Ignoring An Aquarius Man: Will It Draw Him In Or Push Him Away?

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Ignoring An Aquarius Man: Will It Draw Him In Or Push Him Away?

Have you tried different things to get your Aquarius guy’s attention but it’s not working as well as you’d hoped? What happens if you start ignoring an Aquarius man? Will that snaps him out of it or will he just not care?

Most Effective Way Of Ignoring An Aquarius Man

The Ignoring Technique

The age-old tale is when you’re interested in someone is to flirt with them and then ignore them so that they come chasing you. With Aquarius, this CAN work depending on the guy himself.

If you’ve tried the being nice method and it’s not working well for you, perhaps if you tell him how you feel about him or the situation then wait several days without contact to see what he does.

In some cases, the guy realizes he really messed up and will start trying to chase you in order to get your adoration back into his world. Aquarius men like to test potential partners to see what they’re made of.

Showing him that you won’t take any guff shows him how strong and independent you really are. That in itself will be a huge turn on and so when you ignore him, he may come running back for some more.

If he’s been ignoring you, blowing you off, or breaking plans, it may be time to speak up and then leave him alone. He needs to realize what he truly did and that you won’t stand for it.

Again, it could be a test to see what you’re made of and if you’re willing to stand up for yourself or if you’re more of a doormat. Aquarius men do not like the doormat type of women. They have no respect for them.

Face Your Fears

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If you have decided to tangle with an Aquarius, you need to be fearless. Allowing him to have control over you or being nervous about how he may react will make you seem weak which isn’t what or who he wants.

He wants an independent woman who doesn’t need anyone but rather chooses her mate wisely. When you find he’s not treating you the way you know you deserve, time to ignore him a bit.

He will either want to know what happened that you’re not trying to contact him all the time anymore OR he’ll realize what he did then want to make up with you thus showing you the attention you want from him.

You cannot be afraid to stand up to him nor can you be afraid to tell him what is what. He may not like it but once he thinks about it, he’ll calm down and understand better who you are and what you won’t tolerate.

Aquarius actually is turned on and impressed by a woman who shows him no fear. He may be snippy with his lover but if she shows him the logic in what the truth is, he’ll be more receptive.

Sometimes ignoring him is the only way to get his attention and focus on the relationship. It shows him that you mean business and that he had better step to it or keep stepping on out.

Be Prepared for the Risk

There is always a risk using this technique but hey; if you’ve tried everything else and it’s not working for you; this is a last-ditch effort. Go for it. Do it without fear and know that it may fail but then again, it could succeed.

It may not be an easy thing to pull off but sometimes the risks are worth the gain. If you decide it may be well worth it then go for it! Do it without fear and know that it may fail but then again, it could succeed.

This is a gamble you must be willing to make with Aquarius man. There is that slim chance that he won’t like it or think that you aren’t interested anymore so he ends up moving on.

However, there is an even bigger chance that he’ll really be curious about what brought on this behavior and will at that point, engage to find out from you directly why you’re treating him this way.

The analytical side of him will kick in and he’ll be really curious. That side of him will want to know more about you and want to know what he did that made you want to ice him out.

I’d say that with this method, it works more often than it doesn’t work. With that said, if you’ve tried everything else; this may be a good solution for you to try out. If all fails and he walks away; then he didn’t care enough about you in the first place.

I want to be real with you about this because someone has to. There is that chance that the Aquarius man will be put off by this and will walk away. If he does walk away, he wasn’t that into you in the first place.

No Aquarius man who is really into or in love with someone will walk away simply because the other person is ignoring him for a bit. In fact; he’ll do the opposite in trying to find out what went wrong.

He’ll more than likely want to understand and fix it. Just know that if you decide to take this route; it IS a risk but wouldn’t you rather know the truth rather than keep trying to pursue someone who just isn’t into you?

Stand Strong!

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Aquarius men can be difficult to deal with sometimes and when they are; walking away or ignoring them tends to wake them up to the reality of what is going on. Unless he really doesn’t give a flip about you; he’ll wonder what is going on.

It’s like a wake-up call for this guy. It’s like yanking his head out of the clouds and bringing him back to planet earth. He’s good at ignoring other people’s needs but when he’s faced with a possible ending when he isn’t ready; he’ll respond.

You need to decide if this Aquarius guy is worth it to you or not.  If he is, you can certainly learn more about him thus allowing you to have the upper hand while ignoring an Aquarius man.


If you’re just scratching the surface with your Aquarius guy, you should really learn all you can about his sign. It may help you in the long run. Click here for more details on him!

Is ignoring an Aquarius man a good idea?  Let me know!

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

  • Please suggest me what to do. I had a very difficult break with my Aquarius man. Actually i am muslim he is already married and he shares a disaster relation with his wife, he have two sons, he proposed me to be his second wife and i accepted, he loved me like crazy and madly, he is an arabic man and i am Pakistani, he promised me that he will come back to pakistan to marry me after talking to his family n his wife, but his wife created a huge mess and she put poison in food of his children, the children are safe but she continue threatening him and he gave up on me and he said he will not come back because he chose his kids. Its been 3 weeks now, he blocked me on whatsapp, insta , i blocked him back too, on facebook and whatsapp. Now i see he unblocked me on whatsapp and instagram where as i still keep him blocked on facebook n whatsapp. I gave him a very harsh response to his final decision because he made all the promises to me, and now because his wife is threatening him, he gave up on me.
    One thing i know for sure that he loves me madly, but his situation out there is very difficult , i dont think he can move on, thats why he unblocked me. Now i dont know what should i do? Should i keep him blocked? Or should i further make a block for him on instagram? There is only one window open where he can msg me through insta, i am thinking to block him from there too although i am dying inside to talk to him, but i already begged him alot not to leave me, but what happened in the end, he made a decision to chose his kids, and abandon me, now there is no room for me to show any desperation more because he was too serious with his final words, all i could do is not to beg anymore and i decided to leave and block him.

    Now he unblock me coz i know he is regretting, and he is not happy in his life and in his decision , should i unblock him? Or keep him

    • Hi Sana!

      Until he is able to clear up the situation with his wife, I don’t see anything helping the two of you move forward together. As a Muslim, you know having an affair isn’t optimal and could cause great issues. His behavior also indicates that he’s not on the same level as you and doesn’t really deserve your goodness. If I were I would keep him blocked and move on honey. You need to find someone who will give you their all and make you their world. If you’d like to know more about Aquarius men, please check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  • I blocked all the contacts. I just don’t like him being on and off to me. As a capricorn woman, I really hate inconsistency. Better way off than. But I hope he’s doing fine tho.

    • Hi Abby!

      Good for you sweetheart. No one deserves to be treated like an option. You’re absolutely correct and I commend you for doing what is right for you. Everyone should do that but some don’t. You’re a better person for wishing him well. You’ll be just fine. The right one will come and treat you like their priority. All the best!

  • I left mine after being on and off for three years. He would was filled with broken promises. Very inconsistent. I had blocked him before, but he always seemed to find me begging to take him back. I’m an Aries, so I was always fighting for the relationship. Once he detached again, I gave up and turned cold. I detached all emotions towards him and vowed to never be an option again.

    • Hi Brooke!

      Sorry to hear you had a bad run with an Aquarius man. Aquarius definitely gives up before an Aries does. They’re the kind that don’t like something and throw their hands up. I totally understand why you gave up and went cold after all your efforts. You know what your heart needs and what it doesn’t need. That’s important. Blessings to you sweetheart!

  • I know my aquarius man for one year. And a year it was! When he was with me I was so happy. Texted everyday always happy. 3 weeks ago he was jealous of me having an weekend away with an other friend. He got mad and we talked it out. So I hoped he would step up more….but instead we are not together with Christmas. He is going to friends in another country. And he refuses to ask me to come. So I told him I start dating again. He responded friendly, and now is silent. I just want him to step up more! They are so annoying ? I wanted to surprise him with Christmas. But i am scared too. Maybe he will get angry. Don’t know what to do anymore. I am really sad ?

    • Hi Emmy!

      When you want them to do something then you need to tell them. They’re not the best at guessing what others want because their brains are already too busy with other things. You have to step up and tell him how you feel and that it hurt your feelings that he didn’t ask you to go with him. Next time you should really suggest that you come, by the way. Tell him you’re not dating anyone else because you want him only. You’ll see how he replies to you. Either he’ll ask you to come to him or he’ll tell you that you two can talk more about it after the holiday. Don’t sit back though or play with his head by telling him you’re dating someone else. Aquarius will just move on. Tell him!

  • My Aquarius man is all talk no action then when I said he is a shit talker he played dumb, then when I explained to him how he says he misses me and wants to see me but Everytime I try and make plans he just ignores me or avoids the convo. It’s beyond ridiculous. But when I don’t write him he always ends up writing me. Calling me baby saying he misse me etc but won’t actually see me. Haha. I’m about to block him cos I just CBf waiting on him all the time I think it might be better just to block him. If he wants to reach out he can on IG.
    He says he is into me and not to take it personally, I’m a Virgo. It’s a hot hard. I have been patient cos I am very understanding but surely there is a limit! If I block him I supose if he likes me he will find a way to contact me, and if it pisses him if I supose i know where I stand.

    • Hi Jessica!

      Yikes, your Aquarius guy sounds immature and unable to commit to what he says he will do. That’s very sad. You deserve so much better than that. You shouldn’t have to keep waiting for him. He’s flaky. Focus on yourself and doing what you love. When you’re not focused on him, he’ll come sniffing around. Tell him at that point you don’t like his behavior and you don’t like him flaking out on you. He’ll have to either grow up and be more responsible with making plans or he will have to let you go knowing that he’s failed. Stand strong girlfriend. I wish you all the luck of the stars!

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