Sex With Aquarius Man: You Can't Even Imagine How Great It Can Be

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Sex With Aquarius Man: You Can’t Even Imagine How Great It Can Be

Are you dating an Aquarius man or talking to one but haven’t been intimate with him yet? Perhaps you’re just crushing on a sexy Aquarius guy but not sure what sex with Aquarius man is like. Keep reading for some juicy information.

Mental Turn On’s

One thing you need to know is that Aquarius man is very cerebral. That means that he wants to be stimulated via his brain. If you can interest him there, you can interest him elsewhere.

It’s a good thing to make conversation with him that is witty and intelligent. Show him your originality, show him your zest for life, and show him that you’re not someone who is easy.

He doesn’t typically like easy women. What I mean by this is, he wants a woman who will have standards and make him wait to dive into the bed with her. He wants something to work for and look forward to.

I’m not saying an Aquarius man won’t have an occasional fling but he tends to go for women who are independent, strong, and are adventurous much like him. He adores being with a woman who is much like himself. It is important for an Aquarius man to have sex.

Throwing yourself physically typically will not work with him unless you’ve been talking to him for a good long time. Sometimes even then it may turn him off. You’ve got to find that “connection” with him.

Even when he’s ready for a fling, he’ll at least want to treat the night as though you’ve always known each other and that it’s very special. It may not resonate the next day or he may ask to be friends with benefits. However, that night will be hot.

He is one that wants to connect on a very deep level rather than just dive in and hop out. He wants to take his time, he wants it to be passionate, sexy, and lots of foreplay.

If you really dig hot and heavy foreplay, this is a good match for you. He’s one that will make out with you for hours on end. You’ll have to show him that you’re someone he can have a connection with first, however.

Creativity with Romance

I’ve written other articles about things you can do to seduce the Aquarius man, what his erogenous zones are, and how you can basically get him hot and heavy for you.

The Aquarius man wants to be romanced by a woman. He loves being physical but he also wants to feel as though it has meaning for the two of you. Romance is a good way of showing him you like him and want him.

Remember, you cannot go at him and just expect he’s going to give in to you. He isn’t interested in this type of woman. He wants a woman who has a head on her shoulders, has goals, has dreams, is passionate about life, and who wants to share adventures.

It’s a great idea to stimulate his brain as much as you can before trying to get physical with him. This will open up possibilities with him that you never would have known otherwise.

If by some chance you tumble into bed with an Aquarius man without having many talks or getting to know one another, you’ll find it’s unsatisfying and you’ll probably not want to get with him again.

The reason for this is, if his mind isn’t in it, he’s not giving you his best performance. He will save that for the woman that captures his heart, mind, and soul all in one swoop.

It’s hard to cultivate this type of relationship with him as he’s one that appreciates his free time greatly and won’t give in to anyone until he’s sure that they’re someone he can see a future with.

Freedom with Care

Aquarius men can be so very passionate and romantic in between the sheets or out of them really. They are kinky to the point of loving having sex in places that would otherwise be shocking to others.

He has no qualms with having sex in public, in the outdoors, or somewhere else that is equally as risky. Remember that he’s an adventurous type of guy. That means he likes to engage in intimacy that will shake things up.

If you’re the type of woman that will not mind coming up with new techniques, places, or positions then you’ve probably found a great match for intimacy. Just keep in mind that you have to connect with him at the mind level.

This is the type of guy that is passionate about freedom. He won’t sacrifice his own until he meets someone that he feels deserves his attention and he can see himself possibly building a bond for the future.

That being said, you have to come into it with the knowledge of the Aquarius man being free. Until he feels 100% comfortable with you and sure that he wants a relationship, he’s going to act hot and cold.


Sex with Aquarius Man may either be steamy or it may lackluster. It depends on the level of the relationship you have with him. It takes Aquarius a great deal of time to decide if he wants a commitment or not.

He will not be rushed or pushed. If he gets that feeling, he will bail out or ghost you. If you want to have a hot piece of Aquarius man, you’ve got to play by his rules or you can forget it.

While Aquarius man makes sex quite memorable with the right woman, he could also make it seem not that great with someone he doesn’t feel is going to stay in his life much longer.

If you happen to find an Aquarius man who does want to settle down and you find out that it’s with you, then you’re in for a heck of a ride in the intimacy department. He’ll be your dream come true and your fantasy that comes to life.

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

4 thoughts on “Sex With Aquarius Man: You Can’t Even Imagine How Great It Can Be

  1. Anna this is a personal question, I’ve been seeing my aquaries man sense September 17th 2020 when I met him he engaged in oral sex now he doesn’t participate in it at all can u explain why I really like him, he says he likes me to but, it’s ironic

    1. Hi Valarie!

      Hmm that sounds like something he did to get your attention but now has gotten lazy about it. Either that or he didn’t like the experience and doesn’t want to do again. I would personally ask him what he thinks of it and if he wants to do it again. You’ll find out then what his deal is. Learn more about Aquarius man by reading my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  2. Wow…my Aquarius man rocks my world… I have never experienced anything like it…he is like an energizer bunny…but he does play hot and cold …gets close than backs off leaving me confused and wondering what I did wrong…been like this for 3 years…I don’t push and give him space but sometimes I wonder what it will take

    1. Hi KF,

      Hot and cold is normal for Aquarius guys it seems. They get temperamental, focused, and want time to themselves. All par for the course really. I have some amazing tips that just might help you out sweetheart. Check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”! Might be what you’re looking for.

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