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Aquarius Man Negative Characteristics – Don’t Miss These Red Flags

Everyone wishes that each guy had a warning label. Well, I can help you when it comes to the male zodiac signs. The following is a list of Aquarius man negative characteristics. These are red flags to watch out for and save yourself some trouble.

Selfish and Stubborn

This is one of the Aquarius man negative characteristics is that he is a bit confusing. He believes in helping people who are in need. However, when it comes to his personal life, he’s a bit different.

When he’s in love and committed, he will give the shirt off his back to his woman. However, when he wants it back, he’ll demand she finds another to replace it. He has some very selfish qualities that make him seem cold or callous.

He’s very set in his ways, and it’s hard to change his mind about anything. He wants it the way he wants it, and that’s that. You can intellectualize and get through to him on a diplomatic level, but it still may not change his mind.

You pretty much have to prove to him when he’s wrong or when something you propose is the right thing to do. Him not seeing both sides of the coin makes him one-sided and blind to important issues sometimes.

He thinks that what he knows is the right thing. He will be successful in debating because he knows exactly what to say to win. He’s a proficient arguer too. You’ll have a tough time earning any match with him.

Though he will donate to charities or give of his time to help humanity, he’ll be very thoughtless and cold toward his partner at times. Then he’ll wonder why she’s reacting with such fury or emotion. He doesn’t get it.

Won’t Settle

Aquarius Man in Love Negative Characteristics

It may sound like a good thing that an Aquarius man won’t settle for just anyone. The problem that happens is that he also will not pay for the potential partner’s inadequacies either.

What I mean by this is he’s particular in what he wants and what he doesn’t want. He will expect the prospective partner to change and be molded by what it is that he’s looking for.

One of the Aquarius man negative characteristics is that he will not change. He has this attitude of “it’s my way or no way.” This isn’t one that works well for a budding romance. He won’t come off that way in the beginning, but as time goes on, he will start changing.

When you start noticing that he gets picky about what you’re wearing, how you talk, or any of your other habits, you should pay attention. He may be tearing you down to see if you’re the right one.

This is not a fun process, but honestly, he already knows what he will or will not accept in a partner. This guy doesn’t give much wiggle room. You’re either in, or you’re not. His way prevails, or you will have to exit through the door on the left.

Random Disappearances

Aquarius men are known for suddenly up and disappearing. They either are not secure in the relationship, they feel pressured or tied down, or they feel they need time to themselves.

Instead of explaining what their need is, they stop responding to calls, texts, etc. They may also physically take off somewhere to be alone. Aquarius men are big on having time to themselves; therefore, they’ll take it if they haven’t in a while.

It’s probably better to have some agreement with him to where he can have time to himself, thus not feeling the need to disappear randomly. If this happens to you, though, it could be one of a few things.

Either he’s thinking it’s not working for him anymore, he desires freedom, he needs to think everything over and figure out if the relationship is what he wants, or he’s dealing with personal issues he doesn’t want to discuss.

Any which way you put it, this will not be a pleasant experience for an unsuspecting woman who had no idea that he would do something like this. Don’t panic. There is a reason he’s doing this, but you have every right to be upset.

This is one of those character flaws that an Aquarius man has due to his everlasting love for personal freedom. He requires a partner who knows he needs it and is willing to give it to him.

Detaching Feelings

Aquarius Man in Love Negative Characteristics

Just like the Aquarius man can pull a disappearing act, he can also pull back his feelings and detach. This means he could still be sitting in the same room but isn’t really “there.”

This is his way of obtaining some form of freedom even if he’s physically still present. He’ll often try to do it this way before he’ll up and take off. He’s trying to work it out in his head.

He won’t listen to you, he’ll tune you out, and he’ll probably blow you off by watching television, playing with his cell phone, or gaming. He’ll find some way that he can be himself and not have to interact with you.

Again, this could be for various reasons. It’s always a trick to figure out what exactly is bothering him and why he feels the need to tune out and be apart from the woman he supposedly likes or even loves.

Aquarius men are difficult, and if you see any of these red flags, it’s important that you decide whether you’re in this and you’ll be patient with him or he’s not someone you wish to continue with.


If you stay, you’ll need to empathize with his need for having lots and lots of time to himself. This means you may feel lonely. Of course, you could always find fun things to do with your friends or family when he has alone time.

There are solutions if you’re willing to look and understand. If you dig him, hang in there. Otherwise, keep your search on.

Aquarius man negative characteristics, – what are your thoughts?

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