7 Warning Signs An Aquarius Man Is Using You

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Unveiling the truth behind your relationship with an Aquarius man. Discover the signs an Aquarius man is using you and learn if he's truly invested or simply looking to hook up. Dive into this guide for clarity and peace of mind.

Navigating the thrilling yet enigmatic waters of a relationship with an Aquarius man can be an adrenaline-filled journey. With their unconventional charm and undeniable allure, these men can truly captivate your heart. However, there might be instances where his actions seem dubious, leaving you with questions like “Is my Aquarius man just using me?” or “What are the signs an Aquarius man is using you?”

You may find yourself drawn to this intellectually stimulating and attractive Aquarius man who never fails to captivate your attention. Yet, there are moments when he appears detached or completely indifferent. This may raise suspicions like, “Is this Aquarius man just wanting to hook up?” Your concerns are valid, and discerning the truth is crucial. Let’s delve deeper to understand these signs and uncover if your Aquarius man is merely playing games.

Will An Aquarius Man Use You?

It is hard to say and it depends on the individual, but Aquarius men can be really detached and unemotional in most situations. Even when they are in a relationship, it can be really hard to crack the code.

The reason he could be playing you is that he is bored and is looking for some entertainment. He might see spending time with you as a way to entertain himself or when he has a need that needs to be fulfilled by a woman, such as sex.

Aquarius men generally behave this way until they meet the woman of their dreams – and until then he has no problem messing around and going through as many dates as he possibly can. I know this can be hard to hear, but this is just the truth, unfortunately.

Out of all the signs, Aquarius has to be the least emotionally sensitive and he often doesn’t realize when he is hurting someone. An Aquarius man is all up in his head and has a hard time accessing emotions or putting himself in someone else’s shoes.

This is why it is so easy for him to detach and it seems like he is unremorseful of his actions. He definitely doesn’t intentionally hurt people; he is just on his own mission and figuring out how we can save the world on a global level.

He is much more of a community-driven person and does better in groups than in one-on-one situations. This is why you might find it weird that he can be so cold to you romantically, yet, he has all these friends that seem to adore him.

I would just like to say that you need to remember that an Aquarius is totally unconventional, and sometimes he definitely isn’t using you, he is just very different from other people when it comes to dating and you can’t expect to go the usual route with him.

How To Know If An Aquarius Man Is Playing You

An Aquarius man is one of the most detached men on the planet. So, it can actually be quite hard to gauge whether he is into you or not. But don’t worry, he isn’t as smart as he thinks he is – and there are some definite signs he has when he is just playing a woman.

This article is going to help equip you with the knowledge of when you are being played by an Aquarius man. I know a lot of women struggle to understand how these men work, but I am here to demystify them!

7 Warning Signs An Aquarius Man Is Using You

1. He Gives Minimal Information

The Aquarius man isn’t going to open up to any woman until he’s certain that she is someone to whom he will spend significant time or wants to give his heart. An Aquarius man has no problems having sex without emotions involved.

This means that if he’s keeping your conversations at “surface” level and not giving you any information about who he is as a whole, he’s keeping you at arm’s length so that you don’t “stick around.”

He figures that the less information he gives you, the less you will want to attach yourself to him. This is a bad sign, ladies. This means he has no intention of growing a relationship with you.

He’s more interested in sex and hanging out as a friend. When you want more from him, he wants to run or become very callous toward you. An Aquarius can be downright mean when he wants to brush you off.

2. You Two Never Go Where He Knows People

How To Know If An Aquarius Man Is Playing You

The Aquarius man is good at keeping you a secret if he’s not into having a real relationship with you. Why bother introducing you to any of his friends, family, or even co-workers?

You see how he’s keeping details about himself from you; he’s going to do the same in regards to you. He won’t tell anyone about you unless it’s in a joking manner with his guy friends.

In the event you accidentally run into someone he knows, he’ll quickly make sure they know you’re his “friend” by introducing you as such. He’ll also sort of allow you to be in the background while he talks to this person.

He may even walk away to talk to them while leaving you behind awkwardly. He doesn’t give a hoot about you other than what you’ve been doing with you.

Aquarius tends to build “friends with benefits” relationships so that he can get laid when he wants and without strings. This enables him also to see other people, thus having a variety of exciting things up his sleeve and keeping things fresh.

3. He Is Very Cool And Distant With You

Aquarius men have quite a reputation for being the most detached signs in the Zodiac. Fire wouldn’t melt his icy-cool ways, which can be pretty attractive to many of us ladies! There’s just something cool and rebellious about his “take it or leave it” attitude, right?

However, if you notice that his attitude is more cold than flirty and sexy, then you could be being played. If he’s only warm towards you when he’s booty calling you, or wants to socialize with you at a party, you could be selling yourself for far less than you’re worth!

It may be a good idea to withdraw from him emotionally to see how he reacts, and if he doesn’t seem to care, it’s best to write him off as someone you just had some fun with.

4. He Never Approaches The Topic Of A Relationship

Even though the Aquarius guys has a reputation for being a little bit cold and distant, if he never broaches the topic of a relationship whatsoever, he may just be playing you, girls. Because even the cool and collected Aquarius guy has feelings and will want to make you all his!

Notice his talk around relationships – if he often talks about being free and independent, it’s a good idea to back off on your own feelings. He’s trying to tell you that he’s really not keen. And you should listen to avoid getting hurt.

After all, he is trying to communicate, in his own way, that he’s just out for a bit of fun. In my experience as a Relationship Astrologer, us women sometimes can read his signals all wrong. Make sure you don’t do that!

Aquarius Man Just Wants To Hook Up — How To Know For Sure?

5. Disconnected Sex

An Aquarius man will go out of his way to please a woman he’s in love with. However, when he’s with a woman he only wants to have sex with, play with, or use, he will do it himself and not care about her needs.

He’ll be the typical guy that acts as he needs you, gets there, has sex with you, and then poof! He’s on his way out the door faster than you can go use the restroom and come back into the room.

He’s the classic leave after sex guy. He isn’t one to stick around, cuddle, or spend the night. I’m not saying that they’ll never spend the night when it’s convenient, but they typically won’t.

They come, hit it, and leave. If you have come over to his place, he’ll be looking for excuses to get you out of there so he can be alone again. Aquarius men love their freedom and alone time.

Sleepovers are rare for an Aquarius man who isn’t interested in a relationship. He sees no value in stringing things along if there isn’t anything but sex there. However, he will keep the sex as long as you permit.

6. He’s Into Variety

Aquarius Man Just Wants To Hook Up

The Aquarius man thinks outside of the box, typically. This means his sex life is bound to be rather colorful. If you haven’t been seeing him long and he’s already suggesting group sex or threeways with people you don’t know, this may be a red flag.

He loves to have as much variety as he can get. This may include whipping out porn when you come over to see you squirm and see if you’re going to get into it with him or not.

It sounds brash of him. Yes! The Aquarius man will be very brash because he wants to make it clear to you that you are a sexual conquest for him and he’s not interested in a loving bond.

Once you know this, don’t ever think that he has a redeemable heart or that things will change with time. No. If he treats you like this, you’re a fling, and he has no intent on changing it.

7. A Lack of Respect

Aquarius men want to be respected, but sometimes they cannot give it. I’ve heard from many clients who are confused by their Aquarius guy’s behavior.

They talk about how rude he was or how he talked down to them. If he’s using you, then yes, he doesn’t care about how you feel emotionally. He figures you knew that he only wanted sex from time to time.

Aquarius men are not forthright with their intent, feelings, or what he wants. However, they will tell you the truth if you ask them flat-out. So go ahead. If you have any questions about his intentions, ask him what they are. He will tell you.

He’ll be very blunt with what he feels or thinks, but it’s better to know the truth than it is to believe he’s going to change or that he’ll warm up to you with time. An Aquarius man knows pretty quickly if he’s going to hit it and quit it or if he’s going to swoon and keep a woman.

When An Aquarius Man Is Playing You — Is There A Chance For You Two?

He’s Stubborn

Aquarius Man Using You

When an Aquarius man wants something, then he has no qualms about going for it. And if he says he only wants sex, then you have to believe him when he says this. He isn’t the type of guy to beat around the bush; he will be straightforward with you.

An Aquarius man knows his own mind and can be one of the most stubborn guys around. When he has made his decision on something, it can be really hard for you to convince him otherwise. It is pretty much not going to happen.

If you think you can change an Aquarius man and make him love you, then your chances are very, very, slim. I think out of all the Zodiac signs, making an Aquarius man fall in love with you is definitely the most difficult.

Allow Him To Be Independent

The best approach to take if you want an Aquarius man to see you as a worthy woman is to let him be himself and show him that you don’t mind giving him all the independence and freedom in the world.

This is truly all an Aquarius man really cares about in his life, and that is if he has enough independence to live the life he is dreaming of. If you are one of those women who is needy and needs constant attention from your partner, then an Aquarius man is likely not the one for you.

All you can really do is allow him to be himself and have no expectations of where the relationship is headed with him. When he sees that you are relaxed and taking things slow with him, then he will quickly wake up to see that you aren’t like other girls.

Give Him Some Space

Will An Aquarius Man Use You

Don’t make your presence too known when you are dating an Aquarius man. It is important that you keep him guessing and wondering where you are and what you are up to. Playing hard to get is a really good tactic when dating an Aquarius man.

Keep him coming back for more by playing it cool and not being too overly keen on him. He has a bit of a God complex, so when he has a woman who keeps him on his toes, it is bound to drive him wild and get him excited.

You can do this by taking space from him often and making yourself scarce. Let him know you are busy and will get back to him later. Don’t respond to his texts immediately and, most importantly, always play it cool!

Turn Things Around In Just 30 Days Or Give Up Forever…

An Aquarius knows almost instantly whether there is chemistry there or if it’s just sexual tension that needs some relieving. He won’t tell her upfront that he only wants sex, but if she were to ask, he’d be honest about it.

What if I told you there is still hope for you and your Aquarius man?

He might not be using you after all.

It is important that you don’t lose hope in this situation! That not everything is lost and there is still something you can do to savor the relationship…

You would probably think I’m crazy, because to you it certainly feels like your Aquarius man has given up on you, isn’t interested in you, and that the love you once shared is no longer there…

Trust me, if an Aquarius man ever liked you, then there is certainly hope for the relationship to be salvaged.

Why would he sleep with someone if he didn’t like them just even a little?

There is still a lot you can do to fix the relationship with your Aquarius man… And to make him see you for the woman you truly are!

>> Check this out!

You may feel like you are at your wit’s end, but I promise, where there was once attraction, there is certainly still hope!

It is just up to you and whether not you are serious enough about doing the work to get the results you are looking for…

And you can do this without running to him and begging him to love you again.

Everything is up to you, you have him in the palm of your hands, so it is about time that you start believing that!

Remember you are an empowered woman, so treat the situation as such!

>> Check this out on how to fix your relationship with your Aquarius man

Wishing you so much love and happiness.

Your Friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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Hi, this is Anna Kovach. I am a professional Relationship Astrologer and author of dozens of bestselling books and programs. For over a decade I’ve been advising commitment-seeking women like you and helping them understand, attract and keep the man of their dreams using the astonishing power of astrology. Join over 250K subscribers on my newsletter or follow me on social media! Learn more about me and how I can help you here.

16 thoughts on “7 Warning Signs An Aquarius Man Is Using You

  1. Well i hate my aqurimas man i blocked him from calling or texting me. He told me he was going to give me some money but he did lie. He do not help me and all. I am also an Aquarius

    1. HI Tiny!

      Well only you know what is right for you but I will tell you that there is a bit of a difference between the female side of this sign and the male side of this sign. It sounds like you got a bad seed from the male side. Terrible to hear this. You may want to see more about the male side of your sign though. Try checking out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

  2. After 9 months of my guy being a bum and making excuses I knew he was hiding something.. He switched up on me a couple of months ago so of course I started questioning things and he said all I do is complain n nag him so I put his ass out. We started off so cool as friends I never should have let him talk me into a relationship because all I got was a broken heart and a ungrateful childish user. Relationship ended two weeks ago and I still cry because we were special until he ruined it. I’m a libra women and col then a fan until someone tryis playing head games with me. He was trying to control everything about me out of nowhere too, I sure wasn’t having it at all I’m a grown women.. God I hope I shake him off real soon because it’s killinging my heart daily.

    1. Hi Kim!

      Whoa! I am sorry to hear you got a more destructive Aquarius man. Most of them are not like this. They don’t like playing head games. They like the truth and they like for someone to be forthcoming. He shouldn’t be that way toward you. It’s not right. He must have some past wounds that make him act dirty. Try checking out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

  3. I have been very hurt by both of the Aquarius men that I dated. Heartbroken. It was so great at first, but then I found out I was definitely being used. I am an Aquarius woman. This article is 100 percent accurate. Unless they want you to be the woman they are going to commit to, they will use and hurt you. They will be mean and they will disappear, too.

    1. Hi Taylor!

      I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been burned twice by Aquarius men. Perhaps they are not the best fit for you. Astrologically, there may be another sign that would far better fit you. Even though same signs can often find middle ground and work out well, there are some that butt heads too often and can be destructive. You need to know the male side of Aquarius is a bit different than the female side. Try checking out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

  4. See that’s confusing because it was only supposed to be a hookup and he was very into pleasing me. He opened up and talked to me and told me he was completely over his ex, kissing me, holding me and staring in my eyes. Next time I heard from him he was asking me to have a threesome. I suffered some cognitive dissonance from that. He said he was busy for a couple of weeks and I didn’t hear from him for 3 months. He said he was talking to someone else. He likes playing games apparently and I told him I lost all respect for him. I was so heartbroken over him. So this is not accurate at all

    1. Hi Danyelle!

      He isn’t ready to settle down otherwise he wouldn’t ask you for a threesome or be so casual. If he said he’s talking to someone else then that is your queue that he’s not ready to commit. Try checking out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information. Don’t lose faith in all Aquarius men, they are not all like this one you had.

  5. Well this is my life.. so spot on. And I have now cut off a friend’s with benefits relationship with an Aquarius.

    1. Hi Rebecca!

      I’m sorry that it hits your life so closely with an Aquarius. Yes, they will drag it out for as long as you allow. They don’t have any intention on it being more. Some men get feelings for the woman they’re doing that for but Aquarius has already put in his mind that that’s all it’s for and he looks for love elsewhere. Sad that they can be this way but you see it. Don’t agree to that with anyone else again honey. You deserve better!

  6. I am going on a second date with an aquarius man and he wants to go to some private place like a hotel room instead of watching a movie in the theatre. What are his intentions? Although we had an amazing first date, he even held my hand.

    1. Hi Tuhina Mukherjee!

      A hotel indicates sex in most cases. It also may mean he wants private time not in public. He may already have someone or is married thus trying to hide you away so no one see you. A hotel isn’t a good sign and unless into casual sex, I wouldn’t go for it. Second date is still far too soon but it’s up to you to decide sweetheart. Trust your gut!

  7. You have to be patient with these guys. They are super sweet, however, are seriously afraid to just let go. They are serious weirdos but in a good way, in my opinion. I am a Gemini. I love hard and I’m transparent and extremely honest about my feelings when I’m interested. However, if i feel that I’m getting played or my peace is being jeopardized, i will exit stage left. I have done this in an aquarius relationship. Not because he was being mean or sneaky, but he can be distant at times.. I think i threw him off as we GEMINI’S can be just as aloof and detached if we choose to be. Being honest with them is super key. Where you stand, what you want and standing in your convictions.. but continuing to live your life through it all. They really do thrive in becoming friends first. This is where they build trust. That’s essential to their relationships. They fear having a dependent woman, although they like to feel needed. They hate clinginess, although they can be very affectionate. GEMINI’S are super weird too, so i get it. Just be true to you and don’t compromise yourself…

    1. Hi Simply!

      Thank you for your input on your own personal experience. Ladies need to hear how it works or doesn’t work. Gemini women in particular probably will appreciate this greatly. I wish you all the very best but if you ever need more information then check out my guides on Aquarius Man Secrets. Again, thank you for sharing!

  8. My guy aquaman and I were just a hook up we both wanted to continue to be each other f-buddy.This is what I wanted.He knew this.Our first date he wanted to be in a relationship with me but I said no let’s be friends.He kept begging me to be with him. I said no because both of us were coming out of bad relationships.He has 3 kids with a women over 10 yr so part of the reason I said no.
    I wanted to make sure he was ready to move on first.To call me he would Ask permission before he did.He would text A decent amount then would stop and then start to just read them.(iphone) not reply. then would come back three days to a week later ask me why I don’t call him or text him.:/
    He would tell me how much he missed me and wanted to see me and sexually.
    Now that I care for him I said I loved him and he said it back . issues with his baby mama me and him got into an argument… I told him that he should not have played with my feels knowing I came out of a bad relationship( mentally and physically )broken
    Yelling at me that he just doesn’t have time for me he has to much to deal with. That hurt so bad.Everything that he is saying now I told him day one about. Since that argument you text me what was I doing I told him I was on the phone and he hasn’t text back what should I do should I call him or text him to get validation on the situation between him and his baby mama? Or just leave him alone. he’s giving me mixed vibes.
    Also to mention there was a girl that texted his phone he wouldn’t show me and told me I’m crazy but called me After I left his apartment check on me if I was OK??

  9. I have intimately been dealing with an Aquarius man for almost 20 years. We dont have any sort of relationship outside of that. We dont talk, go out anywhere or spend the night with each other, until recently we had never kissed. I had ended our association for a little over a month and he didn’t like that, but as soon as i gave in, it was right back to the way it was before i cut him off. He is seeing someone that he spends plenty of time with and does things with, but still wants to keep her a secret as well, but everyone knows including myself whom he continues to lie to about it. I have been in some very real situations with this Aquarius man and he wasn’t there for me in either of them, but wanted to come around when things were better. I used to ask questions and confront him about certain things and now Im just over it, I want to get him of my mind and out of my life, but it is so very hard. We live in a pretty decent sized town so i may not see him often, but we have a bunch of mutual friends as that is how we met, so I may see him from time to time. I just want to be done with him, Im tired of .the one being hurt and she is the one that receives all the perks and respect

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