Aquarius Man Gone For Good? 7 Strong Signs He Is Done With You

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Is My Aquarius Man Gone For Good? 6 Clear Signs He Is Over You

When an Aquarius man is done with you, it can feel like one of the most painful experiences. How is it possible that someone who used to love you can turn so heartless and cold? This is an experience I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Say what you want, but Aquarius men have a certain edge and appeal that makes them really attractive. They’re so different from anyone else and their love can become quite addictive once you first experience it.

This is why it is so painful when your Aquarius man shows signs of being done with you for good. But things with an Aquarius man are never straightforward, just when you think you’re never going to hear from him again, he is likely to pop up and make an appearance again.

Aquarius men are known for being hot and cold, and this might be a sign that your Aquarius man is not over you. But how can you know for sure? Keep on reading to find out if your Aquarius man is gone for good.

When An Aquarius Man Is Done With You

The Aquarius man values freedom and independence. When he is done with you, he may become aloof and distant. He’d rather spend time with himself than with you, especially if he has broken up with you.

When he has worked through his feelings, he may be ready to explore new things and seek thrills elsewhere, because he is intellectually curious and looking for new experiences. However, his plans will not involve you.

He may be struggling with emotional intimacy and having a hard time processing the end of the relationship, so he may seem distant even though he is struggling inside. Pay attention to his behavior. If an Aquarius man is pulling away and seems he is not interested in your life, it means he has moved on.

6 Clear Signs An Aquarius Man Is Over You

1. He Spends Less Time With You

The Aquarius man already treasures his freedom. As such, he will do whatever he can to have the time alone that he requires. When he’s not into you anymore, he will pull back that much more.

He’ll find excuses to not spend time with you. You’ll notice he wants to go be with his friends more, he’ll space off on social networks, and maybe even ignore you on purpose for them.

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An Aquarius man could make himself scarce in your life very quickly. If he lives with you, then this would mean he would barely be home. He’ll have a million and one things he has to do or wants to do which do not include you.

You’ll feel that he’s not “with” you anymore, as he won’t act as though he wants to spend any quality time with just you. It will feel as though you’re just there and he’s gone.

He’s making you feel as though he’s gone is his ultimate goal if he’s done with you. This way you’ll be forced to move on and break it off with him. He’d rather you break it off with him than the other way around.

I suggest to you that if he’s doing this, then it’s time to let him go. No amount of trying to pull him back is going to make him change his mind.

If you let go and over time you begin talking again, maybe there is a chance but once he pulls back and is more or less gone from your life, you can be sure it’s over.

2. Sex Fades Into The Distance

Aquarius men are very sexual and romantic. When they’re really into you, they cannot keep their hands off you. When they’re done, they’ll barely touch you, if at all.

If you notice a huge decrease in intimacy or even small things like kissing, hugging, and having sweet tenderness, then it’s probably over in his mind. It may not be over in yours but with him, withholding romance and sex is a sure sign that he’s done.

At this point, he could be already sleeping with someone else and getting his “fix” while he’s waiting for you to break it off with him. It’s really crappy, I know, but this is what they tend to do.

Where things were once steamy and amazing, things are now dull and nearly nonexistent. This is a red flag that says he’s no longer interested and wants to move on but doesn’t have the nerve to break it off.

Eventually, if you don’t do it for him, he’ll figure out a way to break up with you but it’s best if you just go ahead and see the red flags for what they are and try to move on.

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3. He Doesn’t Talk To You

These men typically talk a whole lot to the woman they love and adore. When he starts to pull back and doesn’t talk to you the way he used to, he may be done or may be close to being done.

Most relationships start out very talkative and over the years quiet down a little but they don’t totally just shut off. Aquarius men will stop talking to you about important stuff, and they will stop sharing their innermost feelings.

Whatever he may or may not be feeling, he just isn’t willing to talk to you about it anymore. He’ll either hold it in or he’ll talk to someone else about it. This man totally shuts down around you when he’s done.

It’s really hard not to notice the signs that the Aquarius man gives off when he’s done with a relationship. He’s very cold, callous, and is in his head, totally done. They will start living their new life even if they haven’t ended it with you.

Aquarius men don’t handle breaking up with people very gracefully and try to get the other person to see how bad it really is so that they will do it for them. This could be attributed to their sign but it could also be attributed to a human being feeling incredibly guilty.

Guilt feels less intense if they’re not the one that ends it. It’s not the right thing to do, but sadly, many people handle it that way. For Aquarius, he just completely pulls back from you and creates a stone wall.

He won’t let you penetrate or climb that wall either. He’ll electrify it so you cannot breach the wall and get back into his heart. Effectively when he’s done, he shuts his heart’s door to you.

4. He Acts Cold Towards You

Aquarius men are the humanitarians of the Zodiac and are usually extremely friendly and helpful, but when an Aquarius goes cold towards you, you need to know something is up. If it feels like you are talking to a wall, then you probably are.

His lack of compassion can be quite prevalent because this is something he usually doesn’t struggle with. Sure, he is a little detached at the best of times, but he still maintains his friendly and caring nature.

But if you no longer see any signs of this, then the chances are good that your Aquarius man doesn’t want to deal with you anymore. It is his way of pushing you away because he knows being cold is going to work.

5. He Isn’t Excited To See You

Aquarius men are extremely optimistic. They always carry eternal hope with them whenever they go. They love to live life to the fullest and usually embrace whatever experience comes their way with enthusiasm and excitement.

This is why you need to be really worried when you notice that your Aquarius man seems totally bored when he spends time with you. As if being with you is worse than pulling teeth. When an Aquarius man says he’s bored, then it is usually a really big problem.

Boredom for an Aquarius man is a big no-no and an indicator that he is done with you for good. If you aren’t invoking feelings of excitement for him, then he likely doesn’t see the point in continuing in a relationship with you.

6. He Becomes Really Stubborn

An Aquarius man might be a fixed sign in Astrology, meaning that he is set in his ways and likes to be in control of his life, but unlike other fixed signs, he is actually quite open-minded and likes to learn things from different perspectives.

However, if you notice that your Aquarius man starts becoming rather stubborn and immovable, then you need to take notice of this very telling red flag. This is likely happening because he is done with you and the relationship.

When an Aquarius man refuses to compromise or see reason, then it is very difficult to change his mind. Once he has put his mind to something, then there is basically nothing that will stop him. He is impossible to deal with when he becomes stubborn.

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Aquarius Man Disappears After Intimacy — What Should I Do?

There is a tendency for Aquarians to be distant. However, when the Aquarius man is especially distant after intimacy, it can leave you wondering what you have done wrong. As it turns out, once again, you probably didn’t do anything wrong, so don’t worry about that.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, and therefore, he is unpredictable and not easy to read. He is prone to rebellion and sudden changes. Although an Aquarius man will still choose to have sex, like most men, he’ll do his best to find some alone time to compensate for the closeness they have endured.

Even if they don’t physically get up and leave you in bed, they may act standoffish, or he may immediately act like he’s asleep if they don’t physically get up and leave you in bed.

Aquarius uses this defense mechanism to make himself feel as if he is in control, even when it is to his detriment. An Aquarius man distant after intimacy is something you might need to get used to, at least for a while…

If an Aquarius man disappears after intimacy, avoid calling him and flooding his inbox with messages. He needs time to reflect on his emotions and thoughts.

However, if his disappearance has made you confused, you should communicate openly about it. Tell him how you feel, be calm, and ask him to explain his behavior. Don’t jump to conclusions and assume the worst!

And what if your Aquarius man disappears and comes back? Check out my recent blog post to find out why an Aquarius man would suddenly disappear when everything seems to be going well.

Will An Aquarius Man Come Back After Ghosting?

It can be really tough to tell if an Aquarius man will come back after ghosting. The thing to remember about him is that he isn’t a very emotional person. He makes decisions based on his mind, not his heart – this complicates things in matters of love.

You can never be sure what he is feeling, and I guess that is because he rarely ever knows either. He is one of those guys that will use all kinds of distractions to get over a relationship like overworking or throwing himself into a new hobby.

3 Surefire Signs An Aquarius Man Is Not Over You

You might feel really discouraged thinking that your Aquarius man is done with you, but there are a few signs Aquarius man is not over you that you can look out for. I just wish these guys weren’t so complicated and confusing.

So, things to look out for:

1. He is distracting himself through work and hobbies

This could help him get through a challenging situation or a breakup. This way, he can stay focused and away from negative thinking patterns. Once he processes his emotions through something he is passionate about, he could easily go back to you to try to resolve things in a positive way.

However, you must be aware that he should not use hobbies to avoid deeper issues. It is important to clear the way for effective communication. It builds trust and creates long-term bonds.

2. He is partying a lot more than usual

This is how he is blowing off steam from the negative consequences of your relationship. Let him be; he will go wild and then recuperate. Balancing between socializing and being distant is something one needs to achieve. He is having a hard time getting you out of his system.

With such behavior, you can only conclude that your Aquarius man is not over you. He cannot escape from difficult emotions, and this is his way of dealing with this issue. Luckily, this is not typical behavior for an Aquarius man, and it will not last long. Eventually he will go back to your relationship and look for ways to sort things out.

3. He is still keeping in touch and giving you mixed signals

If his actions are different from what he is saying, you must pay close attention to his actions! This is rule number one. When an Aquarius man is treating you with respect and if his attention and affection have been given to you freely, this means he totally wants to win you over.

However, if an Aquarius man is playing a hot and cold game and giving you mixed signals, you can be sure he is contemplating his next move and doesn’t want to move forward from you, but he is not certain whether to become too emotionally invested so he keeps his feelings in check.

The 3-Step Formula To Pull A Aquarius Man Back

It may seem as if all hope is lost with your Aquarius guy, but I have come to realize there is another way to look at it. It is in this version that the Aquarius makes a return.

It’s not a joke, I promise. According to my experience, there are ways to make a Aquarius guy reconsider you as an option if you have the right qualities.

Without a doubt, these are the steps you’re going to want to know if you want to learn more about it. 

There is no doubt in my mind that you can get back into the good graces of the Aquarius guy. I can assure you that you are going to want to know everything you can about this.

As a result of the steps that I have in mind, the results have been astonishing. As a matter of fact, I was shocked.

In order to regain the trust of an Aquarius man, there are a few things you need to remember…

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>> The steps outlined here will ensure that you’ve met with romantic success with the Aquarius man.

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,


  • My Aquarius man friend and f*ck buddy did just as you said he would he told me he would rather ride s dirt bike then have sex with me

    • Hi Tami!

      I’m sorry to hear that he treated you like that. It’s probably best not to establish friends with benefits with any Aquarius man. He isn’t capable of ever developing more when he’s in these types of relationships. Your guy sounds like he was pretty immature though. I’m sure you can find someone better for you that will give you the best!

  • My Aquarius ex left me two days ago, our relationship had the good and bad with it. He always left me but would come back, one of the reasons why he would come back is because of me… I would always beg for him to come back. This time he told me it’s done for good… He knows that I still love him and cannot move on nor will I forget about him. We ended off on a good note. I am not sure if I should move on or still wait for him?

    • Hi Unknown!

      If you two are on and off again then maybe it’s a good idea to let lots of time elapse so that both of you can look at your lives without being in a relationship. Maintain friendship while you do this and perhaps later on you can try again once you’ve both lived life without each other. I think something is missing and that’s why you two keep breaking it off. Something isn’t right and you both need better perspective.

  • I’m actually tearing up right now reading this as everything mentioned here is what I’m going through to a T! I asked my husband he if wanted and open marriage or wanted to be separated and he chooses to be separated. Next step is for him to move out. Thank you for confirming what I’ve expected was an outcome.

    • Hi Washingtonian!

      I’m actually saddened to hear that things fell apart for you. I’m glad that you now know what is going on and you can finally figure out where you will go from here but I am sorry that things went the way they did. You deserve better than that and you certainly can heal then find someone who will want the same life together that you do. Hang in there darling!

  • Fact. I’m an Aquarius male. Like to the core. And when we’re done, we’re certainly done. Aquarian males are very decisive creatures. This is because we know what we want and what we don’t want. When we decide we want something, nothing and no one can convince us otherwise. And conversely, when we know something is not for us–we automatically “cross it off” (or “them”) off in our minds and heart. We simply move on. When an Aquarius male is moving on, THIS is where you will see the that infamous “detached” side of them. When an Aquarius cares—he truly truly cares. But when he doesnt–he just doesn’t. An Aquarius is more of a “catch him while he cares” type. Another thing that will run an Aquarius male off is betrayal. Once an Aquarius male feels like you have betrayed the relationship or his trust—it’s pretty much “over” to him mentally. Unlike most men–remember an Aquarius THINKS. He’s a thinker. So he makes decisions in his head first. He never “just acts”. He always thinks first. Aquarians, though adventurous, are never a reckless as they often appear to be. They think too much to be “reckless”. Whatever an Aquarius man is doing he MEANS to do. I think an Aquarians simplicity in this matter is exactly what throws people off the most. Aquarians are sincere, genuine. (That’s why they’re known often for being “humanitarians”–because they sincerely care and ate genuine individuals who love people. Aquarians hate to be misunderstood too much to give off misleading signs. Take it from me–whatever he’s doing–or whatever sign he’s giving off—he MEANS to give off that sign. Aquarians are PROFOUND communicators. They know what they’re doing. The question with an aquarius is: “do you?”

    Because they’re such profound thinkers, an Aquarius is always 50 steps ahead of wherever he seems to be at the time. Remember he’s a great thinker. He knows what he wants. And he knows how he plans to get there. That’s why they’re known for being “progressive thinkers” because they’ve already thought not only 5-10 minutes later, they’re thinking as far as 100 years down the road. Once an Aquarian commits to a plan, consider it as good as done. That’s how good of thinkers they can be. My advice would be to find out everything you can about him. You have to find a way to get inside his brain—find his thoughts–simply ask as many questions. With an aquarius he’s ALWAYS thinking about something, probably deep and profound, so just ask! “What are you thinking about at this very moment!?”. And if he trusts you, he will be able and will WANT to tell you. But an Aquarius male will only reveal as much as he trusts you. That’s why it’s often considered better to be his “best friend” first—because what you’re really building is “trust”. And once he trusts you—you’ll have access to ALL of his world—AND yours. Aquarius is revelatory by nature. An Aquarius man knows where he stands on EVERYTHING. (Remember, this man is a thinker. That’s the key.) That’s why they’re so intelligent! They think! And a thinker will always be ahead of everyone else. Find out what his thoughts are, how he thinks, what he’s planning, where his focus is. Trust is extremely important to him. I cannot stress this. If he does not trust you–the world has shown him that people who cannot be trusted cannot be shared with. That’s the way he sees things. The more you want from him–the more you have to show you can be trusted. Also because Aquarians are so sincere–they have a strange ability to just KNOW insincerity. They know when someone is not being honest, straight forward, or is hiding something. So just be honest! Just be yourself with him. He will respect you for that! Aquarians love anything that’s unique! This is a man you can let your guard down around! He’ll love every single thing that you think makes you “weird”—he loves the “strange”, unique, “forbidden” things. So “go there” with him. He’s so mentally in touch with himself that’s he’s already thought through a million strange things. It’s difficult to be “too strange” for an aquarius man. It will probably only peak his interest! Because more than any other sign, he HATES shallow, obvious, basic, things. This man lives for the deep! Make him think. Get him thinking. He’s at his strongest when he’s thinking. 🙂 Anyways, hope this helps! Much love!

    • Hi AquariusMale!

      Thank you for chiming in and sharing some Aquarius man perspective. It’s always appreciated information! I always love the “If you don’t want the truth then don’t ask me” policy that Aquarius has. It’s admirable indeed. Sagittarius blurts it out but Aquarius will give you the option. Anyway, thank you so much for opening up and sharing with all the women who are confused by Aquarius guys.

  • Ughhhh never thought I would do this but I’m just SO CONFUSED. Dating an Aquarius man for 2 months, everything was FINE. We communicate, I give him space when he needs it, we make each other laugh, the sex is wild and different every time, we talk about EVERYTHING. The last time we hung out (2weeks ago), we were making plans for future activities. Then, he was just GONE. There were no red flags (believe me, I thought back over EVERYTHING). He has reached out once, but it was kind of a let down. Obviously the world is falling apart and he has a lot on his plate, but I just don’t get it. I’m trying to be patient and give him space but I just can’t even understand what happened. And he’s not giving me any answers. What can I do?

    • Hi Arieskween!

      Reach out to him and tell him you’re sorry he’s going through lots of stuff right now and that you hope he’ll find his way. Tell him you are there for him and that he can reach out to you anytime he wants. If he starts to talk again then you can try to get closer again. Until he’s ready, he’s not going to budge an inch. If you would like to know more about Aquarius man, check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  • Hi
    Im a libra and my ex is an aquarius. He still cares alot about my health and even after break up he treats me as tho I’m still his gf but after some days he becomes really harsh and rude . He says mean things but after hours he’ll be sweet again . I really love him so I let him be sweet to me and then rude but it hurts to see . He suddenly says I’m leaving and when I beg he doesn’t stops but if I tell him I’ll be leaving he stops me . How can I make him love me how he used to do and notice me again .

    • I’m a Libra female with an aquarius ex male and we were together for about 7 years and broke up earlier this year but are still in each other’s lives …he has done ALL of this but still shows signs that he loves me (not in love though a huge difference) and cares….he is going through a phase in life that I’ve already been through when we broke up a while ago and that’s the whole experimenting and dating other people and having fun…but it gets old and the heart wants what it wants and it always gravitates back to each other … So he gravitates to me and not even for sex or a friendship but I can tell it’s more. He misses me but is afraid to commits because he doesn’t want a girlfriend and since we were together for so long I’m that memory to him so he can’t see us taking it slow being how long we were together for so the moment he gets comfortable with me he shuts himself off to avoid getting in a relationship but I don’t want to rush things because I want to take things slow as it’s been awhile since we were together and I want to get to know him again…so how can I do that when he keeps pushing back when he gets close to me.

      He gives me very confusing vibes… Almost feels like he’s fighting himself… So I stay neutral and try and let him make his own decision but the HOT AND COLD act is getting old and honestly hurts having him be himself and us being fun and dorky together to him being cold and off-putting and sometimes rude… and I care and love myself enough to continue letting it hurt me but I also care about him enough to not completely let go and give up when I still have mixed signals and some hope so what can I do to try to make it work??

      • HI Libra Beauty!

        It would seem that you are in limbo in your situation. I would be very clear with him what you want and what you see going forward as a couple. He needs to meet you half way or it’s no good. If he cannot do that or is having other troubles keeping him from doing it then you will have to give him some space and time to sort it out otherwise you’re going to seem as though you’re putting pressure on him that is extra and he’ll end up ghosting you. If you would like to know more about Aquarius man, check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

    • Hi Meow!

      Darling, you cannot make anyone love you. They either do or they do not. You should not up with his crap honey. Love doesn’t treat you like crap. Appreciate the good times but if he starts acting badly toward you, call him out on it. You shouldn’t ever be mistreated. If he cannot treat you nicely then you need to find someone who will. If you would like to know more about Aquarius man, check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

    • As a Gemini woman getting to know an aquarius man, they are quite confusing, purposefully. My dad was an Aquarius. I kind of get them. They mirror Geminis. We have a lot in common. The only difference is, we are open, expressive and put things out on the table. Not many games. They are great, however, they are draining personalities. My sister is also one.. you have to have the patience of God to be with them. They require total understanding without knowing how to understand others. It’s like teaching. If you have the patience and can see a bigger picture ( again they are great, loyal and providers and fun), go for it. #Airsigns

      • Hi!

        I totally understand why you would find Aquarius perplexing. Good your dad was an excellent teacher of what Aquarius is like. Patience is necessary, there is no denying that. Having your own life outside of them is helpful as is giving them their space before they just up and take it without a word. Again, thank you for tuning in and telling me your perspective. I appreciate you!

  • Literally spot on for me and my sons dad. And I noticed it from the beginning and always called him out on it. And he would say I’m stupid and just giving him bullshit. But literally word for word these have been his actions.

    • Hi Kay!

      Wow! I’m sorry to hear that sweetheart. Well, you know what to do based on what I’ve told you but I do have far more information than this available to women like you who need to know what they’re dealing with and exactly what will work. If you would like to know more about Aquarius man, check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  • Hello!
    So a couple of years ago I met this Aquarius guy. Everything seemed alright but he ghosted me. So I stopped trying to see him and gave him space. He came back into my life a few months after, but I stopped replying because I had someone back then. And when I broke up with my ex, the Aquarius guy was already with someone else. Time passed by, and he messaged me again. We saw each other a few times, but I was going out of the country for a few months, so he ghosted me again. When I came back, he had a girlfriend but called me so we could talk. I respected his relationship and was sincerely happy for him. I made a new Facebook and added him on it, as a friend. It took a few days for him to accept my friend request. Not too long after he unfriended me on both Facebook. That was 2 years ago, and the other day I wanted to stalk him (shame on me, i know), but turns out he blocked me on one of my Facebook. I understand he’s moved on, but why would he blocked me? I haven’t try to contact him or anything like that.

    • Hi SagittariusGal!

      Sounds like his girlfriend found out and read him the riot act which made him act quickly to block you and stop talking to you. I would reach out and ask him what’s up just to see what is going on and if he’ll even respond to you. If he doesn’t you can chalk it up to him being in trouble with his lady. Either walk away or wait to see if they break up. If you would like to know more about Aquarius man, check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  • I was in a relationship with an Aquarius male for 15 years and ended the relationship because he was taking me for granted, hardly had any conversation, left me on my own at social events, made sure I was asleep before coming to bed, no passion, no sex, and no respect for my needs or opinions. We did not live together so he had plenty of space and would always leave me behind if something else interesting came along. I eventually realised that he had killed my feelings and love for him so I finally ended our relationship. I then found out he was gaining sympathy from our friends by lying and making out that he was the innocent party and that I was the hard hearted bitch that used him. I now realise that I should have walked away years before. I am now very happy on my own with new friends I’ve made and my new interests I’m involved with. The irony of this story is that I’m an Aquarian too!

    • Hi Anita McKay!

      I’m so very sorry to hear you were taken for granted. Oops yep, he doesn’t want to seem like the bad guy either. So frustrating! Well whether you did years ago or you are now, it’s good that you’re done and that you’re working on a new life. You definitely understand what Aquarius should be like but this guy sounds like has other things in his chart that makes him less committed. I wish you all the very best!

  • Aquarius male, I so wish I could talk to you! When you say he knows what he is doing, he is doing it intentionally to let me know how he feels? If he is not texting, liking socials, commenting on socials it is a sign of “I am done with you”?

    • Hi Libra!

      If he’s being active on social media and texting then he does like you. If he isn’t then he may not be. When there is doubt, be honest and open by asking him what he wants and where he sees things going with you two. He should talk to you and tell you once you ask. He should be pretty honest about it also. Take him for his word at that point. If you need more tips, check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  • Hi, Im a leo and currently seeing both an aquarius and virgo. The aquarius knows Im in another relationship and its been great. He recently confessed that he’s falling for me and I turned him down but I miss him. Not sure if I could leave my virgo for him.

    • Hi Leo!

      If your Virgo finds out then you won’t have either of them. Aquarius might be alright because he isn’t really open to have a full commitment. Virgo isn’t like that though. Virgo is “you’re with me or you’re not”. It’s good you turned Aquarius guy down because this could turn into a huge sticky situation for you all. Do what is best for you. Search your soul. Is your Virgo the one you love and the one you want to be with forever or is something lacking? If breaking it off feels best then that’s what you need to do. You need to choose though sweetheart. I wish you all the luck of the stars!

  • Hi! Thank you for this article. It is spot on. I’m a Virgo and was in a situationship with an Aquarius for 3 months. It was so perfect at first and then he started detaching. He didn’t like when I said that I could no longer do the situationship and was considering walking away. For some reason he held a grudge like it hurt him and started treating me different, but didn’t want to let go. He would ALWAYS reach out to me first. It became so sad to me and awkward that I told him I needed a break and for us not to communicate during this time. It’s been a week. I’m not sure if I want it back, but I miss him. Do Aquarius return in situations like this? He always has, but I’m afraid the detaching was a sign that he was already gone and so I did the rest for him by saying I need a break. Just curious as to whether they do return.

    • Hi VIRGOLady!

      It’s great to hear from you with your experience. I’m glad that you were able to connect with the article. That’s my goal! I am sorry that things didn’t work out like you had hoped. Aquarius can return, yes. If he sees something in you that is valuable to him or he cannot stop thinking of you then he may be back. I wouldn’t place a bet on it but I wouldn’t rule it out either. Give it another week and text him again. Ask him how he is doing. That should get some communication rolling again. I wish you all the best!

  • My Aquarius ex just broke up with me recently after being together for 4 years. In the last 2 years we did not have sex, but still had kissing and huggings so I didn’t take it as red flags but just thought he couldn’t perform. I just realized how wrong and insensitive I am.. so sad.

  • I’ve been with an Aquarius man for 5 months now. He’s early Aquarius though so I wonder if there’s some late Capricorn tendencies. He’s a musician so he’s very artsy. I feel like he might be done with me and I’ve asked but he won’t straight out say so. Mixed signals for example recently telling me he misses me and loves me! I can barely get him to answer calls or text when up till a month ago it was effortless and we fit together perfectly. Discouraging

    • Hi Kristen!

      He would have to be in the cusp for him to have Capricorn tendencies. You might want to find out his other birth aspects as that is what truly determines who a person is. If you suspect that he’s done, you should just be bold and ask him so that you can find out what you need to know. After you get it, you can figure out what you will do next. It sadly sounds like he’s blowing you off. ANY man who wants his partner will make the effort. I wish you all the very best in love and life because you deserve it!

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