In Love With An Aquarius Coworker – Should You Go For It?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you working with an Aqua who you're attracted to? If you're in love with an Aquarius coworker, here's how to decide whether you should go for it or not.

Are you working with an Aquarius man who you are super attracted to but are unsure if you should bother trying to date him or if you should leave him alone? If you’re in love with an Aquarius coworker, here is some interesting information that may help you decide whether you should go for it or not.

Should You Approach Him?

Aquarius men are typically focused on their work. However, if he’s single, he always has his eye out for the right woman. Unless he’s afraid of implications at work, he probably won’t mind.

If you really like this guy and would really like to get to know him better; be low key about it. The last thing you want is for everyone else to know what is going on. It’s best to keep it to yourself and only share it with him.

Observe how he is at work and if you can tell or if you know he’s single, there is no harm in letting on to him that you’re interested. You’ll need to learn to flirt discreetly.

In other words, when no one else is around, you can tell him something like “I love your outfit, you look great today”. Things that are nonsexual will be best as taking a risk for sexual harassment isn’t worth it for anyone.

Be careful and be sneaky. If anyone gets wind of your desire for your Aquarius co-worker or even boss, it could be your downfall in the company. Take it easy and be very cautious.

Try flirting first and see where that takes you. This lets him know you’re into him or would like to get to know him better. Perhaps if you make cookies or candy, you can bring him his own small container of it as a gift.

Be creative and interesting. He’ll likely be responsive unless he’s not really single of course. Watch for the signs and you may yet be able to capture this guy’s attention.

Maintain Professionalism

Coworkers talking and smiling

Just as you want to keep it on the down low, if you successfully get to date this guy, you’ll need to keep it professional. Don’t let your personal business take over at your job.

Be sure that work is work and play is play. Never cross the lines in between. Your Aquarius guy will actually appreciate this because he himself likes to keep things a little more private. You’ll also want to think about what could happen going forward.

Think about things such as what happens if you date him and things don’t go as planned. Can you still work with him? Perhaps he turns out to be a huge disappointment and it hurts you to see him around.

These are all things to consider when you’re thinking of dating a co-worker or boss. Aquarius men can be cold and callous when things don’t work out and it could be uncomfortable to be around him professionally.

On the other hand, things could go very well and it may be harder to keep your relationship low key. Whatever happens, you’ll need to plan what your reaction will be no matter which direction it happens to go in.

Your career is something you work hard for and the Aquarius guy may not be worth the sacrifice. On the other hand, he could end up being your future husband so it may be well worth the risk. You decide!

Watch Yourself Outside of Work

If you are on social media networking and so are your co-workers, you’ll want to make sure no one knows you’re seeing the sexy Aquarius guy from work. The last thing you need are rumors or the boss finding out.

Aquarius men don’t like to broadcast their romantic life either so it’s a good idea to not post anything about him for that reason. You can post about a guy you’re seeing but don’t mention who or mention too many details.

As long as you keep things hush, things could go very well with your Aquarius crush. This can be linked with watching what lines you cross if you should decide to date a co-worker or boss.

Keep your private life private at all costs, especially if you are dating an Aquarius guy from your work. Keep it quiet and classy. It may be a bit of an extra turn on to buy knowing what you’re going to do with him after work.

He will be turned on knowing what he is going to do with you even though no one else at work knows a thing. It’s exciting and fresh.

Show Him What You’ve Got

Woman flirting with her coworker

If you’re working with an Aquarius man that you’re into, show him how professional you are and how amazing you are at your job. He wants to see strength and independence.

You don’t want to ignore him at work but you don’t want to pour it on too thick either. Find a nice balance where you can flirt with him but without any real serious ties.

Seeing your ability to do what needs to get done, flirt with him, and maintain a cool demeanor will for sure make you mysterious. So it IS possible to have something more with an Aquarius man at work.

You just have to make sure you know facts before presenting him with your curiosity. Make sure he’s not married or in a relationship. You don’t want things to backfire on you nor do you want to ruin your standing at work.

Working with him should allow you access to other co-workers who may know things about him. Be careful like a private detective but be discreet so that no one figures out who you’re crushing on.

This could be a very good relationship that develops or it could go very badly. Just weigh the pros and cons of whether or not it’s worth the risk with your career choices for the future.


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