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8 Ways To Get An Aquarius Man To Initiate Contact With You

Wondering how to get your cool, detached Aquarius crush to make the first move? These fellas aren’t the easiest to figure out, and it takes some serious skills to get them to initiate contact. There are some tried-and-tested ways to get this zodiac sign to chase you down – so keep reading!  

Aquarius men are a mystery. One day, they’re all over you, and can’t seem to get enough, and the next, they’ve switched off. This is an unpredictable sign, and it’s essential to keep things interesting, and to be prepared to stay on your toes! 

Fortunately for you, this is a sign that tends to be good at virtual communication, sometimes even better than in real-life! He may be quite chatty once you get him going on instant messaging, but it’s getting him there in the first place that can be a challenge. 

After all, you don’t want to come across as needy, pushy or overly masculine, do you? I’m going to challenge you on that, ladies, because in my experience as a relationship astrologer, Aquarius men are amongst the least traditional you get. They don’t mind if you make the first move! 

It’s just that the first move shouldn’t come across as suffocating or overly emotional. The trick with your Aquarius crush is to play is really, really cool. Pretend that he’s your friend. Let things be light, easy, yet keeping to an intelligent way of communicating, too. 

With that said, these are some of my other tips to get him to be the one to come to you. 

8 Ways To Get An Aquarius Man To Initiate Contact With You

1. Keep Things Casual And Light

One thing that the Aquarius man really hates is getting too heavy and deep in the beginning. He’s totally capable of “going there,” but it takes time and trust. 

If you’re seeing him and talking a lot about trauma or intense emotional subjects, he may just withdraw and never reach out, fearful of being overloaded. 

Because he doesn’t mind being reached out to first, you can go ahead and make contact, but keep it as light and chilled as possible. He isn’t the type to need or want heart emoticons and declarations of everlasting passion. He’d rather appreciate a message that makes him laugh, for example. 

2. Behave Like A Friend, Not A Lover

Behave Like A Friend, Not A Lover With Aquarius Man

Aquarius men value friendship over love, and that’s just the truth of it. He is looking for someone to be his lifelong companion rather than his partner in physical passion. He does like the physical side of things, but more important is someone he can connect with and talk to. 

When you reach out to him, when you see him – if you want him to keep coming back to you and making a move – act like his friend, be friendly, easy-going and fun to be with. Share your day and your experiences with lightness, and think of time together as “hanging out.” 

When you chat with him over text, write like you are talking to your bestie. He will fall harder for that than any sexy outfit you pull out of the closet! 

3. Stimulate His Curiosity

Do you early want him to indicate contact? Then make him curious to know more about you. Hint at your life without giving it all away, share some of an experience and keep some to yourself. When there’s an air of mystery around you, he will be dying to figure you out

When he does reach out, lean back a little, and make him wonder what you are all about. You don’t have to overdo it, but just keep some of your personal details to yourself, for now. When there’s something to learn about you, he’s much more likely to make the first move. 

4. Engage His Mind

8 Ways To Get An Aquarius Man To Initiate Contact With You

Being an air sign means that Aquarius men work primarily from the mind. They are extremely smart and intelligent, and ahead of their time (in case you never realized!). They are constantly learning and growing, and they are born philosophers. 

If you can match him on his wavelength, there is no end to his craving of you! When you engage his mind, indirectly through posting interesting articles or ideas, or directly through titillating conversation, he will naturally want to keep the conversional fire going

Put the mental connection first, and watch the magic unfold in front of your eyes. An Aquarius man just cannot resist a smart woman. 

5. Change It Up

Be unpredictable. Yes, you heard right. To get him to make contact with you first, don’t be overly consistent. Reach out to him one day, and be unavailable the next. Wear a bohemian outfit on one date, and heels the next. 

In other words, keep him guessing. Never let on that you’re predictable in any way (even if you are). Your Aquarius crush will appreciate more consistency as you get closer, but for now, let things be a surprise. 

He will also enjoy someone who can keep things interesting, and it will push him to be the first to get hold of you! 

6. Never Show That You’re Too Keen

Getting An Aquarius Man To Initiate Contact

Never, ever be too keen. Never show him how much you really want him, because he may just run a mile! These independent and freedom-loving guys really struggle being with women who want them too much. They’ve got to have some distance. 

For example, when he gets in touch, be casual. Say you will check your schedule and let him know about plans. Or, reach out to him and mention you have a spare ticket that you are giving to a friend for a concert, but that you remembered he likes that band. But no biggie. 

7. Avoid Getting Emotional

Aquarian men don’t really do emotions. It’s a very uncomfortable experience for them, so don’t expect them to understand it when you reach out and say you have feelings. If you want him to be the first to come to you, just avoid the emotional thing altogether – for now. 

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8. Mirror Him

Another thing you can do to get him to make contact with your first is to simply mirror his behavior. Many guys really respond well to mirroring, which is basically just taking his lead and following his example. 

If he’s distant, you be distant and carry on with your own life. If he’s keen, be keen too (bit not overly keen). If he’s emotional, you be emotional. If he messages you in the morning, message him one morning too. 

This helps to build trust and rapport, to create a bond where he feels no pressure and you aren’t sitting around and waiting for him. There’s nothing worse than being anxious and waiting for a guy to contact you! 

Go out there and live your best life, and trust that he will come if he wants to and if it’s meant to be. 

If you want to know more about these friendly, free-spirited and interesting men and figure out how they work, then go ahead and check out my book on Aquarius men right here. 

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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