Aquarius Man in Bed Can Be Tricky: Take Full Control

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Aquarius Man in Bed Can Be Tricky: Take Full Control

So you’re hot for an Aquarius man but want to know what you can to do not only take control but show him as much pleasure as possible in bed. Keep reading and I’ll give you some very useful tips that may help you show him the most adventuresome time he could ever imagine with you.

Gear Him Up With Dirty Talk

Obviously before you can lure him to the bedroom or elsewhere for some kinky fun, you’ll need to get his mind turned on. Aquarius man is cerebral so get dirty and explicit with him.

You’ll need to do it in a way that appeals to what he likes. If you don’t know what that is yet, you can make some suggestions and see how he responds. Look at his facial expressions and look at how his body reacts.

It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out what excites him. You can suggest positions, experimentation, etc. This allows you to figure out what you can work with when you do successfully get him to romp in the hay with you.

You can even whip out a book about sexual positions to flip through with him and ask him what appeals to him. He’ll be turned on you went through the effort and that you’re trying to figure out which will best please him.

Just talking and thinking about it will get his motor running and you can be assured he’ll be quite ready when it’s finally time to get your grove on. Remember, brain first because that will get to him the most effectively!

Go For His Erogenous Zone!

Aquarius man in bed can be tricky

If you’re getting an excellent response to your talking dirty to him, you can try to take steps to get further with him. Going for his erogenous zone will show him you mean business and want Aquarius man in bed.

Feeling so wanted, he may very well give in and go for it with you. I have written an article about his erogenous zones and you can check it out by clicking the following: Aquarius Man Erogenous Zones.

Start with a nice neck and shoulder massage that slowly reaches his back. You’ll keep doing this to basically massage his whole entire body. He’ll feel very relaxed and turned on all at the same time.

Use essential oils and make him feel like a King. You showing him appreciation will only make him want you that much more. You’re going to want to focus on his feet ladies. That’s his “spot” for the most part.

Massage them but wash them first. He’ll be in heaven and he’ll be more open to anything else you want to try sexually. Again, click on the link I provided to get more information on his erogenous zone stimulation.

Long Foreplay Sessions

Before he dives into bed with you, the Aquarius man will want to play with you. This will include lots of deep and passionate kissing. Caress his face, gently claw at his back and just let him feel your passion for him.

You can even tease him and make a game out of it. I don’t mean tease him in a derogatory sense. I mean play a game where he has to answer your questions or you’ll spank him.

Perhaps if he answers properly, you do something very pleasurable for him such as massaging his special areas. If he answers wrong or is a smartass, you can lightly smack him on his rear.

I mean you can really do this in any way that you want. Having fun with him makes him feel that you’re someone he wants to spend more time with and have a sexy time with intimacy.

The more you drag out the foreplay sessions, the more worked up he gets and eventually he’s going to grab you and take you. Let him when he’s ready so that he feels he has some sort of dominance in the game.

Sexy Places

Aquarius man in bed can be tricky

The Aquarius man wants adventure. It may not just be in the bedroom though. He would love to have sex with you in the out outdoors, in public, or somewhere where you normally wouldn’t.

I’m not saying you should have an orgy or swap partners or anything like that. However, he may be up for that if you are. Basically the Aquarius man loves to try new things and so the more creative you are, the more control you take.

Come up with new places you can try to have some hot sex in or at. Suggest camping, hiking, or whatever it is that you would like to do. When you get there, you can surprise him with some oral attention.

He will be more turned on than he can ever even imagine. It also gives you control over whether or not he has an orgasm. You can tease him and then make him take you.

Whatever it is you’d like to do, I can almost guarantee, he’ll be up for trying it and enjoying the sexiness in it. Being outdoors is one of his favorites. You can also give him head in the car in a busy parking lot where lots of people are walking around.

The more daring you can be, the more control you can take of the Aquarius man in bed or out of bed. Decide what fantasy of yours turns you on the most and then share it with your Aquarius guy.

The Aquarius man loves sex but he can sometimes make you wait. Tempt him, tease him, and talk your way into his pants. Once you’re getting there, he isn’t likely to want to stop you.

Aquarius man will respond well to any type of exciting adventures you want to supply him with. He’ll want more and more with you as long as you make it worth his while.

It’s up to you ladies. You now have some very important tips to take control of the Aquarius man in bed or out in the wild. Enjoy him!

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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