend of mine and totally spontaneous). I didn’t even have to introduce myself it all was easy-going. Although I’m a bit shy after a while I got his attention but we kept talking to the lowest. The talking developed in rather physical touch which we both enjoyed. We all had a very nice time and even planned the next activities for the couple days. Unfortunately I had to cancel because of family circumstances and promised to join in the others days. But all of a sudden there were no other meetings as a group anymore and he wanted to meet me alone. When I was with him I had something going on with and he stated he would do it more often but is not interested in a relationship. I totally agreed on that and thought we would get any friendship out of it. The days after we still texted a bit and tried to arrange new meetings without success. He increasingly started to ignore my texts or stories but I’m trying to be patient and not texting him for now. Maybe the reason is that he started to work again and is really busy nevertheless I’m worried to did something wrong. Even if it’s hard to I need to stay calm and see what’s the outcome of this.

    1. I find dealing with an Aquarius can be very frustrating, we can talk, flirt and sext alot and he checks.my messages right away, other times not so much and there are periods of silence and it seems like hot and cold behaviour, when we talk we make each other happy, he makes me smile and when I get no answer it hurts, upsets, pisses me off and makes me angry, I know alot of articles say don’ t call guys out BUT sometimes they need to be called out on their shitty behaviour wether it’ s conscious behaviour or not, even if it creates further silence, Its funny how they can do things to you but when you do it to them they don’ t like it so much, I have backed off of him and haven’ t been texting and if/ when he does I may let him wait abit, then read and not reply, may sound like games but after awhile maybe he’ ll get how I feel.

      1. Hi N!

        Either he’ll get it or he’ll think that maybe you’ve decide to move on and he’ll just go ahead and move on with someone else. It’s not a for sure tactic that brings success sweetheart. You may want to just ask him what the deal is and see if he answers you. Aquarius will often tell you the truth when you ask him flat out what is going on. Just a thought. If you’d like to know more about Aquarius man, you may want to read my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

    2. Hi Maria!

      I think it’s a combination of being busy and trying to ensure that you understand it’s just a friendship. He may be afraid that you’re thinking there may still be something else going on and he doesn’t want you to get the wrong impression so he pulls back. There could be more to it but it’s up to you to find out and ask him what the deal is. If you’d like to know more about Aquarius man, you may want to read my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

  9. My aqua hasn’t reached out in a month. I was initiating all the time and now I’ve stopped reaching out to see if he would and he hasn’t. It’s very inconsiderate of him to just ignore me for so long. We don’t text much anyway so I didn’t think about it at first. He doesn’t like talking on the phone or video chat so we just text. But now it’s been a long time and I’m wondering should I move on.

    1. Hi Krista!

      Before you move on, reach out to him and ask him if he’s still into you or not. My guess is that he will either ignore you or he’ll message you back saying he’s been busy, etc. At least you may get some sort of answer out of him but if you don’t, it’s your queue to move on. At that point you’ll know you did all you could from your side. If you’d like to know more about Aquarius man, you may want to read my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

  10. My Aquarius man has shown a great number of these traits, after our 1st year together. However, I am an Aries woman and we can both be pretty spicy at times, and not in a sexual sense. We’re both very competitive and don’t back down at times, to where I have to remind myself that I have to allow a man to take the lead to see how he leads. And to stop being overly opinionated, or try to control situations that are beyond my control. I’ve been told in the past I’m a ball-buster or dream crusher, and that it’s not very lady-like. So what do you do?
    The hot & cold use to bother me, but he’s got a life as do I, and we’re building it to get to the next level, to get what we want out of this life. One thing is for certain though, is that there were times I felt like we were drifting apart, but we actually fell back together because we didn’t hinder the other from getting what we want, or, doing the things that we need to do, or get done and then sharing what we’ve been up to when we were apart. So with an Aquarius man, be secure with yourself and do you. And if you feel something isn’t right, 9 times out of 10 – your gut is probably telling you what your heart already knows, but the mind is not willing to admit. Whatever “IT” is (i.e. insecurity, infidelity, control, past experiences, including childhood environment/upbringing) these are questions you need to ask yourself that shape how you think, feel and are in relationships.

    1. Hi Kaila!

      Ahhh beautiful! I love it! So many women are afraid to talk to their Aquarius man for fear of rejection but if you don’t talk to him he has no idea or he just chalks it up to you not caring. It’s a miscommunication most people have. I think when you have the doors open on both sides, you learn a lot about each other and can have a successful relationship. I’m glad you’ve figured it out. Bravo! If you’d like to know more about Aquarius man, you may want to read my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

  11. I have been seeing an Aquarius now for just under a year and can say I’ve experienced these traits as well. I’m a sagittarius and am pretty independent and easy going but this guy takes it to a whole new level. At the moment I’m leaving him be as I’ve picked up vibes that he wants some space. We left things two weeks ago on a good note but he doesn’t seem to be engaging with me. We’re both pretty terrible at talking about any kind of emotion but I’m trying to at least show him my vulnerable side. He’s still so closed off but I’ve noticed lately he can get a nervous around me and fidgets a lot, so while he doesn’t open up I wonder if this is somewhat of a sign that he has some feelings. Does anyone know what it means when they do this?! It’s a mystery that as a typical sag girl I’m keen to solve!

    1. Hi Renee!

      If he’s nervous when he’s around you then I’d say yes, he likes you and isn’t sure how to process it. Either that or he has some terrifying fears about being with you due his past problems. Either way, I think with time, that should all fade and you two will be more comfortable. Hang in there and be patient. If you’d like to know more about Aquarius man, you may want to read my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

  12. I have liked my Aquarius man since 2018 since we work in the same agency and was really happy when we became close in November 2019. I always invite him to hang out almost weekly and he would always agree. And we were also communicating via messenger or text. It went on until mid-March 2020. He suddenly became cold to me. I was left mentally anxious and emotionally hurt when he would’nt reply to my messages. He said that he was busy and doesn’t always hold his phone. I was ok with it because I know Aquarians need their freedom. During lockdown, we weren’t seeing each other since we worked from home. He grew colder and colder. For him to know that I really care even if he’s busy, I unintentionally smothered him with sweet msgs and attention. He ignored most of my msgs and replied only with few words. I can really feel his lack of care for me since he never asks about me. Finally, I had the guts to ask him thru chat messenger why he’s being too silent lately. He said that he’s trying to avoid social media and he’s trying to adjust to something. He said that he wanted to talk about it with me personally. By May 11, 2020 we arranged to have lunch outside our office to talk. He said he’s still not ready for commitment. He’s not comfortable with intimacy. But we could still hang out as friends. He said that I shouldnt treat him as a baby and that we should equally spend as much money when we go out. I was hurt but also a little happy that I could still be with him. Yet, he still ignored my msgs. He would reply after some hours with just one to three words. I messaged him lesser and lesser. The longest I havent mssged him is only 4days because I keep missing him. It breaks my heart to see him at the office yet cannot be with him because he’s in a different division. I want him back so bad. 😭🥺 It breaks my heart because we havent even started anything and he’s already running away. And now when he see’s that Im active online and messaged him, he would go offline right away. He’d stay like that all day, only replying to my Good Morning with “Morning”. Im scared that he might be communicating with some other girl thats not me. Im just scared of losing him. 😭 I’m a Scorpio woman by the way and my Aqua man is 4yrs younger than me. Please help me out. 😭 Also, how do I know our moon and sun signs?

    1. Hi Vette!

      I am sorry you’re feeling hurt by your Aquarius guy. It does sound like he was pretty honest with you though. He doesn’t want a commitment and is fearful of intimacy which is why he doesn’t respond to your messages the way you’d like. I suspect that’s not going to change any time soon. It doesn’t do you any good to obsesses if he’s talking to other women or not. You have not control over it. Let it go. Try the friendship route and back off a bit and you just may find success over time. If you’d like to know more about Aquarius man, you may want to read my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

      1. I’m a Scorpio woman and I’ve been getting to know this Aquarius man for 4 months. It was a one in million chance the way that we meet. Initially, I had no plans on getting to know him because he was in town visiting, and I had no desire of long distance dating, but after great conversation, an amazing weekend together, and him pursuing me more; I decided to be more open. When he returned home he texted me every morning and we would talk for hours. We shared so many common interest. Each month one of us will travel to see the other. Last time we were together was amazing so I thought, but I noticed a shift in his text and phone calls. I didn’t panic because I read that Aquarius men need space and he also was busy traveling so I didn’t want to bother him, but once he returned from traveling he started to respond less. I spoke up and told him “I’m here for him.” He thanked me, but his behavior remained the same, so I didn’t want to pressure him and gave him his space. For a few days he appeared to be back to his old self and his last text was so sweet. It has now been 2 weeks and I have not heard or spoken to him. I reached out to do a wellness check, but still no response. I noticed he’s been active online and noticed he blocked me once I viewed his page. I just was making sure he was alive. I am so confused at this point. Common since tells me I’ve been ghosted so I haven’t tried to text or call anymore. I’m trying to move on, but the questions in my head won’t allow me. I can’t understand why he would just go silent with no explanation.

  13. I’m a Gemini woman and met my male Aquarius Thursday and he wanted to talk all day and night but I work and run 2 businesses. He text me that he didn’t think I was interested in him. I text him and let him know that wasn’t the case. He text me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me then went cold by the 3rd day.

    1. Hi Lori Klein!

      He’s moving far too fast for a typical Aquarius. That worries me. Telling you he wants to spend his life with you is quite a jump. I think that you may be avoiding a bad thing. When Aquarius goes to fast, he typically regrets it and then his partner ends up hurt. Please be careful. Keep doing what you need to do and if he is true to his feelings, he’ll be good to you. If not then you’re not losing much. If you’d like to know more about Aquarius man, you may want to read my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

  14. They test you a lot they are very sensitive creatures and love extremely hard there afraid of their own
    Emotions… I’m a Leo woman this Aquarius man cannot live without me …. but he often pulls back a lot after studying them ..,. They want u to b their Bestfriend love them with no obligations genuinely care for them pick their brain listen to them it’s a lot but they don’t want to be tied down they want that naturally not forcefully lord its a task especially all these dam test he’s frightened by me because He knows
    I’m the one they become frightened because they are really soft

    1. Hi Nuna!

      Yes they are sensitive even though they don’t want anyone to realize it. Yes, they want you to be their best friend but they also want space sometimes. I’m glad you’ve figured your guy out. This may help you find great success with your Aquarius. Good for you. Keep up the great work! If you’d like to know more about Aquarius man, you may want to read my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

  15. My main issue with my guy is that is seems like I’m an option, not the priority I used to be when he was convincing me to commit to him. We have a history where he hurt me very badly 2 times in a row with his moodiness and letting others turn him against me (jealous women). When I stand up for my boundaries (I feel like he only has time for me in the bedroom alot of the time) he blows up. I can’t say anything that challenges him. We have been good friends for around 8 years and I’ve known him longer..I miss the friend he was to me and now I’m on the side of the fence where he doesn’t tell me everything like he used to. It makes me feel like he doesn’t respect me anymore. It hurts!

    1. Hi Rhonda!

      If you’re not the priority then by all means, speak up to him and tell him that you feel he’s not treating you well enough. If you live in fear of challenging him then you’re short changing yourself sweetheart. You don’t have to be brash when you talk to him but tell him “I feel like you’ve been pulling back and I miss the way that things were, can we please spend a little time together”. That’s a loving way to do it without making him feel bad or guilty. Give it a try. If you would like to know more about Aquarius man, check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  16. Hey good evening. I am dating an Aquarius man who I love so much. I thank God for making me meet him cos he has made me discover somethings about me and at the time I have learnt a lot. He has been so sweet and all to me for the past 9 months plus but of resent he hasn’t been contacting me As he use to and reaching out to my message but we still talk to each other a few times, I just noticed that when we talk it’s like he wants to cut me short or sometimes moody. And it is getting me worried if I did something wrong but I can’t seem figure out what it is. On the 6th of October I sent him a message saying this.** Good morning, love….. I feel so safe when I am with you but the opposite when you aren’t with me.
    I just hope you are doing things rightly and taking care of yourself the way I love it. Have a great day! I love you **. Then he replied me with this.
    **Good morning love… thank you for feeling safe … I pray you feel safe always cos I’m intricately linked to you.. love you baby**. I don’t know what he really means by this and how to react to his actions. I have tried to find out what the problem is but he sounds cold and all to himself

    1. Hi Baby!

      Ok well it sounds to me like he is letting you know he feels very tied to you and close which is why he’s calling you love and telling you he loves you. There shouldn’t be any confusion there. Aquarius men can come off as cold and uncaring but that is only how people can perceive them. They aren’t always like that and I think that you’re over thinking things.If you aren’t sure you can certainly ask him for clarity. You might want to check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more information you can use!

  17. Hi, I met this aquarius guy and everything was going well. We both really liked each other.We definitely had a connection.He told me things about himself he never told anyone else. We were about to start dating. One day i had an emotional outbursts actually i was upset about something but he kinda triggered it and i took it all out on him. After that i apologized, texted him,called him and literally begged him to come back but he gave me a lame excuse and told me to forgive and forget and then disappeared. I donno what to do. Please help.

    1. Hi tiana!

      It seems he thinks that you’re very emotional and Aquarius doesn’t deal really well with people who are this way. Saying “forgive and forget” means that he is ready to just moved on. I wouldn’t beg him anymore honey otherwise you’re going to push him further away from him. There are better things you can try and I have plenty of information for you to try in my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”. You may want to read it!

  18. I’m in a relationship with an Aquarian man and iv realized if i was not interested in zodiac signs i would of broken this long ago with my guy. Knowing what kind of people Aquarian’s are gave me a clear understanding of my guy but at times he still confuses me.

    1. Hi Sinlie!

      Yes Aquarius men can be confusing and complicated. Good thing that you are able to read my articles. You can also check out my book which may help you. Try reading “Aquarius Man Secrets” as it may help you be less confused and able to “get” who he is. Blessings to you!

  19. I have an aquarius male friend I have been dealing with for roughly 8yrs. He often says he wants to see me and will make plans. The next day when we are supposed to meet up I don’t hear from him. So I sometimes will send a text to try to jog his memory just in case he may have forgotten and I get no reply. It really makes me mad because I feel like he’s being very inconsiderate to not reply back. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. Hi Kim!

      He probably really means it and wants to do it when he agrees to it but then other stuff comes up and he changes his mind. He sounds flaky but perhaps there is something going on in his life that is making him feel this way. He could be secretly depressed or have some sort of anxiety that keeps him from getting out and doing things. I think I would tell him exactly what you’ve told me and then tell him that he needs to either be there or you’re going to move on. Give that a shot!

  20. I am Involved with an Aquarius man (maybe over 3 years) I am a Leo Woman. We were childhood sweethearts and a circumstance put us in the same place 35 years later. I have seen the progression in the relationship. It took time to understand him, I still don’t, but I don’t allow it to upset me. It is really hard at times, you need a lot of patience. The Highs and Lows, the inconsistency, You have to understand how really sensitive they are. It’s very hard because they have such a cold exterior. He does go MIA, but not as often. Returning like he hasn’t ignored a week of messages. As a Leo Woman I take everything personal, and don’t really understand how this could be conceived as a normal relationship. At times it more like a friendship. He is more loving, more inclusive, we have better communication now. It has been a very slowing progression to the point we are at now, still a lot of testing me, and I actually hate that, and I am not the most patient person with people and mood swings. Can Leo Woman and Aquarius Man last long term. ( Leo trait).

    1. Hi Chevelle!

      I’m so very glad that you were able to learn to communicate with him the way that works for you two. You sound like you really love him enough to accept him as he is. This is beautiful and I am so very proud to hear this. Yes, slow progression and testing goes on especially if they are wounded from their past. He wants to be totally sure you’re with him and won’t walk away. he really doesn’t want to get hurt. Yes the two can last long term if you put in the effort. Sounds like you are! Bravo. Need more tips? Check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  21. Like all of you same traits…but i read a lot to know how to deal with him ans understand him and i do…btw im a scorpio a totaly different personality…but i love him so dearly…i give him his space…he works hard.
    First month of relationship we talked each day and night he was amazing caring…suddenly one day he woke up late to work cos we spent all night chatting….so he changed!!! I know he loves his work and he was honnest to tell me he wants to be perfect in his job so we ll not talk anymore at night.I was ok with it….but during the day he has notime…he runs between shifts…he barely replies to my msgs….but i know he is honnest cos i investigated for 2 weeks and he s not online anywhere…just working hard.
    Then suddenly he went silent…so after 3 days i called to know whats happening….he said he truely loves me and apologized a lot….and after one week he went silent again….after 4 days i tried to know if he is ok…he was sick so Aquarius goes into hia shell in this case….after one week went silent again….so i wanted to clarrify things….i couldnt even speek he started apologizing i know ur sad i know ur mad…call me several times till i answer text me answer u idiot and i will….i told him no i dont like it this way u have ur own space as u like but call when u have time thats all it matters….now its been 4 days no calls no texts…he goes online for 5 mins to see my story like my posts and poof vanish till the next day.
    Welllllll…i know he s honest but this is not a relationship…i told him once uf u dont have time to pick ur phone how u will have time to see me or date me….

    1. Hi Lara!

      It sounds like he’s playing head games because he doesn’t fully know what he wants. You might try the silent treatment. Don’t contact him. Make him come after you to prove he cares. If he doesn’t make the effort to do it then he’s not as into it as you are so you might have to reconsider your options and figure out if he’s even worth it anymore. If you would like more help, check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  22. I’m a pisces woman and I like this aquarius guy. Well he’s a aqua-pisces cusp. I greeted him on new year and didnt respond to his reply, then after a few days he hits me up and we start hanging out. The first few days were nice and we were really getting to know each other but then he acts so distant and suddenly tells me that he’s courting another girl. So I decided to try to be distant to because he liked another girl. After a while his replies becames slower and dry. I tried not messaging him first and he did message me but the next day when I didn’t initiate the convo, he didn’t message me again. And now, I’m afraid that we won’t talk again. I wanna msg him but i’m scared to push him away.

    1. Hi Jane!

      He’s courting another girl? Oh my gosh. He isn’t investing in you if he’s doing that and his actions are showing you just as much. I’m so sorry. I don’t think you’re pushing him away. He’s pulling himself away. I’d walk away from him. If he ever decides he does want you, he’ll make the effort to pursue you but you don’t need to put anymore effort into this guy. You can find much better.

  23. I have been friends with and Aquarius man for 20 years and there has always been a thing between us when i was younger i told him i liked him and asked him out constantly but he always said i was too young. I was. We have grown up in the same town know each others families and it would be so easy for us. We shared a night together about a month ago and it was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. He was so loving and made so much eye contact and engagrd with me in a way I’ve never know. It was an incredible night and it all felt so right. 20 years i had wanted this and so had he. He told me about memories of me and i of him. I have always pictured this man as the person i end up with and i have manifested without even realizing it for years. He said he would like to catch up again soon. I offered something light and fun like go carting he was keen but is always busy. Which is something i love about him cause i am to but he goes Mia. Has said he.couldnt twice and hasnt asked me out as a follow up. Im.so confused but i still feel like there is so much there. I cant deny how we are together

    1. Hi Danielle!

      Aquarius men are notorious for doing disappearing acts. This nothing new I’m afraid. They get to feeling overwhelmed with life or with their connection and so they try to take a break for themselves but in doing so they aren’t telling their partner that they are taking this small reprieve. I would ask him flat out what is going on and if he still wants to be with you. He should give you the truth. These men are not forthcoming until you ask them flat out what you want or need to know. Give it a shot! Wish you all the best.

  24. I’m Capri dating a aquarium man. He’s adorable, very polite and kind but he doesn’t open about himself- he talks about his job, politics and etc but not personal life- I really like him. But I’m about to end the relationship. He doesn’t give updates about his plans- takes forever to txt me back – I don’t want to waist my time..ready to move on!

    1. Hi Ester!

      Alright darling, you need to speak up and tell him what you want. Tell him it’s not right to leave you hanging. Ask him if he wants to get closer to you or no. He should pretty much tell you whether or not he wants to further things with you or if he feels it’s not working. An Aquarius man just like any man will give you lots of attention when they care about you unless he’s too focused on his personal freedom. Call him out on it and he’ll tell you.

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