Aquarius Man Horoscope For April 2024

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly April predictions for your Aquarius man. Things to know about your Aquarius man this month and how to help him in his journey.

Well, my Sweethearts, this is very exciting April reading, because it is the month of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction which takes place in Taurus and will be particularly impactful.

Now you may remember, especially if you purchased one of our brilliant yearly guides, I mentioned that the year is off to a sort of slow start in terms of January, February and March because there were a lot of transits involving Saturn and Neptune which meant the energies were more cautious, subtle, conservative and slow to evolve.

In fact, there were some tricky emotional issues to work through, a certain amount of stoicism and resolve was required, and it gave us a chance to or work on ourselves. However, in April, it’s a month full of surprises and the year really gets into full swing.

So the notable features this month are Mercury going retrograde on the second in Aries, the total solar eclipse in Aries happening on the eighth and the Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Taurus, so we have three pretty significant events happening this April and because it’s a retrograde and Uranus is involved, I’m thinking there are going to be some surprises, so be ready for anything.

With that said, let’s get going onto the April reading.

Here’s what the stars have in store for an Aquarius Man this April…

Mercury retrograde in Aries on 2nd of April, 2024 

This retrograde suggests that he may experience a few challenges and hiccoughs in the realm of communication, learning, and his intellectual pursuits. It’s not the best time for discussions, debate and decision making, so delay anything that needs concentration and a logical approach.

He’s definitely swayed by more subtle and subliminal messages and he’s likely to read between the lines in a helpful and possibly an unhelpful way, so try to keep everything clear and uncomplicated.

This Mercury retrograde can bring forth a tendency for introspection and reflection. For Aquarius Guy, this can manifest as a deeply reflective and contemplative period where he’s quite and not always willing to share his thoughts.

He may spend a significant amount of time analyzing his thoughts and emotions, seeking a deeper understanding of himself and his relationships, family, work and romantic.

He’s not necessarily great at expressing his thoughts and ideas in a straightforward manner, which can incline him to use innuendo and hints as a way of circumventing direct communication which could lead to debate.

He may need to make a conscious efforts to maintain focus and avoid becoming overwhelmed by the feelings that arise from the depths of his inner personality. 

Venus enters Aries on 6th of April, 2024

This is an auspicious movement for those of you engaged in dating apps and chatting to Aquarius Man online, but in all relationships, it’s important to work on communication and that means you have to give him feedback and also be a good listener.

However, remember that sometimes Aquarius Man can get a little bit wrapped up in himself, he likes to talk about his own concerns and this is a time when he may not have a lot of empathy.

His patience is rather low and he’s all about fun, so when things get too serious or too dramatic, he tends to disengage or run away. So if he’s being a little bit avoidant or not answering the phone, you know it’s time to just step back give him a little space, this is not a time when you want to be crowding him, so less is definitely more

Total solar eclipse in Aries on 8th of April, 2024 

This represents an excellent time for going out with friends, city breaks and escaping the routine. In fact, right now variety is the spice of life, so you and Aquarius Guy should be broadening your perspectives, hanging out with new people and also having more contact with friends and family.

It’s easy for him to feel lonely and isolated, so it’s absolutely vital for him to have a lot of activity and distractions in his life.

This tends to be a lively time and indicates a period when the tempo of life is picking up and things should feel more interesting, and it’s also a promising time when new information can come into your life that will help you to get a clearer perspective on the decisions you should make

Sun enters Taurus on 20th of the April, 2024

This might be a time when working on closure, increased emotional understanding within his close circles and consolidating comes into focus.

Sometimes the best thing we can do in life is double down on the things that are most important and this secure the foundations of our lives and that’s certainly a good thing for Aquarius Man right now.

So this can be a great time for you and Aquarius Man to think about what do you need to do to secure your families future or to just feel safe.

So a big part of love right now is the feeling of comfort and safety that is generated through the family, and this comes through creating more harmony in the family arena or in your family networks and better communication, and it can also come through doing things to secure your financial future particularly when it comes to property investment.

Mercury goes direct on 26th of April, 2024

Mercury going direct in Aries is particularly helpful for Aquarius Guy as it’s much more conducive to his communications, to negotiating and to signing contracts. This is a great time for short distance travel and it should be easier for him to coordinate with his colleagues and make some good business decisions.

This is also a suitable time for mass communications, working harder at his social media, doing more writing and publishing for the purpose of hobbies or to further his business interests.

In terms of relationships, he really enjoys communication and it’s important for you guys to brainstorm together, to act as sounding boards for each other, to generate ideas etc as this tends to be a solution rich time.

So even if you guys have certain problems right now, you should find it easier to deal with admin, bureaucracy and also to do analysis that will help you reach your financial goals and get more organised.

Relationships which are based a lot on communication media, like long distance relationships, can certainly step up a notch and become a lot more lively and fulfilling

Themes for an Aquarius Man this April

An important time in terms of relationship communication, and this can have various elements.

It can be a time to introduce a little bit of mystery and intrigue via electronic romance; it’s a time to be more creative with communication by using different modes of communication and it’s also time to play attention to body language and eye contact as important mode of communication

Patience is important as he works through certain internal conundrums.

Variety is the spice of life in your love life. 

Magic Motto – “Rooted in understanding, our love weathers every storm, resilient in the face of challenges, and blossoms with the strength of shared understanding.”

Magic Text – “I look into your eyes and I know we have something worth fighting for.”


The moon waxes from the 8th to the 23rd of April and this waxing phase is the most opportune time for brand new activities, relationship goals, dating and other projects that you guys have decided on.

Bear in mind Mercury is retrograde in Aries, so goals involving networking, large-scale group activities, social media and technology are not particularly favored.

Now Aquarius Guy experiences a lot of pleasure vicariously and you can actually stimulate him sexually through words and his imagination.

So often the use of literature, poetry or clever and creative text messages to stimulate his fantasies can be a wonderful way to stimulate him sexually.


Mercury is retrograde in his 3rd solar house (from the 2nd to 26th), so the retrograde period is not a great time for his communication projects, IT and website changes and mass media communications.

Short trips for business and pleasure are more problematic as are logistical issues. This is can a more complicated time for for ongoing long-distance relationships and using dating apps.

During the waxing phase he should be cautious of meditation or spiritual pursuits. People offering him alternative therapies could be misleading.

This is not the best time for dealing with large government departments or corporations. Charity and outreach work is not favored.

Aquarius Man April 2024 Horoscope

Week 1 – Play hard 

This is one of the best weeks for both romance and fun, but it’s not particularly laid back, the week can feel quite frenetic, but it’s a week where you both can play hard and work hard.

You guys can certainly achieve a lot and you can also renew interests and enjoy novel activities or meet new people.

New folks you meet can help provide ample conversation and grist for the mill of your relationship, but remember, he’s easily distracted and this is probably not the best week to have cozy, romantic evenings.

Remain flexible and remember to support him and be a good listener, however sometimes you need to take things he says with a pinch of the salt because he tends to say things in the heat of the moment that he probably doesn’t intend on following up on, but which seem like a good idea at the time.

So whatever happens, don’t take him too seriously, wait and see if actions follow words

Week 2 – Nirvana

This is potentially a time for romance and affection but it has to incorporate beauty, and harmony, because he’s turned off by anything overt or crass.

It’s important to work on respect and show tolerance of his quirks and boundaries. This isn’t a good month for hammering out the more tricky issues in your relationship.

The solar eclipse conjunct Chiron indicates a time of healing and that can be brought about through speaking things through, so don’t underestimate the power of listening and open yet empathetic debate to create a bridge to relationship nirvana

Week 3 – True and deep

Nurturing and the extent to which you guys are emotionally attuned is absolutely intrinsic to love. He values security, stability, and emotional connections in his relationships in general and that’s very much so now.

Key to love is enhancing his self esteem, stimulating his ego and understanding what really makes him tick. In new relationships, this is an opportunity to get to know him at a deeper level, but be patient as it’s quite tricky getting into his wavelength. 

Week 4 – Daring and adventurous 

While I don’t recommend being irresponsible, this is a good time for you guys to introduce some adventure into your life, do things you haven’t done for a while, go off with friends who make you feel daring.

It’s an important time to push the boundaries a little bit, to change your expectations.

Try to understand where your life is stuck in a box and look for ways to open that box, to prize it open and to see some opportunities that might just open doors to a more fulfilling life. It’s a wonderful time to address stagnation in your lives.


This week it’s definitely a test in terms of how well you communicate: if your communication with Aquarius Guy is lacking, it’s more likely there’s going to be a sense of distrust or anxiety about each other’s true feelings.

However if you guys are on the same page and you have a really strong connection, this is a wonderful time for deepening your communication, for a developing relationship rituals, in-house jokes and little pet names that only you guys know.

This is a time where the little secrets you have as a couple are a very important way of bonding and experiencing greater togetherness.

This is definitely a week where he is impulsive, he’s very impatient with anything that’s routine or boring so it’s a wonderful time to take a road trip, to be on holiday and to be taking spontaneous journeys.

If you are holidaying, he will prefer holidays where there’s lots of activities and entertainment, rather than just lying on a beach.

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