Number One Reason Aquarius Avoids Your Texts

Perhaps you’ve had the following experience…

You’re deeply engrossed in a text conversation with your Aquarius man. Everything is going smoothly. You feel your heart fluttering every time a notification clues you in that he’s responded.

You reply to him.

He replies back.

You text him back.

You watch as your phone signals he’s in the process of responding….

But then…


No text.

No reply.

Your hands start to sweat and you try to distract yourself. You put your phone aside and busy yourself with other things, but even an hour, then two hours later, still no answer.

Maybe against your better judgment you send him a few additional texts hoping to jumpstart the conversation again.

Still nothing.

What in the world went wrong?

There is nothing more frustrating than an Aquarius man who suddenly drops from the conversation, going radio silent.

But his silence may not be caused by what you think. And if you don’t understand why he’s suddenly withdrawn you may make matters worse by trying to reel him back in.

First thing’s first, don’t jump to conclusions.

There are several reasons an Aquarius man stops texting you and some of them are completely innocent.

He may have gotten interrupted by a call or called back to work from a break.

In addition to sudden distractions, your Aquarius man may have other reasons for not answering your texts.

There is actually one common reason that Aquarius men stop texting back and once you know this, you can avert a crisis by avoiding getting into this situation in the first place.

One of the big things to keep in mind is to avoid drama and ultimatums in general and especially over text. But if all was going smoothly and still he doesn’t text back, this major reason may explain it.

Aquarius men can drop out of conversations that become too monotonous. They are excitable and passionate.

If they aren’t feeling enthusiastic and excited about the relationship, they may just drop the conversation and move on to other things that get their attention.

Now, to be clear, this doesn’t necessarily mean moving on to talk to other women.

At least not at first.

But if he feels like texting you is the equivalent of making small talk, he’s likely to become bored or to take the conversation for granted.

He may start to wander off and may actually forget to come back to the conversation. He may intend to follow up with you later, but only after he’s done other interesting and exciting things first.

Though you want to keep your texts low drama, you do want to catch and keep his attention. One way to keep the conversation from dragging is to anticipate when his energy is shifting ahead of time.

For instance, if he goes from sending complete sentences and long texts with emojis to just answering in emojis or two word answers, don’t keep the conversation going. Let him know you’ve got to run but will catch up with him later.

By ending the conversation before he clearly gets bored, you can avoid prolonging a conversation that he’s losing interest in.

It’s best to do this rather than to try to keep his attention when you’ve run out of topics or when he seems distraction. You don’t want him to associate you with small talk or tedious conversations.

This is why you need to understand his texting style. When you do, you’ll be better able to trigger his chasing instinct through texts.

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 Doreen Gillamac

You now understand the most common reason an Aquarius man doesn't reply to you.

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