Seducing An Aquarius Man With Words - 5 Hot Tips

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Seducing An Aquarius Man With Words – 5 Hot Tips

Is your mind stuck with an Aquarius man and wondering what you can say to him that will wrap him around your finger? Here are a few things that could help you in seducing an Aquarius man with words (and keeping him).

1. Stability and Serenity

These two words are what can help you in seducing an Aquarius man and captivate his interest. When you talk to him, you want to give off a vibe that you are calm, collected, independent, and can stand on your own two feet.

Be eloquent and use proper dialect. Most Aquarius men are intellectual and will appreciate a woman who can speak with divine inspiration. This means he may not be the type of guy who will like street lingo.

What I mean by this is using words like “baby” instead of “bae”. Maybe later on after you’ve established a stable relationship with him, he may let it slide and jokingly get in on it.

However, if you’re seriously trying to land an Aquarius man, he’ll want you to talk as proper as you possibly can. Not saying you have to be a stiff shirt and not let your hair down. Just do your best to tone down the teen lingo.

He loves women that are educated and are trying to become more than they already are. Even if you’re already successful, it will appeal to him that you want to continue to improve.

Again, this man wants to see that you’re stable in your life and also not the type to rouse drama. Being calm and collected when you talk to him is very important. He doesn’t like gossip or drama.

2. Your Own Individuality

Confident woman

This guy wants to see who you really are. He won’t want to know everything up front though so try to let too much of yourself get revealed. He wants to unwrap things about you over time.

If he finds interest in you, he will ask you questions. Just be yourself as much as you can when you answer. Act natural! Be natural! He will appreciate seeing your authentic self.

By talking to him as yourself about yourself, you’ll impress him more than trying to be something you’re not. If you’re a bit quirky or off the wall, so be it. He appreciates people’s differences.

Your quirky behavior may be a turn on for him. You never know though unless you go ahead and be who you are in front of him. Tell him things that you like, the way you like to live, and what you’d like to have for your future.

3. Words of Wisdom

Since this man is very intelligent, he’ll appreciate your viewpoints on many topics of discussion. The more you mean to him, the more he’ll actually take your viewpoints seriously. This is a great way of seducing an Aquarius man.

If you get into a heated conversation about something like Politics or Religion, it will fuel him and excite him all at the same time. While he may not agree with what you say, he’ll appreciate that you have your own mind.

Once you become more to him than friends, he’ll start to dig into who you are at a deeper level so discussions like this will mean more to him than they did when you two were just strangers talking.

If you can find a topic that really gets him excited, you’ll see just how he can be when you’re talking about things he’s passionate about. He’ll probably get turned on in the process.

Be candid with him, he’ll appreciate this. The last thing he wants is a woman who doesn’t want to be herself and doesn’t speak her mind. He sees that is either being phony or being weak, neither of which are appealing to him.

4. Enthusiastic Inspiration


This man will be the type that will truly enjoy when you start talking about motivational situations. This means that if you’re a life coach or someone who likes to share inspirational quotes, he’ll love this.

He loves that you are positive and see life as something to be lived for all that it is. This will draw him in and he’ll likely want to be near you to learn more about who you may be.

Being enthusiastic about life will be something he’ll sense coming off you without you saying a word. However, if you do start talking about it, he’ll begin to tune in and be highly intrigued by what you have to say.

This is also a way of letting him know that life is something to be treasured. It will remind him of what he already knows which is uplifting. He will likely return the favor and say something to you just as uplifting or inspirational.

If you become a source of positive reinforcement for him, you two could have an amazing life together. You could also possibly have a business together if he’s willing to share his workspace.

5. Taking Care of Business

The Aquarius man wants to see that his potential partner is one that also means business. He’s very serious about his career and finding a way to always get ahead. He’ll appreciate the drive his woman has as well.

If he sees you as a slacker or someone who isn’t as driven, he may lose interested and fall by the wayside. Aquarius is notorious for just disappearing and never saying a word to anyone.

To keep this guy around you need to mean what you say and say what you mean. Make sure there is nothing left undone and that you’re always doing your best to make your life improve.

To an Aquarius, there is always room for improvement with hard work and willpower. That being said, he wants a partner that understands this and will be his equal.

It’s easier for him to maintain his course if his partner is maintaining hers at the same time. This means he has nothing to worry about and can relax being who he is in order to get things done. Aquarius is many things but lazy isn’t one of them.


Did you try seducing an Aquarius man with words? Let me know!

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

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