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Dumped by an Aquarius Man? These 5 Tips Will Pull Him Back!

Nonstop romantic texts to prove your undying devotion might work on some men. But not on Aquarius.

Bear with me here—but in this case, your best bet is to do the opposite of what you think you are supposed to do.

Over the years I’ve been contacted by so many women, just like you, who thought their love, affection, and loyalty were creating the foundation for a solid relationship.

And then one day, it all fell apart. They tried everything that worked before. Like you, they expected a relationship with an Aquarius man to be like other relationships. But it’s not.

In order to crack the code to an Aquarius man’s heart, you must first understand his unique energy. A relationship with an Aquarius man is unlike any other.

What Sets Aquarius Man Apart

Astrology is an ancient system—one of the first sciences—concerned with studying the alignment of planets and the influence of planetary energy on world events and personality. Its wisdom is timeless, so it’s no wonder everyone from world leaders to celebrities to star-crossed lovers look to Astrology for answers. 

Deeper examination of a birth chart reveals deeper secrets of someone’s path, and the Sun sign unlocks the code behind someone’s personality. You can understand what makes someone tick once you understand their Sun sign. 

Aquarius is the sign of the rebel. The innovative genius and intellectual visionary. The most important thing to remember about the Aquarius man whose stolen your heart is that he is a born rule breaker. He craves freedom and is attracted to ideals as much as he is to reality

When Aquarius Man Calls It Quits

When Your Aquarius Man Calls it Quits – 5 Tips to Pull Him Back

Nothing hurts worse than the feeling of loss when the man you care about breaks up with you, and with an Aquarius man, it may seem to have come out of nowhere.

Take a breath and prepare for a period of personal soul-searching and reinvention. You’re about to embark on a wild ride, but you may need to wait out the urge to chase him down.

I mean it—you’re going to need to be patient. It will be worth it. 

Brace yourself for some downtime because chances are that is what he is seeking. In order to get your Aquarius man to come back, you have to think like him. 

This can be quite a trip because he’s unpredictable. He values excitement, adventure, friends and anything new.

1. Make Use of Your Newfound Freedom

Take space for yourself. Reconnect with your friends. Pursue your intellectual interests and find groups to hang out with. 

Be as adventurous and unpredictable as he is. 

You may be thinking, “But what if I give him space and lose him forever?”

Here’s a little secret: To him, a ‘breakup’ is often more of a ‘time out.’ So, while he retreats into his social group, hobbies, or mad scientist lab (you know he has one), your best bet is to bring excitement and change into your life.

That wild hairstyle you always wanted to try? Go for it. Your old group of friends you haven’t seen in a while? Call them and get together for a wild weekend road trip.

Immersing yourself in you will help you get your mind off the breakup.

Dumped By Aquarius Man

2. Try Exciting New Things… And Let Him Notice

In addition to the purely personal, you can also think of this as a time to gather unusual and fun experiences that you can share with him when he finally gives that signal that he misses you and wants to talk again.

Do the things that add sizzle and unpredictability to your life. Do it because it will fill your life with new and exciting energy—if there’s something he can’t resist, it’s anything new and exciting.

And post pictures online of the adventures you’re having. 

Aquarius men want to innovate, solve problems, and discover new things. You will be sure to catch his interest if he can see that there are changes happening in your life. Prove to him that what is going on in your life is anything but routine.

Trust me on this one; your Aquarius man is enticed by novelty. He may have walked out the door, but he’s hooked on the internet. Chances are, he’s keeping an eye on your social media. Distance is his comfort zone. 

He already knows what it was like to be with the ‘old’ you, so smothering him with reminders of your past together is not going to help. Let him fantasize about what it’s like to be with the ‘new’ you. 

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3. Don’t Chase Him

It’s an understandable mistake many women I’ve worked with have made: thinking that keeping in touch will tempt him back to your warm embrace.

This is a bad move. He’ll feel intruded upon. Reassuring him of his special status as the love of your life will only make him feel like you’re stuck in the past. 

He doesn’t want to be associated with any kind of ‘stuck’ energy. 

Don’t reminisce about your favorite vacation or cute nicknames for each other. That was then, this is now, and he is living in the future.

A word of caution here, ladies: The last thing you want to do if you are serious about your Aquarius man coming back is to keep a public diary of your heartbreak online. 

He’s not comfortable with his own emotions and will react to any outpouring of emotion as if you just started speaking Klingon to him. In fact, he may be more attracted to your knowledge of Star Trek languages than emotional language. 

It may sound harsh, but he is not going to come back out of mercy or guilt. He will see any public pleas for a second chance as embarrassing and suffocating. Rather than empathizing with your pain, he will run even further away.

Remember: independence, freedom, and space to tinker with the 3D printer or organize a humanitarian campaign are just part of an Aquarius’s varied interests. How you react to his absence from the relationship teaches him valuable information about whether he can count on you to give him space when he wants it while in the relationship.

Aquarius Man Dumped You

4. Don’t Try to Make Him Jealous

I know you’re tempted to make him jealous with a rebound relationship.


He’s imaginative. He wants to picture himself with you as you take a wild ride through life. He doesn’t want to envision himself having to compete for your attention.

Aquarius men are all about ideals and principles. If you’re tempted to vent frustration in ways that lower your standards, that will turn him off. He’s highly intuitive and intellectual. If he senses manipulation, he’ll be out of there fast.

You already know he has a sensitive side. Be careful not to intentionally toy with his feelings. 

Don’t lie or fake it—he’ll know the difference. He’ll lose respect for you if he thinks you’re being inauthentic. And don’t play on his insecurities. 

Show him you are grounded enough not to go for the easy route and play the jealousy card. With an Aquarius man, it’ll never work.

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5. Show Him What He’s Missing When You Talk to Him Again

Your Aquarius man wants to be reassured that you’re as independent as he is and that you can find interesting, creative, unusual, and progressive things to do with your downtime.

He wants to be intrigued by rediscovering the new and exciting elements of your life.

When you’ve taken my advice and followed the first tips, the next time you do talk with him, you’ll have plenty to say.

Show him that you have put thought and intellectual energy into interests that will attract his attention such as science, spirituality, conspiracy theories, technology, and progressive campaigns. 

When you talk to him, keep it light and entertaining. Save your heartbreak and tears for friends. Don’t try to bring up the past or narrow him down for a commitment.

It’s all about the present at this stage—be in the moment with him, and he’ll see what a mistake it was to drop you. 

The more he sees you as a lost treasure, the sooner he will want to return to you before anyone has a chance to sweep you off your feet.

If you have a unique story about patience paying off, or if you are struggling to find more answers about your love interest, I want to help you get through this! Leave a comment or question below, and I will get back to you!

To get a head start on figuring out whether you and your Aquarius man are a good match, take my free compatibility quiz!

8 thoughts on “Dumped by an Aquarius Man? These 5 Tips Will Pull Him Back!

  1. Hi Anna My name is Ellen Im dating an Aquarius man we are in our 6th year together. Recently we broke up. He is a Narcissist !00% I love him immensily. He seems to have an off and on switch when it comes to his feelings. WE have many things in common. Yes we are great lovers !!! Im an Sagittarius so we are definitly compatable. And have many things in common. Im at my wits end on how to make him relize we have a future together as he doesnt think so or maybe he trying to convince himself of this. Pluh-leese Help!!!!! Thank you Ellen

    1. Hi Ellen!

      Ouch yes they can sometimes be narcissistic. If you have so much in common then I’d go back to focusing on what brought you two together in the first place. Remember why you two met and became a couple. Get back to that and try to regress back to that first moment you two got together. If you can do that then you may find some progress yet again. You both need something fresh and exciting. Go backward to when it was that way. Try checking out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

  2. I’m a Sagittarius. My relationship just ended when my Aquarius man told me “he will never marry me”.
    This is making me feel as though he thinks he is too good for me / better than me; that I am not good enough for him…
    Though that statement is incredibly direct, I feel as though he is making up excuses.

    1. Hi Sylvia!

      I would be someone that can tell you from experience that when a man says he’ll never marry is because he has some past wounds that have caused him to be closed off to the idea. He has been badly hurt or had some experience that has jaded him. It’s often not the truth. With time and patience, their minds typically will change as they work on their own personal healing. Try checking out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

  3. Was great with the aqua guy, told me we were gonna get married etc. Thinking yeah, he’s aqua he needs space…I give him space, intellectual convos…kept my emotions in check, etc…he strung me along until the very end with flirty texts etc. Then he tells me he’s not over his ex. Now I don’t want him back.

    1. Hi Jess!

      Oh boy…. he must have started talking to her again. That’s the only way he’d be reverting back and telling you he’s not over her. He was probably doing really well with you and then she made an appearance or reached out to him which got his feelings for her stirred up. I don’t blame you for not wanting him back. Good riddance buddy! Don’t write off all Aquarius men though. They are not all bad. Try checking out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

  4. I need my aquarius man back,though I sort of was the one who reacted badly to his emotional detachment from me-im scorpio- i tried to reach him so we can talk about it after that but he was not forthcoming about anything to give me hope it was going to be better going forward. We were friends for over 3 years before we got here.
    I miss our friendship most

    1. Hi Georgia!

      I can completely understand how you’d miss his friendship. That is very odd that he’s not forthcoming. I’d be asking him straight out “what happened, why did it happen this way?”. I’d want answers. It’s not wrong for you to ask. If he isn’t volunteering then ask. You deserve to know. I wish you the best sweetheart!

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