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7 Ways To Go From Friends With Benefits To An Exclusive Relationship With The Aquarius Man

Wondering how to go from being bedtime buddies to something more with your Aquarius fella? This is a particularly tricky Zodiac sign to read. Detached and cool, the Aquarius guy’s feelings are an utter mystery. This can make it all the more intimidating when it comes to moving into relationship territory. Here’s how to make it easier.

In my practice as a Relationship Astrologer, one of the most common questions I get is how to move from being friends with benefits to an exclusive relationship. Modern dating is confusing, and no one wants to put themselves in a position of vulnerability. Rejection is scary

Often, the male air signs – Aquarius, Gemini and even some Libras – can be the hardest to “convert,” as they are such natural flirts and can really enjoy playing the field! However, once they find the right woman, these guys can be surprisingly loyal – especially the Aquarius man

He may talk a big game, but the real truth is that he wants something solid just as much as you do. These are fixed signs, which makes them built for lasting commitment. It’s simply a matter of making him see that being with you is far more fun than a million empty connections. 

Here’s how you can get things to start going your way, and have him see what’s right under his nose:

7 Ways To Go From Friends With Benefits To An Exclusive Relationship

1. Be His Best Friend

It may sound contradictory, but the best way to really get under the Aquarian man’s thick skin is to be his closest friend in the world. His bestie. His person. This isn’t romantic, at all – romance is much less important the typical Aquarius fella than friendship. 

He wants a companion. Someone to hang out with and be his confidant and partner in crime. Someone who will share adventures and ideas with him, and help him chase his dreams. Someone he feels he can open up to and talk with. 

You can be that person – start imagining yourself as his very best buddy, then act like it, and watch the magic unfold! 

2. Have Fun Together

Having Fun With An Aquarius Man

An Aquarius loves to have fun. They are rebellious, adventure-seeking weirdos, and they love life to be full of she things that they love. They usually enjoy a good party, a social event, music, dancing, leaning new things and spending time with their “pack” of friends. 

If you want to become someone more to him than his friend with benefits, be the person he has fun with. Seek him out on a dancefloor and have a wiggle, chat him up at a social gathering, or “bump into him” at an event, with your fun hat on! 

The more fun you have, the more pleasurable experiences he has with you, the more he will begin to see you as someone who is so much, much more than just a bedroom buddy. 

3. Give Him Plenty Of Freedom

The thing is with Aquarius men, ladies, is that they, more than anyone else in the Zodiac, need a huge amount of space and freedom. Independence is their middle name, and they will totally resist anyone who tries to take that away from them. 

So, if your Aquarius lover perceives you as someone who is going to be a “ball and chain” instead of someone who they can have fun with, they will simply not be interested in going any further. 

And, if they sense that you’re going to be someone who’s going to need them around all the time, someone who doesn’t have their own lives, they will continue being your friend with benefits, but it will never be more than that. 

This is a tough one if you’re the type of woman who does need more emotional connection and together time, so be aware of what you’re signing up for! 

4. Build A Mental Connection

Mental Connection With An Aquarius Man

As an air sign, Aquarius is all about intellectual connection – they prize that more than anything else in the world. More than sexual passion, more than money, more than having the perfect job. They want a woman who is on their wavelength, a woman who they can talk to about all the things! 

One the very best things you can do to start getting your Aquarius lover to move into a space of more commitment is to simply engage him on a mental level. Discuss things like aliens, science and inventions, talk about the future (he loves living there), and what his dreams are. 

You’ll soon see what a dreamer he really is, how unique he is and hopefully, he will start seeing that you are someone who can be so much more to him. 

5. Be His Safe Place

Aquarius men find it very hard to open up, emotionally speaking. They tend to rationalize everything as a safety net to avoid real intimacy. The truth is, going from friends with benefits to something exclusive may be a challenge because of this reluctance to be vulnerable. 

So, you will need to make sure that he feels safe to open up with you. That means asking him questions and letting him talk, listening very carefully and never pushing him farther than he’s ready to go, emotionally. Once he sees you’re not going to judge him, he may come that much closer. 

This will, of course, naturally lead to making your relationship something more! 

6. Keep Things Light

Keep Things Light With An Aquarius Man

Aquarius doesn’t do heavy. That means heavy emotions, or talking about the past, their trauma or their true feelings. They may do it from time to time, but in a heady, rational way rather than emotional way. 

So, try to keep things light on your side, too. Don’t yet dive into the details of their lives, and be light when sharing yours. Over time, he will become better at dealing with emotions, but in the beginning of your relationship, it will just scare him off. 

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7. Let Things Develop Naturally

Rather than try and force an exclusive relationship, just let things develop organically. The chances are good that the more time he spends with you, the more he’ll like you (especially if you follow some of the tips above). 

Most men – especially the stubborn Aquarius man – need to realize for themselves that they want something to go further. If you try and direct the flow, he will dig his heels in and resist, and he will become even more detached and switched off. 

Of course, you can’t wait forever. Give it a maximum of six months or so before your feelings get hurt, and your self-respect erodes to a point where your self-esteem and confidence is damaged.  

So – have you successfully gone from friends with benefits to an exclusive relationship with an Aquarius man? How did you do it?  Share your tips and tricks with us in the anonymous comment box below! I’ love to know your story! 

And, if you’re wondering whether you’re really compatible with an Aquarius man, check out my free and fun compatibility quiz right here!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

  • Been seeing this Aquarius man we’re friends and friends with benefits for 12 months now and we go out we hang out travel I brought up if there was commitment he says we’re not dating and he says we’re not friends with benefits he keeps saying we’re just friends he knows I’m interested in him he knows I like him a lot how much more time do I need to give him to see if it’s going to go anywhere I know I’m being his friend first I’m being very patient with him but I don’t want to wait around forever with the friends with benefits . What do I do do I give him more time or an ultimatum or walk away and just be his friend without the benefits. I met him on a dating site 12 months ago and he still on dating sites but me and him do everything together do I just MoveOn i mean I deleted my dating profile since i met him

    • Hi Mara!

      12 month is a long time to be friends with benefits. He must have gotten really comfortable with the friendship. If he hasn’t expressed interest in being more then it’s just not going to happen from his end. By a year, he’d know by now but telling you you’re just friends and not acknowledged the “benefits” part is a copout. He doesn’t want the stigma but has been enjoying those benefits. This guy isn’t going to commit. I think you should probably bring up your dating profile and keep on looking honey. I wish you all the very best in love!

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