How To Know If An Aquarius Man Is Serious About You (11 Obvious Signs)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to know if an Aquarius man is serious about you? If you’re looking to find out the signs an Aquarius man is taking you seriously, then keep on reading.

How can you possibly tell that an Aquarius man is serious about you? These men are so confusing, that even I have to wrap my brain around them sometimes. And this is coming from a very experienced relationship Astrologer.

It isn’t always the easiest to tell if an Aquarius man is serious about you. He is so aloof and cool and likes to go about his life at his own pace. No one else is ever going to rush him into doing anything he doesn’t want to.

He plays by his own rules, and no one else’s. But I am sure you are curious to know if your Aquarius man is in love with you and if he is taking this relationship as seriously as you are.

If you’re looking to find out the signs an Aquarius man is serious about you, you have come to the right place. Keep on reading to find out more.

3 Surefire Signs An Aquarius Man Is Falling For You

1. He’s More Attentive

The Aquarius man is one who loves his freedom and time. If he’s willing to start giving you some of it; it is a clear sign an Aquarius man is serious about you. He will start to text you, call you, or spend face time with you.

You’ll notice that he starts to ask you more personal questions about your life and what your goals or dreams are. These types of questions help him figure out if you’re someone with whom he could have a lucrative future.

He will go out of his way to try to be around you more. While he’s mining for information; try not to give away too much. The idea is to get him intrigued so he can enjoy the mystery of getting to know you.

Telling him too much upfront will either turn your Aquarius man off or scare him away — neither of which you want to happen. An Aquarius takes his time to fall in love and tries to figure out if you can be someone who will match him.

2. His Curiosity In You Increases

Aside from just spending time with you and sharing his life, he will also want to know more about you and who you are. He wants to know that your inner core values will match his.

If he goes this far, it is clear that your Aquarius man is falling for you or is very close to letting go and fully loving you. Either way, this is a telltale sign of an Aquarius man in love. Lots of questions about you and your life mean he’s genuinely in it for the right reasons.

Another sign an Aquarius man is falling for you; he’ll try to figure out your likes, dislikes, inner desires, dreams, and hopes that are important to him. He wants to make sure that you’re someone who strives to achieve your goals.

3. Grand Gestures Of An Aquarius Man Falling In Love

Aside from him paying more attention to you; you’ll probably notice an increase in his romantic ways with you. He could start bringing you your favorite flowers, taking you to excellent restaurants, bringing you chocolate, etc.

When you start to get love letters, romantic texts, or seductive conversations, your Aquarius man is probably falling in love with you. Watch his actions more than anything else. They’re very telling.

It takes an Aquarius man a long time to get to this point, though. He loves his freedom, he loves to play with various people, and likes to have fun. He sees commitment as a considerable ordeal.

Only when he feels he’s found the person he thinks is worth it; will he give up his freedom and settle down. In doing this; his inner romantic side comes out, and he will give you the world.

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Watch this video to get more insights into the signs an Aquarius man is falling for you:

How To Know If An Aquarius Man Is Serious About You (8 Obvious Signs)

Knowing all of the previously said, you’re probably wondering how to know if an Aquarius man is serious about you as well. I’ve got more completely tasty tips, so keep on reading!

4. He Tells You How He Feels With Honesty

Aquarius men are truthful most of the time. They may not give up the information without you asking, but if you do, you better be prepared for the cold hard truth. Whether that means he loves you or he’s not that into you, he’ll let you know.

Typically though; if an Aquarius man is in love with you, he’ll likely tell you. If not directly “I’m falling for you” then he may say it in other ways like “I’m into you hardcore” or something similar.

Once he’s really in love with you, he’ll fully commit to you. If this happens, there is no way that you won’t know. He will, at that point, make it very clear, “I love you.”

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5. He Is Caring For Your Needs

This is the man who will be the one to bring you dinner if you’re not feeling too well. He has no problem making you dinner at your place either. When Aquarius man loves you he will worry that you’re not feeling good.

The Aquarius will be the guy that will take your temperature, and wait on your hand and foot to make sure that you’re on the healing path. He’s your manservant because he loves you and wants you to be well.

A man who will go above and beyond for his lady love is a man who is in love with his queen. If your Aquarius man is taking care of you, he loves you look for more signs an Aquarius man is falling for you. There are many!

6. When An Aquarius Man Commits

An Aquarius man will not commit until he’s positive that you’re the one. If he does jump in too quick, he’ll freak out at some point and maybe back out unceremoniously.

That means that if he looks back and realizes that he moved too quickly, he will freak out on a mental level. This will make him reconsider everything, and it could make him know you’re not the one.

Whatever you do; do not rush an Aquarius man. If you take your time and let him do this at his pace, he’ll fall for you and then finally commit. When he commits to you, he means it. It’s definitely one of the signs an Aquarius man is falling for you.

This means he’s in it for the long haul and is yours! Getting to this point isn’t the easiest, but if you allow things to flow naturally, you’ll be glad you did. This guy only plays when he’s not committed.

He takes commitment very seriously, and as such, he tries to avoid it like the plague until he meets the right partner. Once he reaches the right person; he’ll know it, and it will scare him, but he’ll still go forward with it.

7. He Gives You His Trust

Aquarius men do not like to open up about their personal lives. This means it could take quite a while before he takes you home to meet his family. He isn’t one to bring just anyone home. This takes lots of trust from Aquarius man.

Once he starts doing things that indicate he trusts you, it’s a sign an Aquarius man is falling for you or is already in the throes of love with you. He will open up and start to talk to you about things that are important to him.

If you become his confidant, then he is going to feel safe, secure, and able to continue building a foundation for a long-lasting relationship. When an Aquarius man is serious about you, you’ll notice him talking to you more, texting you more, and investing his time in you as I mentioned in one of the other signs of an Aquarius man in love.

8. Delicious Romantic Whisperings

The Aquarius man knows how to lay it on thick when he wants to draw you in closer. He will go out of his way to be as romantic as possible. He’s the type that will cook you a candlelight dinner.

He will whisper to you all the things you long to hear. In bed, he’ll bring his “A” game to ensure that you enjoy every second you have with him. He will pull out all the stops, rose petals, hot bath, etc.

Getting you to understand that he is devoting all his energy and effort to you is what his goal is. If he is doing this, he’s in love with you or is one of the signs an Aquarius man is falling for you.

The Aquarius man in love will do whatever he can to make sure that you’re happy. He’ll make lots of jokes to make you laugh. He’ll also act like a total clown to show you that life shouldn’t ever be too serious.

He will want to be your everything. However, he will still need to have some of his freedom to thrive. When he’s with you, he’ll shine at making you happy and feeling adored.

Providing you with comic relief isn’t uncommon with these guys. They are often the clown at parties and people really like them. What’s not to like? When an Aquarius man loves you, he wants you to smile for him.

9. Deep-Seated Conversations

The Aquarius man is typically intellectually driven. He will be intrigued to discuss things that are important to him. Not just on a personal level but on an intellectual level.

If he talks enough to teach you about some of the things he’s interested in or is learning about, he’s opening up his heart to you in some way. By talking back to him about these things or the things, you’re passionate about will thrill him.

These signs are all how to know if an Aquarius man loves you. Take a good look at how the Aquarius man is with you and how he treats you. It should be quite easy to figure out where his mind is when it comes to love.

10. They’re Asking You Questions About Love & Dating

An Aquarius has no shame about what they don’t know. They have scientific minds and they think less about what they already know than finding out more about what they don’t.

Aquarians are ruled by Uranus, a planet of boundary-breaking and pushing limits. It’s not the warmest planet, but it is a curious one.

The Aquarius is going to balance out what he doesn’t know about a subject by asking all the right questions to better inform himself… he’ll even do this on the topic of emotional expression!

If he’s asking you about where the best places to go on a date are, how to tell if someone is crushing on you, or how to tell another you’re crushing on them it is because he’s doing field research to fill in the holes in his knowledge.

And if he’s making it very clear that he’s asking how you can tell when someone is crushing on you, then I think it’s a safe bet that he’s not asking for a friend – he wants to know how to get the message across to you!

11. He’s Becoming Softer

Although the primary ruler of Aquarius is humanitarian Uranus, his secondary ruler is Saturn, the planet of restrictions and challenges. This means that despite their approachable first impression, they are actually a pretty tough nut to crack. They can be distant and lack emotion at times.

When someone gets near enough to an Aquarius to warm their heart up, it shows. They seem to better understand empathy and kindness and they’re much easier to emotionally engage with at this time.

If it was only after he became a lot closer to you that he started to divulge emotionally charged confessions, then keep in mind that you could be the one who is triggering him to act more emotionally raw!

This is a good thing because this means the Aquarius is opening up to you… no small feat for aloof Aquarius!

When An Aquarius Man Is Serious About You — Does That Mean He Is Thinking Of Marrying You?

Now that you know the signs of an Aquarius man who is serious about you, what about marriage? I hate to say it, but an Aquarius man isn’t usually the marrying kind, unless, of course, he meets the right lady.

Then he tends to be one of the most committed and loyal partners around. There are a couple of signs he is thinking of taking things to the next level with you, like he is interested in meeting your family or calling you his best friend.

If you are looking for more signs to see if this guy is actually thinking about the future with you, then check out my article about signs an Aquarius man wants to marry you!

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26 thoughts on “How To Know If An Aquarius Man Is Serious About You (11 Obvious Signs)

  1. All I ever attract lately is Aquarius men it’s sickening

    I’m a Capricorn… and Lord knows I hate it these people are crazy flip!!!

    1. They are crazy lol, but so worth it once they fall in love with you! Im a capricorn woman too and me and my boyfriend have been together about a year and 3 months, he’s 15 years younger than me. It took alot of patience and understanding with him to gain his trust and want to marry me. Im already married, trying to get a divorce, he doesn’t have any children and I have 5 and 5 grandchildren, and he’s a great step dad and grandfather even though hes only 1 year older than my eldest son. My point is they are the best men in the zodiac, in my opinion, they are so worth the time and effort you put in the relationship, and the will commit to just you. Us, as women and capricorns, love a loyal man, and aquarius men will be everything you’re looking for in a man and relationship if your patient and understanding with them. They don’t like to be pushed and love their freedom, but there’s no reason to be clingy or jealous like I tend to be sometimes, they can be trusted even with female friends. If you want a fun, intelligent, hard working and honest man… get an Aquarius!! I promise you you won’t be disappointed. By way, did you ever stop to think there’s a reason you keep attracting them?

      1. Seeing an Aquarius myself and a Capricorn. We’ve known eachother as friends since high school, and gotta say what we have is better than the deceitful Sagittarius I married and my Virgo ex-boyfriend.

        1. Hi Kokima!

          Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with Aquarius man. It sounds like you found the right formula to make it last. You two sound like a delightful match and I’m very happy for you. The two of you probably understand each other quite well. Keep up the good work!

      2. Sooooo True! I am a Virgo dating an Aquarius man for the first time. It would not have worked before bc I wasn’t a patient person. But I went through a marriage and learned a few things that I needed to work on, did the work and now I can say I am in the perfect place to innerstand and be patient with my Aquarius. I have NEVER experienced such a loving honest Man such as an Aquarius, it took us 3 years and when we first met I wasn’t into him AT ALL but I kept being cool with him, never kissed or had sex.. He expressed then that he wanted me, but he was coming out of a failing Marriage and I just wasn’t there with him (I can be aloof) he follows all my social media, he’s inquisitive, curious about me, the absolute beat most attentive lover I have had BAR NONE! He makes me so happy I cry at the thought of the beautiful things he’s already shown me.
        He def listens to me! I KNOW how he feels. I know who he is. I am so patient and I give him plenty of space. Funny he’s already admitted he loves me, that he chose ME but no actual talk… He also let me know he is not sleeping w/anyone else but me and I believe him. He also mentioned he trusts me and that was enough for me to stop dating or seeing anyone else when I just wasn’t sure about him. It’s moving fast emotionally but yet slow IRL.. But I would not leave him EVER. He is my everything. I can’t imagine anyone being better even with his flaws.

        1. Hi Stella Nova!

          Wow, what a wonderful connection you have with your Aquarius guy. I can see why you two would work well together. You get each other on a level that others may not. This is a very lucrative match and I’m glad you found each other. Bravo!

  2. I am a Gemini women who has crossed paths with an Aquarius man. I was in the beginning stages of a separation when we connected . We were mutual friends. I have always had a little school girl crush on him. It was all innocent. I was married at the time and he was engaged. This was 2 years ago. He travels a lot so I would see him Sporadically at our gym. Say hi and that was it. How this all came about was We had a mutual friend bday dinner that he came to. It was a great night him and I talked about nothing and laughed at everything that evening along with all our gym friends. Unbeknownst to me after that evening he felt the same connection I felt that night. He expressed that to me 9 weeks later. He felt guilty bc of his situation and how he felt towards me he said he felt like he was already cheating. I had no idea he felt that way towards me. We had long talks about both of our situations. Long story short he realized he was getting married for all the wrong reason. He had strong feelings for me. They were getting married bc of how long they were together (5 yrs) and bc logically it just worked he said, he loved her but not in love with her. 5 years together was a long time and he felt bad just ending it. He said it would be easier to go through with the wedding and get divorce then to call everything off. He said it would be like shooting a puppy bc of how excited his fiancé was about planning Ect he didnt see how it was all wrong until i crossed his paths. We spent so much time together when He was in town. he went out of his way to travel back to spend time with me. Whether it was 2 days 4 days or even a day. He was so attentive, respectful, loving. He would stare me in my eyes and tell me how beautiful I was. Our connection and chemistry is unbelievable. He was in awe of how comfortable we both were with each and how fast we trusted eachother. He would ask me if I felt what he was feeling and tell me how deeply he felt for me but didnt say I love you yet. He would say I know you feel it. He thought it was unfair to me for him to say I love you bc he couldn’t give me 100 percent of him. But wanted to make sure I felt it. There was several time where I thought he was going to say it but in stead he would stare at me and hold me tightly, Kiss me Ect. When he finally told me he loved me it was the best feeling. Everything just felt so right. He’s not one to say things just to say them this was over a period of 6 amazing months. I also had a lot going on so I couldn’t give him 100 percent of my self. We both understood that and agreed we would give eachother as much time as need to move forward and be there for eachother. I am still on my way out in my marriage. He started to put wedding things to a stop and moving forward with that. Everything was happening on its own time and flowing smoothly. Unfortunately the fiancé found out and everything stopped. Of course just like that! This was a first for both of us. He wrote me and said he has to give it a chance, He said he though a lot about his decision and it’s the best action for him to take. For me to let him figure it out and so on. He would reach out when everything calmed down to better explain himself. We were just together for 4 days prior to when it ended. 2 days later she found out next day after he ended it. We have not had any contact for 2 months now . I was patient during this whole time and dealing with my stuff. Fast forward to now it’s been 2 months and I just found out they got married. Talk about a shocker!! I did not think that would happen. I understood why he made his decision to try and work things out with her. But to actually go through with it was a shock. Everyone knows it’s for all the wrong reasons. I wished him well and Now I must continue to heal. It was a bad situation for everyone involved.. everything happens for a reason. We crossed paths at a perfect time for eachother. Considering what we were both going through. We showed eachother things that were missing. It’s not our time. But I do believe we were soulmates.

    1. Hi B!

      What a beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m sorry that things didn’t work out but you may be right as far as the timing. Sometimes people rush in or get together at the wrong time, find heartbreak, and they don’t understand why. You are wise and I know that you know what is going on with yourself. I wish you well on your healing process and if you two are truly meant to be then you just might. We don’t always have to stay forever with our soulmates. We have more than one in a lifetime and not all are romantic in nature. Some are family and friends. You know where you’re going and I’m proud of you!

  3. My biggest concern is him having time for me We are friends and I have fallen in love with him. He knows. He has also said these words but don’t know if they are genuine. I miss him. Just wanna spend time. Help

    1. Hi Trina!

      I think you need to be totally honest and tell him exactly what you just said to me. Tell him you’d like to spend more time with him if possible. Ask him how he feels about you and if he’s into maybe having a relationship outside of friendship. You have to be bold and find out! If you’d like to know more about Aquarius man, you may want to read my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

  4. I’ve been seeing an Aquarius man for almost 2 yrs. Nothing sexual and I am 17yrs older than he is. He gets close then pulls away. When I’ve tried to shake him due to him not really being interested in me he panics and calls and pesters me. He gets jealous if I say I want to date or go out with another yet he has had several women who he’s actually bedded since I’ve known him. I don’t get his behavior. He won’t commit or even try to show any interest I’m ME yet beds other women and doesnt keep it a secret yet freaks when I say I am not interested in him and want to date other men I know are interested in me and he becomes angry, obsessed and won’t leave me alone. I just don’t get what’s going on.

    1. Hi Dorothy!

      He sounds extremely terrified of commitment and intimacy. Someone must have really done a number on him in the past. I mean to go 2 years without being sexual is crazy. It’s not normal. I think if I were you I’d be asking him why he’s so afraid to commit and have intimate relations with you. If you’d like to know more about Aquarius man, you may want to read my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

  5. Sag woman… 9 months on and off with an aqua man. We stopped talking for a solid 6 weeks and he texted me. He knows I have feelings for him. I told him when we said our goodbye, he has to stop doing this to me. He responded with fare enough. Before we stopped talking for 6 weeks he pulled me close and said he may not say it but he really cares about me and appreciates everything I do for him. And then he disappeared and dated someone else. We don’t text a lot, but when we hang out our conversations are lively. He definitely listens to what I say and laughs at my jokes. I told him once I’d be patient with him. I just think I should give up. Thoughts?

    1. Hi Sarah!

      You know, if he disappeared and dated someone else, that really kind of points to him not meaning what he said to you. A man who really appreciates and likes a woman would actually stick with her and not move on to someone else. I think unless he’s giving you an indication that he wants to try again then you should probably let go. Not all Aquarius men are like this. If you’d like to know more about Aquarius man, you may want to read my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

  6. I am scorpio woman, who is dating an aquarius man for 6 months now, I am deeply in love with him but what worries me is that sometimes he is distancing himself doesn’t have problem to sleep without talking 2 me no good morning calls….when I am trying to stop the relationship he is bagging me saying things m willing to hear but once we are fine he start again….

    1. Hi Nhlanhla!

      Aquarius isn’t a needy man. He doesn’t need to have a lot of texts from his mate to know that she likes him. That being said, he’s not one for texting a whole bunch either really. If it’s bothering you then you need to speak up and let him know. Don’t hide it or try to analyze his behavior. Be up front and talk about it with him. Honesty is best! If you’d like to know more about Aquarius man, you may want to read my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

  7. I’m a Pisces woman dating an Aquarian man and the hardest part of our fairly new relationship is the lack of loving verbal responses, where I wear my heart on my sleeve and feel deeply quickly. He is very tentative and loves to hug but I guess I need to learn some patience a slow burner indeed.

    1. Hi Seraphina!

      Aquarius man isn’t the loving verbal response type of guy unfortunately. He’s the tough silent type. He’d rather show you how he feels than to say it. Yes, patience is key if you love him. Hang in there and you’ll get through it. Once you accept him for who he is, unconditional love will kick in and you’ll find a successful union. If you’d like to know more about Aquarius man, you may want to read my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

  8. cancer woman here, dating an aquarian guy, we connected right away but told him not to contact me, he didnt for a better part of a year then did and we have been together ever since, we both need our space and we both need to keep busy and we always come back to one another he wants to marry me i really love him but we are taking things slow for a reason, we are both really crazy and we fit each other very well, Advice… do not be with an aquarius is you get offended easily, be chill and smart, loving and strong, my guy loves me 🙂

    1. Hi Alicia!

      It sounds like you’ve figured out the formula that works between you and your Aquarius man. That’s fantastic. That’s typically what is required. Once a woman gets to know what seems to work, she can keep going with that formula and things stay rather stable. Good for you! If you would like to know more about Aquarius man, check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  9. Hej Anna!
    Been reading ur page for a few months and it’s been really helpful:)

    I’ve been seeing this Aqua guy, he’s 30 I’m 31, for just over a year now and yeah it’s a bit confusing. Seems like every time things are going good he pulls back for a while. Although I feel we’ve gotten closer even if it’s really slow.
    When we first started seeing each other I told him I didn’t want anything serious, that has changed for me and so I’ve told him. He has had a lot on his mind during the corona and he told me he couldn’t be in a relationship right now but I’m his bestie ?. This was a few months ago. I asked him tho if he could see himself with me further down and he said yes…

    we almost never hang out with each others friends but it has happened. A month ago my sister was in town and we were out, I texted him that I wanted him to meet her (never met family) and he actually left his friends who were also visiting from another city to come meet her for a while. Then he called his friends over so I could say hi and then they left together.

    He said before he cares about me, appreciate me and really likes me but when we’re apart I sometimes get insecure..

    I’m in no rush for a relationship right now so I don’t pressure him and I don’t like feeling needy. But I don’t want to be fooled either… I’ve had 2 bad relationships before, one cheater and one with anger problems so I’m dealing with a bit of a trust issue..
    I try really hard for that not to come out but we had a big fight a few months ago because I was very jealous, and he was so offended he left in the middle of the night. Still he wants to see me haha.

    I’m writing cause I want ur opinion on what u think, could it be that he likes me but struggling with emotions, independence and other personal stuff and could commit eventually or u think I’m just a time consuming while he’s waiting for a better one?
    We do have fun, sex is gooood and he tells me things now that he hasn’t before.
    It can sometimes go like 2-3 weeks without us meeting tho…
    What do u think.. am I just a friend or a friend he could potentially be in a relationship with further down?
    Appreciate ur help!

    1. Hi Jo!

      I’m so glad that my writing has proved useful for you. Ok you mentioned feeling insecure. So this is something you have to work on from within otherwise you’re likely to always be this way with any potential partner. You have to work on the fact that you have no control over anyone but yourself. Going with the flow of life goes much smoother. It’s hard to do but once you get used to it, you can let go and not worry so much. Then things really start going well for you. It’s a matter of letting go and letting nature take it’s course. I think he likes you but he wants to take things slowly. Being besties is perfect! It helps you two get closer so that when the time is right, you can progress. I think you should read my book for more information “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  10. Hi, Anna.
    I’m a capricorn woman and currently “together” with aquarius man for about 4 months.

    Our relationship started because we need a company thus we met each other on a weekly basis, and the more we met we found that we are attracted to each other and being in love.
    He never say he wants to date me or take me in a serious relationship, but he wants to acts like im his partner and commited to him.
    Me as a capricorn, i’ve never been in this kind of situation before. I mean, i enjoy our time together, but i want to make it clear “what are we”, but he seems doesn’t get it and wants to continue for what we’ve been through.

    Also, he’s super secretive about our relationship eventhough he says he loves me, but i he never shows me to his friends. Does it really matter? Why do i feel like he wants me but at the same time he doesn’t want his relatives know that he’s together with somebody else (thats me). Does that mean he still wants to be free?? I just don’t get that.

    1. Hi Rina!

      Alright my Spidey senses are reacting here but if he’s hiding your relationship (whatever it happens to be), that’s not a good thing. It means he’s not serious enough to tell anyone. HUGE red flag! I don’t know if it’s that he wants to be free but he may be confused. I would be blunt with him and ask him what he sees the relationship as then tell him what you think. If you’re not on the same page then you can figure out what you want to do and do it. Always trust your gut! If you need more Aquarius tips, check out my guides on Aquarius Man Secrets.

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