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4 Positive Traits of The Aquarius Man

Are you finding yourself interested in an Aquarius man and wondering what his best qualities are? Here are some helpful pointers to determine the positive traits of an Aquarius man.

1. Brainy Intellectual

Aquarius men are very smart. They are problem solvers and are very reliable when you need some excellent advice. They’re often business owners or are consultants for others.

Not only can he be an amazing business partner but as a love partner or husband; he’s great with balancing the checkbook, keeping the accounting pristine, and making sure bills are all taken care of.

That doesn’t by any means mean that he’s willing to support you fully. He does still want an equal partner. It doesn’t mean you need to make as much money as he does but he does expect you to still do something with your life.

As long as you’re passionate about what you’re doing and flexing your own independence; he will be happy to support your cause. He’s of the old school of thought “I will help those that help themselves”.

Part of this is that he is fiercely independent and prefers to have a partner who is similar or the same. It’s easier for him to operate with someone like-minded at his side.

If you have any problems that need deep thinking or quick wit; this is the right man to help you. He likely is well schooled and knows what to say and/or do about your issue.

2. Humanitarian Edge

Giving a helping hand - positive traits of the aquarius man

The Aquarius man is typically the type to stand up for people who cannot stand up for themselves. You may find him in a soup kitchen or doing things that will help improve the quality of life for handicapped or elderly.

He’s the guy that you see rescuing animals or running organizations that help animals get fed, get medical care, and possibly homes. This is what it means to be a true humanitarian.

This man does not like to see suffering and he was born with the gift of intelligence so this is just yet another problem that he seeks answers to solve. He will go out of his way for what his passion is.

He may start a business that will offer donations at a percentage in order to help his favorite cause. Whatever it is, he’s on top of it and will do what he can to help as many as he can.

Being a natural leader; this guy can convince the world to do better and help as many people as they can as well. If you’re looking for a guy that can lead a crusade, this is the one to do it.

If you’re a woman looking for help with your animal shelter, he will be happy to figure out ways that will get you the funding you need. This will no doubt be quite a turn on for you.

Knowing that this guy has a soft gooey center will make you fall in love with him quite easily. What’s not to love? This is when you see his inner self shining brightly.

3. Loyalty for Love

I’m sure you’ve read that Aquarius takes his time in committing. It’s not that he’s so much afraid of it more than he is cautious. Some people make snide remarks that he’s a commitment-phobe.

The truth is, he isn’t really afraid, he’s just careful to make sure that he commits to the right person. He’d rather use his time productively and finding the right person to settle down with.

He may play a lot in the meantime but ultimately he doesn’t want to give up his personal freedom to someone he knows in his gut isn’t the right person for him. So this could make him at times, seem cold or afraid.

The Aquarius man knows what he wants and he won’t settle for less. Once he finds it and he’s REALLY ready to commit, he will be loyal to his lady love. What you need to understand is that loyalty only comes when he commits.

Some women expect him to be loyal while dating casually but his brain doesn’t function that way. He sees everything as open until he’s ready to plant his flag and say “this relationship is solid”.

If you’re newly dating; you had better make it clear that you aren’t interested in being friends with benefits nor are you ok with seeing other people. If you don’t, don’t get angry with him when you find out you’re not the only one.

Again, once he fully commits; he will let you know. At that point; you can expect and rely on him to be loyal to you. He will support your causes, your passion, and your desire to do whatever it is you dream of.

4. Self Sufficient

Attractive young stylish businessman talking on the mobile phone outdoors at the cafe - positive traits of the aquarius man

It’s not likely to meet an Aquarius man who is looking for a sugar mama. He isn’t interested in trying to find a woman to support him financially. He relies on himself and will work hard to make it happen.

He can also spend great amounts of time on his own. This could seem like a downside as you want him to miss you. However; if you also are someone that treasures some personal freedom; this may be a relief to you.

The Aquarius man isn’t the type that wants to be glued to his woman at all times. He wants to be able to have time to himself and/or with his friends without you being around.

He may love you deeply but he also loves to do his own thing. As long as there is trust then this should be a non-issue. Enjoy your own time alone or with your friends when he’s doing his thing.

You’ll both be happier and healthier as a result of time apart. Remember that you cannot miss each other if you’re together all the time. Aquarius will not do well with someone who needs him constantly.

He’s loving and romantic but only with a woman who will stand on her own two feet and be just as independent as he is.


Do you have anything else to add to these positive traits of the Aquarius man? Let me know!

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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