How To Make an Aquarius Man Want You: Trigger His ‘Desire’ Buttons

by Anna, relationship astrologer
To make an Aquarius man want you, you first have to know him better. Read today's article to learn more about the great guy!

It seems like an Aquarius man can be focused on so many projects and obsessions in his life that he might be hard to reach. But, let’s find out what his weak points can be and break his defense system.

To make an Aquarius man want you, you first have to know him better.

Changeable Airy Dreamer

The planet which traditionally rules the sign of Aquarius is Saturn, and in the so-called modern astrology, the rulership over this sign is given to the planet Uranus. So, basically, we have to know the qualities of both to get into the essence of this man.

Saturn paints Aquarius sign in the colors of common people. These are the ones who love to stick together to be able to survive and often they are pioneers.

If you think about the armies of those who crossed the ocean to conquer the “new world”, all those gold diggers or factory workers dressed in gray or blue uniforms, you will get the clearer image.

Denim is also the usual dress code for this sign, as well as all “people” types of gatherings like public celebrations, fairs, and group sports.

On the other side, Uranus is something like Prometheus in the heavens. He steals the fire from the gods and brings it to the people so they can become god-like.

In the sign of Aquarius, this is seen as the everlasting desire to make life better. And Internet, which connects people the fastest and creates public opinions, is the symbol for this planet too.

Aquarius guys and girls possess the deep inner desire to belong to other people, to feel like a part of the group, but yet to be special, unique or simply unusual. And those sometimes opposing forces can create all sorts of sudden and contradictory feelings in them.

What Is Love for an Aquarius Man?

Make an Aquarius Man Want You

The house of love in astrology for an Aquarius is placed in the sign of Gemini.  For you personally, this means that he just loves to use all electronic gadgets and communicates mainly through them.

His style of communication is light, it can be shallow sometimes, but the surefire way to keep his attention is to be different than the others.

However, the house of marriage, which includes the committed relationships of course, for an Aquarius man, is placed in the sign of Leo. Yes, he can belong to common people, but his deepest inner desire is the have the special shiny princess which can easily outshine all other girls.

Winning Formula for an Aquarius’ Heart

Let’s merge everything we have learned until now.

He is common, yet he is uncommon. This means that you should look, behave or act as the common girl, but with some twists and turns regarding those subjects.

Try to wear usual fashionable clothes, but with some hints of unusual details at the same time. Basically, you should have that “I don’t care and I’m terribly smart” look on yourself. This can mean for instance that you can have a pair of jeans and some silvery t-shirt with a provocative statement.

And if you act like you are minding your own business while sending voice messages online about your new blockchain technology investment, saving the penguins urgent project and making the farm with free vegetables for all on Mars, he won’t have the other choice than just to be amazed by you completely.

Manga Girl With a Sharp Mind

Manga and anime, which are the Japanese comic books and animated series, have taken the world by the storm for the last few decades. And if you want to know what works when it comes to Aquarius guy, then you should copy a bit of manga style, where the girls are somewhat childish but erotic and very brave.

But at the same time, you must show him that you are not just one airhead girl in line, but you have your principles, projects and most of all, your circle of devoted friends.

Royal Figure and Her Admirer

Make an Aquarius Man Want You

For those Aquarius men who are over their thirties or older, you should play on your “committed relationship” card. And this means looking and behaving like the Leo lady.

Your hair can be blond or a bit lighter than your usual color, and you should shine for sure. This can mean that your appearance has to be different than all others.

So, if everybody else around him shows up in black or dark clothes during the gloomy winter day, you should be the one wearing white or even red from top to bottom. This will clearly differentiate you and he won’t have the other choice than to look and admire you.

Watch your manners, because Leo types of ladies are behaving like the royal figures. Be gentle, be kind and always a bit more expensive than the others.

You can buy vintage clothes and your diamonds can be a fake for sure, but you have to wear this ensemble like you were growing up in the castle.

This complete style and energy you are emanating from within will attract him all of the sudden and he won’t know why he stares at you and suddenly forgets all those “we will save the world together darling” girls he once fell for. Well, he’s grown up a bit and now he needs his wife.


As said, with the Aquarius man it’s always unusual and contradictive many times. This might be something exceptionally interesting for all to read.

How did you make an Aquarius man want you? Please share your thoughts.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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4 thoughts on “How To Make an Aquarius Man Want You: Trigger His ‘Desire’ Buttons

    1. Hi Alison!

      These tips should help you but if you want a more definitive answer on what to do with an Aquarius man, how to win him back, and how to keep him; you’ll need to actually dive in a bit deeper. Learn more by reading my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  1. I’ve known my Aquarius man since we were kids. He was my 1st little puppy love our mom’s were good friends. He helped me when I was down for awhile after I left my child’s father. Then after a bit we lost contact. He just got back ahold of me. Sadly he’s been in prison for 4 year’s. He’s out in a few months. He has a job his car and money when he comes home. He calls numerous times a day. I don’t pay anything he has he has money not to worry. He just wants to talk to me. We been speaking alot about when we were kid’s. He kept saying I was gonna make him fall in love again. Then today he sent me a song. Said it was ours. He told me he loves me and keeps saying how happy he is we are speaking. Now I’ve ALWAYS been in love with him. I guess im just scared because I know people say alot of thing’s locked up. But he’s never been so open. And the fact he doesn’t want anything? I want to believe him so bad. I told him we could have been married with kids by now, but you were still in your “hoe” faze lol He told me we can still have all that. I’d just like your opinion with the situation plz. And it makes sense the want a friend 1st. We been friends since we were 13. I just don’t want to get hurt. I told him that he said he wouldn’t hurt me he’s serious. I’m just scared….

    1. Hi Ashlee!

      I think it could be something. As long as he wasn’t in prison for anything too terrible then there isn’t too much reason to worry. The only way you’re truly going to know for sure is when he’s out. What his actions are then will tell you everything you need to know. It’s alright that you have reservations but stay open minded at the very least. He could turn out to be the real deal. Give it a chance unless his actions show you otherwise. If you need to know more about Aquarius man behavior, please check out my books on Aquarius Man Secrets.

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