5 Tips On How To Talk With An Aquarius Man Properly

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5 Tips On How To Talk With An Aquarius Man Properly

If you’re interested in an Aqua guy and unsure how to approach him, here are 5 great tips on how to talk with an Aquarius man. You could win him over with the right dialect, just follow our tips!

1. Intellectual Stimulation

It’s important that you understand that the Aquarius man is a brainy guy. Even if he may not seem like it at times; he’s as sharp as a tack. He’s also terribly funny and loves a sense of adventure.

Getting the Aquarius man’s attention requires beauty. I don’t just mean your outer appearance. However; I would suggest looking your best at all times around him. He appreciates this in a woman.

He will also want to see your inner beauty. To do that, you’ll need to talk to him and make it apparent. How do you do that? Well, it’s simple really, be yourself! Aquarius men do not like plastic women.

Besides, it would be a huge disappointment for him to think you’re intelligent and well informed to find out that you’re just faking it. He’d drop you in a heartbeat if that were the case.

Talk to him about interesting things you really love and are passionate about or things that he also likes. He will like talking to you as it will captivate him.

If you can secure his intellect; you can work at securing other facets that are the Aquarius man. Doing this will take time so I warn you, have patience because he is in absolutely no hurry.

2. Going with the Flow

Happy young couple sitting and talking on the beach in autumn - Attract An Aquarius Man By Conversation

Because this man is in no natural hurry,  you’ll want to be more relaxed when you talk to him. When he calls you up; though you may be excited; try to act as though you’re sitting on a beach sipping margaritas.

Answering the phone as if you’re having a good ole time, this will make him feel that you’re a “live in the moment” type of gal. He will love this! The last thing he wants to feel is pressure.

If he asks you to go out and do something, be open to what he wants to do. I’m not saying it has to all be his way. I am saying though, if you are open to what he wants to do, he’ll be more open to you later on.

Also if you’re out and about somewhere with him and he spontaneously wants to do something different; give it a try! This man is adventurous and sometimes comes up with some really fun things to do.

The more you are receptive to his ideas, the more he’ll want to show you a good time. This is fantastic if you want him to get closer to you or get to know you on a deeper level.

So when you’re talking to him, go with the flow of the conversation. Be yourself but be relaxed. Share your dreams, hopes, and aspirations. That you can be excited about, he’ll want to see this.

The more he knows you’re independent and that you go with the flow, he’ll be stuck on you.

3. Don’t Miss Him Too Much

I know this is an odd thing to say but Aquarius men are very independent and like to have free time more than most. That being said, if he calls you and you act as though your world has fallen apart because you missed him so much, it will be a turn-off.

Even if you did miss him a lot; you want him to think you’re doing fine all by yourself and don’t need him for your mere survival. He wants to feel that you are not in need of being attached at the hip.

He seeks a partner who isn’t needy and can hold her own by his side. That means he will want a partner who will do her own thing, have her own interests, goals, and dreams that she’s striving to live.

Be yourself always because he appreciates the truth, but do your best not to seem over eager. He’d rather hear that you had a great time doing fun things while he was gone. It’ll make him feel better.

When getting to know each other, you definitely do not want to give him the impression that you’d like to speed things up. This will make him cut and run. I cannot stress this enough; he is NOT in a hurry. Take this tip so you understand how to talk to an Aquarius man.

4. Share Ideas or Concepts with Him

Young couple talking in coffee shop - How Can You Make An Aquarius Man Miss You

If you are thinking of starting a business, starting a new project, or have some ideas; bounce them off your Aquarius guy. He’s really good at helping with creative and critical thinking.

He will be flattered that you’ve asked him for advice. It shows him that you take him seriously and that you’re interested in his brain as well as everything else he has to offer.

This is a turn on for the Aquarius man. He’ll give you some really sound advice and ideas to work with. You’ll benefit from his natural wisdom as well as possibly gain yourself a wonderful man.

This man is always thinking about something, so knowing how to talk to an Aquarius man is imperative. He can be overly analytical at times so that’s something to watch out for as it can make him a tad bit critical now and then. However, most of the time he’s pretty sharp.

5. Be Honest with Him

If you’re not the kind of woman that wants to have a “friends with benefits” type of relationship; you may want to let him know. He IS a man that will have these types of friendships.

If he is interested in you at all; he’ll respect this and not ask you to do this. If you do not tell him though; he will assume that you’re ok with doing that thus jumping in the sack with you.

Aquarius will only commit to someone when he is truly 100% ready which could take some time. Patience is highly required. This means that if you don’t want to be casual with him; it’s something you have to speak up and be honest with him about upfront.


I beg the question: how to talk with an Aquarius man? What’s your take on it?

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

11 thoughts on “5 Tips On How To Talk With An Aquarius Man Properly

  1. Wow! This describes my ex so perfectly! I wish I had known all of this when we met 5.5 years ago. Maybe we would have not had such a turbulent relationship and still be together today.

    1. Hi Dorise!

      Hindsight is always 20/20 my dear. However, if you ever intend to date another Aquarius there is much more you should know. It would really help you to read my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”. Perhaps another is in your stars!

    1. I’m an Aquarian I’m 20 years old probably way younger than you, but you sound shitty and your attitude is aggressive. Even if you went through bs for 30 years with one person..1 that’s your fault, 2 you don’t have to call the entire population of Aquarian’s shitty. How about you fix yourself. We are gonna do nothing but be honest (like this post, and ignore you like I would when/if you comment (and even if you didn’t comment that would be okay because an Aquarian is truthful and blunt with their emotions and feelings).

      P.s this page had a lot of insight and I loved reading it.

      1. Hi Smh-you know better.,

        Thank you for chiming in. I think maybe she had a hard time with her guy and no matter what his sign is, she’s fed up. I feel for her and I hope she finds the peace she needs in her soul. I’m glad that you enjoyed the article yourself and that it was insightful for you. You might want to check out my book sometime. It’s called “Aquarius Man Secrets” of course.

    2. Hi None of ya business!

      I’m sorry that things went so badly with your Aquarius guys. That doesn’t mean they are all like this. Your situation is likely unique and because of that, you should try to keep your mind open about the sign and just know that your guy is maybe not the right one for you. There are plenty of good Aquarius men still out there that wouldn’t be jerks to you honey. I hope you find healing in your heart.

    3. He is an Aquarius and I am a Cancer I have known him for a year now we dated for a couple of months in the beginning and he was doing that hot and cold
      an didn’t want to be in a relationship with one person so I let him go then 6 months later we started dating again he’s real good to me and we are boyfriend and girlfriend he told me he realized that I was a good for him and what a big mistake he let me go in the beginning so in about 2 months we plan to move in together I think we’re doing pretty good we’re starting to see when we need time apart we both been single for a long time but we truly love each other he puts up with me and I put up with him we have ups and downs but we work through them not like in the beginning we just didn’t say anything to each other in the beginning we just walked away from each other but not now he realized he really loves me because I’ve always loved him and admired him for who he was we are both the same age we are 54 he’s the Aquarius and I am the cancer we like a lot of the same things we like going camping and kayaking and drinking occasionally and lots of sex because we both like it especially with each other I do as a cancer get moody at times but he understands me and knows when I am not in a good mood he will try to fix it I read a lot about Aquarius men wanting all this freedom but it doesn’t seem that way with my Aquarius Man maybe just on Mondays I call it his Moody Monday so I give him his space alone then by Tuesday he’s just fine he truly is a great person and I love him for all that he is and he tells me the same.

      1. Hi Angie!

        It sounds like you’ve found the right formula that works for the two of you. That’s amazing and I wish you nothing but happiness. If you need to know anything else about your Aquarius man, check out my books on Aquarius Man Secrets. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  2. Have an aquarius man friend. Capricorn girl here btw. He’s so predictable. Like go and stop but as a cappy, I don’t get to be clingy towards him so I give him all the time not until he unfriended me on one of the social media’s we were connected, so I had to block all the communication we have. But then, he emailed me, I forgot he got my email. He wanted me to talk to him again and now we’re again talking. He wants me to be more open to him and he always talks somehow to me but times when he goes silent, I do let him as I understand his sign. I hope capricorn girl and aquarius man could have way much compatibility. I’m starting to like him but I don’t show it. I don’t wanna light my hopes up to anyone. Especially he’s an aqua.

    1. Hi Abby!

      Any relationship is possible with time, effort, patience, and communication. You are both intellectual and that is a beautiful connection in itself. As long you two keep the communication open and honest, you two can make it! I’m glad you understand his sign. That is fabulous. If you need any more tips though, check out my books sometime!

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