When An Aquarius Man Says He Loves You (Should You Trust Him?)

by Anna, relationship astrologer
So, when an Aquarius man says he loves you, does he mean it? Find out in today's article where I'll uncover interesting things about this man.

When an Aquarius man says he loves you, nothing can come quite close to it. Aquarius men are known for their independent nature and the difficulty they sometimes face in expressing their emotions. This is why it is so impressive when an Aquarius man opens up and declares his love for you.

But you may be questioning whether or not you can actually trust him when he says those three words. You know he is so independent and free-spirited, so it’s only natural to wonder if his declaration of love is genuine.

When an Aquarius man says I love you, you might think that you need to approach his words with caution, as they may feel too good to be true. An Aquarius man saying I love you might come as a surprise because of his typically logical and rational nature.

He isn’t usually one to make impulsive, emotionally driven decisions, so his expression of love may seem out of character. But trust me, Aquarius men also have emotions, and when they say they love you, they tend to mean it.

If you are wondering if you should trust your Aquarius man when he says he loves you, then you have definitely come to the right place. Keep on reading to find out what these words truly mean to him.

When An Aquarius Man Says He Loves You, Can You Tell For Sure If He Means It?

When an Aquarius man says he loves you, it can be difficult to determine if he truly means it. Aquarius men are known for their independent and unconventional nature, which can make it challenging to discern the authenticity of their feelings. 

You need to remember that an Aquarius man isn’t the most emotionally driven man, and they often approach love and relationships from a logical standpoint. This is why when he does express emotion you should take it seriously as it probably took a lot for him to share these deep feelings. 

An Aquarius man is always going to try and brush his feelings aside or downplay them, but when he says he loves you, he probably means it. You may not trust this at first, but I promise you he wouldn’t be saying this if he didn’t truly mean it. 

He isn’t someone who messes people around, and at his core, he is actually extremely genuine and true. So if I were you, when an Aquarius man says he loves you, it is better to believe him than to question his integrity. 

He doesn’t share those words with just anyone so you are probably very special to him. Don’t take that for granted. When an Aquarius man says he loves you, it is important to give him the benefit of the doubt and trust in his sincerity.

Obvious Signs Your Aquarius Man Really Means It When He Says “I Love You”

When An Aquarius Man Says I Love You First

If an Aquarius man takes the bold step of saying “I love you” first, it is a definite sign that he truly means it. Aquarius men typically take their time before expressing their emotions, so if he is the one to initiate saying “I love you,” it indicates a genuine depth of feeling.

This is a really big deal for him as it isn’t always the easiest for him to express or understand his emotions, especially if you are dealing with a man with an Aquarius moon. These guys are notoriously elusive and guarded when it comes to love, so if they are opening up and declaring their love, it’s a clear indication that their feelings are sincere.

This is because Aquarius men are not known for being impulsive in matters of the heart, so if he takes the initiative to express his love for you, it is a clear indication of his genuine feelings.

Furthermore, an Aquarius man is typically cautious when it comes to emotional vulnerability, so for him to openly declare his love signifies that he has put thought and consideration into his feelings and believes that his love for you is deep and sincere.

He Shows Consistent Actions and Efforts

Another obvious sign that an Aquarius man truly means it when he says “I love you” is if his actions consistently align with his words. Aquarius men value consistency and genuineness, so if he consistently shows his love through actions and efforts, it is a strong indicator that he truly cares for you.

He will make an effort to spend quality time with you, listen to your concerns, and support you in your endeavors. This can manifest in various ways, such as planning special dates or surprises for you, making an effort to understand and meet your needs, and being there for you in times of need.

As I mentioned previously, Aquarius men are distant and aloof, so when they actually act consistently it really shows their commitment and sincerity. He clearly thinks you are something special or else he wouldn’t be putting in so much effort with you.

He Is Open and Honest About His Feelings

Moreover, an Aquarius man who loves you will strive to be open and honest about his feelings. He will not shy away from difficult conversations or avoid expressing his emotions. Instead, he will make an effort to communicate openly and honestly with you, sharing his thoughts, fears, and vulnerabilities. 

By being transparent and vulnerable, he is demonstrating a deep level of trust and emotional investment in the relationship. This transparency and honesty in sharing his feelings is a strong indication that he truly loves you and wants to build a genuine connection with you. 

He is usually quite an honest person, but because he can sometimes be so aloof it may make you feel like you cannot exactly trust him. However, his openness and vulnerability are clear indications that he values the relationship and wants to establish a strong emotional connection with you.

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How Long Does It Take An Aquarius Man To Say I Love You?

As you probably know by now, Aquarius men are definitely free-spirited and independent individuals. This means that they aren’t as driven by love and relationships as other zodiac signs may be. 

This is why it may take a bit longer for an Aquarius man to say “I love you” compared to other signs. These air Zodiac sign are known for their analytical and logical approach to emotions, often preferring to take their time to assess their feelings before expressing them. 

They want to be sure that what they feel is genuine and not influenced by fleeting emotions or external factors. For an Aquarius man, saying “I love you” is a significant step that requires careful consideration.

He wants to be absolutely sure that his feelings are deep-rooted and genuine before uttering those three powerful words.

How To Know If An Aquarius Man Is Serious About You

When an Aquarius man is serious about you, he will display certain behaviors and traits that indicate his commitment. First and foremost, he will prioritize spending time with you and making an effort to understand your interests, goals, and values. 

He will engage in deep and meaningful conversations with you, showing genuine curiosity and attentiveness. He will also show consistency in his actions, following through with his promises and commitments.

You can also observe that an Aquarius man is serious about you when he includes you in his future plans and goals. He will discuss his dreams and aspirations with you, seeking your input and wanting you to be a part of his journey. 

Furthermore, an Aquarius man who is serious about you will be emotionally vulnerable and expressive. He will openly share his thoughts, fears, and insecurities with you, trusting that you will support and understand him.

Stop Worrying About Your Aquarius Man…

It can be SO painful to worry about how to make things work with an Aquarius man who won’t commit. I know. I’ve been there with many of my friends dating Aquarius guys.

I remember my very close friend crying herself to sleep at night, worried that her man would never commit to her. She lost sleep, time, and even work hours, all because she couldn’t figure out how to capture his heart and get him to commit.

As a friend, it was hard to watch her go through that.

But I knew how good he was for her, and I didn’t want her to give up on him. Even when our other friends were telling her to move on, I could see that he was the most incredible man she had ever met.

How could she just give up on that?

But it wasn’t easy. It took a LOT of work.

She had to learn how to speak a different language… his love language!

And it worked!!

So if you are ready to sleep like a baby… Knowing your Aquarius man is MADLY in love with you… And never feel anxious about him again…

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20 thoughts on “When An Aquarius Man Says He Loves You (Should You Trust Him?)

  1. I recently met an Aquarius man in person who I had been friends with on social media for a couple of years. We have lots of mutual friends. We were instantly attracted to each other and he asked me out. We went on a date and spent a lot of time together, talked about everything under the sun and had a lot of fun but I discovered he drinks a lot. On our second date we spent a lot more time together and again had a really good time. He was drinking again as he does every night and told me he loved me. I told him that it was not ok for him to say that so early. I did see him again one more time. Again he was drunk and after a while he was being rather petty and inconsiderate so I left. I told him I couldn’t see him anymore and we haven’t spoken in a week but I think about him every day and wonder if I made a mistake.

    1. Hi Sam!

      Alcohol doesn’t mix well with any sign. It sounds like he has a drinking problem and you may not want to be involved with an alcoholic. I need to tell you from a perspective of someone who has dealt with loved ones who were involved in alcoholism, they don’t always say what they mean when they are drunk. They have an altered perception and say things that maybe they mean at that moment but don’t or wouldn’t mean it when they’re not drunk. I hope this makes sense. Some say it’s like a truth serum but doctors will tell you that is not so. Alcoholics that know they are alcoholics will also tell you this. If he doesn’t say it when he’s sober then he probably doesn’t mean it or also isn’t ready to say it. You need to decide for yourself if you want to keep going down this road with him.

  2. I’m a Pisces and he an Aquarius obviously. I actually said it first by complete accident. He was walking me to my car behind me and he said something about what a dork he was. I laughed and said ‘Whatever, I love you anyway.’ I stopped in my tracks, turned around to face him and apologized. My words started fumbling because I couldn’t believe it slipped out so naturally and then he tells me in the middle of my word vomit that he loved me too. I remember feeling lightheaded hearing him say that. I couldn’t believe that this incredible, unique, frustratingly aloof, beautiful man loved ME. He could love any woman and he loves me. I’m a woman obsessed but knowing he is an Aquarius I understand his need for independence and space. As a Pisces that’s tough for me sometimes because I just want to be consumed by him. But at the same time it really makes the heart grow fonder. 6 months together and I really can’t wait to see what more is in store for us. Have a feeling I’m gonna marry this one. ❤️

    1. Hi Ivette!

      Aww! That is very sweet, thanks for sharing! I’m glad to see a success story. He probably realized the innocence in what you said and it probably was quite endearing from his perspective. Him admitting it to you means that it’s absolutely the truth. I’m glad you’ve found a good one. Yes indeed! Keep him!

  3. I am a Capricorn in relationship with an Aquarius man. He is extraordinary. ~Complicated. Generous. Loving. Hot. Cold. Confusing. Exhilarating. Inclusive. Distant. Blunt . Honest. Talkative. Active. Sexy. Hilarious. Kind.Unkind. Sensitive. Hard to read. Open. Closed.~ Sigh. Arrrrgh!
    I literally had to find a reputable site to get the lowdown on Aquarious astrology to help me understand him better. I see him in fragments and I needed to see him as a whole; having something in writing to refer back to when I’m confued and frustrated will be helpful.
    I adore him. I THINK he adores me too, but I’m never quite sure. We have been living together for about 16 months. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster. I went away for awhile to give him space as we were starting to lock horns. He texts every morning and night. We talk on the phone once a week.
    (We are in out mid 50’s). I think hes bored with me. We dont really have deep conversations. He talks about his past as a child. His work. His family history. His hobbies. But nothing specific about our relationship. I find it odd and it caused insecurity.
    He remembers when I like something and he surprises me with it on Christmas or my birthday, yet rarely remembers things I tell him in daily conversation. Hes always in his own head. Great DJ.at home.
    Child at heart. Athletic . He sits crossed legged and reminds me of Peter Pan. So cute.
    I think on an emotional level I may be in over my head. He had very few relationships and the longest was 5 years. Married. She cheated on him. Broke his heart. Marriage is not an option. His average is 2 years. We are coming up on 2 years in July. I have no idea what to expect.

    1. Hi Queeni!

      In mid 50’s I don’t think he’s bored. I think maybe he just doesn’t really know what to talk about. That’s pretty normal. The older you get the more mundane life can get. Ask him what excites him and what he likes to do then try to plan something that will be fun for you both. He’ll love the spontaneity of it and it will create new memories for you two to share as well as discuss. You two are adorable and I think you’ll be just fine! Keep your heart open to him.

  4. Hello! I am an Aries and have spent exactly one year with an Aquarius gent. He is to my mind a true, old-fashioned guy- though he’s only 45— He is actually 4 yrs younger than me. He shows his affection through actions, but never words. Not once has he ever told me I was pretty, that he liked how I looked, etc. However, he has made me laugh daily and shows up with weird and useful things that I actually can use, like a vintage hammer or the bottle of cava I like. This shows me he is watching and paying attention to how I live or what I need. He gets kinda moody and physically cool and reserved- I started to wonder if he wasn’t attracted to me… but I spoke up and he tried to make amends. Granted, it’s not spontaneous- and he can go on and on for a while without intimacy. This confounds me- not sure how to address this…. I’ve noticed he likes home comforts and consistency- he might enjoy a fun adventure and is curious, but not actually to the degree where he gives up safety. Strangely, he likes routine and in spite of being super friendly to everyone, he only is close to his family, it seems. For an Arian, this gets a bit boring. But overall I’m learning how to not stage manage and encourage him to take charge. I only wish I knew how to get him to express and share his past- I’m curious about his old relationships- but he is deeply secretive- I dont press him…and I really wish he would be more physical… it makes me feel more like a friend than a girlfriend. Twice in 12 months he told me he loves me. I don’t even need to know that – but I wish he’d be more physically driven. He can chat about anything except his feelings and it makes it hard for me to be closer though he seems perfectly content. I miss more physicality and emotional connection. Suggestions?!

  5. I’ve also recently been chatting to an aquarius man, for about 6 months, we’ve been dating online, he constantly says he loves me but never wants to meet, he also avoids me and uses family nd work excuses, could this be a sign that his not interested or that he just isn’t ready to be in a relationship?

    1. I am Virgo Sept 16 and my Aquarius man is Feb 5. We have known each other for years. Attraction was great. Communication sucked. However similar upbringing, intelligence and both independent. Over years learned to read one another. After being on and off. He randomly came up one day and said he loved me and wasn’t going anywhere. I knew he meant it because he Never says stuff like that. Anyway, I know this relationship will be challenging but I’m ready for the fight!!

      1. Hi Jill!

        Wow! That’s great that he came out and said it. You’re right, he wouldn’t say it unless he meant it. Yes, it can be challenging so patience is definitely needed. As long as you can remember this, you’ll be just fine! I wish you both the best in love and life!

  6. Niice article 🙂 I have scorp sun ,, aqua moon ,, sagi venus.. he is aqua sun ,, Pisces moon ,, aqua venus .. we have a strong bond.. we were inseparable until I started to rely on him n notice him checking out every female that crossed his path,, obvi I’m slightly upset that I’m not his “all eyes on me “ ,, I’m more of a “riide or diie” so we became vile towards each other to the point he grossed me out n he wanted freedom so I finally set a logical date for him to go and he left , unfortunately not so nicely, which makes a makeup nearly impossible,, but I supported his move n we kept in touch .. he’s my best friend ,, well endowed , although not so good at using it , I don’t want him sexually ,, he wants me to visit n the adventure entices me , so I let him know I’m in but then he says tonight “I love you” and to be nice I didn’t negate his words so not to hurt him but I’m freakin out now cause I love our fun but the “relationship” is over in my mind ,, long story longer,, I usually say “don’t get mushy” when he starts on emotional stuff cause I know how uncomfortable it makes him ,, but I didn’t say not to get mushy tonight , to be caring n respect his feelings ,, but now I’m anxious to see him when I don’t want a relationship.. I cannot possibly be w/ a guy like him ,, but he’s the most best friend , a social butterfly, and sensitive.. longer story short ,, I need confirmation that the meaning of his words aren’t meant to be as deep as I think ,, what did he mean to really say??

  7. Hi, I’m a pisces woman I’ve been with an awuarius man 2 years we broke up last month, but we ended up again together.. but his not the same as before he’s more cold with me and we’ve been through a lot of distance as the past year I came back to my country and we’ve been visiting each other a lot. I went and visited him for 10 days and we said we’ll be together and that I’ll come to live with him. But since I came back he spents none stop time with his friends and really small ammount talking to me, I told him whats going on. He just so confused he wants his freedom and live his life as he thinks he’s so young for that serious step. But at the same time he says he loves me and he doesn’t want to loose me and that I’m the only woman that he could ever think of being with. He says he doesn’t want to be in regreting it in 5 years time if I move on and all that but at the same time he always backing off when we’re deciding to live together, is like he’s scared to commit. Please help me and give me some advice.

  8. I’m a Pisces and I’m 3 years older than my Aquarius friend. We met through a mutual friend s year and a half ago . I’d just left my husband. We sat on my bed for hours talking, he left early the next morning. When he got home he text me and asked if I wanted to have sex. I said no, looking story short, he came back and we did.
    We had sex s few times after that and then I quit taking too him because that’s all he wanted and I’m, apparently, not capable of having casual sex. I get too attached.
    Anyway, we didn’t speak for about 6 or 7 months after that. Then we ran into each other again. And the same thing started. I quickly told him, we had to stop because I was falling in love and he wasn’t looking for a relationship. He wouldn’t stop and I didn’t have the willpower to on my own. (I loved him.)
    This went on for months and then when I started getting jealous or telling him how I felt he gets upset. I told him I’d had enough of being treated like a piece of ass. He could have all his other women.I don’t share.
    He went to jail shortly after that and called me. Of course I came running, like an idiot. Long story short, he said all kinds of things implying that he really cared about me. I bailed him out and he went right back to the same way he was before.
    I really thought he was starting to have dinner sorry if feelings for me but not I just feel like an idiot. There’s a lot more that went on in-between there not it’s too much to write. Now we’re not speaking. He’s moved on and I’m crushed.

    1. Hi Jennifer!

      Oh my gosh. I am so sorry this happened. He sounds immature and not capable of a relationship right now. It’s irresponsible for him to ask you for sex but not give you what you want. He told you what you wanted to hear so you’d be waiting for him with your legs open when he got out of jail. Despicable behavior on his part. He isn’t a representative of all Aquarius men darling. Please don’t write them off because of this guy. Don’t close your heart off but next time, no sex until you know for sure the guy is going to commit. Sending you blessings of healing.

  9. I’m a Taurus woman ♉️ and dated an Aquarius ♒️ man for two weeks before he left to the U.K ?? I was his first sexual partner after 1 year. There was just an intense connection.

    We saw each other every other day. He would make time to call, text, and see me.

    We talked about marriage, kids, and he showed me pictures of his new vacation home ? . When I would say things like “wow that’s a really nice area for your future kids” he would get upset and say “I don’t like that you say MY future kids, it’s OUR future kids.

    I told him what I wanted out of a marriage. Maids, nannies, and some body work cause he was saying he wants 3.

    Around the time I met him, I declined 7 marriage proposals and relationships didn’t work out because I was so against having more kids. I have one 6 year old. I barely removed my 5 year mirena

    I barely started coming around the idea of marriage and kids. Dating for marriage.

    This was a bit intense to hear for me but it was so nice to have someone worship me like he did.

    We were protected but we had two condoms break. The first one, he gave me $$ so I can go buy plan B, I did.
    The second time around I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. I told him way too soon.

    He left earlier than his intended flight ✈️ to the U.K. it was the day that we were supposed to meet to exchange gifts for Christmas ?

    But thankful we met before he left. I maid him a beautiful dinner. We took nice pictures (I’m a photographer)

    I gave him a custom key chain with an engraving
    “May the angels fly with you and bring you home safely. Wherever you go, come back to me”

    He really liked it.

    He felt terrible when he couldn’t keep his promise. When we were having sex, he said I love you ? plenty of times. I did not say it back. I would just smile ? and he would say things like “let’s have a baby and when I come back, a year from now we can have a baby.

    I challenged him. I said sure. So this means you’re ready to marry me. If you’re ready to have a child with me within two weeks of meeting me ????

    He said that we are going too fast ??? omg ? made no sense. He would say he wanted to have unprotected sex and I said that’s husband privileges.

    I told him I wanted rubies for a ring since he didn’t like the fact that I don’t like diamonds.

    He said ok, when I return I will get you rubies and then can we have unprotected sex? I said no. When you marry me. Then let’s talk.

    Anywho….the day we were supposed to meet was the day he left early for his flight to the U.K ?? it was the day I took the pregnancy test. I dunno but I was excited. I’ve developed baby fever ?after having my 5 yr birth control removed.

    He said it’s impossible and he hung up. Texted me and said “he’s sorry but it’s impossible.

    He ignored me and here I am embarrassed thinking I’m pregnant ? mind you my first child is a plan B child.

    It didn’t make sense to me. It’s been a week since conception and he said that he thought I was trying to claim it was his but it was really someone else’s child.

    Which wouldn’t have been true. He didn’t want to hear me out. Lots of intensity going on.

    He blocked me and I was just devastated. I put my pride aside and well made a fool texting him from another phone.

    I had a drs appt scheduled the same day for a pregnancy ? test.

    I tried to calm him down and he said he really wanted to be with me and I told him I wanted to be with him and these things are possible. I finally convinced him to unblock him and he said he needs one to two weeks without speaking to me ??? I was so heartbroken.

    At first I beat myself over it for being overzealous and telling him so soon.

    He didn’t speak to me for a month. I refrained from messaging him. Instead I was working on myself and later I found out the tests were negative ?

    I don’t know why to this day I had a positive at home pregnancy ? within a week of conception. I had not been with anyone else and I am extra cautious with having unprotected sex with anyone.

    I only sent him two voice notes for Christmas ? to wish him a merry Christmas. ? he never listened to those. It just sits on my phone “delivered”

    Recently I reached out through what’s app and I saw him on a dating app that I’m on where we met.

    It showed he was a new member and when I told him on WhatsApp I’d like to continue to get to know him and explained that I’m not pregnant after taking a second pregnancy test.
    I told him that it was a blessing I didn’t end up pregnant ? because I’m considering blessing a family with a child and I’ve developed a stronger relationship with god since he has been gone.

    I shared the pictures we took together….he kept everything on the surface ? it’s only been three days I believe we have reconnected but he said that he’s supposedly taking a break from dating to focus on his startups.

    I told him I’m writing songs and right now he says he’s in Vegas and will be going back to his vacation home to build a recording studio.

    He wanted to listen to it…. I’m not sure why I’m so heartbroken for someone whom I’ve known for two weeks and chose to just drop at the instant he saw something wrong in me. I had so many reasons to do the same to him

    But I was so focused on seeing the good in Him. I tried asking him to video chat with me and WhatsApp shows he saw my message and he hasn’t responded.


    1. Hi Yadi!

      I am so sorry this happened to you sweetheart. It sounds like he was willing to be just friends but trying to jump into doing a video chat makes him feel you want more than he does and so that’s why he’s ignoring. Also him telling you he’s not dating for the time being so he can work on himself is a nice way of breaking it off with you. I would stop trying to reach out to him. Let him go and focus on yourself. If he ever cared, he will return or reach out to you because he’ll miss you. If he didn’t really feel the way you did then you won’t hear from him and you’ll know that he’s done. Wishing you the best!

    2. I’m a Taurus women too dating an Aquarius guy and girl you did everything your not supposed to with him its done move on beside he seems like he was playing with you anyway when an Aqua guy is serious about you he takes things slow

      1. Hi ♉️Girl!

        Thank you for chiming in with Yadi. You’re right, taking things slowly allow for a serious relationship to grow. If any man seems like he’s playing with you, it’s time to look elsewhere. If you would like more tips to help YOU in your relationship, check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” as it may reveal more for you.

  10. Hi Anna, I’m a ♊ girl and in a sort of unconventional relationship with an ♒guy online. We started chatting for long hours then became friends, he even called me his bestie at one point. He definitely grilled me with his unusual questions while I ask my own set of questions too. He said that he’s interested in me as he like my vibes even though we’re just getting to know each other. We haven’t met yet but he’s keen to do so once work allows him to (we live in different countries). He’s very sweet and attentive, although he’s busy, I don’t mind as I am a busy person as well. He makes time to text me everyday when he’s free. We progressed to flirty and sometimes intimate banter once in a while. He started “dropping bombs” on me saying he wants me, his feelings are growing everyday and that he will never leave me. When I asked him if he loves me, he said yes. When I asked him what would be his response if he’s asked for his relationship status and he said that he will say that he has a girlfriend and that is me. He also said that he sees a future with me even though I am in a complicated situation atm and he doesn’t mind it. Being a ♊I am reeling (in a good way) with the turn of events, I have grown to have feelings for him as well, however, there’s a part of me that hesitates. Can I completely trust what my water-bearer is saying and just hand over my heart?

    P.S. I have bought several of your Aquarius Man books as I am keen to understand him😊

    1. Dear Gemini girl,

      Aquarius isn’t often upfront and forthcoming with how he’s feeling or what he wants. We’ll assume you know them when you don’t he’s surprised. If you two are long-distance, that could create some problems.
      You will need to ask him on a regular basis (not all the time) how he feels and how he sees things heading between the two of you. You’ll need to share how you are feeling and what you are thinking as well.
      Try not to do this in an overly emotional way, though. He isn’t very good at dealing with emotional situations. It’s best if you are calm, collected, and at ease while talking to him.
      Remember that on the phone; it seems different than when it’s in person. You cannot see the person’s expressions or how they’re responding to you so it makes it a little harder.
      If you can; you may try to do video chatting from time to time. This will excite you both and it allows you two to talk face to face for the most part. In fact, it may help you to communicate better, but still, you need to plan to see each other soon. Long-distance relationships are challenging. Best of luck to you!

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