Why Would An Aquarius Man Ignore You - Things You Should Know
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Why Would An Aquarius Man Ignore You?

Do you find yourself interested in an Aquarius man who seems to be ignoring you? Here is some useful information to help you figure out why he would be lacking in the attention department toward you.

1. He is unaware

If the Aquarius man you’re interested in doesn’t know you like him; he’ll simply just blow you off in ignorance. He isn’t the most astute men even if he is highly intellectual.

He’s the type of guy that is literal. Unless he knows you like him or find him interesting; he’ll simply ignore you because he doesn’t know any better. This is that typical “duh” thing that many men experience.

This isn’t just the Aquarius man either! Many men of various signs just “don’t see it” when a woman is into them. So he’s not the only one that may be ignorant to what is going on around him.

That being said, this is one reason why he may not be paying attention to you. Just the lack of knowledge that you may be into him isn’t there for him so he simply doesn’t pay attention.

To get him to notice you or pay attention; you’ll need to do something to get his attention as if to say “hello! I’m here”.  Once he does notice you; you can then use some other tactics to let him know you’re interested.

2. He’s really mad

Young couple in quarrel at home - Why would an Aquarius Man ignore you

If you are already dating an Aquarius man and he’s ignoring you; there is that possibility that you did something that crossed a line for him and so in retribution he’s giving you the silent treatment.

Often times an Aquarius man has to get his thoughts together before he’ll sit and discuss it with you. If you’ve just had a big blow up, argument, or he’s found out something you’ve done and is now pissed off; that’s why he’s ignoring you.

While the Aquarius man can sometimes spew things that are angry and mean; he doesn’t always mean it at the time. So if he can possibly help it; he’d rather go spend time alone and figure it out for himself then come back to it.

If he doesn’t come back then he’s resolved that you were definitely in the wrong and he is correct in his assessment that he should move on. In that case, you may not ever hear from him again.

It truly will depend on what happened between the two of you prior to him not paying attention to you anymore. Only you could possibly know what you may have done to make him that angry.

3. He’s just not into you

Most Aquarius men will just come out and tell you if they’re not interested in you and for what reason. However; there are some that will not have the gumption to approach you and tell you.

Feeling that you are too fragile or emotional; could cause him to avoid trying to talk to you about his feelings or that he wants out. This would cause him to shut down and walk away completely without telling you anything.

It really depends on the individual in how he handles this situation. Some handle it with ease and some just get squeamish. Their moon sign or ascendant sign may play a role in how they feel about letting someone down easy.

Some will just cut you off completely and you’ll never see or hear them ever again. If they live across town; then it’s easy for them to disappear. Some may even move away and not tell you.

4. He’s really busy

Stressed Man Working At Desk In Busy Creative Office - Why would an Aquarius Man ignore you

Aquarius men are all about achieving their success in their career. If not a career, they’re working hard at trying to build their future empire. Some will have one job that they work overtime at and some have multiple jobs.

Depending on their circumstances; they want to be sure that they will have plenty of money to live their dreams and retire on. This is a big priority for them. They may sadly sometimes not keep in touch like they should.

Sometimes they blow off phone calls and texts. They mean to call you back or text you back but they just totally forget in their busy lives. In other words; he may not be blowing you off on purpose.

If he’s busy working on a project or on doing a bunch of overtime; you may want to cut him some slack. It could be a temporary thing. However; if he does this often; you may want to sit down and talk to him.

Working as hard as doing constant overtime; he may be trying to pay off a debt, build up a nest egg, or a variety of other things. It may be a good idea for you to know why he’s doing it.

Doing it for a positive purpose may benefit you later on as well if you stick it out with him. Besides; if you’re with him; he’s likely expecting you to be the same way with your time.

Most Aquarius men want a woman who can match them and be just as driven as they are. They don’t like to settle for women who have no drive and are totally ok with a boring life without money.

He’s always striving for more and wants a partner who will also feel this way. It gives him security and makes him feel as though they’re both working toward something instead of just existing.

Just existing isn’t’ acceptable to an Aquarius man. If you’ve been doing lots of laying around watching TV; he may be starting to change his mind about you. If you want to know why he’s acting the way he is; look at your own behavior.

Are you lining up with his goals? Does he know you like him? Did you make him angry? Is he really super busy and just forgetful? These are the questions you need to ask.

If you can answer yourself honestly; you’ll get the answer you truly need.

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