Does Walking Away From An Aquarius Man Actually Get Him Back?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Have you tried different things to get your Aquarius guy’s attention? What happens if you start ignoring an Aquarius man? Will that snap him out of it?

Walking away from an Aquarius man is often a topic my clients ask me about. These guys are elusive and it is difficult to read what they are thinking or get them to want you back. They are the masters of hot and cold, unfortunately.

But what would actually happen if you did the no contact rule with Aquarius man? Does it work is it one of those things that might backfire in your face? Well, I have come to realize that everything with an Aquarius man is quite unpredictable. 

You might think that ignoring an Aquarius man will get him right back to you, and yes, this can sometimes work, but sometimes it doesn’t either. You never know with an Aquarius man, and that is the problem.

Leaving an Aquarius man alone may actually be the best thing you can do for yourself, and yes, he may come back, but at least you have gotten away from his hot and cold behavior and can open up new doors and opportunities for yourself.

Are you thinking about leaving an Aquarius man alone? Then you have definitely come to the right place. Keep on reading to find out if walking away from an Aquarius man is the right thing for you to do!

Leaving An Aquarius Man Alone

When thinking about leaving an Aquarius man alone, many thoughts may pop up into your head. Like will he come back and does giving him space actually work? You’ve probably read all the Astrology articles that say that Aquarius men are very independent and need a lot of space.

And yes, this is very true, an Aquarius man needs a partner who can give him the freedom he so desperately desires. However, it is important to remember that Aquarius men actually struggle to form strong emotional connections with people. 

And if you give him space before he has connected with you on an emotional level, it could backfire for you as you are likely to never hear from him again. But most women who are in relationships with Aquarius men know that it is a good thing to leave him alone from time to time. This makes the relationship much stronger.

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Do Aquarius Men Like To Be Left Alone?

These guys love to be left alone as their space and freedom are very important to them. They get claustrophobic otherwise and feel like they need to run away when someone clings to them too tightly. 

No Contact Rule With An Aquarius Man — Does Walking Away From An Aquarius Man Actually Get Him Back?

Going no contact with an Aquarius man can be very helpful in making him yours again. He is the type of guy that is used to women chasing after him as he is the master of no contact and ghosting. 

So if you pull this on him he might find it very surprising and leave him feeling confused. This is good as I can guarantee that this guy has likely left a string of broken heart behind him because of his hot and cold tendencies. 

He is the type of man who wants all of his freedom and independence when it suits him, and the comfort of a relationship when it suits him as well. He can be a little inconsistent, but at least he is consistent in his inconsistency. 

Doing the opposite of what he expects from you may definitely intrigue him. You’ll stand out from other women in his life if you just keep your cool and be a little aloof. He won’t expect this. So try walking away from him and see what happens. 

This is a great way for you to practice restraint and patience, but also to keep your self respect in tact. Let him come to you and see what happens!

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What Happens When You Block An Aquarius Man — The Possible Outcomes Of Ignoring An Aquarius Man

He Doesn’t Care

When you walk away from an Aquarius man, you should do it with as much dignity and self-respect as possible. I don’t advise my ladies to block men as this just shows the guy how much of an affect he has on her. 

You may not realize it but by blocking him you are giving him power in his mind. If you want to walk away from him, you must do it silently. Just go quiet and ignore him for a while. Remember, Aquarius men hate drama, and he will view you blocking him as being quite dramatic. 

This makes him not care about it all and makes him group you into how he expects every woman to react to him. Stand out from the crowd by not showing him how much he affects you.

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He Becomes Intrigued

If you ignore an Aquarius man, you might actually drive him quite crazy because he is the one who is usually used to ignoring women. As soon as the Aquarius man gets the ick, he wants to run away and disappear. 

However, if you act elusive and cool yourself, he may become more intrigued because it is the thing he least expects from you. He thinks that you are going to chase him around and cling to him like no other. 

But actually, if you just step back, then it takes the pressure off both of you and makes him more willing to come to you in the first place. 

You Become Free To Pursue Other People

If you ignore an Aquarius man, you may actually come to the realization yourself that he isn’t the right guy for you as being with someone shouldn’t be so hard. This means you get the freedom to let go of him and pursue other people. 

This may not be what you actually want, but it may be what you come to learn you deserve. Getting some space from him will probably make you realize that you should be treated much better than you have been. 

This creates the space in your life for the Universe to bring you the perfect partner in your life. You can walk away and see new and exciting things develop in your life and soon you will forget this Aquarius man even existed in the first place. 

How To Walk Away From An Aquarius Man Effectively?

Get Some Space By Ignoring Him

The age-old tale is when you’re interested in someone is to flirt with them and then ignore them so that they come chasing you. With Aquarius, this CAN work depending on the guy himself.

If you’ve tried the being nice method and it’s not working well for you, perhaps if you tell him how you feel about him or the situation then wait several days without contact to see what he does.

In some cases, the guy realizes he really messed up and will start trying to chase you in order to get your adoration back into his world. Aquarius men like to test potential partners to see what they’re made of.

Showing him that you won’t take any guff shows him how strong and independent you really are. That in itself will be a huge turn on and so when you ignore him, he may come running back for some more.

If he’s been ignoring you, blowing you off, or breaking plans, it may be time to speak up and then leave him alone. He needs to realize what he truly did and that you won’t stand for it.

Again, it could be a test to see what you’re made of and if you’re willing to stand up for yourself or if you’re more of a doormat. Aquarius men do not like the doormat type of women. They have no respect for them.

Take Back Your Control

If you have decided to tangle with an Aquarius, you need to be fearless. Allowing him to have control over you or being nervous about how he may react will make you seem weak which isn’t what or who he wants.

He wants an independent woman who doesn’t need anyone but rather chooses her mate wisely. When you find he’s not treating you the way you know you deserve, time to ignore him a bit.

He will either want to know what happened and that you’re not trying to contact him all the time anymore OR he’ll realize what he did and then want to make up with you thus showing you the attention you want from him.

You cannot be afraid to stand up to him nor can you be afraid to tell him what is what. He may not like it but once he thinks about it, he’ll calm down and understand better who you are and what you won’t tolerate.

Aquarius actually is turned on and impressed by a woman who shows him no fear. He may be snippy with his lover but if she shows him the logic in what the truth is, he’ll be more receptive.

Sometimes walking away from an Aquarius man is the only way to get his attention and focus on the relationship. It shows him that you mean business and that he had a better step to it or keep stepping on out.

Be Open To It Not Working Out

There is always a risk in using this technique but hey; if you’ve tried everything else and it’s not working for you; this is a last-ditch effort. Go for it. Do it without fear and know that it may fail but then again, it could succeed.

It may not be an easy thing to pull off but sometimes the risks are worth the gain. If you decide it may be well worth it then go for it! Do it without fear and know that it may fail but then again, it could succeed.

This is a gamble you must be willing to make with Aquarius man. There is that slim chance that he won’t like it or think that you aren’t interested anymore so he ends up moving on.

However, there is an even bigger chance that he’ll really be curious about what brought on this behavior and will at that point, engage to find out from you directly why you’re treating him this way.

I’d say that the contact rule with an Aquarius man works more often than it doesn’t work. With that said, if you’ve tried everything else; this may be a good solution for you to try out. If all fails and he walks away; then he didn’t care enough about you in the first place.

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Stand Your Ground

Aquarius men can be difficult to deal with sometimes and when they are; walking away or ignoring them tends to wake them up to the reality of what is going on. Unless he really doesn’t give a flip about you; he’ll wonder what is going on.

It’s like a wake-up call for this guy. It’s like yanking his head out of the clouds and bringing him back to planet earth. An Aquarius man is good at ignoring other people’s needs but when he’s faced with a possible ending when he isn’t ready; he’ll respond.

You need to decide if this Aquarius guy is worth it to you or not.  If he is, you can certainly learn more about him thus allowing you to have the upper hand while ignoring an Aquarius man.

FAQ About Ignoring An Aquarius Man

What Does It Mean When An Aquarius Man Blocks You?

Well, it really depends on the situation. If you have been texting him or spamming him with messages then he probably feels quite overwhelmed by your constant contact and needs some space from you.

He may also want nothing to do with you and this is why he has blocked you. Aquarius men can be quite ruthless when they are done with someone so he is just putting all the measures in place to never hear from you again.

It simply means that he wants to move on without you in his life. This is definitely something you need to respect. 

Will An Aquarius Man Ignore You If He Likes You?

An Aquarius man isn’t really one to play games, especially not intentionally. But it is also important to remember that an Aquarius man needs a lot of freedom and independence. If it seems like he is ignoring you, he may just be busy. 

However, if an Aquarius man likes you he will put in the effort to contact you. He won’t purposely ignore you. If he is ignoring you then chances are he probably doesn’t really feel the same way about you.

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Will An Aquarius Man Miss You After No Contact?

The truth is, an Aquarius man has the tendency to move on quite quickly. He is the type of guy who doesn’t really allow himself to get super emotionally involved with just anyone so detaching is really easy for him. 

If the two of you had a very strong connection then yes, your Aquarius man will probably miss you. But if it was a very brief encounter with you, then he probably won’t miss you. If he reaches out to you again, then you have your answer but if you never hear from him again then you also have your answer. 

Does Your Aquarius Man Have An Avoidant Attachment Style?

Is your Aquarius man pulling away or getting quiet when you’ve just had a deep emotional connection? Does he seem to disappear just when you thought he was getting closer? Have you felt confused by his hot and cold behavior?

If so, then he might have an avoidant attachment style.

He could be Dismissive Avoidant and completely terrified of commitment… Or he could be Fearful Avoidant and REALLY want commitment… But get scared when he feels himself getting closer to you.

If he has either one of these attachment styles, you’re going to end up feeling extremely confused at times. And both are caused by childhood trauma.

When you can see the scared little boy inside him that had to shut down his feelings if he’s Dismissive Avoidant… Or have a parent not provide his needs consistently if he’s Fearful Avoidant…

It can make it easier to have empathy and compassion for his confusing and frustrating behavior. 

But that won’t fix it.

And while advice on attachment styles can be helpful…

You really need to understand him better to stop this frustrating hot and cold cycle.

Thankfully, there is a simple system to TRULY understand how he ticks based on his astrology <<

It will stop him from pulling back when you begin feeling closer. And it will accomplish this in only 30 days.

So no more crying yourself to sleep when an Aquarius man pulls back… No more feeling incredibly confused. And no more wondering what in the heck is going on with him… Even if he has an avoidant attachment style.

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14 thoughts on “Does Walking Away From An Aquarius Man Actually Get Him Back?

  1. Please suggest me what to do. I had a very difficult break with my Aquarius man. Actually i am muslim he is already married and he shares a disaster relation with his wife, he have two sons, he proposed me to be his second wife and i accepted, he loved me like crazy and madly, he is an arabic man and i am Pakistani, he promised me that he will come back to pakistan to marry me after talking to his family n his wife, but his wife created a huge mess and she put poison in food of his children, the children are safe but she continue threatening him and he gave up on me and he said he will not come back because he chose his kids. Its been 3 weeks now, he blocked me on whatsapp, insta , i blocked him back too, on facebook and whatsapp. Now i see he unblocked me on whatsapp and instagram where as i still keep him blocked on facebook n whatsapp. I gave him a very harsh response to his final decision because he made all the promises to me, and now because his wife is threatening him, he gave up on me.
    One thing i know for sure that he loves me madly, but his situation out there is very difficult , i dont think he can move on, thats why he unblocked me. Now i dont know what should i do? Should i keep him blocked? Or should i further make a block for him on instagram? There is only one window open where he can msg me through insta, i am thinking to block him from there too although i am dying inside to talk to him, but i already begged him alot not to leave me, but what happened in the end, he made a decision to chose his kids, and abandon me, now there is no room for me to show any desperation more because he was too serious with his final words, all i could do is not to beg anymore and i decided to leave and block him.

    Now he unblock me coz i know he is regretting, and he is not happy in his life and in his decision , should i unblock him? Or keep him

    1. Hi Sana!

      Until he is able to clear up the situation with his wife, I don’t see anything helping the two of you move forward together. As a Muslim, you know having an affair isn’t optimal and could cause great issues. His behavior also indicates that he’s not on the same level as you and doesn’t really deserve your goodness. If I were I would keep him blocked and move on honey. You need to find someone who will give you their all and make you their world. If you’d like to know more about Aquarius men, please check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  2. I blocked all the contacts. I just don’t like him being on and off to me. As a capricorn woman, I really hate inconsistency. Better way off than. But I hope he’s doing fine tho.

    1. Hi Abby!

      Good for you sweetheart. No one deserves to be treated like an option. You’re absolutely correct and I commend you for doing what is right for you. Everyone should do that but some don’t. You’re a better person for wishing him well. You’ll be just fine. The right one will come and treat you like their priority. All the best!

  3. I left mine after being on and off for three years. He would was filled with broken promises. Very inconsistent. I had blocked him before, but he always seemed to find me begging to take him back. I’m an Aries, so I was always fighting for the relationship. Once he detached again, I gave up and turned cold. I detached all emotions towards him and vowed to never be an option again.

    1. Hi Brooke!

      Sorry to hear you had a bad run with an Aquarius man. Aquarius definitely gives up before an Aries does. They’re the kind that don’t like something and throw their hands up. I totally understand why you gave up and went cold after all your efforts. You know what your heart needs and what it doesn’t need. That’s important. Blessings to you sweetheart!

  4. I know my aquarius man for one year. And a year it was! When he was with me I was so happy. Texted everyday always happy. 3 weeks ago he was jealous of me having an weekend away with an other friend. He got mad and we talked it out. So I hoped he would step up more….but instead we are not together with Christmas. He is going to friends in another country. And he refuses to ask me to come. So I told him I start dating again. He responded friendly, and now is silent. I just want him to step up more! They are so annoying ? I wanted to surprise him with Christmas. But i am scared too. Maybe he will get angry. Don’t know what to do anymore. I am really sad ?

    1. Hi Emmy!

      When you want them to do something then you need to tell them. They’re not the best at guessing what others want because their brains are already too busy with other things. You have to step up and tell him how you feel and that it hurt your feelings that he didn’t ask you to go with him. Next time you should really suggest that you come, by the way. Tell him you’re not dating anyone else because you want him only. You’ll see how he replies to you. Either he’ll ask you to come to him or he’ll tell you that you two can talk more about it after the holiday. Don’t sit back though or play with his head by telling him you’re dating someone else. Aquarius will just move on. Tell him!

  5. My Aquarius man is all talk no action then when I said he is a shit talker he played dumb, then when I explained to him how he says he misses me and wants to see me but Everytime I try and make plans he just ignores me or avoids the convo. It’s beyond ridiculous. But when I don’t write him he always ends up writing me. Calling me baby saying he misse me etc but won’t actually see me. Haha. I’m about to block him cos I just CBf waiting on him all the time I think it might be better just to block him. If he wants to reach out he can on IG.
    He says he is into me and not to take it personally, I’m a Virgo. It’s a hot hard. I have been patient cos I am very understanding but surely there is a limit! If I block him I supose if he likes me he will find a way to contact me, and if it pisses him if I supose i know where I stand.

    1. Hi Jessica!

      Yikes, your Aquarius guy sounds immature and unable to commit to what he says he will do. That’s very sad. You deserve so much better than that. You shouldn’t have to keep waiting for him. He’s flaky. Focus on yourself and doing what you love. When you’re not focused on him, he’ll come sniffing around. Tell him at that point you don’t like his behavior and you don’t like him flaking out on you. He’ll have to either grow up and be more responsible with making plans or he will have to let you go knowing that he’s failed. Stand strong girlfriend. I wish you all the luck of the stars!

  6. I had a good connection with an Aquarius men. We meet online and been talking for a while. He would call me, say he loves me and was sweet. Then all of a sudden he went on a trip and he started to get busy with he’s friend and family. I let him be. He would call me when he could and I didn’t mind that. All of a sudden I had a argument with he’s friend. This girl who’s was he’s bestie claimed that I flirted with her bf when I was being friendly and she threaten me to lie to my aquarius so he would leave me. I show him this but he seem to not care and was more upset claiming that I made trouble for hes friends. He promised to call and didn’t became silent and give me cold treatment for 2 days and I decided to block him.Later I felt bad and explain to him why I block him but he called me crazy for blocking and reaching to him somewhere else. He then block me. I just want to know if this is it or that he could come back as I apologise to him but I don’t want to keep any hopes up

    1. Dear Nami,
      If your Aquarius ex ghosts you (when he cuts you out of his life with no explanation), it’s a very clear sign that he really doesn’t want you back in his life.
      Aquarius is the kind of sign that can just switch off with no explanation, which will hurt like crazy but is perhaps better in the long run.
      Don’t run after him if he’s ghosted you. Let it be and take this as a message to move on with your life — without him.
      You deserve better!

  7. Hi Anna, I have been following you for many years now and would love your advice if you see this comment. I have had what I thought was a FWB relationship with an Aquarius man for over 5 years now. When we first met we were living in the same town (he is from another country). We got close, but would never hang out in public. We would have very deep conversations about childhood traumas, problems, spirituality etc and he regularly would tell me I was one of the only people he could trust and felt closest to. We had a very deep spiritual connection, I would have very weird dreams about him, especially if I slept next to him, almost as though he was communicating his feelings telepathically as believe me he could never express anything like that towards me unless he was thanking me for being a good friend to him. Of course, over the years it becomes complicated sometimes. We have both moved abroad and we’re miles apart. We have always kept in contact over text or FT if we had the time and if we were ever in the same country we would make an effect to see each other but frustrating we’d only ever have a few hours together. He has just come out of a 2 yr relationship where he kept in contact with me throughout and he was coming to my country for work very briefly. We hung out, and it was so good. I felt so connected to him, more than I ever have done before. He was extremely affectionate, calling me cute names and being so attentive, he couldn’t keep his hands off me in public. We had a deep convo and he said how we have no idea who each other are and we’re not even friends but feel so connected like on another frequency which to a degree is true, we have barely spent more than a day together at a time. Now I have no idea how to feel but the connection is so strong between us, I can always feel when he is going to text me and he says the same. I explained this to him a few weeks later and said I couldn’t keep doing the in and out energy with him and it would stop me moving forward which it does because every time I date someone I think of him. He didn’t respond and have heard nothing from him. I’m so confused. Maybe this is all in my head and really he doesn’t care for me at all?

    1. Dear Betsy,

      The way I see it, he is overwhelmed. First of all, never make him talk about his feelings right away. Instead, give him some time and space, and keep all conversational light and breezy. Don’t forget to flirt (lightly), because the last thing you want is for him to friendzone you.
      When he feels comfortable, he’ll find his way back to you – there is no force on Earth that will keep him from you once he knows how he feels about you!
      Love & Light!

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