11 Questions To Ask An Aquarius Man To Spark His Interest

by Anna, relationship astrologer
Which questions to ask an Aquarius man? The sign of Aquarius is ruled by the air element and this means that communication is everything...

If you have read any of my Aquarius man articles then you know how intellectual this sign is. The thing that really gets him going is if he can build an intellectual connection with a woman. This is the most important thing for him. Knowing what questions to ask an Aquarius man can be a make or break for your chances with him.

But this can be quite daunting and intimidating. Like how exactly are you supposed to know what to ask an Aquarius man to make him interested in you? For some women, this might come quite naturally, while others are a little shyer. But I am coming to the rescue with conversation starters for your Aquarius man. 

Here are some helpful things for you to remember in knowing how to start a conversation with an Aquarius man. When an Aquarius man sees that you’re good at communicating and asking interesting questions, you are more likely to disarm him and make him interested in you on a deeper level. 

Keep reading to learn the questions that make an Aquarius man fall in love with you.

How To Start A Conversation With An Aquarius Man

Aquarius men are super fun and friendly. They really love getting to know people, despite coming across as a little distant and aloof. This is just their exterior and there is really nothing you should be intimidated by. 

These guys love getting to know new people because their whole essence is all about community, connection, and friendship. So for an Aquarius man the more the merrier when it comes to getting to know new people. 

You can literally speak to an Aquarius about basically anything! As long as you aren’t too keen or put too much pressure on him romantically. You don’t even need to flirt with him as this can even sometimes scare him off. 

Just chat with him about anything or ask him questions about the things you know he finds interesting. The most important thing is that you are confident and don’t take him too seriously. 

It is important to keep things light and airy when you first approach an Aquarius man, but once you do, you’ll see incredible depths he has and that having a conversation with an Aquarius man is probably some of the most fun and enlightening chats you’ll ever have. 

Questions To Ask An Aquarius Man To Spark His Interest

1. Where Do You Usually Hang Out?

This is a very basic question, I have to admit it, but it will help you to get the attractive Aquarius guy to open up to you in the very beginning stages of your communication. 

This question is easy, and very safe in its nature; however, you should listen carefully to the answer because it will reveal many personal things about him.

Depending on his age and education, you will quickly decipher the usual habits of this Aquarius guy, his moral or ethical norms, his sense of fun, and his social network, which will consequently describe clearly his own personality.

Just remember the birds of the feather flock together. If you both are in your younger age, then the answer “I like to hang out in those clubs and I love to travel there and do those kinds of things,” can be satisfactory for you.

In this particular case, you will only have to decide whether you are able to mingle into his world without exhausting your own. There are so many Aquarius guys of today who are not alive when they are not traveling and since many of them are working remotely, this nomadic style is something that gives them the essential energy to live.

On the other hand, for you as a woman, frequent moves, trains, airplanes, and all odd-looking hotels and hostels might get you tired and feeling homesick.

This is why it’s essential for you to ask. If he is not so young and his days consist of an endless club or beach parties, then you could be wasting your time, because he is clearly not interested in settling down anytime soon. 

In the end, it won’t be embarrassing for any of you two, because you’ve just asked the neutral question and if you didn’t like the answer, you moved on.

2. What Motivates You To Get Up In The Morning?

With the answer to your first question, you have got the chance to know his life and his basic needs and rules. However, this second question will take you a little bit deeper into his soul, because he will be provoked to talk about his passion or purpose.

You will find out very soon everything you need to know about his desires and plans for the future and while he is talking about those subjects you could figure out very easily can you adapt to his life and can he serve the purposes you have established for your life.

3. What Is Your Biggest Dream?

Let’s just focus for a moment, because you need to be very careful when it comes to questions to ask an Aquarius man. You should direct him to open up about his dreams, not necessarily his goals. 

Many men, in general, have the goal to make millions, and then live this or that type of lifestyle. And if you keep insisting on finding out what are his goals, then your conversation might easily slip into an investigation mode, or worse, he could label you like the gold digger or something similar.

This is why you should keep everything light and breezy, but at the same time, you should feel like a private investigator collecting just valuable information. Remember, you are the woman in this game.

He could have the best body, most beautiful eyes in the world, or any other traits, but if his characteristics can’t serve you and your future, then you should try to find another guy with equally beautiful eyes, but some better life’s strategies.

4. Do You Love Exotic Cuisine? What About Religion?

You could use one or the other, or both questions if you prefer, and their choice will depend upon the age or education level your chosen Aquarius guy possesses. 

The common theme for both of those questions is the foreign culture and this is one thing that excites Aquarius men the most. If you are dating the young Aquarius, you surely don’t want to expand your communication to religion or any other far-away teachings.

But you will certainly open him up if you could give him the chance to talk about the Japanese, Lebanese, or any unusual cuisine he had the chance to try, even on the street stands. 

His descriptions will show you what types of tastes he likes, because and as the saying goes, the way to a man’s heart leads through his stomach. An Aquarius guy may be modern, but this rule applies to him too.

In the case you are dealing with someone older and more mature, the spiritual type of question will make him start talking about his travels, his education, and his philosophical views about life, death, and everything in between. 

And his story will be anything, but boring. Also, you might learn many things from him during the next ten minutes.

5. What Relaxes You?

This is one of the trickiest questions to ask an Aquarius man. This is because he might misinterpret it and start talking about his intimate pleasures when it’s too early for that. 

That’s why you should keep the direction of this question in the safer zones, extending it to sub-questions about his favorite sports, leisure activities, and so on.

And according to his conversation, whether this part of his life includes barbeque with his guys, watching football, or traveling to Nepal and doing some strict religious routines there, you will be able to shape his personality completely and decide if he is a man enough, interesting enough and fun enough for you.

Deep Questions To Ask An Aquarius Man

6. Will You Go On An Adventure With Me?

Aquarius men love adventure. They love to travel and if you bring it up to them, they will likely be on board. You can do this as a weekend getaway or a weeklong vacation.

Whatever you two can work out will do nicely. Suggesting going to a place that you know he’s interested in will do even better. He craves newness and excitement. 

Plan the adventure with him. Let him have some input because if you try to do it all yourself, he may not like some aspect of the plans. It’s better to suggest the place and time.

Again, you two will need to sort out when you can go and for how long. The important part is nailing something that is really fun and exciting for you both as a couple.

Realizing he’s a man that appreciates an adventurous trip will make him feel very good about you and for sure will let him see that you’re the woman of his dreams. How could he not? 

7. So, What Do You Think About Today’s News?

I know this may sound confusing, but Aquarius is normally up to date on what is going on in the world. Whether they watch the news or they see it on social media –they will have an opinion.

When you ask him this question, you’re starting a conversation which will help you two get to know each other by seeing what your opinions are and how much they are alike or different.

Also, it will impress him if you know a lot about what you’re asking. You can ask about a specific topic if you’d like, or you can ask about how life is going in general with everything happening.

He will be curious to see where you stand on important issues. He’ll also be open to hearing your opinions. If you don’t ask him, he probably won’t bring it up. So, it’s better for you to do it!

The point of this question is to show him your smarts and your standards for life. If you’re someone that fits with him, he will see it and will start to develop interest in you and quite possibly fall in love down the road. 

Remember, Aquarius men typically don’t move fast. They are methodical. Showing them how much you’re the right person will get him more motivated to be closer to you though. Show him how brilliant you are and how much you care.

8. What Is Your Deepest Desire In Life?

For your Aquarius man to know you really care about him or are even falling in love with him, he needs to feel like you care about and support his dreams.

Ask him about what makes him most passionate in life. What drives him? What makes him feel alive? These are the things that he wants to tell you about but waits for you to ask.

He doesn’t want to tell you too much because he’s a bit of a private person and he has to trust in order to open up. That being said, you can actually get him to start opening up to you by asking him these questions.

So why not dig just a little bit? He may in turn ask you the same thing, so be prepared.

If he doesn’t, offer it up anyway. He wants to know — he may just need a nudge!

Good Questions To Ask Aquarius Men About Love

9. What Is Your Ideal Relationship?

Connections are exceptionally important to an Aquarius man. They love getting to know new people and making their circle bigger. Having a strong core of people will always light up an Aquarius man’s life. 

However, they don’t always hold this sentiment when it comes to their romantic relationships. Aquarius men can be quite idealistic when it comes to love (this is their way of keeping women out).

An Aquarius man will place impossible standards on their romantic partner and expect a lot of her. You’ll hear all about this when you ask him about his ideal partner and relationship. 

He’ll say he is very chilled and down to earth, but when he first starts listing the qualities he wants in his ideal relationship, you’ll start to realize that he might be more high-strung than you imagined. 

But this is good for you to know because you’ll know what you are getting yourself into and if this is something you can be for him. You might get an interesting glimpse of your Aquarius man when you ask him this. 

10. How Do You Express Your Love?

If you know an Aquarius, then you’ll know that these men aren’t the warmest or most affectionate guys around. They are very intelligent and they find their best connections to be cerebral. 

This can be really tough for women who have the love language of physical touch. This is why it would be a good idea for you to ask your Aquarius man how he expresses his love. 

If you have expectations from him, but he isn’t naturally inclined to express his love that way, then you might get disappointed. But if you know how he expresses his love, it might not make you feel so dejected. 

This is a very important question to ask him, he may never have thought about this before. This should make him more conscious about the way he treats you, and he might hopefully ask you how you would like to be loved.

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11. How Do You Deal With Conflicts In Your Relationships?

When the honeymoon phase is over, it is often when fights might erupt in romantic relationships. This is why it is so important to figure out if you and your partner handle conflict in the same way. 

Ask your Aquarius man how he handles an argument or a bump in the road in hid romantic relationship. This will give you a good indication of what to expect of him when this does happen. 

He can sometimes be quite avoidant, so you knowing this beforehand is a good idea so you won’t take it too personally if he disappears for a bit after the two of you had an argument. 

He’ll probably tell you that he usually takes space and needs alone time when he deals with conflict. 

What NOT To Ask An Aquarius Man

An Aquarius man is generally quite open-minded and happy to talk about anything. He likes to be challenged and stimulated in conversations, but some topics are a no-go for an Aquarius man. 

The conversation he dislikes the most is talking about his exes or having his latest woman compare herself to an ex. This drives him absolutely crazy because jealousy is one of the most unattractive qualities for an Aquarius man. 

He won’t like the idea of being with someone who is obsessive and jealous. Ultimately, the Aquarius man wants to be with someone who is happy to give him his freedom. 

Another thing that really irks an Aquarius man is when he says he no longer wants to talk about a topic, but then a woman goes on and nags him about it. When he is done with something, he is done, and he doesn’t like to be pushed.

This is especially true if you continually ask your Aquarius man how he feels about you. Remember, he isn’t particularly emotional, he is more cerebral and emotions tend to freak him out a bit.

If you keep asking him about his feelings, he is going to get tired very quickly. Don’t ask him how he feels about you, let him express this to you in his own way.

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