When An Aquarius Man Stares Into My Eyes — What Does It Mean?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you interested in knowing what it means when an Aquarius man stares into your eyes? Here are some interesting things you should know. Maybe he’s feeling more for you...

“What does it mean when an Aquarius man stares into my eyes?” is a question I often get from my clients. Does it mean that he likes you and wants to get to know you better? Or is it something else? Aquarius men are never what you expect, that is for sure.

Aquarius men are elusive, aloof, detached, cool, and quite confusing. Just the magic recipe to make any woman weak in the knees. But how do Aquarius men express love, exactly? And why is he so difficult to catch?

An Aquarius man eye contact can be really intense, especially if he isn’t revealing what it is he is feeling toward you. This can leave you questioning things, and can even make you feel a little insecure if you don’t understand what is going on.

So are you experiencing an Aquarius man staring at you and are unsure of what this could possibly mean? Then you have definitely come to the right place.

Keep on reading to find out more about what it means when an Aquarius man stares at you:

What Does It Mean When An Aquarius Man Stares At You?

I think it should be fairly obvious as to what it means when an Aquarius man stares into your eyes. He is obviously taken by you and quite interested and intrigued by who you are as a person. It means that he is trying to suss you out. 

Aquarius men become fairly serious when they finally start to fall in love. In the dating phase, he’s a joker and tends not to commit. He likes to take things slowly to make sure that he’s with the right person.

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You see, Aquarius men love their freedom and won’t give it up very easily. So they will take their time to make darned sure they’re with someone who will not tie them down.

When an Aquarius man stares at you, you’ll be able to SEE how he feels about you quite easily. It’s a different look than he normally has when he’s just out on a date.

An Aquarius man eye contact when interested in you is longing, wanting, and loving. This isn’t to be confused with lusty looks, as those would be called bedroom eyes. This look is something that only someone in love can portray. Aquarius is no different.

Why Do Aquarius Men Stare? 4 Most Common Reasons

He Is Interested In You Romantically

An Aquarius man staring at you might be trying to get your attention or admiring you from afar. This man will want to truly get to know you inside and out if he’s falling for you. This is a clear sign that your Aquarius man is attracted to you.

He will still want you to keep a little mystery for him to unravel over time, but for the most part, if he’s in love with you, he wants to KNOW you. Not on a surface level but a deep one.

His penetrative stare is used to show the strong interest and attraction he has for you. So don’t be uncomfortable with that level of intensity.

Once the Aquarius man commits to the one he loves, he will sacrifice some of his sacred free time. That means more time with you and less time by himself or with friends.

He Is Intrigued And Curious About You

An Aquarius man can stare at you out of curiosity. He might find something intriguing or unusual about you that will catch his attention. It could be your appearance, your behavior, or anything else that provokes such an unconscious reaction.

Oftentimes, an Aquarius man stares at you without a smile, so he is soaking in your mind, trying to learn as much as possible about you. Things he notices are beyond physical.

Aquarius men are dreamers with vision; they are not noticing just your beauty but also other traits you have that don’t meet the eye.

His gaze may pierce through you and even leave you feeling exposed and vulnerable. It is quite a powerful gaze that may convey various emotions depending on your state of mind. One thing is certain: this is not the same as when an Aquarius man stalks you. This is deep and profound.

He Is Interested In Your Ideas

It is not easy to get an Aquarius man’s attention. Maybe you said something that occupied his attention. Anything unusual, out of the ordinary, or atypical

Aside from talking about the things that your Aquarius is passionate about, he’ll start to have an interest in what you are passionate about in life. He will start to weigh your opinions on his decisions as well.

Suddenly, what you think about things matters. Intellectual things. Before, he was so independent, and it wasn’t as crucial to him. Now that he’s gotten to know you more and is in love with you, he wants to know how you feel.

This man will want to truly get to know you inside and out if he’s falling for you. This is a sign that things are changing and growing for him and for you both.

He Begs For Your Attention

Their deepest thoughts are for their mind only, but if they care about you and want to get close to you, they will share their innermost thoughts with you. This puts everything on the line in their eyes.

When he starts asking you personal questions or questions that will let him see who you really are, he will stare at you with such curiosity that the best option would be to provide a straightforward answer.

Aquarians love to gain knowledge about the people they’re surrounded by, but if he asks these questions while it’s just you two in a room, you know he’s smitten.

This is an indicator of how much he wants you. If he’s willing to look at you personally and ask you, you have to understand that your Aquarius man wants your attention.

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When An Aquarius Man Stares Deeply Into My Eyes — Does That Mean He Is In Love?

Now, this point is a serious indicator that an Aquarius man wants to be more than friends with you! Staring deeply into your eyes is huge! This is because Aquarius is a very private person and he holds back a part of himself so that very few people see his whole self.

When an Aquarius man stares into your eyes, he exposes himself to you and this means he is in love with you. The Aquarius man will not only confide in you, but he will also make you the first person he goes to.

Once an Aquarius man finds himself in love with his partner, he’ll become a whole lot more interested in who this person is at the most profound inner core. An Aquarius man in love will text you often and will engage in important and significant conversations.

He will want to really get to know you, so he will ask you a lot of questions. He wants to know what he can look forward to with you, such as how your life has been, who you are, and what your family is like. 

What Does It Mean When An Aquarius Man Avoids Eye Contact?

A logical and drama-free vibe will make an Aquarius open-minded and willing to figure things out with you. Anything that includes an overly emotional expression of your feelings is going to avoid him looking you in the eyes.

But some Aquarius men can be quite cold and detached; say he is meeting you and being standoffish, distant, and maybe a bit rude. Do you get the sense that your Aquarius man is ignoring you on purpose?

He could be shy, nervous, or not interested in you. He could feel uncomfortable in your presence or simply want to signal his disengagement.

Aquarius men seek partners with quick wits that can make them laugh. They are wacky and love to laugh. A partner they are looking for will also see humor and absurdity in almost every situation.

A partner who doesn’t smile and has emotional outbursts will soon feel that the famous Aqarius man gaze is missing, and they will know that they’ve lost his interest.

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Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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4 thoughts on “When An Aquarius Man Stares Into My Eyes — What Does It Mean?

  1. i m in love with a married aquarius man. we were in relationship 7 yrs back & during this time he got married. now we have met & have fallen again. we are having a complete relationship but he says he only likes me now. what do i understand by this?

    1. Hi sana!

      He’s prioritizing his wife. The thing is, he’s not exactly treating her right if he’s cheating on her. He’s trying to break away from you in attempt to see if he can repair his marriage. This is what happens when they make that choice and start to take some action. If I were you, I’d be really careful so you don’t get really hurt sweetheart. Aquarius men aren’t nice when they call it quits. I wish you all the very best because you deserve it!

  2. My Aqua guy likes me a lot or maybe it’s more but the thing is that after being traumatized by consecutive relationships, he promised himself that he would not fall in love with anyone or marry. Many times he told me because of his promise he can’t be with me

    1. Hi Rebecca!

      Ugh.. sorry to hear that. He has far too much baggage and until he gets over that and let’s it go, he’s not going to be a quality match for anyone sweetheart. You probably want to continue your search sweetheart. Check out my blog for more useful information for YOU. Wishing you all the best!

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