Is An Aquarius Man A Good Husband? Does He Want Marriage?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you dating an Aquarius and wondering if you can settle down with him? Perhaps you’ll tie the knot with one. Is an Aquarius man a good husband?

Are you dating an Aquarius man and wondering if he’s someone you could really settle down with for the long term? Perhaps you’re about to tie the knot with one. So, can an Aquarius man be a good husband? Read on to find out.

Does Aquarius Want To Marry?

Aquarius man is still a man. There isn’t any other sign that does or doesn’t want to get married. Each individual will decide for themselves what they want. Aquarius isn’t any different.

They may take forever and a day to form a long-lasting relationship but that doesn’t mean that they never want to get married. They aren’t trying to make it happen but rather keeping an eye on the present thus allowing life to bring what it will.

If life brings him a lady love that he finds something special and can see himself marrying her; then, by all means, he’ll go out of his way to start working at being what he has to in order to have a life with this amazing woman.

I say amazing woman because that’s what he’s looking for. He wants the woman that can be his best friend, his partner, his love, and his possible future wife. Yes, he does think about these things.

He just has to be sure that whomever he gives his attention and time to is going to be the one that will provide stability in his life. He doesn’t want someone who will fight with him constantly or give him a hard time.

Given what he’s looking for, if he finds her, he will consider marriage. The short answer to the question is “Yes, of course!” He’s just like any other man and when he finds the woman who best matches him; he will want to marry her.

What is he like as a husband?

Married couple in love

Once an Aquarius man has actually gone through the bonding process and finally decides to settle down, he will make an excellent husband. He will be there for you when you’ve had a bad day.

Aquarius will nurture you when you’re not feeling well. He’ll also make sure that you’re well taken care of with any need you may have. He’s an excellent caretaker. Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t looking for a needy woman.

If you’re looking for a man that will allow you to be a lazy sofa person; you may be out of luck. He will still want a partner/wife that will strive to continue doing her own thing and working her own career.

He will never lose the desire to have an independent partner. It’s kind of like when a parent says “I will only help you if you help yourself”; this is how the Aquarius operates.

He will likely want to raise his children with the same values. He’ll want them to work hard, earn their keep, and learn to be independent for when they are adults in the future.

The Aquarius man may not be the doting type but he shows romance in his own way. He has committed himself as a husband so he will also be loyal to you and give you no reason to suspect him.

He’s also going, to be honest with you. By this time he’ll have already taken the time to bond with you and ensure that you’re the one. It also means truth is the only language he speaks.

Sometimes he’ll even say things that you may not necessarily want to hear. Just be prepared for the floodgates of communication once you marry your Aquarius guy.

There are still times where he may seem detached or aloof as that is part of his character. However, he’ll be more open and friendly with you as his wife. So he does make an amazing husband.

Potential Issues

The Aquarius man can sometimes have a nasty temper. While he’s open to tell you what he thinks or feels once he commits; he’s also then prone to say hurtful things.

He may tell you things that he finds truthful but aren’t what you wanted to know. So if you ask him “does this make my butt look big?”… he may reply with “yes, you should wear something else”.

You wanted the truth but not really. He told you but now your feelings are hurt. So just be sure that whatever you ask your Aquarius man, you’ve thought about it first and are willing to take whatever he says.

If you’re a strong woman, you perhaps won’t take offense. Understand that he’s not purposefully trying to hurt you. Of course, if you are arguing then yes; he’s doing it to poke at you.

Aquarius is known for telling the truth when you ask them things. Once he opens up to his potential wife; he will sometimes offer things up without having been asked. This could become a problem.

Be sure that you always stand your ground with him. He’ll respect you more. If he has something unwarranted; tell him he can stick it and why. He’ll probably be angry but once he cools down; he’ll be happy you didn’t take his crap.

Let Freedom Ring!

Married couple in love

While your Aquarius man can make a wonderful husband, he’ll still need that personal freedom he needed before he married you. That will not change. Be careful and don’t try to clip his wings.

Allow him to still have some time to himself to do his own thing and you should have success in the marriage with him. Though there are other things you may want to consider.

It may help you to figure out whether or not the Aquarius man is someone you really want to settle down with for the rest of your days. If you do, you may be pleasantly surprised!


Is an Aquarius man a good husband? What’s he like?

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