Can You Trust An Aquarius Man? 5 Things To Keep In Mind

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Perhaps you’ve started to date one and he’s already acting sketchy but you don’t know why. So, can you trust an Aquarius man? We have the answer.

Are you considering getting closer to your Aquarius crush and wonder whether or not you’ll be able to really trust him? Perhaps you’ve started to date one and he’s already acting sketchy but you don’t know why. So, can you trust an Aquarius man? We have the answer.

1. Always Takes Off

The Aquarius man is one of the few in the Zodiac who needs excessive amounts of alone time or time to himself with friends/family. He may care about his partner but he still wants to spend time away from her.

The partner, of course, assumes that he doesn’t want to spend time with her or that he’s perhaps cheating on her. The thing is, while sometimes this may be true, most of the time it’s not.

Not all Aquarius men are cheaters. There is no specific sign of the Zodiac that will cheat more than any other. All men are susceptible to wanting to cheat. With that said, it’s probably not as common as one would think with Aquarius.

It’s just that he wants to flex his freedom muscle as much as he can. It’s annoying but it’s who he is. If you find that your Aquarius man is always taking off to do other things without you, don’t worry too much.

Unless he’s displaying other fishy behavior, there is probably nothing to worry about with him. He mostly just needs to spend some time on his own to do what he wants. It’s not likely to cheat.

2. Look at His Behavior

Remember in my other articles that Aquarius men don’t like to give up their free time to anyone and even when they do, they still expect to have some or otherwise, the relationship will not last.

Before you worry or panic about his comings and goings, look at his other behavior. If he still shows you he loves you and still mostly is relatively normal, then you shouldn’t worry about anything.

On the other hand, if he’s showing signs such as being on his phone often, ignoring you, not being very verbal, not paying attention to you, or not telling you where he’s going when he leaves, there may be a bigger problem.

This still isn’t saying he’s cheating but it IS saying there is an issue and you should try to address him with it so that it’s out on the table. You two cannot fix or heal from it if you do not talk.

3. How He Shows Love

Couple in love laying on the bed

Aquarius men aren’t super affectionate. They like being intimate sometimes but they aren’t overzealous about it. Cuddling is fine but after a short while, they may want to pull apart and have space.

Showing you love by cooking you food you adore, buys you gifts, takes you on special dates, takes you to spend time with his family, takes you out to have a good time with his friends, and basically proves his love rather than saying it.

I’m not saying he won’t say he loves you but he may be more inclined to show you rather than say it. To him, actions mean a lot more than words anymore. It’s when he stops showing you he cares is when you should be concerned.

If he becomes cold, stops showing you affection, or stops being the amazing boyfriend he once was, or just disappears entirely, he may be done with the relationship.

Keep in mind that if he’s still showing you he loves or cares for you in important ways, you’re likely alright and shouldn’t worry about what he’s doing when he’s not with you.

4. He Doesn’t Like to Talk

The Aquarius man can be somewhat reserved on the conversation. He’s often daydreaming or thinking about what he’s going to do next with his free time. When he feels it’s relevant, he’ll open up and discuss things.

Keep in mind that Aquarius men do not tend to tell you how they are feeling or what they want unless you ask them. Sounds strange I know but they don’t feel the need to offer up how they feel on a silver platter.

When you ask them though, they will absolutely tell you the truth. They are compelled to tell it like it is whether you like it or not. So prepare yourself to hear it all if you ask him how he feels.

There may be some things he doesn’t like about you or the relationship and that will come out with the good. He’ll go to both sides of the coin to make sure all the ground is covered.

While you want him to open up more and talk to you, you need to realize this isn’t 1st nature to him and he will only open up when he’s darned good and ready to do so. Otherwise, you’ll have to ask him what’s going on.

Not wanting to talk much about his feelings isn’t a sign of him being unfaithful nor is it a red flag for you to watch out for. It’s just who he is and as long as you can accept that, you should be alright.

5. Acceptance

Couple hugging and smiling

Aquarius men are really difficult to deal with in matters of love. However, if you can accept who he is as a whole, he may pleasantly surprise you with how much he can make you feel loved and cared for.

He’s an amazing partner, husband, and caregiver. Don’t take advantage of him though. He may be excellent at being the breadwinner or nurturing you but he isn’t accepting applications for lazy gold diggers. That is a fact!

Wow him with your independence but also dazzle him with your ability to accept him at face value. He’ll appreciate you and likely do the very same for you so that you can be in a valid partnership full of love.

Remember that it’s best for you to learn all that you can when it comes to Aquarius so that you are able to handle him better.


Can you trust an Aquarius man? What do you think?

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