What Is The Aquarius Man Really Looking For In A Woman?

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What Is The Aquarius Man Really Looking For In A Woman?

Are you interested in an Aquarius man but not sure if you’re his cup of tea or not? Perhaps you’re dating one but he’s acting sort of standoffish and not sure what that means. So, what is the Aquarius man really looking for in a woman?

A Brave Soul

Aquarius men appreciate women who are outspoken and strong. He loves independence and fire within. The woman he settles down with must embrace her own inner warrior.

I’m not saying she should be a brawler and constantly questioning her Aquarius man’s motives. However, she must be strong enough to do her own thing, embrace spending time apart, and when together, be brave enough to stand up for herself.

He isn’t the type of guy that appreciates door mat types of ladies. He wants a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it because he looks for passion and excitement.

Most of all, he loves a woman who can stand on her own two feet without him. The last thing he wants is to feel NEEDED. He’d much rather feel WANTED instead as that is something he can fulfill.

Aquarius men are good caretakers and are somewhat maternal but they’re also a bit detached. So if his woman NEEDS him to take care of her or NEEDS extra attention; he isn’t so much into that.

He’d much rather take care of someone who is taking care of herself at the same time. It’s much more appealing to know he’s helping make his partner’s life a little bit easier rather than handing her the key to laziness.

This is an active man and isn’t into women who have no will or drive to succeed in their own lives. He wants a woman of success and vigor who will take life by the horns and embrace her talents.

Sustainable Independence

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There are other signs in the zodiac that want the same thing but this man lives by it. He will not be in a long term relationship or marriage that does not allow for him to have personal freedom.

Not just sometimes but a lot of the time. He requires much more space than most other men. Virgo men and Capricorn men require large amounts of personal time but Aquarius takes the cake here.

They are fiercely independent and accept nothing less. They choose a partner who will accept this about them and not only give them the space they require but also are virtually the same.

It’s easier for Aquarius to breathe, function, and live when he doesn’t feel tied down. This certainly doesn’t mean you should have an open relationship or marriage but he wouldn’t object either.

He craves variety and excitement every chance he can get it. When Aquarius man doesn’t get the time and space he needs to thrive, he’ll take it. Typically when he does this, he goes radio silent.

It’s almost a lesson he’s trying to teach his partner which is that “You cannot control me, I need my space so I’m going to take it”. Thus trying to get the partner to understand she’d better give him what he needs or he will do it in a way she won’t like it.

He will want his woman to get out and explore on her own. He’d rather see her conquer the world than to sit around pining for him. He loves her and he will support her desires but he wants to be unattached at the hip.

Someone Who Understands Him

Aquarius man often feels that he’s not understood by the masses. He will seek out a partner who DOES understand him and will be able to hold engaging conversations with him.

He wants to feel his lady knows how he operates, knows what he wants, and allows him to do what he feels he needs to in order to succeed in life. I’m not saying she should stand by and take it if it’s something that goes against her own morality.

I’m just saying that if it’s something that he needs and it’s harmless to the partner, then why not give him that support and understanding. He’ll pay his partner back ten-fold if she helps him with what he needs.

Everyone wants to be understood and Aquarius is no different. He requires a special type of lady that won’t judge him or give him pressure he cannot seem to work around.

Active and Exciting

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Aquarius men often choose a partner who is both active and fit. He’ll be drawn to a woman who is intellectually stimulating as well. In fact, your brain is more important to him than your body.

I know that sounds hard to believe but he goes for intellect before all else because if his potential partner is intelligent, witty, and funny, he can work with everything else.

An Aqua man will crave streams of exciting things in life. He needs a woman who will help provide him with stimuli. Sexual activity is a great way of doing this, of course. Keep it fresh and inviting.

The same old routine will get old very quickly with him and he’ll start having roaming eyes. So try to keep the bedroom (or anywhere else) as lively as possible. Try new techniques, new toys, etc.

Make sure that some of the activities you two do together are high impacts such as Cycling, Hiking, Climbing, or something else that incorporates health and excitement at the same time.


He wants a woman that can keep up with his desire to keep moving forward and keep finding new ways to make the world better. Donating time and resources to humanity will also get his attention as well as devotion.

He’s a humanitarian so having a partner who is also diving into this type of work will be his ideal mate for the long haul.

What is the Aquarius man really looking for in a woman? Let me know!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

One thought on “What Is The Aquarius Man Really Looking For In A Woman?

  1. I love my Aquarius man and I believe that he loves me. He is going through this phase of spacing out from me. I keep reading about them needing space etc. but I am not a clingy woman; I never have been. We live in different cities and he works a lot; I work a lot as well so in my mind, there is enough space and distance between us. I guess I am trying to make sure this is not a situation where he doesn’t want to be with me anymore verses he just needs space.
    We have known each other since childhood and he initiated the relationship we started 8 months ago. He told me he wants to do things with me that he has never wanted to do with anyone else. He has talked about marriage and the life he wants us to have; but at the same time, he pulls away from me. I give him the same energy he gives me but I worry that things are not progressing at the same time. I really want him to be happy, to the point that if that means we are not together, so be it. He has not said he doesn’t want to be with me but when he keeps himself away from me, I can’t help but think that he is not sure about us, which worries me.

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