Breakup With An Aquarius Man: Is He Gone Forever?

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Breakup With An Aquarius Man: Is He Gone Forever?

Have you and your Aquarius guy ended things and you wonder if there is any possibility of getting back together with him? It may be a slim chance but there is hope in some cases. Here is all you need to know about a breakup with an Aquarius man.

Nasty Breakup

If you and your Aquarius guy did not part on amicable terms, you may be hard-pressed to find him forgiving you and coming back. They are set in their ways much of the time.

That means that if he decided he’s done with you, he probably will maintain that stance and no matter what you do or say, he won’t entertain the idea of ever getting back with you.

Now, he may be friends with you in time. However, that doesn’t mean he’ll be open to becoming more again. I’m not going to tell you its impossible or that it will never happen but I can tell you the chances are slim to none.

He forgives but doesn’t forget and will carry this pain with him going forward. No matter how much he may seem over it, he’s not. He’s put it in a container and filed it somewhere in his brain.

Amicable Parting of Ways

Young couple going through a breakup

If you were both possibly unsure about the relationship and ended it in a friendly way, there is still the possibility there. It really depends on how much you may have liked/loved each other.

In the case of immaturity and needing to grow up was there, perhaps when you’ve both grown a bit, he’ll then be ready to try again with a fresh start. Parting as friends are usually beneficial.

It’s not a sure-fire way to get him back though. He may move on and just want to remain friends. That’s not necessarily a bad thing really. It’s sometimes better to have him as a friend than nothing at all, right?

If the two of you can maintain a friendship over time, you can certainly try to open the door back up and see if there is a potential romance that can bud out of everything you two have learned while you were apart.

What Can You Do?

Of course, this is going to depend on if you parted on good terms or not as to whether or not this will work. There is also the element of free will which means no matter what you try, he still has to decide for himself.

After a breakup, it’s necessary to give the other person some time and space to recover from what happened. You also need this time to regain your own self-worth or composure.

Healing has to happen or the whole exercise is lost. Work on healing yourself and getting your own life in order. Showing the Aquarius guy that you’re able to take care of yourself will impress him.

Don’t do it solely for him though. Do it for yourself and for the growth you can experience in your life going forward. That way whether it works or not, you’ll still be whole.

If he offers to keep that friendship open, take him up on it. When you text or call him, keep it light and fun. If the two of you end up meeting up somewhere, keep it public and full of fun.

Basically, you need to try to avoid being alone or diving into bed. One of the top mistakes is a woman who thinks she’s going to get him back by having sex with him. Some will take the sex and then leave the woman alone again.

He thinks if you offer yourself to him that it’s in a casual context and he doesn’t have to follow through with it. The only way that would change is if HE is the one that wants you back.

Most of the time, Aquarius men are NOT trying to get their ex back. They are always ready to just go ahead and move on. So if there is any hope of reconciliation, the woman will have to initiate it.

The Gist of What Could Happen

Couple going through a breakup

If by being friendly, making it light and easy seems to be working, keep it up and do NOT try to coax him back into a relationship. In fact, it’s more effective to not push a relationship at all.

If you do push it, he’ll turn and walk away. Again, it’s not typically his vested interest to go where he’s already been and didn’t work out. He has to see that there is a reason to want you back.

Show him why he’d want you back. Be yourself, be independent, be fierce, be fun, and be his friend. It may take some time but if you’ve got the patience, you may see some success come from this.

Invite him out with you and some of your friends. He’ll be thrilled you’re not trying to have one on one time. This allows you both to have fun without any pressure about who is going home with whom.

Just remember, there is that chance that he may not want to get back together at all no matter what you do or say. That is a risk you take when you try to work at getting the Aquarius man back.

I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t waste your time. Honestly, if you think he’s worth it, you’ll be willing to put in the patience and time it may take to possibly get him interested again.


I’m just trying to warn you what could happen should things not go the way you want them to go. Just whatever you do, try to keep sex for when or if there is a possible reuniting happening. Otherwise, you may end up doubly hurt.

Learn as much as you can about Aquarius so that if you do actually get back together; you’ll be able to handle him a whole lot better. Click here to learn more about him.

Did you break up with an Aquarius man? Let me know!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

  • okay so it probably began 1 year back. I was into a relationship of 5 years before that. There were some issues and we broked up. I was literally in very tough condition because i have a problem of getting attached to the ones i love and they probably leave. So i was already in that situation last year in December. I was just online on fb and i got a friend request of my current boyfriend jisse mera brkup hua hai abhi.. ok.
    so i found that person genuine and i accepted the request and gradually he started to show me grt intrest.. i told him about myself.. my whole journey of 5 year relationship and how broken i am. I wasn’t expecting anything from him but he started making me laugh.. made me forget abt my past.. i was happy that someone is there who can make me feel myself. But i usually don’t speak much around the people so fast otherwise i am very talkative with my known my family my friends and all. but in our case he used to talk very much and i ask him to speak.. all the day.. night..
    yeah.. so all was going good. Everything was fine.. but as i was already into the relationship of 5 years thete were still some piece left behind.. some scars.. some insecurity.. some issues.. some anxiety as i was greatly attached with him.
    now after 4 months he wanted a relationship but i didn’t wanted to loose him as a friend kunki jb relationship khtm hoti hai frndship bhi end hoti hai.. or mai jnti thi isiliye me use khona nhi chahti thi.. nd i was feared. he said that trust me i am always there nd this situation will nvr come between us.. so we started meeting.. long drives.. movies.. dares nd all..
    everything was going good but i was still vry insecure not regarding him but regarding myself.. i was feared of loosing him.. i didn’t wanted to end this.. but i was like i never talked.. it was like wo msg krta mai reply krti.. i used to tell him. aap bolo.. aap sunao.. wo mujhse puchta toh mai batati thi otherwise aage hoke kbhi kuch nhi bola… it was like i was in a series of only replying not conversating
    usko problem hui ki mai kitna bolu.. mai hi bolta hu.. tu kuch batati nhii..kuch toh bol.. bas smile krti rehti hai humesha..
    he used to say tu jaisi sabke sath hai.. waisi reh.. mere sath bhi
    this month i observed a gradual changes in his texting like if i used to share something he used to reply with accha.. okk.. haan.. and ye reply mujhe smj kum aate hai mujhe lgta hai ki samne wale ko intreste nhi hai ya wo bast khtm krna chahta hai.. but then too i ignored his all these things nd socha ki aisa kuch hoga nhii.
    So we had a fight nd i blamed him.. tih next mrng he wrote this-
    prakriti har baar issues tere hi nhi hote hai.. i too have a family.. or mere plans instantly bante hai.. tujhe jb bhi milna hota hai tu bol drti hai or mera kya.. meri khushi ka kya.. tu humesha bolti hai mujhe khush rakho.. mai krta bhi hu.. pr tumne kbhi meri khushi nhi sochi.. kuch bolti nhi hai.. milti hai toh bas smile krti hai… na aage hoke kuch krti hai…tu jaisi sanke sath hai waisi mere sath kyu nhi hai. mene bohot try kia sab krne ka pr ab mai thak gya hu krte krte.. mere jo expectations the tujhe leke wo toh khtm ho gye nd now i cant handle it more.. mai ab is relationship ko isse aage nhi leke jaa skta.. nd i give up..
    then i realized i missed a precious person of my life… because of my dirty past i spoiled my present.. i started apologizes.. sorry.. said that i will change myself.. give me one chance… he said…tu chsnge mere liye mat ho prakriti.. khudh ke liye ho… nd since then i am in a guilt… and i know i am not what i was with him..i am soft.. kind.. caring.. helping.. but i took him for granted.. and thought he will also be like my ex.. and was getting rude to him.. for no reason…

    please help me with this problem.

    • I broke up with my Aquarius man because I have been seeing signs of another woman being in the picture. I often asked him but he denied it. I believe he tries to play mind games with me and saying things like I’m crazy. We never spend enough time together and when we did it’s always short. I spoke to him about not getting enough of his time and he either gave me excuses and sometimes had nothing to say.

      • Hi WSM!

        Ok so what you need to do then is put your foot down. Tell him that you want to be with him but you do have needs. If he cannot provide them or give you more of his time then you will move on. If he does have another woman on the side, he will probably agree to that and then go to her and it will be no real big loss anyway because he may be headed in that direction anyway but stalling. If he cares for you then he will do what he has to in order to get you to stay. You might want to check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more information.

  • I break up with my aquarius boyfriend since yesterday but we been together for 3 years and 5 months. What can I do to get him back.??

      • You initiate the talk to him. he will surely come back. Same happened with me and he is back in my life after 5 months.

    • Hi Daisy!

      It’s hard to say what you should do to get him back when you didn’t mention the specifics of your break up. It will greatly depend on how things ended and if you’re still able to talk to each other or not. There is much more to it.You might want to check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more information.

  • I broke up with my Aquarius man because he never did what he said he would do. He never called when he promised and nothing was ever like it was in the beginning. I was an afterthought and felt like I needed to beg for attention from him. I’m worth more.

    • Hi Catherine,

      They can slack off when they get too comfortable or if they get bored. It’s important to try new things, talk about new things, bring some excitement, and do things that are appealing. If you don’t, he’ll get bored and go looking elsewhere. Don’t beg for attention. Tell him you want more and if he doesn’t give it to you then you need to move on to find someone who will actually treat you better. Learn more about Aquarius by reading my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  • I have been ghosting my Aquarius man more than a week now. I have always been the one to initiate contact and he has not made contact to know if I’m ok or not. How do I move forward?

    • Hi MSW!

      Hmm… well he either thinks you’ve moved on or he just doesn’t care. I think if you want to know what is going on, you should reach out and ask him why he hasn’t tried to contact you while you’ve been quiet. Tell him you want things to work but you two need to talk about things on a more serious level or you will move on. He should answer you I believe. You might want to check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more information.

  • The Aq. man that wanted to marry me, left me (two years ago now) because I was not yet ready to get married. He was pulling away at the same time that I was because I was finally doing something good for myself. As of right now, both of us are still single and I’m having a terrible time with dealing with this. He will talk to me on occasion (text) but doesn’t go out of his way. Should I just assume he has moved on?

    • Hi AES!

      I wouldn’t assume that. I would actually ask him what is going on with him and what he wants. Tell him that you still have feelings for him and would like to try to make things work. He will either tell you he’s done or he’ll agree with you and take steps to bring it back together. Read more helpful information in my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  • So we broke up. He doesnt feel that he can dedicate time for his business venture and me…so he chose his career. He loves me and I love him. He reassured me that his feelings for me have not changed but he js just too busy. I thanked him for his honesty and told him I wish him well. He said maybe another time in life we can try again. We had a good relationship and it hurts that he didnt want to at least try to apply some balance between his personal and professional life. We are both ambitious and busy…I told him that wont change. I dont know if he will miss me too much and come back or not…but I am focusing on myself. Am I in pain over the break up…yes. When the relationship sucked anyway, its easy. But when you know you are the love of each other’s lives, it is heart breaking. I dont know how I will be able to do it, but I know the best thing is to let him go, because I know him well enough to understand that no matter how happy our lives are, he is incomplete if he doesnt take this chance giving his business all he has. Maybe he will realize what I already know and that is our lives are good on out own…but together they could be great. I havent thought about what will happen if he comes back. I know one thing, I will NOT rush back to him for fear of this possibly happening again. I normally dont allow do overs….but for him I may consider it. Conditions do apply though.

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