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4 Ways To Show An Aquarius Man That You Really Love Him

Aquarius men can be tough to figure out in the realm of love. He wants to be social, and yet he needs time alone. He’s a fan of Universal love while having difficulty navigating it on a one-on-one basis. What are you to do? How can you assist him in opening his heart to your love? What things would the Aquarius love to see his partner do to activate his love potential?

I’m Anna Kovach, a long-time Relationship Astrologer with advice to engage the romantic side of your Aquarius. If you’ve been struggling to make your love understood by your Aquarius partner, then you’ve come to the right place! I have tips that and techniques that can help you achieve your goals.

I know you’re committed to assisting your Aquarius in seeing the ways that you adore him. So, check out these four proven methods I’ve shared below to prove that to him!

4 Ways To Show An Aquarius Man That You Really Love Him

1. Appreciate His Weirdness

Interestingly, the planets that rule the signs define the nature of the signs themselves! Aquarius has two rulers, and one of them is Uranus. Uranus is a planet that sits sideways with its equator going up and down rather than side to side. Also, Uranus rotates the opposite way of the other planets!

Uranus’ whacky motion means that Aquarius has his quirks that don’t make sense to others! This is why Aquarius is the strangest sign in the Zodiac. He has unorthodox techniques that other people are unsure of how to handle. Aquarius has an urge to commune with others, so this can make him feel left out.

This is where you come in! You can show your Aquarius man that you appreciate him by accepting him for all his beautiful quirks. This is a quality the Aquarius doesn’t find in most people. He’s used to being written off as a strange bird. Your regard for his sometimes bizarre nature will endear him to you and show him that you love him.

2. Book Him Some Solo Time

Ways To Show Aquarius Man You Really Love Him

One of Aquarius’ rulers is Uranus, but the other is actually traditional Saturn. Saturn is the loner, the strict father, and the rule follower of the sky. He’s firm and unabiding. Aquarius, ruled by both the rebel (Uranus) and the Solar System’s authoritarian (Saturn), has a complex nature! What does this mean when you’re trying to show Aquarius some love?

Since Aquarius stands apart from the crowd and he also finds himself being alone, Aquarius enjoys his solo time. Aquarius is odd in many ways, but not least of all because he loves being social with a streak of hermit within him!

You can drive home your appreciation for this tendency by booking him a trip on his own. Maybe a cabin in the woods where he can go all Henry David Thorough (an Aquarius rising himself!). Aquarius would love some time in the woods to contemplate the nature of society.

If you can’t swing a trip, then consider giving Aquarius the house for an entire day where he can chill and be alone. He will love that you are so self-reliant that you can spend time away from him. When you return, Aquarius will be spent on unchaperoned time, and he’ll look forward to falling into your arms! Absence makes the heart grow fonder, after all.

3. Be Friendly With His Friends!

How To Show Aquarius Man You Really Love Him

Despite his inner hermit, the Aquarius has a lot of friends! He’s a social creature that many people seem to like (when he isn’t flexing his off-the-wall side, that is). Even though Aquarius is the water bearer, he’s an air sign! This means that being deep thought, being social, and communicating is in his bones.

His friends are a top priority, so you must find a way to show that you’ve got an in with his BFFs! This is an excellent way to stand out to them all! The Aquarius will take what they say to heart. Translation? If his friends love you, so will he!

I recommend meeting his friends. This should not be a problem since the Aquarius likely met you through a friend that you knew already. You might even still be a part of his core friend group as his partner! Aquarius would never exclude you from friend activities unless he’s feeling smothered.

If you are friends with his friends yourself, then this step is easy. Keep doing what you’re doing! If you don’t know his friends, then it’s essential to be warm and welcoming. Remember their birthdays, take an interest in their lives, and generally be a nice person to them. Easy peasy, right?

If you don’t care for one of his friends, I would not recommend telling the Aquarius unless it’s necessary. He’s going to focus on his buddies most of the time. In my experience, the Aquarius tends to reject his partner if they become controlling of his time spent with friends. So, keep it nice and easy and go with the flow!

This technique will reward you with brownie points in the mind of the Aquarius! You’ll gasp when you see how far this method goes with him. He’ll feel as if his choice in friends meets your standards. This translates to pure love in the mind of the Aquarius!

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4. Change The World With Him

The Aquarius thinks on a global scale. He considers the direction of humanity and the world to excess. Thus, he isn’t concerned with the mundanity of the now. He wants to know how we all can create a better tomorrow! This is why his symbol is the water bearer (an angel) pouring nourishment onto humanity as a whole.

Listen to what the Aquarius is talking about when it comes to causes. Aquarius’ have opinions on the state of the world, and the direction that he feels is best. Listen when he talks about the path that he would like to see the world go in! When you pay attention, I know that you’ll notice what he feels would improve the world.

This is when you find a charity or cause to which you’d like to contribute. If he’s concerned about the environment, then consider taking a trip to protest emissions. If he’s got new energy sources on his mind, attend a conference on the matter with him. If nothing else, I recommend finding causes he is passionate about and then donating in his name!

Aquarius will feel the love when you show him your interest in his passions! He’s amped when you display how far you’re willing to go to ensure that he’s heard. Aquarius has likely never had someone who pays such close attention to his opinions. Who couldn’t feel adored by someone so loving?

If you’ve shown your Aquarius man how you love him, then share with us how you’ve done it! Leave a comment below so we can all know.

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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