Worst Compatibility Matches For The Aquarius Man

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Worst Compatibility Matches For The Aquarius Man

Are you dating or seeing an Aquarius man and wondering where you may stand with him compatibility wise? I wrote an article on the best compatibilities and now this is a list of some of the worst compatibility matches for the Aquarius man.

Still Possible, But Difficult

The next pairing I’d like to talk about is the Aquarius man with the Pisces woman. If these two happen to actually successfully enter into a relationship, it’s going to take some serious finesse to make it work long term.

An emotional connection is going to be tricky here. Pisces woman probably feels and expresses a bit more than the Aquarius man. This is not to say that he’s devoid of emotion but he’s not going to open up as she may.

This can make for a conflicting situation with the two as they find it hard to get on the same page when trying to handle situations. Sexually speaking, they may not have a steamy connection due to the same problem.

They can work on this and they can make it last if they truly want to. Pisces will have to learn to control her emotions so that they are not overwhelming and Aquarius needs to express his more so that they can find the balance between them.

A Bit Frustrating Pairing…

Just as tricky would be an Aquarius man with a Capricorn woman combo. They are both strong and stubborn people. If they can find a way to make sure that their values line up and their ideas are shared, they may be able to work it out.

Capricorn may make Aquarius wait when it comes to sex and this could prove a bit frustrating for the Aquarius if he isn’t willing to give into the wait. If he has fallen in love with her, however, it IS possible for him to put it off for a while.

Both signs are rather set in their ways and compromise has to be found. If they truly talk to each other about how they feel and what they want on a regular basis, they could actually find common ground enough to make it happen.

Sexually, these two have to learn how to give and take a bit better. If they can learn to open up to each other on an intimate level, they may be able to make that special connection. If not, sex may not be the most fulfilling for either of them.

Shaky Ground


Aquarius man with the Virgo woman may be a bit turbulent. The Virgo woman will be much pickier than the Aquarius man. She will also likely make him wait to be intimate as she wants to be sure her Aquarius guy gets her and is who she wants.

Virgo people, as a rule, don’t really NEED someone in their lives and can go for long periods of time without a partner. Aquarius can go without one but he’ll want to be intimate in between relationships where Virgo will remain celibate out of choice.

These two make a very odd pairing should they make a go of it. If they successfully make it to relationship status, they will always have to work hard at their trust, or rather the lack of.

In bed, these two may not line up all that well either. Virgo is actually naughtier than Aquarius. Though Aquarius is up for an adventure, the Virgo woman will have expectations that have to be met before she’ll unlock her “Pandora’s Box”.

Too Passionate and Hot-Headed

Next down the line is the Aquarius man with Scorpio woman. Scorpio women are very passionate. They’re also jealous, hot-headed, and want more attention than an Aquarius man may want to provide.

Aquarius man has the passion inside him as well but he wants to find the right person to unlock that with. Scorpio women are sexy and want to also find a secure partner in which they trust to let their guard down.

Trust is definitely is going to be an issue with these two. Scorpio was born not to trust most people. Aquarius has trust issues of his own but he has an easier time letting someone build that trust than Scorpio woman does.

She’s liable to fly off the handle and get upset with him far more times than Aquarius man may be comfortable with. He may feel she’s too dramatic and wants to get away from her quickly.

However, there is always an exception and if these two try to make a go of it, they’re going to have to learn some exercises that teach them to build trust with one another.

Once that is established, they can work on the other areas of their relationship with better success. The question is, do they really want to or do they know the odds are stacked against them?

Last But Not Least…

Dreamy couple resting in cafe behind the window at sunny day - how does an aquarius man show his love

There are two signs left here that haven’t been mentioned. These are the lowest scoring signs for the Aquarius man. The first is Cancer Woman. Just like Scorpio woman, she’s possibly too emotional for the strong Aquarius.

Cancer woman will keep the home fires burning but she’ll grow quickly frustrated when Aquarius man starts taking off to spend time alone or with friends without her.

She will think he doesn’t care enough for her and thus she will possibly create some drama he won’t want to deal with which will ultimately tear the two apart. Cancer Woman has to learn to cut him slack if she wants to keep him.

The Worst Combo

The very last sign on this list for Aquarius is Taurus woman. The two just are so different that it’s not an easy mixture. They’re both stubborn. They both do tend to wait quite a while before committing but they’re not on the same page.

Aquarius man is too spontaneous for the routine Taurus. Life essentials are not likely to line up well for these two.

Just keep in mind as I’ve mentioned before that there are other factors involved. You may be one of these signs but have found a way to make it work with your Aquarius man.

Never lose hope as there is always a chance. It may help you that much more by getting to know everything you can about the Aquarius man.


Do you agree with these wost compatibility matches for the Aquarius man? Let me know!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. I am an Aquarian man and this is spot on. My first wife was a Taurus and it was a painful disaster. I knew very little about Astrology then. I had a Taurus friend this summer and even that ended up a disaster. I have avoided Virgo and Cancer women romantically.

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