The Perfect Flirty Texts for Your Aquarius Guy

When it comes to flirting with an Aquarius man, texting is the way to go. Men born under the sign of the Water Bearer prefer to flirt through text because they can be bashful in real life. Aquarius men feel empowered and confident when they have the distance of texting.

But not just any text will work for him. You’ve got to know how to appeal to his unique desires as an Aquarius man. He’s not like other guys, and he wants you to know this.

Here are five of the easiest and most effective ways to flirt with your Aquarius love interest without even being in the same room. Flirting with him this way helps keep the romance alive in your relationship.

1. Send him kinky photos.

Aquarius men are notoriously kinky. It’s not enough to just send him nudes or seductive photos of yourself. You have to stand out from the crowd when you text an Aquarius man. It’s best to send him strange and kinky photos.

Even sending him memes you find that refer to kinky positions or unusual sexual taboos will get his attention. Aquarius men love extreme and edgy things.

They say a picture paints a thousand words, but it helps to send a caption with the image you text him. Use the following to help fan the flames of passion:

“I want to try this with you some time…”

“I’m just sitting around thinking of you and this is what it looks like….”

2. Text him unusual news. 

Aquarius men love to learn things they think no one else knows about. If you send him unusual news, you’ll get his attention. Aquarius men are turned on by quirky and weird news.

Strange facts or Guinness World Record Breaking oddities are a good way to make sure he looks forward to seeing your text messages. Though it may not be inherently flirty, you can dress up these facts and news briefs by adding a personal note.

For instance, if you text him news about an extreme storm that is headed for a specific region, you can add the message, “I would want to be with you, even if there was a typhoon on the way…”

Another way to flirt with him through text is to appeal to his interests through specific personalized inside jokes related to obscure news.

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3. Text him with suggestions for sexual encounters.

When it comes to texting an Aquarius man, you don’t have to worry about being too forward. He is direct and open about his sexual interests. You can keep him fascinated with you by sending him suggestions for erotic experimentation.

Here are a few examples of the ideal texts to send him, but spice it up and personalize it for best results:

“I just found a list of sex positions based on your sign… I think we should try these out…”

“What’s your sex experience bucket list? Here are my top five….”

“I have a long lunch break today, wanna stop by for some adult time at the office?”

The more risky and unusual the suggestion, the better.

4. Flirt in terms of experimentation or challenges.

One of the best ways to flirt with an Aquarius guy through text is to make references to challenges or experimentation. These things appeal to an Aquarius man’s deepest desires.

Whether you challenge him to a lovemaking marathon or suggest experimenting with different sexual accessories, you’ll get his attention.

Try texts like the following:

“I ordered some new (name of sexual accessories or toys) and I need help trying them out so I can leave a review on the website….”

“Want to do a little experiment and see who can ‘last’ the longest…?”

“Let’s get together and see who can win at (seductive or adult themed game)”

5. Create a visual fantasy for him.

Aquarius men are highly intelligent, and they process information in a number of ways. They can be turned on if you flirt by suggesting visuals or images that get stuck in their mind.

Here are a few examples of ideal texts that you can use to seduce an Aquarius man through text:

“It’s so hot in here, I’m relaxing nude on the couch…”

“Sorry I didn’t text you back sooner… just got out of the shower and I’m soaking wet.”

“It’s such a nice day, I’m laying out in the sun near the garden tanning my back…”

Now that you know how to flirt with an Aquarius man through text, start using these tactics today. He’ll become obsessed with you, checking for your next message, when you know how to appeal to his desires through text.

Bear in mind, Aquarius men are clever. VERY clever. You’ll need to stay a step ahead of him and to change up your technique to keep him interested.

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