Is 2020 a Good Year for Aquarius Men?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
All in all, is 2020 a good year for Aquarius men? The truth is that 2020 is going to be tough, but by the end of the year, there will be more of a sense of freedom, ushering in a time of real growth for the Aquarius man.

2020 has gotten off to a wobbly start for most, that’s for sure! And the question on everyone’s lips is whether or not 2020 will still be a good year, or if it’ll be a bit challenging.

Aquarius men in particular have quite a bumpy year coming up with a lot of personal growth and plenty going on behind the scenes.

Everyone, to some degree or another, is going to have a few challenges as the planets line up in difficult aspects throughout the year. I’m here to help you pinpoint where these moments will happen for the Aquarius man and how to navigate them.

Love Life and Marriage for Aquarius Men in 2020

This is a great place to start for Aquarius this year. Firstly, the planet Venus, planet of love and relationships, goes retrograde in the Aquarius man’s romance zone. This is a big deal!

The influence of the planet of love, beauty, and harmony in the sector of romance can mean a number of things for the Aquarius man, including:

  • Exes from his past may pop up to try again at a relationship. And if you are his ex, this period, which will last through June, gives you the chance to call him up or drop him a text. These actions have a good chance of working out now.
  • An existing relationship may have a boost of romance and intimacy, especially physical. There could be more fun, more playfulness, and more all-around romance in your relationship over the next few months, whether you’re committed or just starting to date.
  • There could be misunderstandings. When a planet goes retrograde, it means that it appears to be moving backwards. This symbolically indicates that topics around Venus—love especially—become a little more conflicted, confusing, or problematic. Maybe you feel like there’s less intimacy, less romance, or a lack of trust. 
  • The Aquarius man may find himself going back and forth in his relationships, being indecisive and flaky in his decisions. This may be emphasised by Venus being in the sign of Gemini—a tricky energy, and a sign that can be fickle, unreliable, and mischief-making. 
  • Communication is going to be really important for the Aquarius man when it comes to relationships. Venus in Gemini is talkative and wants to resolve things as fast as she can. It’s going to be time to put those skills to good use! 

Additionally, Saturn, planet of commitment and responsibility, is starting to enter the sign of Aquarius. This is going to put some pressure on him. Some Aquarius men may decide to end a long relationship in favor of doing their own thing, and many will commit (or re-commit) to a relationship—though that is likely to happen towards the end of the year!

Aquarius men are about to undergo a powerful identity change in 2020, and in many ways, they are going to “grow up”—no matter how old they are! The Aquarius man is about to become that much more serious about his life, his relationships, and himself.

He may not be all that much fun to be around, and he may not be in the mood for play (except for that brief time between April and June), especially as the year ends and he heads into 2021. But he will be taking his responsibilities seriously!

It’s important to note that an Aquarius man may go through a separation if the relationship he is in no longer supports his personal growth. If it does, though, then it will flourish and become more concrete.

Career for Aquarius Men 2020

Career For An Aquarius Man

Career-wise, things look tricky for the Aquarius man in 2020, particularly beginning in August. The reason for this is that Mars, the planet that rules the Aquarius man’s career and professional zone, is also going retrograde (along with many other planets!).

This means that all matters relating to career for the Aquarius man may come to a grinding halt, which will be extremely frustrating for this sign. Communication will go upside down, and he will probably be a lot more aggressive than usual—maybe more provocative.

Projects that he has initiated may be delayed or held up. It may be prudent to step carefully around him! He could be prone to firing off ideas and opinions without thinking them through, creating plenty of miscommunications at the office.

On the other hand, some Aquarius men may decide to start their own business, particularly toward the end of the year. There’s a strong, abundant energy in the form of Jupiter coming toward the Aquarius man. He will have both the discipline and the means to create something all his own.

Despite his challenges, the Aquarius man does have good potential to succeed as time ticks on. He could possibly reach a high point in his career a few times this year, but he may also have to contend with over-ambition or problems when it comes to balancing power dynamics.

Money for Aquarius Men in 2020

Aquarius Man Money 2020

Neptune has been traveling the Aquarius man’s financial zone for many years now, which can mean a few things for him:

  • He may be “bleeding” money faster than he’s making it—which means that structure is very important! 
  • The Aquarius man might be being exploited in 2020 financially. It’s important that the Aquarius man learns how to say “no” and how to value himself and his resources! Financial boundaries are important in 2020 for the Aquarius man. 
  • Some Aquarius men may begin to earn money by being creative. If he uses his talents well, he can generate an income from them.
  • If he has a spiritual side and that forms part of his profession, this bodes well financially in 2020. 

It’s important that the Aquarius man has a financial advisor to help him in 2020—someone he can fully trust. Otherwise he might find himself sitting with losses than he can’t trace.

It’s also going to be important for the Aquarius man to keep an eye on the Mercury retrograde periods this year, as they may affect his debts, taxes, and contracts. These periods will be June/July and October/November. Here, he will have to make sure that he’s checking and double-checking anything related to finances.

Family for Aquarius Men in 2020

Aquarius Man Family 2020

Aquarius men have a long-term transit of Uranus in their family zone—this is going to go on for the next several years!

Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius, which means that it’s a very important planet for this Zodiac sign and needs to be watched closely. Uranus in the family and home zone causes chaos and disruptions in family matters, and it’s possible that many Aquarius men will be faced with relocations, sudden moves, and changes to their family environment.

It’s possible that some family members may move abroad, or that relationships may become long-distance, and some Aquarius men may face surprising events in their home lives.

The idea of Uranus is to “set free,” which is a strong theme in the typical Aquarius man’s life. What this planet wants to do is bring a sense of freedom into their lives and give them a taste of liberation.

 Some Aquarius men may find all of this rather exciting and much of a problem at all! However, the changes that Uranus brings may be difficult, too, such as a divorce, a separation, or some other difficult family event. It’s important for the Aquarius man to be understood during this time—and for him to expect the unexpected.

Uranus brings both good and bad, and it’s important to just go with the flow here and not try to control the situation or predict the outcome of family ups and downs.

Health for Aquarius Men in 2020

This is a very important area for the Aquarius man in 2020.

Saturn is coming his Astrology zone, and because of its impact on health and wellness as the ruler of the body’s structure, when Saturn enters this part of the chart, big lifestyle changes tend to happen!

An Aquarius man may lose a lot of weight, stop some unhealthy habits, or undergo a complete physical change in 2020—though this energy really picks up at the end of the year. Some Aquarius men may have skin, tooth, or bone issues. Taking responsibility is an important theme for the Aquarius man in 2020.

Mental health is also a big theme for the year, and with several planets congregating in his mental health zone, 2020 may be the perfect time for therapy and tackling his mental health issues.

Some Aquarius men may be working through trauma and slaying old demons. But if he doesn’t take responsibility, old mental or physical issues may take hold and expand for him. Some Aquarius men may become reclusive for some of the year to deal with old “stuff.” This could be a trip to a hospital or ashram, or some may want to simply isolate. Again, it all boils down to taking responsibility for himself.

The full and new Moons over the course of 2020 encourage Aquarius to consider whether his lifestyle is sustainable. Certain habits will have to be released and new ones brought in if he is to stay the course and take charge of his overall wellbeing.

Eclipses around the middle and end of the year will bring a few climaxes for the Aquarius man in terms of health.

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Final Thoughts

This year is definitely a roller-coaster for the Aquarius man! It’s a time for immense personal growth, plenty of focus on relationships, and a few ups and downs for health and finances.

It’s going to be important for the Aquarius man to have people around him who understand and are aware of what he may be experiencing, as there will be a few hairy moments.

The best time of the year for Aquarius man will be between April and June, and at the end of the year, from October on. The most difficult time will be from August until October—as it will be for many people.

The Aquarius man is set to change his life, starting slowly in 2020 and picking up speed in 2021. He’s going to see glimmers of the promised change unfold on a few occasions through this year and catch glimpses of the person he will become.

People in his life may have to adjust to this new person and make room for his growth. At times, he will feel quite pressured, very serious, and very motivated to take responsibility for himself and his destiny.

All in all, is 2020 a good year for Aquarius men? The truth is that 2020 is going to be tough, but by the end of the year, there will be more of a sense of freedom, ushering in a time of real growth for the Aquarius man.

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