Dating An Aquarius Man – Things You Should Know Before It Gets Too Serious

by Anna, relationship astrologer
When dating an Aquarius man, you should know what you can and can not expect from him. Read on and learn more about Aquarius man dating tips.

Are you dating an Aquarius man? An Aquarius man is an unusual type of guy, verbally skilled, passionate, with the strong sex appeal, innovative ideas and he also possess a shrewd mind when it comes to business. Sounds like the perfect man, doesn’t it? Well, there is one thing more.

An Aquarius man will become a perfect partner only when he finds the perfect woman. So, let us see how you can use a bit of astrology and a bit of psychology to understand him better and to become the one and only in his life.

Make Dating An Aquarius Man Smoother By Understanding Him

Whenever you are dating an Aquarius man you have to be sure of one crucial fact – you are dating a MAN, with all the traits and hormonal issues one man has. This is exceptionally important, because many women, even those who are experienced in the game of love, oftentimes forget that men perceive things differently than women.

Let’s see what are some of the most common traits most Aquarius men would have.

The Aquarius man is highly unconventional and unpredictable, so pinning him down is next to impossible. He is, however, capable of deep feeling and once committed, he is loyal to a fault. When you have him on your side, he is a stalwart friend and your supporter for life.

He is an iconoclast

As a fixed, masculine air sign, Aquarius man is assertive, original, and inventive. He loves his freedom and needs a partner who can constantly surprise (but not challenge) him. If you are independent and easy-going, this unusual man may be perfect for you. You need to support his unusual views, as he is sensitive to the opposition.

Emotions make him uncomfortable as he is devoted to science, rationality, and “out of the box” thinking. He gets bored very easily by traditional expectations and predictable responses. His unconventional views open him to attacks from prejudiced and conservative people, and he can be quite stubborn defending his ideas.

He is a seeker of truth

dating Aquarius man

Although symbolized by the water bearer, Aquarius is an air sign which makes your Aquarius man a communicator and an idea person who primarily lives in his mind. The water that is poured by the water bearer symbolizes truth. Honesty and the story behind appearances are extremely important to him.

The Aquarian truth-teller seeks out new information, and he will easily share his rather fixed opinions and observations. He is an energetic seeker of information, and you can find great inspiration in the depth of his knowledge and his rational, open-minded way of thinking.

He will transform you

Aquarius is ruled by the unconventional planet of change Uranus. In astrology, Uranus is the planet of disruption, transformation, and change. It rules over the fields of invention, aerodynamics, and modern science.

The Uranus influence seeks to shake things up and find new ways of doing things. This means your Aquarian man loves gadgets, technology, and science-based innovation. He will also change the way you think and feel about love, commitment, and just about everything else.

Friendships come first

Aquarius is the sign of hopes and dreams, friends and wishes and men born under this sign tend to be idealists humanitarians who are concerned with the larger issues of a better world but are aloof and airily detached in personal relationships.

Solid, life-long friendships are much more important to an Aquarius man than things like love and romance, which he is suspicious of, as he views emotions as illogical and messy. He will avoid commitment until he is sure he can trust you and that you have his back. If you push him too hard, he will run, but even after a breakup, he is likely to stay your trusted friend forever.

He wants to be liked

dating Aquarius man

The most frequent question asked by all Aquarians is “Why?” The Aquarius man wants to explore and understand what makes other people tick. He has a lot of love to give, and he surrounds himself with interesting friends and tends to make his living doing what he loves rather than what makes money.

One thing he may hide from most people is how shy and insecure he often feels. He needs to be understood and works hard to get people to like him. He wants to share his ideas, but he also guards them against the attack, and this mix of traits makes him seem odd, detached, and arrogant at times. He needs to feel that you support and understand him and agree with his ideas to enter into any serious relationship.

His love of freedom gets him into trouble

Mr. Aquarius wants his freedom, even when he is in a long-term relationship. He is one of the signs that are more likely to cheat on his partner – although he doesn’t see it as cheating. He just thinks monogamy is an outdated idea and that no one person can fulfill all his needs.

His love of the unusual can get him into conflict, risky situations, and friendships with strange people. He is also likely to experiment with new experiences and drugs, and if you live with an Aquarian man, be prepared to bail him out of trouble more than once.

As a man, an Aquarius man will have to be led in the proper direction to be able to give you the desired results. Let me explain this little better. Yes, men are the ones who chase and men are the ones who execute. However, women are the ones who give permission to men to approach them and dictate how the tone of their relationship will be set.

In the case you don’t agree with me, just let the man do whatever he wants with you and in the next one to two weeks you will be standing alone asking me for the astrological or psychological assistance again, as I have seen so many times before.

So, let’s try a different and more traditional approach and create the successful type of bond for you and your Aquarius man at last.

First Things First

Dating An Aquarius Man

If an Aquarius man, or any man, is not interested in you, there is nothing you can do about it. You can wave your hair in front of him, smile until your jaws get stuck or dress provocatively, still, you won’t produce any lasting result.

Yes, he might ask for your number, set the date and so on, but he will only try to use you and this is all. And he will try to use you because you have openly shown that you are offering something to him for free.

You must understand that in the man’s mind things work differently than in a woman’s mind. A man needs to fight and deserve your attention and love to be able to respect you.

By offering him your affection, love, sex, food or anything else before he deserved those things, you are basically offering something for nothing; your offer is for free. And he will take it for sure, have some fun and then he will move on trying to find the special woman worthy of his efforts.

If you want to have a meaningful relationship with Aquarius man, you mustn’t offer your “services” for free and when we come to the astrological part of this story, you will be able to understand perfectly why that is a smart move.

The Proper Way of Initial Stages of Dating the Aquarius Man

Now, let’s see how the beginning of your relationship should look like. In this case, you have chosen some nice places to expose yourself to many quality men. Those places might be expensive clubs, nice restaurants, high-end shopping malls, successful companies, but also nice dancing courses, good educational programs, various types of sports, your church or temple, galleries, museums and so on.

I know that you can’t expect to meet powerful and successful men if you are too young and you are still in high school. But even in this case, you can choose to be surrounded by the quality friends and to attend some creative activities with them which will consequently lead you to meet other quality people and one of them might turn out to be your guy.

It’s imperative for every girl on this planet to set her own standards and to keep away from married men, problematic guys, those with criminal records or those who are known as players or suspicious when it comes to their mental health. You have to value yourself first if you want any man to value you after.

So, you are at the right place at the right time and a man approached you or contacted you through social media. He approached you first, made that brave step and either you like him or not, as a lady, your response must be classy.

If you are interested to know him better you will accept his number or give him yours, but you should ask for his full name, so you can check him online.

If you are not interested, simply thank him for approaching you and say something which will not be translated as an insult. You can say that you have a boyfriend, you are married or anything handy, just keep in mind that a real lady would never be rude or make some horrible statements about his appearance, style or lack of money. Keep those impressions for yourself, smile and move on.

Let’s Start Dating

Aquarius Man Says He Loves You

The major mistake I can see happening all over the world is the fact that many people are misled with new technologies. Your task is not to chat over the phone or to text him back and forth over the course of the several next days or weeks.

The initial energy of attraction will be used in this way and soon enough he will lose his interest in you. No, just say no to the never-ending conversations and avoid to talk or text much before he asks you on a real date. Remember ladies, you are after the real date, not some pen friend.

I must add the word of caution here, too. No nude photos, no explicit talks about sex, nothing. If he insists on those themes just stop communicating with him and move on.

The same goes for the famous “friends with benefits” types of situationships which never ever benefited any woman I know, and trust me, I know a whole lot of them. They all ended with the broken hearts getting nothing of those illusional benefits.

And this is the exact point where astrology enters into the dating formula and makes everything way easier to understand.

Aspects You Need To Know When Dating An Aquarius Man

The man who asked you on a proper date, treated you nice and proved to be consistent and well-mannered, turned out to be an Aquarius.

Maybe he has told you his date of birth and now you can open his natal chart, see the aspects between his planets and also, see how your charts look when you compare them. And at this point, you don’t need my assistance anymore because you can see for yourself how the things can develop between you two.

However, if you are not so skilled in astrology and only know the position of his natal Sun, which is in the sign of Aquarius, I can give you the valuable advice and help you understand this person better. Please read carefully now.

For the sign of Aquarius, the area (or “the house” as we astrologers call it) of marriage is placed in the sign of Leo, while the house of love is placed in the sign of Gemini. And a word of caution here…

Don’t perceive the house of marriage in the same manner as the house of love. Romance and passion can come and go, but the real dedication seen through the area of marriage or generally, partnerships, is something which should last for a long time.

And as a woman of the high value, you will know exactly what you are seeking. If you are in your teenage years or the early twenties, you should go for the house of love, which is Gemini in this case. And if you are in your mid-twenties or older you will have to pay attention to the house of marriage, supposing you are after the true and long-lasting relationship.

How Aquarius Man Perceives Love

dating an Aquarius man

For the Aquarius man, love is under the rulership of the planet Mercury which governs the sign of Gemini. So, the ideal partner for an Aquarius guy should be someone who is talkative, prone to frequent joyous and creative actions, and also someone who handles much information at once.

As far as the physical appearance goes, this girl should look a bit boyish because the sign of Gemini describes the childlike type of bodies. In this particular case, Aquarius man or better to say a younger guy would fall for thin and androgen types of girls, someone looking like the fashion model or a woman who doesn’t have her female attributes so obviously shown on her body.

This woman will have to be educated if she wants to keep his attention and to show her general knowledge through a light way of conversations. She should also be interested in many public events, like parties, concerts, promotions and so on, and she should have tremendous amounts of energy which will keep her going through her days with joy, and also she will travel frequently.

If you are younger and dating the younger Aquarius guy, then you should set your dates as some sort of little adventures each time you see each other. You might go to some unusual lectures regarding dinosaurs, astronomy or ancient religions, or you should try some sporting activities together. The two usual mistakes younger girls can make with this sign are – insisting on traditional dating or not dating at all.

Let’s see both of those scenarios closer here. If the two of you are young, then your desires to have the dining and wining dates will become exceptionally boring for him and few dates down the road he will just disappear.

So, forget about expensive restaurants and watching so and so movies. You will have to think about something more exciting and unusual to keep him in the longer run.

On the other side, there is, I call it standard, the mistake of not dating at all. In this case, he would easily persuade you to go to his home and just “chill”. Chilling, of course, means that you can eat at his place and watch something on TV.

In reality, this turns into jumping into his bed too soon and this is the point where every romance with the possibility of building the lasting relationship stops, and yes, the ugly “friends with benefits” complicationship arises causing your heartbreak in the end.

The best option is to dance on the edge of excitement, like a true friend, and the traditional set of female rules, like a lady, and you shouldn’t make a mistake. However, this is also the perfect moment to remind you that if you are dating the younger Aquarius man, then you have to be aware of the fact that he is not able to stick with some situations, ideas or even persons for a longer amount of time.

This, of course, depends upon the natal position of his Mercury, and if this planet is in Aquarius in his natal chart, then you can be certain that he will lose his interest after a while, and also, there is a danger that he might be unable to be faithful.

How Aquarius Man perceives committed relationship

In the case you are looking for something far more serious and you are just starting to date your Aquarius man, and you both have reached your maturity, or you are close to it, then you have to know that the house of marriage for the Aquarius guy is placed in the sign of Leo.

An Aquarius man might be someone who values highly social justice, innovations and pioneering spirit. The planet Saturn, which is considered to be its traditional ruler, describes the person born in this sign as someone who came from the lower class, in many cases someone who had to struggle to get out of poverty from the early ages.

Therefore this person understands and values the proper distribution of wealth and the protection of all those who are poor, without legal rights or even all endangered species.

On the other side, the modern ruler of the sign of Aquarius is the planet Uranus, and this planet is well known for its technical breakthroughs and unusual ideas.

Wherever you turn you can see the results of the Aquarian age around you. You can easily notice so many people wearing jeans, which was considered as the uniform for all poor workers not so long ago, but at the same time matched with unusual T-shirts and plugged into all sorts of newest electronic gadgets. This is the basic Aquarian Saturn – Uranus combination.

And while Aquarius guy is young he will be strongly attracted to all sorts of public events and latest information, but as this sign ages, his heart will seek for another type of pleasures. He will look for the woman of his dreams right there in the sign of Leo.

Leo type of a woman is someone who knows her true value and someone who is full of self-esteem. She might be a bit theatrical or dramatic frequently, but in a charming way, and she will also be skilled as an entertainer. This means that she will feel like the whole world revolves around her and she will show some humor in every situation she finds herself in.

On the other side, her appearance will separate her from all the rest, and she will find the thrill of dressing herself as a classy lady, sometimes with lots of jewelry or other glittery accessories. But most of all, she will have outstanding manners and she will feel secure in her feminine role. She will be the queen, and indeed in this queen, the Aquarius man will madly fall in love.

This may sound odd, but the house of marriage for Aquarius falls into the sign of Leo and is ruled by the Sun. And yet, this Sun is placed in the sign of Aquarius. This produces the strange situation that he will look for a queen type of woman who can mesmerize him, and still, he will feel like someone who has to deserve the privilege to become her king. And eventually, one day he will become the king.

Date and Tame Your Aquarius Man

dating an Aquarius man

For you personally, if you are dating an Aquarius man, this means that you must be different from the rest of the “common” girls. And right from the beginning, you must require the special ways how you need to be treated. This is the most important risk you have to take because he might give up in the beginning and this can only mean that he wasn’t so interested in you. Or, he will try harder to please you, feeling strongly in his heart that you are the one.

Feel free to be direct with him, but in a gentle way, and always stick to your standards. Also, don’t just do “wine and dine” dates all the time, because this will become boring to him after a while. Instead, try to create some excitement changing your dating routine frequently.

You can suggest a nice restaurant for one evening, but do try to take him to the opera, theater or some unusual place after a while. Also have your chilling hours by the river, lake or in the park, reading a book or discussing politics. Go to the local botanical garden or a salsa evening, just don’t stick to the routine and demand that he come up with some of his unique ideas about how to spend the time together.

And I understand perfectly well that many dates can be somewhat costly, but you will have to engage your creativity from time to time and find some public events which are free. Also, my darling girls, if you are dating a mature man, then you should expect that he succeeded in his career or he is reaching some higher positions in his work, and paying for dates shouldn’t be a problem for him.

This doesn’t mean that I’m advising you to simply rob him, but if he insists to go “Dutch” (to split the bill with you) or he plays dumb after dinner, save yourself the trouble, pay that bill graciously and never see him again.

An Aquarius man who is ready to fight for you and already started to make the plans on how to marry you the moment he saw you, will never allow you to pay any bill. This would be something insulting for him because this act will show he is not capable to take care of you.

In some “modern” western countries, going “Dutch” is considered as something usual, but not in the cases where a man is really into a woman, so forget about the “Dutch-ing” or “dumbing” techniques and go for the thing you want the most, and that is commitment.

If he is able to treat you like the queen right from the start and to respond properly to your high-value qualities, this romance should easily switch into commitment, and after he had proved he deeply cares for you through his actions for a while, not just some sweet talks, then you can let him jump into your bed and test him on this ground.

Everything which happens, later on, will confirm his love and devotion for you and your relationship will become something truly unique and filled with pure emotions. Please be aware of all earlier stated mistakes, avoid them, no matter how hard the temptation may be, and you will be the only queen in the heart of your special Aquarius man.

Your days will be filled with little adventures and your heart will be full of joy. And I truly wish that your dreams will become reality.

If you’re ready to dive deeper and start your journey to unconditional love with your Aquarius man, you can purchase Aquarius Man Secrets here.

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