6 Important Things An Aquarius Man Will Never Tell You

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What could Aquarius man possibly be hiding from you? Well, there are definitely secrets he covets. Here're 6 things an Aquarius man will never tell you.

What could Aquarius man possibly be hiding from you? Well, there are definitely secrets he covets and would never want you to know them. I will reveal six important things that an Aquarius man will never tell you.

1. He Has Feelings

If you’ve met an Aquarius man and have feelings for him, you’ve probably noticed that he always acts cool, aloof, or detached. The truth is, he isn’t really like that. His inner self is much softer and sensitive.

This guy puts on a good hard shell on the outside but he really feels things very deeply. He takes a long time to let someone in because he’s protecting himself and his heart.

His soul runs deep and you’re able to see this when you see him doing things for humanity. If he volunteers for the homeless or donates money to a charitable cause, you may notice these qualities.

These are signs of life inside the mighty Aquarius. When he finds the right woman to love, eventually he’ll let his guard down and she’ll be the one and only person that can see how wonderful and warm he really is.

What you may think doesn’t hurt his feelings, it actually does though he won’t show it. Treat him kindly because if you wound him, he’ll never forget it and may never forgive it either.

2. He Wants Commitment

things an aquarius man will never tell you

Most articles or sites will tell you that Aquarius is commitment phobic. That’s actually not really true. He’s just picky and takes his time. He may seem as though he wants to be single forever but really, he wants something long-lasting.

He craves a partner who will be at his side and be a permanent fixture in his life. Again, he puts up a good front in seeming like he’s tough when in reality, he’s a big snugly teddy bear.

He will never tell you he wants a commitment because if he were to do that, he could get taken advantage of. He finds it best to take his time and get to know someone fully before taking his boxing gloves off.

He wants “the one” so that he can stop looking and go into dating retirement. Unlike the Virgo man, he doesn’t want to live a life as an eternal bachelor. He may put up a good front as though he does but it’s not him.

3. He Has a Thirst of Knowledge… of You

Aquarius men are typically brilliant. However, he wants to be with a woman who has things that she can teach him as well. He doesn’t know everything even if he pretends that he does.

Having a partner who is just as smart as he is can be a turn on. If she is knowledgeable about something really interesting that he doesn’t already know, he’ll enjoy hearing her talk about it.

He wants to learn who his partner is, what she likes, and what interests she has. He looks for a partner that will have some interests in common but also interests that they don’t have in common.

If he’s been interested in sky diving and she has already done it, he wants to hear all about it and want her to explain what it’s like. He may even ask her to take him some time.

Maybe his interest is from another country. He will want to learn her language as it will satisfy his urge to learn and makes her rather exotic so it’s a win/win.

4. Aquarius Man Is Unique

things an aquarius man will never tell you

He may seem like he’s a snazzy dresser but when you look closer, he has his own unique signature of style. Where some men may wear regular tennis shoes, he wears old school vans.

He will not adhere to society’s idea of what he should wear. As you get to know him, you’ll find out that he is indeed more unique than most men. Each Aquarius man is unique even from each other.

He may have a very different way of talking than most people. Perhaps he likes certain movies that most others do not. There could also be music he likes that many others are just not that into.

His character, in general, will be very different than most other men you’ve met in your life. That much is a guarantee. It will take him a while to show you his entire unique splendor but it will show and you will be dazzled.

5. The Ideal Lover

The Aquarius man is the man many women are searching for. He is very picky and knows what he wants. That means that if he’s chosen someone, in particular, she’s going to get his all.

If you’re lucky enough to land yourself an Aquarius guy, you’ll get to know how passionate and loving he really can be in the bedroom. Open up to him and he’ll show you splendors you couldn’t imagine.

Lovemaking will be wonderful and you’ll be very satisfied once you’ve committed to him and made him your partner. You’ll want to keep it exciting and fresh. That will make him stay engaged in the relationship for the long haul.

Once he gets his hands on you, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. He’s definitely a one of a kind ladies!

6. Give Him Freedom and He’ll Give You Everything

If you have read some of my other articles then you already know that Aquarius men covet their freedom. He will likely never actually tell you that. The thing is, he’s looking for someone he feels is worth his time and efforts.

When he thinks he’s found that, he’ll put in all effort necessary. That means that if his partner gives him the freedom he wants or needs, he’ll be willing to give her the world. He knows she truly loves him by not possessing him.

Keeping that in mind, you may want to learn more about what he’s looking for when it comes to love.


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