Will An Aquarius Man Leave His Wife? (8 Hopeful Signs)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you flirting with or dating a married Aquarius guy and wondering will an Aquarius man leave his wife? Here's what to know...

Hey, my lovely! Wow, I know how tough it must be for you to be so in love with an Aquarius man who is married. This is always a very sticky situation to be in. Wondering will an Aquarius man leave his wife must be playing on your mind quite heavily…

I so often get emails from my readers saying “A married Aquarius man flirting with me, what should I do? I am falling in love with him.” This is really tough and I am sure you are very conflicted about being in a situation like this.

Aquarius men are often known for their distant and aloof nature, which can make it difficult to gauge their true feelings and intentions. You might wonder does an Aquarius man stay in an unhappy marriage, or if he is capable of leaving his wife for someone else.

If this is a question you are pondering, there are a few signs that an Aquarius man may be considering leaving his wife for you. Keep reading to find out all the signs that there might be hope for the two of you in the future.

Does The Aquarius Man Stay In An Unhappy Marriage?

Aquarius men value their independence and freedom above everything else in their life. So when they do get married, they are definitely sure that they are with the right person, or he and his wife have an unconventional marriage that allows them both to perhaps explore outside relationships.

It is often the case that an Aquarius man is quite attracted to a polyamorous lifestyle, where multiple romantic and sexual relationships are allowed. Or that he and his wife have somewhat of an open relationship.

Perhaps you have met him as a result of this setup up and now you are painfully in love with him, hoping that he will leave his wife and choose you instead.

However, one thing you need to know about an Aquarius man is that he is both a fixed sign, and is also ruled by the planet Saturn, the planet of responsibility and duty.

Both of these qualities signify that once an Aquarius man commits, he will likely feel obligated to honour his commitments, including his marriage vows. He will definitely try his utmost to save his marriage at the very least before considering leaving it for someone else.

Will An Aquarius Man Leave His Wife For Me? (5 Hopeful Signs)

It is definitely not a given that an Aquarius man is going to leave his wife for you, but here are 5 hopeful signs that it may happen:

He Prioritizes You

If an Aquarius man starts prioritizing you over his wife in terms of time, attention, and effort, it could be a sign that he is considering leaving his wife for you. You will notice that all his free time he tries to spend with you and that he is apprehensive of ever going home.

When you need him he tends to be there for you, even if it means neglecting his responsibilities at home. You can tell that you are someone who is important to him and that he values your presence in his life.

He Never Hides You

If an Aquarius man never hides you and is open about his connection with you, it could be a sign that he is serious about leaving his wife for you. He introduces you to his friends and family, includes you in social events, and doesn’t hesitate to show affection towards you in public.

This is definitely a sign that things are over between him and his wife and he is ready to move on with you. He wouldn’t make such a public declaration of his relationship with you if he wasn’t serious about leaving his wife.

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He Shares His Future Plans With You

If an Aquarius man starts sharing his future plans with you and includes you in them, it could be a sign that he sees a future with you outside of his current marriage. He talks about things like traveling together, creating a life together, and making long-term plans that involve you.

Just be careful with this one because it is possible that he is using his fantasies as a means to escape from his life and not actually intend to follow through. Just be weary and try not to get too caught up in his promises without concrete actions to support them.

You Have Been Involved With Him For A While Now

If you have been involved with an Aquarius man for a significant amount of time and he has shown consistent dedication and commitment towards you, it might be a sign that he is considering leaving his wife for you.

If it has been longer than 3 months then chances are good that he is considering this as something serious and has potential to leave his wife for you. Anything shorter than that might just be a fling and a distraction from his terrible marriage, so it’s important to assess the duration and depth of your involvement with him.

He Expresses Dissatisfaction With His Marriage

If an Aquarius man frequently expresses dissatisfaction with his marriage and openly discusses the problems and issues he has with his wife, it could be a clear indication that he is contemplating leaving his wife for you.

He may confide in you about the lack of intimacy, communication, or compatibility in his marriage, and seek solace and understanding from you. It should be very clear that his marriage is unsalvageable and he sees you as a potential escape from his unhappy relationship.

More Surefire Signs That Reveal When An Aquarius Man Decides You’re The One

Are you still not convinced that an Aquarius man is ready to leave his wife for you? Here are a few more surefire signs that reveal when an Aquarius man decides you’re the one:

You Connect On A Deeper Level

If you have a deep emotional and intellectual connection with an Aquarius man, where you understand each other on a profound level and can have deep conversations about life, dreams, and values, it could be a sign that he sees you as his ideal partner and is considering leaving his wife for you.

It might be that you are the missing piece to his life and that he feels something for you that he has never felt with his wife before. It could be that this connection makes him understand that he can’t really live without you.

He Tells You He Is Getting A Divorce

If an Aquarius man specifically tells you that he is in the process of getting a divorce or actively planning to end his marriage, it is a clear sign that he is serious about leaving his wife for you.

He isn’t the type of guy to make empty promises like this as he understands the gravity of the situation and the impact it will have on all parties involved. He is not going to joke about something like this.

When an Aquarius man makes up his mind, he usually follows through with his decisions.

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He Moves Out

One of the most concrete signs that an Aquarius man is leaving his wife for you is if he physically moves out of their shared space. This demonstrates a commitment to ending his marriage and potentially starting a new life with you.

This shows concrete action on his part and indicates that he is taking steps to separate himself from his wife and establish a new life with you. This is a very serious step and it indicates that an Aquarius man is serious about leaving his wife for you.

Is Dating A Married Aquarius Man A Good Idea?

Dating a married Aquarius man is generally not considered a good idea due to the ethical and moral implications, but sometimes we cannot help who we fall in love with, and the heart wants what it wants.

I, however, would be very careful about pursuing a relationship with a married Aquarius man, as the potential for destruction and hurt is high for all the parties involved.

Depending on the Aquarius man’s circumstances, you need to be very careful that you don’t hurt anyone in the process of falling in love with him. He may have children that could be impacted by an affair or divorce.

Aquarius can be a promiscuous man, and if he can easily cheat on his wife with you or is able to have an affair with a married woman, he can also easily have an affair while he is with you.

These are all things to consider when you are deciding whether or not you should engage in a relationship with a married Aquarius or if you’re the one who’s married and wants a single Aquarius man.

If all you really want is a good time with no muss or fuss, then the Aquarius man may be a good fit. Just keep in mind that if you decide later on that you want more, he’s likely not to give it to you.

Of course, if he does, just remember how it was with you and know that he’ll do it again with someone else later on. Aquarius doesn’t like to commit easily. He won’t commit to the “other woman”.

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10 thoughts on “Will An Aquarius Man Leave His Wife? (8 Hopeful Signs)

  1. Married 12 yrs Aquarius man, we have seperated due to his affairs, he has been with one for about 6mos. Can I get him back? We get together about 3 times a mo. Talk and laugh and it is a secret but he expresses that he might want to reconcile in the future am I wasting my time

    1. HI Jill!

      Well, it sounds like the two of you need to meet up and discuss it. I would say though that you need to tell him if you get back together, there cannot be any affairs. Unless you’re alright with him doing that sort of thing. If not then you need to make sure it’s about you two only. You can probably work through it but you both have to dedicate yourself to it. You might benefit from checking out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  2. Hi I’m Firehiwot. I am aries woman. Before 5 years i am divorced. After 5 years i fall in love with a married Aquarius man. He is not happy with his marriage. So what shall i do? Thank you

    1. Hi Firehiwot Bogale!

      If he isn’t happy with his marriage then he needs to get out of it instead of having an affair. If he’s willing to make you his 2nd choice then he’s not really devoted and is juggling the two of you. If he cares for you and wants to be with you then he will exit his marriage and come to you. Don’t accept anything else otherwise you’ll end up being his side chic. You might benefit from checking out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  3. Hi I am Tina. A Sagittarius woman aged 44. I am in an unhappy marriage since the past 2 years.
    I am attracted to an aries man who has been married for over 20 years. He loves his wife and kids. I am not expcting him to leave his family, I have known him since we were teenagers. We last saw each other before we both got married. We met early this year and he told me he had feelings for me when we were still young. We always talk and I always confide to him. Should I have a relationship with him?

    1. Hi Tina!

      So if you don’t expect him to leave his family, what do you expect him to do? Are you alright being his side chic? That’s all you’ll get if you have a relationship with him. I hate to say that but it’s true. You’d only be his affair and never have him whole for yourself. It’s up to you but if you want to know more about how Aries man is, you might want to check out my book “Aries Man Secrets”.

  4. I was in love with married Aquarius man..ITS not because his looks.it kost because he share jus feeling and his subtly act that he show me he is in love with me.there’s a butterfly around…i was in my lowest down life..but my gut telling me that ia something wrong happens…he clearly tell me that be gas wife butbthey where separates by country because of pandemi .
    I was tell him we Will meet again when he grown up and ready ..not becay i di not love him.but i know my worth…
    Just left Faith take ITS job

    1. Hi Erma!

      Fantastic to hear you did the right thing. I am so proud of you sweetheart. It’s very important to be supportive to an Aquarius man but if he’s trying to be unfaithful to his wife then he could very well be unfaithful to you as well. He would never put you first and yes, your worth a whole lot more than what he was doing. Keep up the great work and if you want to know more about this sign, try reading my book. Its very insightful.

  5. Hi.. im in a relationship with a married Aquarius man. We are actually both married.. the man is my first love and neighbor since childhood. And he felt the same way. During old days we like each other but we have no physical and even communication at all. Because we felt that love secretly to each other. Recently after 20 years we reunited through facebook. We had a regular chats until we opened up about our secret feelings during old days. The love again developed in long distance relationship.. we have great time sharing our experience and sweet messages and through social media and he always calling me. I am working abroad but since pandemic started me and my husband decided that i will go home and settled first to our home country with my daughter. My continues relationship with my aquarius man is progressing.. He also working abroad in different country and he is about to go home this April 2021.. since we plan to meet when he will arrive in our town however.. this past few months i observed that he changed a lot. He is not communicating me anymore like the way he used to be. Even no sweet talks and he called me but not as often as before. He asked me to be friend of his wife and try the services they up to on their current business, and keep our relationship between him and me only. Of course i know that it should be. Now im confuse..i tried to communicate with his wife through social media and inquired about the services they are offering.. we chat casually as if like between client and owner. i am not comfortable with this kind of set up but i did it because i thought it will make him happy. The bas thing is i can see in the messenger that his wife is online and he as well is online but he never send me messages even say hi. He often read my messages also. And it hurts me so much because i know that he is communicating with his wife. While me is hanging around.

    He told me before that i am the missing piece and i felt the same. I am not a happy married woman. I struggled emotionally and mentally. My husband is quiet un romantic person and not even active in sex. I am married with him for 14 years.

    My aquarius man is married to his wife for 13 years. They don’t have their own child except for one they adopted. Since birth.

    What should i do? He is coming home this month of april and i dont know what will happen next. I am thinking to break up with him because i know that he will not leave his wife for me.. and currently i have issies woth my husband as well since he is having an affair with someone unknow.


    1. Hi Maya!

      This is a tough situation you are in sweetheart. I think that before you really know what you want in life and love, you need to move on from your marriage. You sounds quite unsettled and like you would like to move on. Do it! Do it for yourself honey. Do what makes you happy. As far as your Aquarius guy, he needs to pick otherwise you will stay as you are for years to come. He’ll hang onto for as long as you allow but as you said, if he won’t leave the wife then there may not be much you can do. You need to choose what is best for YOU. If you talk to him and he still says he won’t leave then you have your answer. Get out of your marriage, be single, and enjoy your life. Though if you would like to know more about Aquarius men, please check out my books on Aquarius Man Secrets.

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