First Date With An Aquarius Man: What Should You Expect?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you going on a first date with an Aquarius man and not sure how it may go or what he’s like? Here are some interesting things to keep in mind.

Are you going on a first date with an Aquarius man and not sure how it may go or what he’s like? Maybe you’ve already had a date with him and not sure what may be next. Here are some interesting things to keep in mind.

A Great Time

Unless you two are too different to get along, you should be optimistic and know that it’s likely that you’ll have a really awesome time with the Aquarius guy. He’s lots of fun.

Remember that he’s a social person. That means he knows how to talk to people and knows how to have fun. No matter what comes after this date, you should enjoy the moment.

It’s best to be in the “here and now” when you’re with the Aquarius guy. That’s how he sees it and isn’t going to look further until after the date. Live it up and enjoy the time you have with this exciting fella.

Whether you’re going out to dinner and a movie or if you’re going clubbing, this man will exhilarate you and make you wonder where he’s been your whole life. Go with the flow because he may do things to surprise you.

As long as you’re open for what he may have planned for your date, you’ll likely feel like a kid in a candy store.

What Type of Date

first date with an aquarius man

This brainy guy wants to do things that stimulate his mind. If he’s the one planning it, he may take you to a museum or somewhere classy that most other people don’t do on a first date.

If you’re the one planning it, keep these ideas in mind. He loves very different types of places with unique types of people. He’s social and if you are as well, you could take him to something that will include teamwork.

Poetry reading, book signing, or out to eat at a restaurant that serves very exotic types of cuisine. This could be an adventure for the both of you that would impress him.

Other types of places he may take you are perhaps an out of town vineyard for dinner and wine. He could take you to the nearest town that merits an hour or two drive so that you two can talk at length.

He has a charismatic personality so the conversation will not be difficult with him. If you aren’t sure what to discuss, he’ll probably bring up any number of topics to discuss.

Whenever possible, show him your intelligence. He’s all about a woman who has keen intellect. Witty comments or jokes will definitely keep his interest in you alive and well.

Some Aquarius men love to go dancing. In fact, I once knew the one that really enjoyed doing Country Western Line dancing every Thursday night. It’s physical and social which is something he enjoys.

Quiet Time

To begin getting to know your Aquarius guy, you may want to try to get him alone so that you can talk about things. Perhaps inviting him over for pizza and Netflix would be enticing.

If you aren’t ready to be intimate then make it clear that you have boundaries. Otherwise, he may try to bust moves. Beware because not all Aquarius men who hop into bed with you will want a commitment or even to date.

So play it cool but make sure it’s understood that you will not be intimate until you’ve gotten to know him a bit better. He may actually respect you for this and want to get to know who you really are.

Use this time alone with him to ask him questions about his life, who he is, where he’s from, what he wants, what his ideas and goals in life are. You can also open up and share yours.

It’s not likely that he’s going to be too entirely open as he is, after all, an Aquarius man. He will always carry a certain amount of detachment with him. Just give him time, he’ll cozy up to when he’s ready.

The first date is important to find out what you have in common, what differences you may have, and basically if you’re on the same page in finding a partner or if it’s just a good time to play around.

Having fun while defining what it is that both of you ultimately want in life will be the key to helping you to decide if the Aquarius man is for you or if you should just have fun then move on.

Snuggling and Affection

first date with an aquarius man

While you may not dive into bed together, you can still enjoy each other if you feel the chemistry there. Hold hands, snuggle, and perhaps even kiss. It’s always important to find out if the energy is right between you two.

If you opt to spend time together quietly, then you’ll most likely have some physical moments. That’s normal and acceptable. When this happens, try to feel what his energy is telling you.

If you pay attention to your own intuition, you should be able to feel whether there is magnetism between you two or if there is a little something “off” with the situation.

This could be a very tell tale sign either way whether it’s something that may blossom into a loving relationship or if it’s something that may lead to heartbreak. If it’s heartbreak, you may want to cut it short and know your limit.

If you do feel the possibility of love developing, stick with it but have lots of patience. Aquarius men do not move quickly when it comes to relationships and if it’s to be healthy, you’ve got to have patience… give it some time.

Naturally, it may be helpful for you to learn everything you possibly can about the Aquarius man. I can help you with that of course.


How was your first date with an Aquarius man? Let me know!

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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4 thoughts on “First Date With An Aquarius Man: What Should You Expect?

  1. We were really hitting it off, got together for our first date really seemed to go well he ended up needing to leave because he didn’t feel well looked very pail… gave me a hug said he’d text me when he got home but didn’t I reached out a few times concerned about how he was feeling and not hearing from him idk if something happened to him or during the date I didn’t pick up on… I also expressed no hard feelings of he ended up not that into me… but haven’t received a response. I was really feeling him what do I do?

  2. Well I could really use a little help here! I am a strong, sexy confident Leo woman with an incredible Instant magnetic attraction to Aquarius men and this one was no different . Will an Aquarius man give you another opportunity if the sexual chemistry was suppressed on our first date? Or will he just think it is not there and not bother trying again?

    We had previously been in contact for over a month and on a few occasions, talked for hours at a time into late morning about how we turn each other on, politics, the universe, life, angel signs, relationships; values and morals; trust, loyalty, and honesty being of primary importance to us both, and so many deep and important things. We got into so many esoteric conversations with genuinely open and authentic views we mutually share and are so in sync on everything. We literally laughed about how we could just finish each other sentences and that’s the way it was even the night we first met! It took us one minute to see each other and he was next to my side, we talked for 45 minutes and our friends commented it was like there was a bubble around us and we didn’t even care who else was in the room. We were physically close and even touching each other as we were talking that first night but then I need to go. I’ve literally been dying to physically see him again since then (even though I’m dating other men that are incredible and very sexy—yes I have a type that I like and attract Lol—fitness models; athletes, successful fit and gorgeous men and he is all that; but I am so attracted to him from the inside out because we had shared so much previously.). He always told me how turned on by me he is and gets a little shy and giggles which is surprising for someone who is as physically muscular and strong and unique as he is. He has an old soul and has talked often to me about how most men do not know how to properly treat a woman with respect and traditional values. We are sooo in sync intellectually, politically, and as individuals. He even told me that night that he could really be himself with me and he cannot do that with most others. I noted that he has such a sweet soft and gentle shy side as well as his alpha male strong warrior side— Which is the only one he says he can show most people as they perceive his soft side as weakness. I reassured him I possess the same strength and soft sides, and it was not weakness at all but something special and loving…

    We ended up just talking for five hours even when at his home and nothing sexual occurred, when he thought we would have so much chemistry together we would end up in bed. I had teased him in advance that we might not have the right chemistry but I was only joking! When I was leaving I actually told him I thought he should just kiss me… He was surprised. I told him I needed to know… He gave me a small gentle kiss just exploring my lower lip only with his tongue which I returned; and he pressed our lips firmly together. Nothing super sexual but it was sweet. He also hugged me goodbye with only his upper body keeping his lower half away from me. I have experienced this before with Aquarius men. They basically don’t want to get turned on; or already are; which does indicate physical attraction.

    I honestly have no idea why we just talked for just five hours and this didn’t become a seduction. There was never any lag time or uncomfortable moments. We just always have so much that we talk about. (And some of it was a relationship he is still currently trying to get away from but has business ties and therein lies the complication… but he’s been open and honest about it. He even talked about a particular restaurant that he loves that he wants to take me to.) There was definite flirtation going on but perhaps not enough. And we were literally sitting at a small table which was awkward to physically be able to touch each other. At no point did he suggest moving to the couch which was right next to the table, or even his bedroom. I did not feel like that should come from me. Either he was being respectful thinking I didn’t want that because of the comments I made, I also didn’t kiss him when I first walked in the door and just gave him a hug and my cheek in the rush. We talked more about his situation, how he usually attracts broken women which he realizes I am not, I am a little bit older and had a lot of wisdom to impart etc. I guess I could’ve been my usual seductive self and made it happen but I didn’t. And I don’t want to say this felt more like friend zone, but friendship is very important to Aquarius men but we had enough of that on the phone! He even asked me why I came there. I told him I’ve been wanting to see him again ever since the day we first met, but maybe he was disappointed that it didn’t become more sexual but he also did not initiate it. I’m not sure if that was out of respect, insecurity that he didn’t think I wanted that from him; or what. For me to be with a guy like this (who I did constantly tell him I was so attracted to) and not have any intimacy happening—only hand holding while talking but no kissing even is not usual! I think we both know that if any intimacy happened we would likely just ended up in bed, but neither of us made that attempt. I usually go right for the sex but I didn’t and neither did he which I think is what he really wanted . I just don’t want him to feel like it’s not there and just get discouraged because now I want to experience him more than ever… and I guess I’m wondering also why I did not put out that Sex vibe. I do believe that he is, or was, deeply interested in me. No one spends that much time talking to you about such important things and tells you how he can just really be himself with you. That’s a large statement for a man. Particularly with someone like an Aquarius with so much pride, male ego, and alpha male qualities. Either he was being respectful, was in his head about the relationship, realized I was more than just sex, or just didn’t feel the vibe and said forget it. Sometimes Aquarius men just take their time when they care about you, but he had already talked about if I came to his house that it would mean that we would be having sex. (Although at first when I asked him if this was a date he said maybe we could get together as just friends… Then when it was decided that it would be his home he said he doesn’t have girlfriends come there unless they’re going to have sex which can be intimidating… I let him know I wasn’t intimidated at all and that I only do what I want to do but, of course, was being playful.)

    So… how to fix this… The next night I tried to call him late and he didn’t answer. I noticed he then made two posts on his social media stories which I believe were absolutely intended for me, and were sexual in nature— I have never seen him make a post like that before. I made some private comments about wishing we had done that the night before, and that I think we need to just to have sex ASAP for the sake of our friendship. It was to the point but playful and non-intimidating. He did not answer those messages.

    I thought that he needed more encouragement that I really wanted him (Aquarius men need that); and I decided to make a bold move the next morning and left him a very seductive, playful, detailed sexy voice message (Which he loooves) to just come over; show me who’s boss, share our sexual sides, etc.—That I loved it when he told me he could really be himself with me and that I wanted to see all of him; and share those sides of myself with him as well. I came right out and said I was challenging him sexually; but in a playful but strong and confident way. (It was a near two minute seduction which I’m sure he’ll listen to many times—Any other guy would’ve done anything possible to get there immediately! LOL). Maybe too much for Aquarius? I did this just in case he had any doubts from the night before that I wanted him. There may have been a little mixed messages on both sides— Likely because we are very attracted to each other Intellectually; philosophically, and physically— We are so open with each other and so comfortable on every level. It’s been very authentic from the start from both sides; with tons of sexual overtones. We have had so much chemistry together leading up to this first private date, I think I maybe intimidated him a little bit and there are some complicated situations, but I would really love to get a second chance to see him and just be our true and full selves together sexually but he’s now not responding. He made no acknowledgment to that voice message which was yesterday.

    I do know he’s very attracted to me physically and intellectually. Aquarian men need intelligent woman and he’s told me that himself. But maybe now he’s over it. Aquarius men can turn it off just that easily. He is in a complicated situation, put himself out on a limb even though he seemed indecisive, to see me last Saturday and I don’t think it ended up the way either of us expected but I don’t think he would’ve spent five hours talking with me till four in the morning if there was no level of interest merely to be polite? He may just need some time and space to think about it and contact me later, is torturing me over this now and making me agonize over it, he’s in his head about his current situation which is critical, or he just doesn’t care anymore. At this point I’ve done everything I can do. I’ve really put it out there so I can have no more doubts in myself that I didn’t let him know exactly what I wanted, and it will have to come from him. He will either give it some time and reach out, or he just won’t bother. Would love to know what you Aquarius men reading this out there might think? Or what you, as the author, think? Do you think he will reach out and; if so, when. I do believe if we had connected sexually it would be different. Again, he is still stuck in a situation he’s trying to get out of and may not have the emotional energy for what he may consider cat and mouse games although that was never the intention. I really i’m dying just to connect with him now which he now knows from my voice message and it’s really killing me LOL

    Thanks so much!


    1. Leo lioness! I’m a Leo too! I totally get you. But ya Leo’s seem to think that we need sex for confirmation even tho we rather that not be the case. What you wrote was the perfect date and connection but sex seemed to be the deciding factor in it all.. messing with your head. That shouldn’t be the case. Even tho there are sexual vibes doesn’t mean we need to act on them right away. This guy can wait and is more attracted to the non sexual chemistry! So the sex doesn’t even matter!

      1. Hi Jen!

        Aquarius men are definitely more methodical in their methods than you as Leo. You want to know and need to feel his connection. He’s more about “let’s build slowly”. It can be a troubling situation if there is no patience. You’re correct about sex not being a huge thing for Aquarius. He wants to get to know the real you instead of slamming it up in the bed. Chemistry may be there but patience is the most important ingredient. Thank you for sharing from your perspective sweetheart. I’m sure Leo Lioness will appreciate it.

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