How To Ask An Aquarius Man Out (11 Easy Ways)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you drawn to an alluring Aquarius man but aren’t sure how to approach him? Keep reading to learn how to ask an Aquarius man out.

Are you drawn to an intelligent and alluring Aquarius man but aren’t sure how to approach him? Perhaps you feel like he might like you but hasn’t asked you out yet. Whatever the case may be, I will share some straightforward things to keep in mind when learning how to ask an Aquarius man out.

No one ever wants to be that girl who chases after a guy. Never mind being unattractive; it just doesn’t make you feel sexy or desired, right? So, we’ve got to come up with a few ways to draw his attention to you and get him to start thinking about a hot date with yours truly!

The honest truth is that Aquarius men tend to be a bit distant, aloof, and spacey. He may see you as one of his best buddies, but perhaps not always as a love interest. Hot dates are not always what’s on the typical Aquarius man’s mind when he hangs out with you—believe it or not!

Astrology can assist us in moving through relationships that otherwise appear to be going nowhere. So, I’m here to help by sending you in the right direction when it comes to priming an Aquarius man so that he thinks to ask you out on a date.

Keep reading to find out how to ask an Aquarius man out and get the result that you want.

Will An Aquarius Man Ask You Out? Or Should You Reach Out To Him?

We love in a modern age, but in my experience as a relationship astrologer, women still love to be wooed, and men still love to chase. Of course, everyone is different, but luckily for you, the Aquarius man still follows his natural gender role.

Being into an Aquarius man means that you’ve got to step aside and swallow your urge to take control of the situation. He’s got to be the leader in this game, not you! That could be tough if you are used to being that woman, but it’s worth it!

The truth is, when you let him lead, he feels more like a man, and you feel feminine. Plus, you will never have to wait too long. This is one man who gets down to business, and if he wants you, he will make sure he gets you.

An Aquarius man is a guy who actually really enjoys the chase and will feel as if they have “conquered” you when you agree to go on a date with him. You need to make it a little hard for him so that he feels like you’re a challenge to be “won”.

So, that sexy date you’re after, it’s not long in coming if you play your cards right. Aquarius men are not the most patient signs of all, which also means that he’s not going to wait around forever to ask you.

The truth is, an Aquarius man is very likely to ask you out within the first few days or weeks of meeting you—maybe even the first few hours! If he’s not, perhaps it’s work that stands in the way or he has loyalties elsewhere.

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How To Ask An Aquarius Man Out (7 Easy Ways)

1. Act Like A Good Friend

If you want him to start thinking of you as a potential lover, ladies, you have to first be his friend. He’s unwilling to show interest in someone with whom he can’t hang out and do buddy-buddy things together.

How do you act like a good friend? Well, you can be there for him, send him super-casual messages to ask him about his day, or make a joke. Act like you would around your own best friend, with just a touch of flirting thrown in, so he does get the message.

The more you do this, the more he will warm up to you, until the moment he asks you if you want to “hang out” (which, in Aquarius language, is a date!).

2. Don’t Make It A Thing

Aquarius men are generally not romantic or sappy. In fact, romance and mushiness turn them right off. Suggesting things like a sunset walk on the beach or roses at a restaurant will just make him want to run in the opposite direction!

Don’t make it a thing to go on a date. Don’t make it a drama, and keep it as chilled-out and easy-going as possible. If he feels pressure, or like he’s being pushed into it, he will resist. He’s one of the most obstinate signs in the Zodiac, and so he cannot be cajoled too much.

The romance can and will come later. But in the beginning, it needs to be very much on the down-low, and an open mind will appeal the most to him. Keep it casual. This is the best way to win an Aquarius man’s heart and have him start thinking about a date with you.

3. Suggest Something Unique

Aquarius is one of the most unique signs in the entire Zodiac! He likes things to be different, from his choice of music, his profession, and his partners. This love for the unconventional follows right through into his ideal date. 

For example, dinner at a well-known restaurant or watching the latest movie will be the most boring thing in the world to him. But, visiting the local planetarium or enjoying an outdoor festival together will appeal to him like nothing else! 

You don’t have to be the one to actually ask him out. You may simply bring up in conversation one day that you’ve been to such and such a place and it was awesome. Or ask him if he’s heard that such and such a band is playing at a certain place. 

There are many ways and means to drop the hint, and get his engines going. Once he knows that you’re also keen for something different, he should make a move in no time! 

4. Hang Out With His Friends First

One of the best ways to get an Aquarius man to ask you out on a date is by making friends with his friends first. That means hanging out with him and his buddies, or even including him with your friends. This way, he feels less awkward.

You see, ladies, with Aquarius men, they tend to avoid close intimate interactions. It’s easier to have friends around first, so that he can get to know you in this way. Once he feels more comfortable with you in a social setting, he’s much more likely to be eager to get to know you, one to one.

5. Play Hard To Get

Aquarius plays it cool and calm. He hates over-the-top displays of passion and eagerness. To him, that just looks desperate. Playing it hard to get will have him wondering more about you, and pique his interest. 

Plus, it’ll make him feel like you are independent and able to look after yourself properly. And there’s nothing quite as attractive to the Aquarius guy as a woman who is self-sufficient and doesn’t need him in her life.

When he feels like you won’t suffocate him, he wants you that much more! Of course, you still need to flirt. Don’t play it so cool that he starts to think that he’s been friend-zoned! 

6. Make Him Laugh

If an Aquarius man finds you funny, he’s definitely going to want to spend more time with you, getting to know who you really are! He loves, loves, loves wit and humor, especially slightly offbeat, quirky humor.

Not all women are fun, though, so you don’t necessarily have to be a comedian. But, if you get to know his special brand of funny, then perhaps you can send him jokes, memes and videos that will make him think you really “get” him. Asking you on a date should shortly follow!

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7. Engage His Mind

Finally, ladies, just show him how smart you are. Engage his mind, connect with him mentally and the rest should follow with ease. Aquarius men don’t care as much as others about the physical connection or chemistry. He wants to feel like you are on the same wavelength.

Talk, talk, and talk some more. Laugh, share ideas, and be open-minded. Send cute texts, reveal your education and allow yourself to use all your biggest words! Share your philosophies of life and your ideas. You’ll find that all he wants to do is be with you!

4 More Ways To Get An Aquarius Man To Ask You Out

8. Be His Friend!

When it comes to dating, an Aquarius man is looking for a woman with certain personality. The only way to really and honestly view these would be to become friends first.

If you’re just making acquaintances with your Aquarius guy, you should try being more friendly with him. Invite him out to do things as friends and perhaps with some of your other friends.

He wants to learn more about who you are, and if you’re what he’s looking for, should he decide he is looking for a relationship. This way, he can get to know you while keeping his freedom.

It’s nothing personal, but Aquarius men do not like giving up their freedom unless they’re certain of the person they’re giving that time to instead. So yes, being his friend first will give you better chances.

9. Show Your Individuality

As I mentioned, Aquarius men like women who are different and somewhat unusual compared with other women. In other words, he wants a woman who does her own thing, dresses her way, and is herself.

He isn’t interested in a woman who dresses like all the other trendy women out there. Wearing something nice is important, but it’s best if it’s not some outfit that 100’s of other women wear.

In fact, he digs women who design or sew their clothes. He thinks it’s brilliant and shows how different they are from the norm. Who sews anymore, other than designers?

If you do, show him what you’ve got. Tell him that you made it, and he’ll be so dazzled by your natural beauty. The same is true with makeup; do your style. Don’t watch videos on the internet for help. Do what you think looks good.

Here’s more about what an Aquarius man likes and dislikes in a woman.

10. Excitement & Adventure

While you’re getting to know your Aquarius guy and impressing him with both your brain and beauty, start suggesting places or things you’d like to do that sound enthralling to him.

If you’ve been talking to him as I suggested, you’ll now have a good idea of what he likes, what he would like to do, and what sounds good to both of you. Now you’ll take the next step and suggest trying these things.

You don’t have to suggest it as a date, but you could keep it simple and just say, “Hey, I was thinking of going hiking at that park we talked about. Would you like to join me?”

You’ll be surprised at how much he’s into being spontaneous and going to do lots of fun things. He may also suggest that lunch or dinner go along with it once you get together. Suddenly, it becomes a bit of a date.

11. Express Your Intention

Aquarius men are very smart. This means they’re good at picking up on when a woman likes them. However, sometimes they want the woman to actually express it and be a little more forward.

That means that if you’re ready to kick things up a bit, you could say something like, “I’d like to visit that park next week; would you like to go with me? We could bring a picnic basket full of goodies and see how much fun we could have.”

He’ll find you irresistible, and he’ll realize that you’re trying to take your friendship to a new level. It’s good, to be honest, and a little forward once you get comfortable enough with your Aquarius.

Once you get to know each other quite a bit and you feel confident; go ahead and ask him out. I think you might find some pleasant results as long as you’ve been following the other steps.

Try not to skip or avoid some of the steps. It’s necessary to get to know your Aquarius guy, and he’s a bit of a slow mover, so this process is something he would agree with more.

How Long Does It Take For An Aquarius Man To Ask You Out?

There is no particular time frame in which an Aquarius man will ask you out. Every step of the way, an Aquarius man will try to impress you if he thinks you are worth it.

If you are wondering how long it takes for an Aquarius man to ask you out, he will ask you out rather quickly if you sense he likes you. Here’s how to tell if an Aquarius man likes you.

When an Aquarius man is really trying to show you that he is interested and that he’s in the moment, he’ll do whatever it takes to make you smile.

The highlight of his day just may be the moment when he can tell that he has made you happy, because this is his flirting strategy. He will then ask you out, for sure!

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Sending you love,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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3 thoughts on “How To Ask An Aquarius Man Out (11 Easy Ways)

  1. I got to know my Aquarian Man at a long term retreat. I wasn’t the slightest bit interested but another friend invited me to join them both for a day out. Strangely my friend pulled out and Mr A gave me the most wonderful day introducing me to a new town, watching the sunset over cocktails and finally returning under a starlit sky. Over the next couple of weeks we spent time together and I loved his spontaneity (I’m an Aries).

    So a few weeks later I suggested a trip to an area we were both unfamiliar with. Nothing went to plan, resulting in an unforgettable day of happy and exciting surprises. We ended up being far from home and decided to stay at a small lodge and make an early start the next day. He treated me to a delicious meal then we made an open air fire and spent a couple of hours enjoying the heavens. I was hoping for a cuddle but was out of luck.

    And then it was time to leave for my home country. He showed no emotion and I was heartbroken. But then a month later he called! And continued to call.

    I returned to the retreat centre a year later and he gave me a fabulous welcome. We started to spend more time together loving exploring, walking in the forest, climbing mountains and soaking in hot springs but he definitely had his off days! But two years later I heard from other sources that he was referring to me as his girlfriend and at the end of that year’s retreat he invited me to go away for a whole month together. Honestly, I felt I was on my honeymoon, we had the most amazing time.

    Eight years later we are still best buddies. I am unable to stay in his country long term but I’m sure our times apart enhance the relationship which is built on trust and respect for one another’s space.

    A bit of a long-winded story! He would love to marry, I am not so sure for several reasons. If he moves on, I am sure we would remain friends, his previous relationships remain important to him.

    Your summary of Aquarius man could have been written for this guy! Your test scored us at 95% compatibility!! The only thing that didn’t come up in his strong love of and loyalty to his family, including his ex-wife ( which I absolutely respect).

    Blessings to you

    1. Hi Shelagh!

      He does take responsibility seriously so it doesn’t surprise me that your guy is loyal to family and ex wife. I’m glad you two are trailing along but you’re not going to know if you are going to end up together unless you two actually discuss it. Share your feelings and desires for the future with him. He needs to know otherwise he’s going to be oblivious and things will just proceed as they have been and may or may not end up with a relationship. Don’t do that to yourself. Talk to and see if you two are on the same page and if you are, go for it! Don’t let distance be the culprit to not being together. Try checking out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

  2. Wow, this is so helpful! I’ve been crushing on an Aquarius man for ages and was wondering how to ask him out. Thanks for the tips, especially the one about being direct and honest. I’m definitely going to give it a try 😊

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